JFK Assassination: The Mysterious Case of Officer J.D. Tippit and Lee Harvey Oswald

Picture dated 22 November 1963 of US President John F. Kennedy’s murderer Lee Harvey Oswald during a press conference after his arrest in Dallas. Lee Harvey Oswald was killed by Jack Ruby on 24 November on the eve of Kennedy’s burial. AFP PHOTO / AFP / STRINGER (Photo credit should read STRINGER/AFP/Getty Images)[/caption]

SOTN Editor’s Note:

The following rendition of the murder of Officer Tippit in Dallas, right after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963, is missing one very important factoid: Lee Harvey Oswald was working for the Kennedy brothers.

Yes, Oswald was also working with the C.I.A. and FBI, but his covert mission with the Kennedy’s took priority.  Not only did he infiltrate the Cuban assassination teams that were being trained in Louisiana to assassinate Cuban President Fidel Castro, he also uncovered the evolving CIA’s conspiratorial plot to kill Kennedy.

The following link provides a unique perspective on the true role of LHO.  The narrative reveals the overall scheme executed by the C.I.A. to assassinate JFK from the perspective of patsy and hero Lee Harvey Oswald.

Lee Harvey Oswald: Unsung Hero Who Alerted JFK To ‘Assassination Plot’ In Chicago

It appears that those who contributed to and wrote the exposé posted below were unaware of the real purpose of Lee Harvey Oswald.  That’s perfectly understandable since every C.I.A. assassination plot is organized on a strictly need to know basis and in a highly compartmentalized fashion.

State of the Nation
October 26, 2017

Picture dated 22 November 1963 of US President John F. Kennedy’s murderer Lee Harvey Oswald during a press conference after his arrest in Dallas. Lee Harvey Oswald was killed by Jack Ruby on 24 November on the eve of Kennedy’s burial. AFP PHOTO / AFP / STRINGER (Photo credit should read STRINGER/AFP/Getty Images)

The following material is a copy of an email allegedly sent by Ari Ben Menashe (aka Joe Vialls) to a retired Sydney Barrister, who in turn passed it on to A.S. MacGregor.

Those who matter – know.
Those who don’t know – don’t matter.

1. Industries tend to form around False Flags (e.g. Liberty, JFK, 9-11). The initiating reasons are moral, just and rational. But they all turn to illusions; because they implode on false logic and close their doors to simple realities. Elites know this well. One Upmanship Theories gain credence as ‘revelations’, ‘discoveries’ and even deductive reasoning. Intellectualising, regurgitation and the daisy chain reference game naturally emerge. Educational attainments are impediments to rational and critical thought where this is postured as pre-eminent; not the reverse. Reality is not an issue of an intellectual filter. The mythologies of credence take hold and realities and facts are blurred or lost in the ‘information’. A new ‘reality’ evolves and the perpetrators of wrongs are entertained, as the herds carry out their predetermined practices of self-immolation and oblivion.

2. I once wrote that; if you blow perfume through a sack of shit. it will not smell like perfume on the other side.

3. We know about the altered pictures, the look-alikes, the altered biographies and The Cuban, New Orleans, Drug and KGB Scenarios, He doesn’t know about two rifles having been ‘found’. He would be yelling it incessantly. He hasn’t identified the difference in the various ‘rifle’ pictures. Marine Corps or not, his small arms knowledge is tragic. Why would it be different? The local cops from across the street pulled a rifle out for media happy snaps and forgot to ‘find’ the one at the depository which was the planted MC carbine.

4. Oswald was also an operative. They burn their own; for various reasons. So was McVeigh. He’s off the track in too many ways to list here. It would take time to explain each matter. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Books, talkfests, Marine Corps and Emeritus Professor are irrelevant to the realities of a matter.

5. This is not an issue of theories or opinions. It’s what happened and what has been fantasized. His information comes from that sold and guessed and assembly filtered through inexperience; not knowledge of the events. I am not in the opinion business on such matters. I don’t play. Why is he giving interviews? Real players do not sell stories like this. He has never known a shooter or hard, deep asset. He is trying to work backwards from Oswald’s innocence. But he hasn’t got the answers he thinks he has. He only has to demonstrate Oswald’s innocence. Trying to conclude past that, does not aid his case.

6. He names fringe Company (CIA) operatives. Those who sold stories, but gave no information. Lansky for example worked another name, stole a major newspaper and had a link to Watergate. He guesses and entertains the ill-informed while unwittingly keeping realities at bay. Garrison and Stone are big offenders in that regard. As were Roberts, Giancana and Cooper. The twit Wright (defended by Turnbull) did not enlighten but muddied issues concerning The Circus (SIS, MI6…), The Cambridge Crew and the Milson’s Point ASIO bunker.

7. Pincher was also an offender in that regard. I knew R. at Cambridge who fed and then misled Pincher. Wright was deceived from the start; from the Curzon Street arrest, outside Harris’s house, onwards and through; ‘Spy Catcher’. The great analyst of spook town in South Audley Street, who missed the basics in front of him. If the book actually revealed anything as was pretended; he would not have been running a horse farm in north-west Tasmania. The book was known in advance and almost a False Flag. It actually reveals nothing. It’s an extension and codification of Wright’s monumental ignorance and stupidity. There was even a parody of it by Will Rushton titled: ‘Spy Thatcher’.

8. Turnbull never had a clue; to this day. His theatrics in that case was high farce at its grandest. The shadows of Tom Hughes and Bob Ellicott were in the background. He actually had a cartoonist in court, constantly sketching him in various Rumpolesque et seq, cringe poses. A wonder his lapels never wore out. There were tens of this A3 sized drivel, framed and distributed around the areas of his occupancy at the in-house legal department at 54 Park Street. I used to visit there (I knew Bruce McWilliam, Ian Phillip and Mark O’Brien) when I was called in to advise KP on certain matters. If we didn’t meet for dinner at Darcy’s; where Rupert also occasionally held court.

9. Today is the 25th. Anniversary of Russia walking away from The Berlin Wall after The West agreed not to move one inch east of the reunited Germany (The Bucharest Conference). What was Kosovo. The Ukraine Affair has divided NATO from The EU. Brzezinski admitted it in a recent MSNBC interview. Rasmussen presided over the demise of his bluster. The issues of Estonia and the posturing in Hungary are non events. America lost in; Chechnya, Ossetia,
Georgia and The Ukraine. What do the herds know about the realities of The Cold War. They think America ‘won’ something. They should study the; London, Reykjavik, Washington and Bucharest Soirees. So the illusions continue to drive them further off centre. JFK was an instigator because of his mismanagement of The Berlin Affair. The confusions continue. As Chomsky said of 9-11; “Who cares”.

