The Final Signpost Before September 23, 2017


Jupiter – The Final Signpost Before September 23, 2017

By James

Did you know that there exists an ancient book that contains a secret that had been hidden for over 4,000 years? Did you know that this secret was only revealed during this past year? Did you know that it required the technology of our day in order to discover what the secret was hiding? Imagine waking up one morning and discovering that the planet Jupiter had collided with a rogue planet. What thoughts would be going through your mind? Would you think of how this would affect the earth in the years to come, or would you just glance over the information and continue with your day?

The secret that was discovered describes just such an event! It reveals major celestial upheavals that will begin in September of 2017, starting with a collision between Jupiter and a rogue planet and provides a roadmap to the culmination of an extinction level event that is set to occur on March 28 of 2021, when earth will encounter this debris field. The Book describes a very unusual and unique celestial alignment that we now know, through technology available to us, has only occurred twice in earth’s history, having approximately 6,000 years between these occurrences. The first instance is seen in the heavens on August 5th, 3,915BC and the next occurrence is currently in the making and completes on September 23rd of 2017. A date that every person will clearly remember, one way or another!

The celestial alignments involve the constellation Virgo which is in labour for 9 months, being pregnant with the planet Jupiter.  She is clothed with the sun, has the moon at her feet and wears a crown of 12 stars on her head. These two alignments are linked to a prophecy and a vision in this ancient Book that describes major celestial events to us, telling us both what will happen and when to expect these events to occur. In both alignments Jupiter is the focus of the action. The moon acts as a trigger or marker to indicate the relative position of Jupiter in the constellation Virgo, when the prophesied events will transpire. Three of the stars in the crown on Virgo’s head are wandering stars, or planets and they convey a specific message that links the events described in the prophecy and vision to their respective alignments.

The first event in this sequence involves a cataclysmic collision with Jupiter as soon as it is birthed from Virgo’s womb. In addition to this, the Shoemaker-Levy 9 comet which impacted with Jupiter in July of 1994 was a sign given to us to mark the area on Jupiter that will be affected by this collision. If you think that this is just a hoax wait for September and then keep an eye on Jupiter around September 9th or shortly thereafter to know that this ancient Book was not written by a person who is bound to space and time and contains the absolute Truth. The second alignment marks an event that will occur 2 weeks later on September 23rd. After the first event occurs, you can have 100% certainty that the second event will also occur – as the first will be a sign, given to the world to point to the more important event occurring on September 23rd. The events that will occur on this day will affect every person alive on earth in a very profound way and you want to be ready for this when it happens!

Are you ready for September 23rd, 2017? Do you know what is coming? Are you sure that what you know and believe is correct?


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