Yes, September’s astrology perfectly reflects the [CRAZY] times!


The Aquarian Age

And so it goes…another week of global upheaval, chaos and confusion, along with polarized positions that display both the worst and the best in us, positions that resist any and all attempts at reasonable resolution. This is what daily life has become for many, and now it’s not just Mr. Trump and his gang of hungry ghosts at the epicenter of turmoil. Mother Nature has put her foot down, shifting the focus away from the needs of a few and toward the needs of too many—seemingly to make sure we focus on how to alleviate and heal the suffering of our fellow travelers, because so many—too many—are in such desperate need of help. It’s impossible to deny our interconnectedness and our interdependence in the face of such misery, and surely only the hardest of hearts would be immune or impervious to the cries for help from those stranded on that ocean of genuine need.

Many who are not suffering physically are dealing with mental, emotional, psychological, or spiritual overload and overwhelm and finding it hard to cope with what seems to be the end of the world. It’s so bad that Sunday’s New York Times had an article on how to survive the coming apocalypse.

Frankly (and on a lighter note), I thought it was a sign of the End Times when years ago Madonna offered Gwyneth Paltrow spiritual advice from the Kabbalah on how to handle the backlash to her emotional speech at the Academy Awards, saying it was just karma. (I know..that’s why it was a sign.) But I was wrong: When the New York Times publishes an article on what you’ll need for the End Times—specifically what survival gear to buy—that’s a sign that the end is near.

But of course, these are not the End Times and we are not moving toward the Rapture. These are difficult, extreme, unsettling, provocative, and downright scary times, and even though it feels as if the Earth is spinning out of control, we are in a process of transformation that is so deep we can’t see the bottom, and so wide we can’t see the edges, and so high we can’t see an end.  It’s individual as well as collective, and its scope is mind-blowing, given the realization that the only solution is evolution. We are the clear and present danger to ourselves, the greatest threat to our existence. Gaia knows how to take care of herself. We are in a process of deciding whether or not to facilitate our own extinction. It is an extraordinary time to be alive on Earth, but it is also incredibly stressful.

This week, the sky mirrors our polarized positions through the final opposition between Jupiter and Uranus, which is exact and separating tomorrow, September 28. When hard aspects separate, we tend to feel the gist of their meaning as they release their tightly held positions. As many readers may recall, this planetary combination is interpreted as the sudden release of tension.  How that is likely to manifest in a world where so many tense positions are being tightly held, I have no idea. Will even more startling events add to the cacophony of suffering that surrounds so many? Will a conversation between Mr. Trump and Mr. Putin surface? Will the Republicans push through their mendacious health care plan? Will good-hearted global citizens all around our world go on strike until their corrupt leaders have a change of heart? Or will all these things occur and many more—enough to trigger a tipping point in our collective consciousness? This exact opposition forms a square to the position of Pluto in the United States’ chart, signaling that whatever transpires now has a direct effect on the United States government in the years to come as we move inexorably toward the US Pluto Return in 2022.

Significantly, within a few Earth hours of Jupiter and Uranus separating, Pluto Direct begins, ending a retrograde phase that began on April 20, 2017. Pluto goes direct in a conjunction to the Moon, also in Capricorn, which translates into an intense emotional time for just about everyone. Anticipate a rough couple of days as the tension that’s been building since the start of this year (when the Jupiter/Uranus opposition began) finally begins to let go. I don’t think this release will necessarily solve all our problems, but it will help many gain a greater sense of clarity about what needs to happen next.

This week, it’s important to remember that we are but specks of life in an infinite universe, and as our souls stream together through space, love makes our shared ride much more fun. So when possible, reach out to your fellow travelers with an open heart, even if you disagree, and continue to work on finding compassionate solutions to our very real problems.


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