10. Allen Jones at one stage was rattling about The Cambridge Crew. Maybe because a few of them were gay. I sent him a note and mentioned a word relating to a particular station, which he or his reader at the time, Michael Darby from The Liberal Party and formerly of Army Intelligence, that he claimed; should have detected. But of course it was missed. So that answered some questions. Albeit that Darby had exposed Solomon from The Liberal Party as not working for Army Intel (DSD) as he claimed. But I think that revelation of Darby’s came about after a meeting over dinner with a particular fellow at the old Double Bay Steak House. The fellow tutored Darby as he was tired of Solomon’s pretensions down at the old LP bunker in Angel Place. Solomon wanted the No.1 Senate slot for NSW. In any event held by a foreign operative at that time.

11. All the shooters were foreign hard assets on loan; the best and most experienced available at the time. Sanchez was not there. Any one could have taken the target to 500 yds. moving or still. Moving towards or away are easier shots than across. Four shooters and two cleaners was oversupply. Shooters don’t like working in teams. A cross is fine, but not a team. Port Arthur was another part exception in that regard.

12. The Warren Commission is a fiction. Ford was on it and pardoned the players at a later date. LBJ and Bush I, knew who the organisers were. Bush I was standing next to the radio worker on the day. Ford also knew the names of the shooters (noms de guerre) and cleaners.

13. There were no Underpass or Book Depository shots. For a number of reasons. These posts were not workable. There was also a deaf-mute fellow standing on the Overpass at the time. He witnessed the Grassy Knoll and was terminated. There was no benching at the open and unsafe Overpass and the target was too close (Grassy Knoll was close) and the ballistic angles would never work for a number of reasons. Including that of opposing shooters. The Book Depository would give small angle parallel shots. So that could never be used. His ignorance is amazing.

14. An experienced hard analyst or ex-shooter works ahead to find suitable posts. A Manlicher and 30.06 were not used. He doesn’t even know the calibres. The MC is a retail bolt-action carbine that Oswald allegedly bought. Even with the training that Oswald had he would know that it could never be used in the capacity alleged. Everything is wrong with the equipment he mentions. He has absolutely no idea. I have fired those and many other rifles and handguns; including sabot projectiles he mentions. The barrel rifling bite, irregular velocity jump and debris, cause problems. This is not pig shooting in the outback. Specifically they would not be used. But he wouldn’t know about that either. He has no firearms knowledge that is in any way relevant.

15. There are only certain, very specific (based on the technology of the day); barrels, weights, grips, stands, calibres, scopes, muzzles, projectiles, cases, primers and hand loads (powders), used for such operations and he has no idea what they are or what is required in assembly. Shooters have their comfortable preferences. These are not military snipers with reversed baseball caps and twenty thousand dollars worth of garbage. Rifles and rounds have to be assembled. It could take a half hour to correctly assemble one round. Factory rounds are never used. A specialist would make fifty rounds for a shooter for an operation as JFK. A number would be used in testing and sighting in. Twenty would be delivered per shooter to the post. Each rifle would be marked for its own rounds that were sighted for it. He might use two or three to take the target. There are problems with multiple shooters. One round was used for The St. James Square False Flag (Yvonne Fletcher).

16. Shooters are leagues above the police or military marksman or sharpshooter category. This is another planet. Shooters are at world ISU level or better, but not public. It takes many years of constant training. Shooters are not criminals from the local pub. There is also a specific mindset at issue and no brain manipulation as The RFK and MLK wet guns. The equipment with the specific loads have to be sighted in for accuracy somewhere before the operation. The equipment is then cleaned, sealed and not touched until delivered to the post. Gloves are always worn. Even when handling rounds. The equipment is left at the site for the cleaner to manage in an operation as JFK. It is destroyed with remaining rounds and never used again.

17. At the post; only the weather patterns (temperature, light perhaps, wind), and drop in this case; have to be factored in. It should also be a safe post, at a distance, and to allow the shooter to leave. This is not a situation where the shooter is dispensable. If there is anything wrong; the shooter walks. There are many factors about which he cannot hide his ignorance.

18. His knowledge of small arms and munitions is confused by a ‘little knowledge’ and dramatised. I had twenty years experience, training people in various small arms and activities in areas about which he has no idea. All his named shooters are wrong. He does not know who was involved at the time, who was present or who was responsible. All he knows is that Oswald was innocent. He has not had ‘training’ or been involved in any such activities.

19. As I said; the shooters were on the roof of The Dal-Tex building and The Grassy Knoll. All witnesses who came forward were terminated. Only ‘Babushka’ did not come forward. She was not stupid and disappeared into oblivion. Umbrella Man was a creation of ‘researchers’ like this character. They don’t know that he was actually further along towards the underpass from Lansdale and Bush I. So he could not signal anyone about anything. The entire operation was also on radio from the time the cars turned left at the top.  The various ‘confessions’; as for Sturgis, Hunt, LBJ’s girlfriend et al, are fictions and paid affairs.

20. He also doesn’t know what was actually happening with the Mafia-RFK Affair. He’s guessing well off the mark. The problems for RFK began after his father died. He was almost trapped on The Marilyn Monroe False Flag. He was also on the McCarthy Un-American Activities witch hunt circus. He knew his father’s New York connections and which fed them. His brother’s election through The Electoral College was fraudulent and Joe’s friends facilitated the rise in exchange for certain promised trade-offs. RFK decided to become a big crime fighter. He started chasing his father’s friends and denied any arrangements made for his brother and his ascendancies. So RFK was dead; at least. JFK was a combination of factors that could no longer be tolerated.

21. The New Zealanders also picked up on The Gemstone Files and took that stupidity to even greater levels of ignorance. Characters as Nancy Caruana and May Brussel who picked up from Roberts were well off course; to begin. So it entered New Zealand already irretrievably in fantasyland. The only thing Roberts got right; was Onassis was a drug dealer. His take on Hughes was also confused. New Zealand also screwed The America’s Cup into oblivion. At least Lange got it partly right with The American sponsored Chirac nuclear tests; Clarke took English lessons; Muldoon emptied his prisons into Australia as a cultural exchange; and Green organised the murder of Kirk.

22. In False Flags; particularly wet or public affairs; an industry of wild speculation evolves and it causes greater confusions which the perpetrators couldn’t even manage. What they do is; perform the deed, issue an inane Official Version and the geese fantasize the rest into lala land.

