VIDEO & TRANSCRIPT: “CERN’s Awakening and the Dropping of the Veil: Hillary, BLM, Brexit & Dallas”


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CERN’s Awakening and the Dropping of the Veil: Hillary, Black Lives Matter, Brexit & Dallas

Paul Marco talks about a big SHIFT taking place personally, and ‘by’ the control system. We need to be aware of both as we awaken and more things shift. The shift in us is very subtle, unlike the control system who has been masterminding us through the Tavistock Institute, and other mind control devices. Mainstream media and TV have to come out from behind the veil and take total control.

1:55 In other words, there will be a SHIFT from the illusion that people are free, to KNOWING that we are enslaved! They have to come out from behind the veil to do this, and before they come out from behind the veil, before we are LOCKED DOWN they are in a very vulnerable position.


The biggest SHIFT is that they DO NOT CARE what you think! They show you, day by the day that they have the force, and they have the grit, and they don’t care what you think! The will of the people is totally ignored. In Britain they had a BREXIT vote and they voted to get out of the Union. Well, they might not be able to. They may ‘let’ them out however the will of the people, which used to be paramount, is totally ignored.

3:09 And then, there is the IGNORANCE OF JUSTICE. We see this in the U.S. with the Clintons being forgiven for the most heinous crime of lying to the public, lying to the FBI, and endangering the lives of Americans by mishandling secret information, and she is walking.

LORETTA LYNCH, the Attorney General, refuses to answer any questions. She sat in front of Congress but she answered NOTHING. Do they care, no they don’t care!

Over in England there is the CHILCOT REPORT, a damming of Tony Blair and how he killed people, he got them involved in a war that was unnecessary. And he knew about it. Do they care, no they don’t care! So, the concept of justice, you can just rip it up.

FALSE FLAGS are so sloppily done now, the ‘awake’ community cannot wait to get them, and analyze the stuff because they are so loosely put together. Do they care, no they don’t care!

Now, Black Lives Matter [BLM] is shooting policeman. BLM is backed by the mainstream media, by the government. Actually, Obama and Sharpton are in a lawsuit; a former prosecutor is suing them for the officer’s deaths in Dallas because he claims that they started a race war. It is so obvious, it can be taken to court. Do they care, no they don’t care!


Obviously BLM and EVERYBODY are being set up to disrupt both of the national conventions; Republican and Democrat. And everybody knows that the BLM is sponsored by Soros and sponsored by the government, and backed by the government to


It’s obvious to everybody. CAN YOU SEE IT! I’m sure you can but do they care whether you see it? They do not care. That’s the SHIFT! They don’t care! They’re coming out … ‘Here we are and we don’t care!”

5:25 Watch and listen for a run through June and first part of July, to see what changed to cause the shift; to show us the shift is happening. June: observe satanic ritual performed in Switzerland to celebrate opening of the Gotthard tunnel with narrative. You can see they are coming out from behind the veil. They ‘show’ you they are Satanists, and they’re combing all religions into one to worship Satan. This is coming forth and happening right before your eyes. Do they care whether you know what they’re doing out in the open? No they don’t care at all! Really!!!

6:58 June 12 we have the famous PAUL SHOOTING IN ORLANDO, FLA  Obviously designed to put some smoke screen up for the Bilderberg conference, which was happening at the same time. Now, security is so tight at this Bilderberg conference that they were routinely arresting the journalists who even came near it. They’ve come out of the closet. They are the rulers of the world and they don’t care who knows it. 

Let’s get back to the Paul shooting. This was so loosely put together it was irresistible for the ‘awake’ community to go in and debunk it. I mean obvious things like no ambulances, no blood. There is never blood in these things, fraudulent doctors. The perpetrator’s father was a CIA guy. He was employed by a security agency. Everyone involved in the interviews were card-carrying actors. Only people who watch mainstream media couldn’t see it. There was no attempt to make it look real. Do they care what you think, no!

Jumping up to June 23 there is the BREXIT vote where the British people voted to leave the EU. This was really unexpected by the globalists. Whether the British people will be able to get out or not remains to be seen. It’s not about the power of the people or the people’s vote anymore. They don’t care what you think. They don’t care what the voters think. THEY DO WHAT THEY WANT!!!

