Internet Troll Hunter Completely Demolishes the Nonsensical Flat Earth Conspiracy


The Death of Flat Earth…


If you believe in flat Earth, you’re ignorant. I pull no punches for you. I will state now, one singular fact that will shut your sad little fantasy down once and for all. If the entire planet is on a flat surface, and the sun is positioned above us, then light from the sun, no matter it’s movement, will always be hitting the whole of that supposed surface. Yet, contrary to this, when it is daylight in North America, it is completely dark in parts of Europe and Asia. How can this be? If the flat-Earth theory is true, it would have to be daylight for the whole world at the same time. Depending on your position and if the sun was moving, it would appear at different angles. In other words, as it theoretically moved toward the Western horizon, those on the East would be near dusk, so time-zones would still exist – but once it went down or turned off or whatever the hell you idiots think it does at night, it would then be dark for the whole world.

That simply does not fit with the facts. I had a good friend living in Moscow for many years and we always had hell communicating because it was always night there when it was daytime here. We had to arrange specific times to communicate or we’d wake each other up.

So the flat surface theory cannot…SIMPLY CANNOT be factual. There’s nothing to block the sun’s light unless we consider the planet is a sphere, rotating, with one face in the light and the other in the shadow. This is how our forefathers figured out the planet was round to start with and dispelled the flat planet theory in the first place.

If you go up in a plane high enough, you can see the curvature of the Earth. If you’re out at sea and it’s clear enough, you can see it. If you’re in the military and you’re familiar with “over the horizon” radar systems, you know damned well it’s curved.

This whole charade of flat earth has been concocted as a psy-op to discredit anyone who opposes NASA or astronomical data. Now if you say, “we couldn’t have gone to the moon, here’s the math,” you will be replied to with, “Oh and I guess you think the world is flat too, huh?” Do you understand now why they invented this crap? It’s so stupid, even the most dumbed-down people won’t believe it. So if you get lumped in with the flat-Earthers, no one will take you serious. That’s their intent. That’s the purpose of it. When you can’t silence the facts, you must smear them. You must make everyone want to ignore them. Stupidity is how you do that. Concoct the most moronic thing you can think of and then spread it, wrap it around everything you don’t want listened to —- and BING! You’ve done your dirty job.

I know you see videos and diagrams and charts and hear good stories and tall tales, but folks, the damn planet is round. Spheres are the basic structure of the universe. Stars, planets, rocks, boogers…drops of water…round! Look around you. God likes His spheres. Our planet is one. Don’t let common sense be polluted by people who don’t want you to think for yourself. Learn what’s a conspiracy and what’s a psy-op. The psy-op people infiltrate the conspiracy groups on purpose. They don’t want you to think about things they don’t want you thinking about. And since they can’t quite yet silence that information (thought they’re working on that) the only way they can control it or curtail it is to pollute it and distort it. They spread lies and disinformation routinely in order to confuse the facts.

Use your brain. They can’t tamper with that…at least not yet. But give them time.


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