[Fetzer is a PhD.]

* * *

Andrew MacGregor dissects the content of this email:

*Joe Vialls/Ari ben Menashe’s comments on the JFK Assassination
There can be no doubt that Joe Vialls, or as the Americans know him, Ari ben Menashe was a young man when the American President, John F. Kennedy was assassinated at Dealey Plaza in Dallas Texas on Friday the 22nd of November 1963. Thus it is a surprise to receive an article written by Joe/Ari attacking Jim Fetzer’s thoughts on the assassination at: http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/HL1312/S00202/three-of-six-shooters-of-jfk-had-ties-to-cia-sherwood-ross.htm

Now apparently Jim Fetzer’s interview is somewhat off beam according to the few ‘JFK assassination’ experts I know on this event that changed the world back in 1963, so it raises one’s eyebrows to realize that ‘Joe/Ari’ was so ‘into’ this event that he even bothered to rebut most of Jim Fetzer’s beliefs. In doing so though, Joe/Ari demonstrated a far greater knowledge of J.F.K’s assassination as well as showing a further dimension to this man I was not aware of.

In regard to Joe/Ari’s knowledge of the J.F.K assassination, the first question has to be; “Where did Joe/Ari obtain this information from?” and realising that Joe/Ari was also an assassin, then it becomes feasible that Joe/Ari’s knowledge was in-house, that is, from people who would had actually been involved in the assassination. Of course this could only come about if Joe/Ari was actually in a working relationship with some of those people, and if that was the case, then it is perfectly logical to presume that Joe/Ari’s knowledge would be far more factual than what has been permitted to be viewed by the general public.
There is only one other logical explanation for Joe/Ari’s apparent superior knowledge of the day and that is simply that he, Joe/Ari was present on that day in Dallas, just as he was present at the Port Arthur massacre.

That does not mean that Joe/Ari would have been entirely truthful as he would also have slipped into his argument his own pieces of disinformation, as that is the norm. What the reader has to do is to sort out the wheat from the chaff.

There are two gems in what Joe/Ari has written. The first is in paragraph 19 where Joe/Ari states; “The entire operation was also on radio from the time the cars turned left at the top.”

Now this is important as it is a major clue in the enormity of the planning into JFK’s assassination. It wasn’t a coincidence that the visage of a man holding a rifle (Wallace) appeared at the 6th floor window of the TSBD building immediately after John F Kennedy and Governor Connelly had been shot. It was this image that decoyed the police away from the real ‘Crime Scene’ to the ‘decoy’ so as to provide the shooters/assassins with the opportunity to escape. This was the beginning of ‘Phase 2’ of the operation to assassinate the President.

It is this part of the operation that really requires the co-ordination that can only be achieved by proper radio communications.

It was this ‘radio communications’ that then had the Lee Harvey Oswald double leave the scene by a bus and then take a ‘cab’ to near the boarding house where Lee Harvey Oswald was residing at that time.

Ed Landsdale was identified walking past “the three tramps” (center) by no less authorities than L. Fletcher Prouty, the liaison between the Pentagon and and the CIA for covert activities.

There is a photograph of the ‘three tramps’ who had been arrested at the train box cars being walked down past the Texas School Book Depository Building, and in the background there is Lee Harvey Oswald appearing to ‘chat’ with a ‘white-capped’ policeman. [L. Fletcher Prouty alleged that Lansdale can be seen in one of the “three tramps” photographs that were taken near the Texas School Book Depository]

Shortly after this event, Lee Harvey Oswald then got into a s/wagon driven by Andrews and was driven to the boarding house. How do we know this?

We are told by Dallas deputy sheriff, Roger Craig that he saw LHO run from the TSBD building and get into a green Rambler s/wagon. Craig then tells us that later that night he put this observation to Oswald during one of his interrogations, and according to Craig, Oswald replied, “That station wagon belongs to Ruth Paine”, and “let’s keep her out of this.”

And this is a lie! Ruth Paine’s car was a Chevrolet.

Roger Craig said that he saw Oswald ‘run’ to the car, but Oswald was an ‘operative’ and would have known that to run would be a natural stand-out, and besides had Oswald ‘ran’ then he would have been noticed/seen by several witnesses and possibly arrested at that spot.

It was Ruth Paine who got Oswald the job at the Texas School Book Depository, which simply means that Ruth Paine was part of the operation, and also Ruth Paine according to her statement was at home with Oswald’s wife when she heard of the President’s assassination and she then went and lit a candle. Ruth Paine then had to wait for the police to come and interview her, thus Ruth Paine had neither the time nor the opportunity to be the driver of the s/wagon that picked up Lee Harvey Oswald near the TSBD building.

So how do we know that the s/wagon that picked up Lee Harvey Oswald was driven by Andrews? The DPD officer, JD Tippit tells us that. JD Tippit has been recalled from his normal patrol area after the assassination to cover his former patrol area of Oak Cliff, and positioned his police car (No 10) in a position where he could observe the traffic come over the viaduct from the direction of Dealey Plaza.

We also know that Tippit had previously seen Oswald at the Dodd’s Cafe on the 20th of November and we can presume that Tippit knew something of Oswald including his Marxist views, his Cuban politics and that he worked at the TSDB, and so when the description of the ‘suspect’ was given out over the police radio, 15 minutes after the assassination, Tippit had an idea of who to look for.

We know that Tippit had stationed himself outside the ‘Gas Station’ to observe traffic coming over the viaduct. We know that Tippit had suddenly taken off from that position which simply means that he had sighted something. We know that Tippit drove off in the direction of Jack Ruby’s house, but didn’t have any outcome from these actions.

Then there was the incident that took place at 12th and Marsalis, which has been described by someone as a ‘fight’. This should be taken as an attempt to call Tippit off, but Tippit wasn’t listening. If this presumption is correct, then what would be the next action of those people with JD Tippit? Would they call him a “poor dumb cop”?

In other words, when Tippit had positioned himself to observe the traffic coming over the viaduct, Tippit had seen Andrews’ s/wagon go past him with Oswald in the front passenger seat, and Tippit had then taken off in an attempt to intercept the vehicle, but lost it in the traffic.

The question here is as to why Tippit was unable to intercept the s/wagon driven by Andrews? It is the incident at 12th and Marsalis that tells us there had to be an ‘escort’ travelling behind Andrews’ s/wagon and when Tippit ‘lost’ the s/wagon he then met with the people in the ‘escort’ vehicle.

This escort vehicle would have contained Det/Sgt Gerald Hill and the person who shot Tippit.