8:49: In Great Britain there is the CHILCOT REPORT, which came out with damning evidence indicting Tony Blair for instigating an illegal war killing millions of people; clear definite evidence against him. Is he going to suffer or be blamed for that, no! Tony’s their guy and he is not going to be punished at all. Do they care what you think? No!

9:24 Listen, and watch the sky above the CERN HADRON COLLIDER in Switzerland on June 24, the day after BREXIT. They are doing an experiment here called AWAKE. WHO they are trying to awaken is up to you to figure out. This project, this whole CERN thing is so dangerous that many physicists have filed suit to have this thing closed down. Are they going to stop it because of the concern for humanity of these physicists? NO!

10:01 Moving to July 5th we have the FBI letting HILLARY slide on lying to the FBI, and improper handling of classified information. Common people are doing hard time for less than this. Here, we go way beyond the crimes of fast and furious. The powers say “We don’t care, she’s above the law.” Yes, we’ve come to accept this type of thing from Barry Soetoro but ‘this’ FBI ruling, and the Justice Department dropping this says ‘We protect whomever we want.” Do they care what you think, no they don’t.

10:44 Then there’s the DALLAS POLICE SHOOTING. Again, the story shifted in the mainstream media. That’s what they do to keep you confused. They started off with multiple shooters because they’re coming from multiple directions but they ended up with one shooter, one patsy. When I heard they were using sharp shooters I immediately thought of George Soros because George Soros, has you sharpshooters, to overthrow governments all through the Middle East. HE overthrows legitimately elected governments like the one in the Ukraine that he used sharpshooters for.

He’s obviously trying to START A RACE WAR TO OVERTHROW THE US GOVERNMENT AND PUT IN MARTIAL LAW. He’s not alone. Enough evidence has surfaced that Barack Obama and Sharpton in a lawsuit blamed for the shooting of the Dallas police officers. Do Soros or Sharpton or Obama, care what they do or what you think? No.

1:42 As a follow up to this story, rather than a trial by jury the Dallas police force blew up the suspect with a bomb on a robot. I guess they forgot they had tear gas or a lot of other options. Do they care about the rule of law, or what the shooter might have known that they could have told them? Do they care what you think? No. Just one more blown up patsy, and now we take a little side trip into the BLM.

BLM is TRICKING a LOT of people into thinking it’s a grassroots organization, which IT IS NOT! It’s what they call an astroturf organization. It was started by the elite to serve the purpose of the elite, and a lot of people are being tricked by this. The elite use EMOTIONS to put people in motion, and take them out of logical thinking. I think that’s what they’re doing with BLM because they’re going to USE BLM to cause such a race war in the United States that they have to put in martial law because that’s it, and that’s a phase I call NORMALIZATION and WE HAVE TO STOP THIS AT ALL COSTS!

13:05 There’s a guy called DeRay McKesson. He is one of the major leaders in the BLM. Ray McKesson of BLM fame, has been outed by the American Mirror for his cozy living arrangements via George Soros’ Open Society Institute. BLM is a subset of George Soros’ Open Society Institute.

BLM leader DeRay McKesson may claim to be leading a grassroots revolution for racial and economic justice but he has close connections with the privileged and elite. McKesson lives in a home owned by philanthropist James and Robin Wood in Baltimore, Maryland. It’s the same address he used when declaring his residency on his campaign committee registration form, for his failed mayoral run in the city’s Democratic primary earlier this year.

Moore is one of the groups that received a share of the $33 million invested into Black Lives Matter movement by billionaire George Soros. On Monday, the Baltimore Sun reported the 31 year old agitator McKesson is making a handsome salary courtesy of Baltimore School District taxpayers. In his new role, McKesson is earning a salary of a $165,000 as the district’s 3rd Chief of Human Capital in two years, which gives him a budget of $4 million, and 56 employees. He is simply a George Soros employee. He is to do whatever he’s told and Soros wants a race war.

Now, think about it. 8 years ago we elected a black president who’s been making executive orders. He could make an executive order and give every black person in the United States an acre of land, in the federal lands, in the federal land management. He could do anything he wants. He has written executive orders that allow him to kill American citizens and torture them. He could do so much for the black people. We’ve had a black Attorney General forever that is the highest law office in the land. How could racial tension be so much more, so much worse than 8 years ago, when the American people overwhelmingly elected a black president? It just doesn’t make sense. You’ve got to stand back and look at this.

