Erin Rothschild tells the world what it was like to grow up inside the globalist elite



This one’s very odd.  She has no birth certificate, and can’t cope with revealing more than a certain amount that she knows, as it kicks in memories.  She is remarkably vague about key details.  To the question, ‘when did they start torturing you?’, she replies ‘when I was about ten or twelve years old maybe’.  You would think anyone on the planet would remember the second that torture began with ease for the rest of their lives.  Yet the memories apparently are too painful and the mind screens them out.

If this is disinformation, and most say Camelot is disinfo, it’s an interesting attempt.  There are always truths and untruths.  The question is – which is which?  The mind control programme devastates the lives of the people it affects.  Yet they seems entirely normal people like Erin does, apart from the stories she tells.

Her parents were her torturers.  Her son was tortured.  She has forgiven the people who broke her down, and her son.   Rothschilds and Rockefellers are all interbred.   Her brother was made in Area 51, a test tube baby, groomed to be at the top of the Rockefeller family, maybe head of MJ12 (what’s that?).  Her son had a breakdown three years ago as he recalled what the SS had done to him, and then her own memories came back to her.

Her father was a very dark creature, and was involved in the mind control of many people.  She feels guilt from what he did to so many people, and decided to come out to help them.  She’s never been tortured by aliens, only by humans.  She’s half reptilian, and always found the reptilians she knew kindly.  They tried to save her from further torture, but the humans wouldn’t release her.  She claims a reptilian helped her by making her memories of her suffering disappear from her conscious mind.

She saw child sacrifice in the bowels of the Vatican.  It’s the vilest thing she’s ever seen.  The Vatican is the worst thing in the world.  It should be got rid of.

Humans only want to advance their souls.  Only a small minority want to keep us all in the current dimension and control we’re in.  The Reptilians control the New World Order.  The Annunaki and the reptilians are not the same beings.  Annunakis are many different races.

Annunaki heads were reptilian or maybe half and half – maybe a mix of races.  9 foot tall.  Enki.  Enlil. Anu.  They are a humanoid species, not reptilian.  Humans have smaller portion of reptilian.  We’re a hodge podge of ET races.  It’s a gift to be half reptilian.  We’re here for a purpose.

She lives in San Diego.  She was very promiscuous searching for love and affection any way she could get it.  It was Monarch – always slept with military men.  She remembers taking one man to his death.

Raping her at four years old was part of her programming, splitting her into two personalities.  She likes to think she’s reintegrated as a whole person again, but who knows?  She had to relearn her memories again after they wiped her mind.  They tried to stop her coming to the convention and speaking openly, but she’s found it a wonderful experience.  She looks much younger than her 44 years as she opens herself up.

What’s the big picture on earth?  She knows what’s going to come and to happen.  Humanity is not ready to hear about it, and she’ll be killed if she speaks about it.  The Rockefellers/Rothschilds want a certain scenario to happen.  It may not happen the way they want it to happen.  It’s all just deja vu.

She knew Dr Mengele.

Clones.  Time travel.  Underground bases.  Several containers.  Your soul can pop out and be moved elsewhere.  Possession.  Alistair Crowley is trying to get her back with him.  He’s a time traveller, and still here as a middle aged man.  He wants it all back for himself.  He’s still under contract to bring darkness.  Project Ibis kids were encoded with Crowley.  Tarot cards.  Different decks.  Crowley is not all darkness….

It just gets weirder.  She’s searching for peace.

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