We know that Tippit then went to the ‘Top Ten Record shop’ and endeavoured to make a telephone call, presumably to the police dispatcher, without success, but then abruptly left the record shop at approximately 1:04pm, drove off and intercepted the s/wagon driven by James A Andrews by cutting in front of Andrews’ vehicle and forcing that vehicle to stop. According to Andrews, Tippit then walked to Andrews’ vehicle and checked out the passenger side of the s/wagon, and when he saw that it was empty returned to his police vehicle.

JD Tippit then backtracks the path taken by Andrews’ s/wagon and ends up in E 10th Street where Jack Ruby’s derelict ‘safe house’ is situated (410) that was being guarded by the ‘injured’ off-duty policeman, Harry Olsen.

We may also presume that this ‘safe-house’ was to be Lee Harvey Oswald’s hideaway until such time as he could be conveyed to the airport to be flown to Cuba. JD Tippit is driving slowly along E 10th street, as though in a ‘searching’ mode. Tippit pulled up outside Jack Ruby’s ‘derelict’ house at 410 E 10th Street, but then suddenly reversed slightly causing the vehicle travelling behind him to run into the back of the police car. What caused Tippit to suddenly reverse slightly?

Had Tippit seen another marked police vehicle in the laneway next to 410 E 10th Street? Was this police vehicle car No 207 formerly driven by DPD Officer Jim Valentine? But what was this police vehicle doing in the laneway outside Jack Ruby’s ‘derelict’ house. How about picking up Officer Harry Olsen and Lee Harvey Oswald as it was feared that the ‘safe-house’ was no longer safe?

It is at this time that the planning for the JFK assassination went into ‘damage control’ as Officer JD Tippit had interfered so badly. Joe/Ari tells us that;
“The entire operation was also on radio from the time the cars turned left at the top.”
That means that had Andrews dropped Oswald off at the ‘safe-house’ just prior to being intercepted by Officer JD Tippit, and then after that interception Andrews saw that JD Tippit was retracing his path, do you think that Andrews just may have got onto his radio and informed the escort vehicle?

Do you think it was feasible that one of the ‘crew’ in Andrews escort vehicle could have been dropped off to walk down E10th Street and thus intercept Tippit if he came that way, while the driver of ‘Car 207’ then headed for the driveway beside 410 E 10th Street to collect those persons inside the ‘safe-house’?

It was a person that had previously been seen walking along the footpath, that emerged from 410 E 10th Street and shot Tippit twice before moving forward and giving Tippit the ‘coup de grace’ by shooting Tippit in the head. This ‘assassin’ then said, “Poor dumb cop” before he calmly moved off, removing the spent cartridges from the murder weapon and throwing them into the bushes from where they were later retrieved.

Who was this assassin who calmly murdered JD Tippit as he was standing next to his police car? Witnesses saw this assassin walking prior to the murder and immediately after the murder when some witnesses attempted to follow him but he went into a car-yard and vanished.

But exactly how did this assassin know that he was going to see Tippit at the safe house, and had to murder him because of it? The only possible explanation is that Andrews warned him via radio that Tippit was searching the area, and that is why the assassin said to the body of JD Tippit, “poor dumb cop!”

The revolver was later handed to Det. Gerald Hill, who would use the weapon to incriminate Oswald for the murder of Tippit.

Again those ‘minding’ Lee Harvey Oswald, who was originally supposed to hide in the ‘derelict’ safe house of Jack Ruby, had to find an alternative hideaway, and the ‘Texas’ theatre was chosen. However I believe that Oswald was given certain instructions by the driver of his vehicle. Oswald would have been told to wait for his transport at the “Texas Theatre’.

It was noted by the shoe salesman Brewer who had been listening to the news reports on the Kennedy assassination on his transistor radio and had just heard that a policeman had been shot in Oak Cliff that he then saw Oswald came into the front area of his shop just as Brewer heard the sounds of a Police siren travelling up West Jefferson Street.

So just exactly which police car did a ‘light and siren’ dash up West Jefferson? Was it WD Mentzal’s unit? No, as he was still out at a motor car accident. The only other police patrol car consigned to Oak Cliff was Tippit’s Car 10 and it was still outside 410 E 10th Street, and that only leaves the police vehicle seen by Mrs Roberts outside Oswald’s Boarding house residence, ‘Car 207’, which could only have been the ‘other police car’ seen in the laneway next to 410 E 10th Street.

Brewer stated that Oswald looked ‘frightened’. Brewer then saw Oswald fitted the description of the wanted JFK assassination ‘suspect’ and he became extremely suspicious of Oswald’s behaviour.

Brewer followed Oswald to the Texas Theatre which was only doors away from his Shoe-shop. Brewer asked the girl at the ticket counter if she had seen the ‘suspect’ and if he bought a ticket, the girl replied ‘No.’ Brewer then approached a male employee ‘Butch’ and together they checked the doors within the cinema, and once they determined that the doors had not been opened they then went back to the counter and asked the girl to ring the police.

In other words, Lee Harvey Oswald’s cover had become fully blown, and thus Oswald had become a liability to the entire Kennedy assassination plot. The only possible outcome of this situation was for Oswald to be killed. The first opportunity to kill Oswald would be at his ‘arrest’ inside the Texas Theatre. The only problem here was that Det/Sgt Gerald Hill and his offsider who had just assassinated Officer JD Tippit arrived too late at the Texas Theatre.

In the Texas Theatre, the shoe salesman, Brewer and the theatre employee, Butch, heard noises outside one of the rear doors to the theatre and so opened the doors to be confronted by a number of policemen. Brewer was grabbed by Officer MN McDonald and frisked and then asked by McDonald who they were. Brewer informed McDonald that it was they who called the police and then McDonald asked them to point out the suspect. By this time other police officers had gained access to the stage and had turned the lights on.

Brewer pointed out Oswald to Officer MN (Nick) McDonald, who then drew his service revolver and approached Oswald, mentioned the assassination of Kennedy and then apparently took a swipe at Oswald. Oswald retaliated by first knocking the hand which McDonald was carrying his service revolver to the side so as to negate the possibility of McDonald shooting him, and then striking McDonald in the face on his left cheek. This caused McDonald to not only fall down, but he also dropped his service revolver. This revolver was then picked up by Det. Bob Carroll.