15:48 Now what’s happening; the RNC in Cleveland is gearing up and there’s no hiding what’s going to happen. They want a race war where BLM will be involved. Judges have prohibited the keeping of factions apart, and you know that the BLM will be involved. According to an article by John Rappoport they have been recruiting crisis actors in this area for a full year. Will it be enough to implement martial law, maybe not, but they’re certainly going to go for it!

Here’s another one. Hold on. Crisis actors are already being hired for the DNC event, oddly for Bernie Sanders hometown. You know there is going to be a lot of tension because Bernie has stepped down, and let down people, who were die in the wool Bernie supporters. They were beating up Trump supporters. They have Bernie’s picture tattooed all over their bodies! I mean these guys are really fanatics but guess what’s happening in his home town?

16:57 Listen and see the ad on Craigslist: they put out a call for crisis actors in the location of Burlington, Vermont July 26 through the 31st, who will be supporting the military and instructional exercises at a nearby unnamed location, to simulate various scripted situations, and with realism to assist military training. Role players will be ‘moulage’ that is, made up with fake wounds, and transported to appropriate sites, and the company, Foreign Language Services Simulation, talks about the different scenarios that they run. Listen for more and artillery details.

17:57 It simply cannot be missed that this town, and this time schedule, are overlapping with the 2016 Democratic National Convention. It’s going to be July 25th through the 28th in Philadelphia, in Bernie Sanders’ hometown of Burlington, Vermont. What are the odds of that then, at that specific time, for those specific days, basically the last three days of the Democratic Convention in Bernie Sanders hometown? They’re going to be having some kind of military training exercise that’s so big they need to call out for role players on Craigslist?

So, it’s pretty obvious what they want to do. They want to start a race war so they can put in martial law. Remember these are NOT your elected officials, this is NOT legitimate government. This is a criminal organization taking over just like they took over the Ukraine, just like they’ve ripped duly elected governments all over the world.

Now I was talking about NORMALIZATION before. You need to know what that is. In this sequence of overthrowing a government and putting in your own government or martial law there’s a series of steps. The step they are at now is what they call normalization. What that means is THEY WANT TO NORMALIZE MARTIAL LAW!

So, if they have to put martial law in Cleveland or in Philadelphia that will be the norm, they’re not going to take it down in Cleveland and Philadelphia. They’ll try to spread it out. I think there’s more crisis [plural] planned, so this may not be the total martial law, but you have to know that their next step after coming out from behind the veil, what they do, is that they create such a crisis that they have to move to NORMALIZATION, WHICH LOCKS EVERYBODY DOWN!

19:58 When that happens there’s not much chance to break free unless there’s an outside group that will help. I don’t know how that could happen. But YOU DON’T WANT THEM TO GET TO NORMALIZATION!


While they’re out, and while they’re vulnerable you want to move on the offense.

I don’t know what that might look like, you have to figure it out.
If you are a black person and you can try to diffuse the BLM.
If you live in Cleveland or Philadelphia and there’s something you can do to diffuse tension please do it!
If you are a policeman, maybe you can try to defuse tension or try to talk to the people because the next step, martial law, is NORMALIZATION which does not clear up, IT DOES NOT GO AWAY!

20:49 To move against them, against the veil, we may be intimidated. We may think these people are so smart, they’ve been doing this for a thousand years, we can’t do anything, and well nothing is further from the Truth. In terms of intellectual ability they’re no different than we are. They’re the same. There are no different levels of society; we’re all the same. They all put their pants on one leg at a time just like you do. There’s no difference.

21:23 Now, how do I know we are their intellectual equals? Well simply because they’ve been working to dumb us down for 100 years.

They’ve injected us with vaccines, with mitochondrial inhibitors, they’ve given us fluoride, they’ve been dumbing down in the school system since at least since 1985, and probably long before then. So they’ve been working to dumb us down but we’re still up with them. We still can see them. We know what they’re doing. Don’t be outfoxed. Don’t think that they’re so high above you. They make mistakes! They’ve been trying to implement this global warming thing since the 70s, and it’s still not out there, and there are more people now than ever before who don’t think the world is heating up.