Other policemen joined in the scuffle with Oswald, and while this melee ensued Det/Sgt Gerard Hill entered the theatre via a back door and approached the melee from behind Oswald and called out, “Look out! He’s got a gun.” However that didn’t deliver the result that Det/Sgt Hill desired, and as Oswald was handcuffed, he called out loudly twice, “I am not resisting, I am not resisting” as he was taken outside the Texas Theatre via the foyer. It is worthwhile to look at two photographs taken at this point in time.

The first photograph shows Det. Carroll holding Officer Nick McDonald’s service revolver. The second, larger photograph taken moments before the first photograph shows more clearly a white hated policeman hunched over with his left arm though Oswald’s right arm which has been handcuffed behind him. On the right of Oswald is a person pulling Oswald towards him, and one would imagine that it is an ‘arresting officer, but it is not. Behind this man, whom I have nicknamed ‘The Penguin’ wearing a hat is Det/Sgt Gerald Hill. The question is; “just exactly who is The Penguin”?

The following morning the Dallas Police Department arranged for the media to interview two policemen responsible for arresting Oswald, that is Detective Paul Bentley and Officer MN (Nick) McDonald. For this interview Det Bentley required the use of crutches as he had previously sustained an injury to his ankle. What we can notice in both of the photographs is that ‘The Penguin’ has no such injury.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DSFKhaNqqU Then Det Paul Bentley states that he was actually a ‘Polygraph’ (Lie Detector) Examiner.

Had Det Paul Bentley, been one of the ‘arresting’ police officers but had sustained that injury to his ankle in the ‘arrest’ what would have occurred? There would have been an ambulance called to take Bentley to hospital to have his injury properly treated and thus would not be present when this photograph was taken.

It was also noted that Officer MN McDonald as the ‘arresting officer’ of Oswald was called to give evidence at the Warren Commission. Det Paul Bentley for some strange reason was not required by the Warren Commission. So just exactly who was ‘The Penguin’?

Is this the reason why Joe Vialls/Ari ben Menashe is ‘an expert’ on the JFK assassination?

The insert on the left is of the assassin, Ari ben Menashe from the cover of his book, ‘Profits of War’. The insert on the right is that of Det Paul Bentley, the injured Polygraph examiner.

What Joe/Ari points out with his statement that ‘the entire operation was also on radio from the time the cars turned left at the top’ also includes the whole sequence involving the assassination of Officer JD Tippit as well as the ‘arrest’ of Lee Harvey Oswald at the Texas Theatre.

It is though the second gem that we get from this article which is in paragraph 12 that makes so much more of what has already been considered.

“Bush I was standing next to the radio worker on the day.” So just exactly what does this mean? It means that George Herbert Walker Bush was ‘in charge’ of the operation to assassinate John F Kennedy at Dallas.

It is that simple! If George Bush was positioned next to the radio (signals operator) it means that Bush who was 39 years of age at that time, was there for one reason only; that being to get the information first hand and then make the decision of what to do.

As in any military situation, it is the O.C. who is next to the radio operator, and that simply means that George HW Bush ran this operation, which also then explains why George Bush became a ‘Director’ of the CIA. It means that it was George Bush who ran the Kennedy assassination, as well as ordering the shooting of Tippit and the order to sacrifice Oswald, by having Jack Ruby murder Oswald. This would indicate that the little fat man who shot JD Tippit would have been CIA.

If we take this position one step further to the 30th of March 1981 with the attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan by John Hinckley, one could almost be seeing history repeating itself.

Joe Vialls/Ari ben Menashe’s Expertise

In paragraph 13 Joe/Ari states: “I had twenty years experience, training people in various small arms and activities in areas about which he (Jim Fetzer) has no idea. Again in paragraph 18, Joe/Ari states: He (Fetzer) has not had ‘training’ or been involved in any such activities.

In other words Joe/Ari is stating that Jim Fetzer has not been trained in the ‘Art of Assassination’, but he, Joe Vialls/Ari ben Menashe has had that training and expertise and is thus more competent to make statements and voice opinions in regard to events such as the John F Kennedy, Officer JD Tippit and the Lee Harvey Oswald assassinations.

In paragraph 6, Joe/Ari states: “He (Fetzer) guesses and entertains the ill-informed while unwittingly keeping realities at bay. Garrison and Stone are big offenders in that regard.” Why has Joe/Ari named Jim Garrison as one who kept the realities at bay? Jim Garrison has clearly stated that Lee Harvey Oswald was innocent, and that is not quite correct. Oswald clearly never shot John F Kennedy, but he was certainly part of the conspiracy to assassinate the President.

In paragraph 15 Joe/Ari states: “There are problems with multiple shooters.” “One round was used for the St. James Square false flag (Yvonne Fletcher)”. It is this statement that informs us all that the author of this article is Joe Vialls or again, as America knows him, Ari ben Menashe, as not only has Joe Vialls confessed on numerous occasions that he was the assassin that murdered the Policewoman outside the Libyan Embassy in 1984, whilst under the influence of ‘mind control’ but he is also the only person to write about this event.

In paragraph 11 Joe/Ari states: “Shooters don’t like working in teams. A cross is fine, but not a team. Port Arthur was another part exception.” In that regard, this again tells us exactly who this author is, as he has been identified at the major scene of this 1996 massacre. It was Joe Vialls/Ari ben Menashe who ran this massacre, and he was identified when filmed on the balcony of the Broad Arrow Cafe shortly after the shooting finished there with Johannes (Hans) Overbeeke and Constable Justin Noble, as things had gone wrong and ASIO had 7 operatives burnt in this event.

But, Joe/Ari tells us correctly that “Port Arthur was another part exception” to this rule as although there was only a single gunman at the Port Arthur Historic Site, that being Benjamin Overbeeke, there was a ‘team’ at the Seascape Cottage siege, being Benjamin Overbeeke and Sgt Michael Charles Dyson of the Tasmania Police SOG.

But it is here we find a contradiction. In paragraph 11, Joe/Ari tells us: “All the shooters were foreign hard assets on loan.” This sentence suggests that there were ‘several’ shooters and this is a marked contradiction to the latter part of the paragraph where Joe/Ari states: “Shooters don’t like working in teams.” However to suggest that ‘all the shooters’ were foreigners simply leaves the conspirators open to manipulation by the controllers of those ‘foreign hard assets’. But then Joe/Ari was an exception as he was originally English and had worked for MI5/6 before being recruited by the CIA in 1961.

Again when you look at paragraph 19 where Joe/Ari claims; “The shooters were on the roof of the Dal-Tex building and ‘The Grassy Knoll’.” That is two shooters only and again contradicts the statement that ‘All the shooters were foreign hard assets’, which must be considered incorrect and thus disinformation.

Paragraph 19 contains more contradictions. Joe/Ari claims: “All witnesses who came forward were terminated. That is only partially correct, and a classic example was the ‘deaf-mute’, Edd Hoffman died in 2012. Joe/Ari then claims: “Only ‘Babushka’ did not come forward. She was not stupid and disappeared into oblivion.” If ‘Babushka’ didn’t come forward and disappeared, then just exactly how could Joe/Ari know about her? Is this more disinformation? Again though the major question should be, who was bumping off all the various witnesses after the Warren Commission, an exercise very similar to the English Marconi scientists in the late 1980s?

Then Joe/Ari cites ‘The Umbrella man’ saying: “Umbrella man was a ‘creation’ of ‘Researchers’, but then contradicts that statement by saying:
“He was actually further along towards the underpass from Lansdale* and Bush I.”
So was ‘Umbrella Man’ factual or fictional? Whichever, his appears to be more disinformation from Joe/Ari. [* L. Fletcher Prouty alleged that Lansdale can be seen in one of the “three tramps” photographs that were taken near the Texas School Book Depository. Wikipedia]

In paragraph 13, Joe/Ari tells us: “There were no Underpass or Book Depository shot for a number of reasons’, and this again negates the ‘All the shooters were foreign hard assets on loan” statement, which reiterates the fact that the shooters were not foreigners but rather American bred marksmen, and this then points the accusing finger at two of the three ‘tramps’ arrested in the train boxcar who were later released by the ‘Head of the Dallas FBI’ Bindy

In paragraph 14, Joe/Ari states: “An experienced hard analyst or ex-shooter works ahead to find suitable posts.” I would imagine that Joe/Ari actually means ‘shooter’ or assassin, but not an ex-shooter. The rest of the paragraph is used to denigrate Jim Fetzer.

Paragraph 15 is much the same type of denigration with Joe/Ari stating in the paragraph; “These are not military snipers with reversed baseball caps and twenty thousand dollars worth of garbage.” I guess that Joe/Ari has never heard of Chris Kyle and never had any military experience.

Paragraph 16 has much the same verbiage beginning with; “Shooters are leagues above the police or military marksman or sharpshooter category.” Again there is no consideration for the training of the likes of Chris Kyle, but there is an interesting item in the middle of this paragraph which we shall look at later:
“There is also a specific mindset at issue and no brain manipulation as in the RFK and MLK wet guns.”

It is the final paragraph the Joe/Ari has written that tells us so much: “In False Flags; particularly wet or public affairs; an industry of wild speculation evolves and it causes greater confusions which the perpetrators couldn’t even manage. What they do is; perform the deed, issue an inane Official Version and the geese fantasize the rest into lala land.”

And we know that this is totally off whack. We have seen it time and time again, that following a ‘False Flag’ operation not only do the perpetrators issue the ‘official version’, they also endeavour to take over any opposing versions. Joe Vialls did this from early 1997 in regards to the Port Arthur Massacre, and even put his two bob’s worth in at the beginning of 911.

Joe Vialls in England

Paragraph 6 is finalised with: “The twit Wright (defended by Turnbull) did not enlighten but muddied issues concerning The Circus (SIS, MI6…), The Cambridge Crew and the Milson’s Point ASIO bunker.” Forget about Milson’s Point ASIO bunker at this time as that is in North Sydney and becomes relevant when we look at Joe/Ari’s adventures in Australia.

Peter Wright the former Assistant Director of MI5 wrote a book called ‘Spycatcher’ which was about his adventures within the British Intelligence bureaucracy frequently known as ‘The Circus’ by those who can laugh at themselves, the SIS which was its original name standing for the Security Intelligence Service, or MI6 which simply stood for Military Intelligence 6 for overseas and MI5 for the internal services.

From the ‘cover’ of the book ‘Spycatcher’:
“Peter Wright initially joined Britain’s Security Service, known as MI5, in 1955 as the organisation’s first scientific officer. He devoted himself in the early years to technological inventions for use in the espionage trade, demonstrating a brilliant flair for the art of counter-intelligence. He later became, for nearly two decades, the central figure in Britain’s efforts to detect and expose Soviet infiltration of the Service.

The reader is treated to a unique perspective on Philby, Maclean, Burgess, Blunt and other exposed spies and alleged defectors The identity of the so-called Fifth Man has puzzled and fascinated many for decades. In Spycatcher, Peter Wright shares his conviction that the Fifth Man was none other than Sir Roger Hollis, long the head of MI5”.

On page 214 of the book, ‘Open Verdict’ by Tony Collins, we have; “Peter Wright in his book Spycatcher describes how the CIA plotted assassinations.

In fact the Americans told Wright that they were ‘in the market for the requisite expertise’.”

This is in regard to a meeting that took place in October 1961.
[From ‘Spycatcher’ page 161: “Harvey and Angleton questioned me closely about every part of the Suez Operation.

“We’re developing a new capability in the Company to handle these kinds of problems,” explained Harvey, “and we’re in the market for the requisite expertise.”

He explained ponderously that they needed deniable personnel, and improved technical facilities – in Harvey jargon, “delivery mechanisms.” They were especially interested in the SAS.]

If the CIA was in the market for a ‘British’ assassin, then just exactly who did they recruit? Could it have been Joe Vialls? If we consider “All the shooters were foreign hard assets on loan” could it be that Joe was talking about himself?

Joe was ex-SAS, and MI5 and an assassin. In other words, what Peter Wright didn’t tell us was that he supplied James Angleton with the required ex-SAS assassin, a former soldier by the name of Joe Vialls. So why did the ‘Head of the CIA and his deputy require an assassin? To assassinate Fidel Castro? Of course not as that didn’t happen. So who was assassinated shortly after this October 1961 meeting? President John F Kennedy of course.

So who was the shooter on the roof of the Dal-Tex building that shot President John F. Kennedy? How about the ‘foreign hard asset on loan’ from MI5, Joe Vialls?

Who was Joe Vialls working for when he was assassinating the British scientists working for Marconi as per the book ‘Open Verdict’? I would suggest the CIA as MI5 would never have operated in this manner. This is where the previous quote of: “There is also a specific mindset at issue and no brain manipulation as in the RFK and MLK wet guns” becomes relevant.

When we look at the various deaths within the Marconi ‘field’ as per the book “Open Verdict” it becomes obvious that there would need to be some form of ‘brain manipulation’ or as it is more commonly known brain washing.