Also you’re going to be attacked by people on YouTube, people on Facebook, the social justice warriors will be out trying to hurt your cause, the regressive feminists are going to be out there. The best way to handle them is don’t pay any attention to them. One of the best people to handle them is Donald Trump, and I’m not in favor of Donald Trump. He’s in a pedophile suit right now, and I would say he’s probably guilty because of other people associated in that suit. Let’s move on. Trump has a great strategy for dealing with these social justice snowflakes. He just shrugs them off. “I’m a racist, ya.” and he moves on. So don’t pay attention. Don’t be held back. Just move on to do what you have to do.

23:10 I’ll tell you another good thing to do. TV is their major mind control device; TV and movies. TV for the people that are waking up they’re like myself I can’t stand to watch TV anymore because the lying vibrates differently, and they feel differently about it. It’s like being assaulted. Every time I hear Barack Obama speak it’s like being beat over the head with a hammer. I can’t stand it, and people are leaving mainstream media by ‘droves’ and  they’re going to more reliable places to find information. You can help them. As they come off mainstream media, as they turn off their TV, honestly I think if there wasn’t TV they would never have gotten this far. Now, you have to remember that social media is the battlefield now, and I mean YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and any of the other social media. You know, they are designed just like TV to be a mind control device, actually they are a ‘social’ control device. TV is more for the individual although it does work the whole group but  social media works the whole group. In other words they can see where you are, and they’ll throw a distraction or false flag, and see how you react, and build things around that. They have a legion of people that put things on there, and they’ll try to lead you in another way. They can put things on the mainstream media now that’ll change you. That’s your battlefield.

24:54 We can use that too. TMR [Truth Media Films or Revolution, [I don’t know what he calls himself anymore]. He has his subscribers go to bogus government YouTube’s like from NASA. Also he is against social justice warriors, and Trans-sexuals. Trans-sexuals made a whole lot of videos about trans-sexuality and how they’re proud to be trans-sexual. My experience with trans-sexuals is they’re fine, upstanding people and they’d rather not be in the limelight. I mean they’ve been using the right bathrooms that suit them forever so they don’t need the attention.

He has his subscribers give ‘thumbs down’ to bogus reports saying that yeah we know this is a government intervention, we know that you’re trying to trick us with this, and every time you see something that’s a government psyop give it a ‘thumbs down. I know that’s not real powerful but use it if that’s the battlefield. However we can use that media we need to use that media.

Also there’s another thing that’s changing. As they come out from behind a veil something switches. It’s like, if you can imagine a volleyball game, and the one team is all suited up, they’ve been working out, they’ve been working on this, they’re great professional volleyball players, and they’re playing against a team that doesn’t know it’s a team.

If you can, picture a cocktail party. People over there chatting and drinking don’t know they’re playing volleyball. That’s the situation we find

ourselves in; most people don’t know they’re at war. They don’t know they’re going to be herded into martial law, into FEMA camps.

Most people don’t know that but as they come out from behind the veil, they’re going to find that out. So we have a great advantage right now. As people come out from behind the wall we need to wake them up. We need to tell everybody! We need to show others what’s going on. We need to get them on our side. We are as bright as they are, and there are so many more of us. They just have a lot more resources.

As soon as we all get in the game I think we have a chance of winning. We certainly have a chance of stopping them, and if we can keep them this summer or this fall from declaring Martial Law, which will give Obama a third term I am sure, I think will be way ahead of the game.

Here’s the take away. We’ve moved to a different place. We’re in a different phase. We’re at the locking down phase where they have to come out before they can lock us down, where they are very vulnerable. IF WE ARE AWAKE, AND WE CAN AWAKEN OTHER PEOPLE, WE CAN PUT OFF WHAT THEY ARE TRYING TO DO!

The longer we can put off what they’re trying to do, the better chance we have of them not being able to do what they want to do. Thank you very much. Keep it together. They’re not insurmountable. I believe they’re like the Wizard of Oz, there’s nothing behind the curtain but we’ll find out.

So take care and God Bless.
Paul Marco

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