The death of Vimal Bhagvangi (also called Dajibhai) by jumping off a bridge at Avon Gorge in Bristol at about 10pm on Monday the 4th of August 1986. In his Renault sedan were found two bottles of wine, of which one had been opened, even though Vimal was not a wine drinker.

[A second post mortem was to be carried out (on Vimal Bhagvangi’s body). It would be performed not by the local pathologist, as before, but by a top home office pathologist, Professor Bernard Knight.” He is also a trustee of a little known organisation in London, ‘the Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture’.]

Then on Monday the 28th of October, 1986, there was the death of Arshad Sharif, another Londoner who drove his father’s Audi sedan to Bristol to commit suicide by tying four pieces of rope together, secured one end to a tree and the other to his neck and then drove off in the car. Sharif’s father, when he first saw his car after the suicide noted that there was a wheel hub spanner between the driver’s seat and the accelerator pedal. Also noted were three cigar butts in the Audi sedan and Arshad was a total non-smoker.

On Thursday the 8th of January, 1987 Avtar Singh-Gida went missing. He was eventually located in May 1987, working in a boutique in Paris and was adamant that he did not want to come under the attention of the ‘authorities’.

In other words scientists within the Marconi Industries were aware that their co-workers were being assassinated.

But it was not just the scientists that were being assassinated. Former army officers, especially those with the Royal Military College also died in similar circumstances.
Now the interesting thing here is that Joe/Ari has attacked Peter Wright with much venom, but Peter Wright retired in 1976, and the assassinations of these British workers were mostly after the onset of President Reagan’s ‘Starwars’ Project. Of course this becomes more interesting once we remember that President Reagan’s vice president was the former Director of the CIA, George H.W. Bush, but that doesn’t resolve the problem as to why Joe/Ari had so much animosity towards Peter Wright?

In paragraph 7, Joe/Ari starts with: “Pincher was also an offender in that regard.” Henry Chapman Pincher was an English journalist (Daily Express) and author who wrote the book, ‘Their trade is treachery’ in 1981.

Next we have an interesting note being: I knew R. at Cambridge who fed and then misled Pincher.

Who is “R”? Why would ‘R’ ‘feed and then mislead Henry Pincher in regard to British Intelligence? The more pertinent question would be: how and why did Joe/Ari have this information?

Paragraph 7 continues in this unflattering vein: “Wright was deceived from the start; from the Curzon Street arrest, outside Harris’s house, onwards and through; ‘Spy Catcher’. The great analyst of spook town in South Audley Street, who missed the basics in front of him.”

These are the same criticisms of Peter Wright held not only by James Angleton and his deputy Bill Harvey as well as the Head of the FBI, J Edgar Hoover.

The criticisms relate mainly to the British services in regards to firstly Burgess and Maclean and their flight to Moscow, as well as the refusal to recognise that Philby and Blunt had also worked for Moscow and of course the failure to detect Sir Roger Hollis as the fifth Soviet spy. There were other episodes including the lack of comprehension of the operations of the Russian spy Lonsdale that also raised the ire of the US Intelligence services.

How do we know this author was attached to the CIA? Easy, the information this author has in regard to the JFK assassination didn’t just come in a ‘book’. It came from a direct involvement in JFK’s assassination. Which person could that have been? The former SAS soldier from MI5 that Peter Wright ‘lent to the CIA!

How many of the various operatives would have known that George H.W. Bush was standing next to the ‘radio man’ during the assassination? Only members of the CIA, including the radio man and George H.W. Bush, and we can be fairly certain that the ‘radio man’ would not have passed on that piece of information. That leaves George H. W. Bush himself or an actual CIA operative on the spot.

But here is another little tit-bit. Just exactly how could this author state:
“The great analyst of spook town, ~ who missed the basics in front of him.”
How could this author be ‘aware’ of such a miss? Please do not think that the author was only aware of such an ‘event’, there is actually only one way the author could have known that Peter Wright missed a deception, and that is for this author to have been in MI5/6!

Joe Vialls in Sydney Australia

In 1987 the Thatcher Government tried to ban the printing of the book ‘Spycatcher’ in Australia. The matter was heard in a Sydney court and the Former Assistant Director of MI5, Peter Wright was represented by the barrister, Malcolm Turnbull who is now a prominent member of the Australian Federal government.

Paragraph 8 continues with: “(Malcolm) Turnbull never had a clue; to this day. His theatrics in that case was high farce at its grandest. He actually had a cartoonist in court, constantly sketching him in various Rumpolesque et seq, cringe poses. (Rumpole of The Bailey) A wonder his lapels never wore out. There were tens of this A3 sized drivel, framed and distributed around the areas of his occupancy at the in-house legal department at 54 Park Street. I used to visit there (I knew Bruce McWilliam, Ian Phillip and Mark O’Brien)”

Now this is what is called ‘name-dropping’. Bruce McWilliam is now Channel 7’s Commercial Director, Mark O’Brien is a leading Media Litigator, and thus I would believe that Ian Phillip was in a similar league. There is a problem though with the sentence; “I used to visit there.”

For a visitor to not only note the egotistical aspect of Malcolm Turnbull’s A3 sketches littering his office space at 54 Park Street, but to be derogative of these sketches is revealing. I would suggest that the author of this attack on Malcolm Turnbull would have had to have actually worked at this address at that time.

But what was it that filled this author with so much animosity not just for Peter Wright the former Assistant Director of MI5, but also for his barrister, Malcolm Turnbull?

Could “Joe/Ari” be totally assured that Peter Wright had not blown his cover in regard to his secondment to the CIA for the Kennedy assassination? Of course not, that is not until he attended the court hearing and heard the evidence for himself.

Can you comprehend Joe Vialls’ dismay at reading chapter 11, and especially page 161 in regard to his secondment to the CIA?

Peter Wright was interested in the Russians, Wright never considered the CIA as ‘the enemy’.

Paragraph 8 continues with some more name dropping, but this one is extremely interesting: “when I was called in to advise KP on certain matters. If we didn’t meet for dinner at Darcy’s; where Rupert also occasionally held court.”

If the author was ‘called in to advise KP (Kerry Packer) on certain matters then what exactly were those ‘certain matters’, and please do not think ‘One Day Cricket’!

The problem with this scenario is that Joe/Ari also mentions Rupert Murdoch and Rupert had already moved from Sydney to London in 1969 and then to New York in 1974, although he was still running ‘The Australian’ newspaper at that time. In other words, if this scenario with both Kerry Packer and Rupert Murdoch was true, then those meetings had to have occurred prior to 1969.

For the Australians, I have left the best till last. In the 8th paragraph: “Turnbull never had a clue; to this day. His theatrics in that case was high farce at its grandest. The shadows of Tom Hughes and Bob Ellicott were in the background” and this tells us almost everything.
Both Tom Hughes and Bob Ellicott were the top Sydney “QC’s” in their day. Tom Hughes is also Malcolm Turnbull’s father-in-Law, but it is Bob Ellicott that should be the focus point. In Malcolm Fraser’s 1975 ‘Caretaker government’ Bob Ellicott was the Federal Attorney General.

The journalist Philip Doring had an article published in ‘The Australian’ on the 19th of November 2011 titled; “The Plot to get Gough”. Bob Ellicott recalled from notes taken at the time that Rupert Murdoch had rung The Prime Minister, Malcolm Fraser on the 18th of February 1976 to inform Fraser that Gough Whitlam and David Combes had endeavoured to borrow money from the Iraqi Baath Party in Bagdad via Henri John Fischer and had met Fischer at his apartment on the 23rd floor of the Blue Point Towers on the 16th of November 1975 and again on Wednesday the 10th of December 1975.
This was the beginning of the ‘Iraqi Loans Affair’ that put the final nail in the Labour Party’s chances of winning government, and as Murdoch had put it in his article, the Australian Labour Party would never regain government until the ALP President, Bob Hawke was made Prime Minister.

The Iraqi Loans Affair was a pure ‘False Flag’ with the major player ‘Henri John Fischer’ played by Joe Vialls, and the supporting role was played out by Rupert Murdoch. How can we determine that this ‘event’ was a ‘False Flag’? Easy! From what we are told in this article in conjunction to what Harry Seidler, the architect that designed the Blue Point Towers in regard to Rupert Murdoch owning the apartment in the building he designed where Gough Whitlam and David Combes twice met Henri John Fischer. That also informs you of exactly how Henri John Fischer was able to contact Rupert Murdoch whilst he was apparently holidaying in Switzerland.

Oswald was also an operative. [SOTN: An operative for the Kennedy bothers which no one knew except the 3 of them] 

They burn their own

There can be no doubt that Lee Harvey Oswald was an ‘operative’. His role was to be the decoy and to not only mislead the general public, but to bring Cuba and Fidel Castro back into the ‘required’ focus. Thus there can be little argument when Joe/Ari makes that statement in paragraph 4. What has to be considered are ‘the various reasons’ why ‘operatives’ are burnt. This normally only occurs when the ‘plan’ goes astray and some contingency has to be covered.

What went wrong with the planning of John F Kennedy’s assassination was Officer JD Tippit. Tippit had been in Dodd’s Cafe on Wednesday the 20th of November 1963 when Oswald created a scene by complaining that his eggs had been overcooked. Why did Oswald create this scene? So as he would be remembered there by the staff and that the staff would also remember he wasn’t there on the Friday.

So after JFK’s assassination the investigators would have more information of Oswald, but we now know that Officer JD Tippit is also aware of Oswald, and thus when the description came out of the ‘suspect’ from the TSBD building, Tippit knows who the suspect is and exactly what he looks like.

Why do you think the person who shot JD Tippit was on foot? Why do you think the assassin executed Tippit outside 410 E 10th Street? Would the assassin have approached JD Tippit if Tippit was in the wrong street? Not on foot! Would the assassin have shot Tippit if Tippit had been in the wrong Street? Of course not!

Again it takes longer to walk than to drive a police car, so that means that the assassin had to know where JD Tippit was heading to. The assassin had to know the exact address, and if Tippit had stopped at any other location, then (1) the assassin would not have been at that wrong address and (2) JD Tippit would never have been shot, and (3) there would never have been an arrest of Lee Harvey Oswald.

The ‘arrest’ of Lee Harvey Oswald was the next ‘stuff-up’, or part of that operation that went wrong. Most probably there were too many police members at the theatre at that time and the window of opportunity to shoot Oswald for ‘resisting arrest’ was lost. Also, Det/Sgt Gerald Hill and Ari returned to the Texas Theatre too late and other police officers such as MN McDonald had already gained access to the theatre and thus Oswald.

What is important though is that Det. Sgt. Gerald Hill has possession of the ‘murder weapon’, the revolver that was used to kill JD Tippit. Now because it has already been established that Oswald entered the Texas Theatre at the approximate time that Tippit was shot, and thus there was no time for Oswald to travel from E 10th Street to the Texas Theatre on foot, then that totally destroys the police statements that Oswald killed Tippit. So just exactly how was it that Det. Sgt. Gerard Hill had possession of the ‘murder’ weapon? The answer is simple, the assassin handed the weapon to Det/Sgt Hill.

Det Carroll was photographed carrying Officer MN (Nick) McDonald’s revolver outside the Texas Theatre after the arrest of Oswald and thus the only person to have had possession of the Tippit Murder weapon was Det/Sgt Gerald Hill.

This brings us to the next dilemma that had to be overcome. Joe/Ari tells us in paragraph17:
“This is not a situation where the shooter is dispensable. If there is anything wrong; the shooter walks”.

Once Lee Harvey Oswald has been arrested there is no situation where a proper assassin can silence Oswald. No assassin would risk being captured and then face the prospect of interrogation. This meant that there had to be a ‘sacrifice’ made. Whoever it was selected to ‘silence’ Lee Harvey Oswald, would have to risk being either shot and killed by police or being incarcerated for a number of years. This was not a good prospect, and there was no guarantee that the ‘sacrifice’ wouldn’t baulk at the last moment.

It is at this stage that we must consider what Joe/Ari stated in paragraph 16:
“There is also a specific mindset at issue and no brain manipulation as The RFK and MLK wet guns.”

In the selection of Jack Ruby to murder Lee Harvey Oswald, that ‘specific mindset’ is missing. In the assassination of President J F Kennedy, there was that specific mindset. In the assassination of Officer JD Tippit, there was that specific mindset. In the assassination of Lee Harvey Oswald, that specific mindset was missing.

Tom Howard arrived at the jail shortly after Jack Ruby shot Oswald, asking to see his old friend. Howard was shown into a meeting room to see a bewildered Ruby who had not asked for a lawyer.

It is this scenario that must raise a lot of questions. Had Jack Ruby planned to assassinate Oswald, do you think he may have also planned to have his lawyer present? But why was Jack Ruby ‘bewildered’? Jack Ruby knows exactly what he has done. He cannot deny that. What Jack Ruby doesn’t know is why he shot Oswald.

In Jack Ruby’s case there is an issue of ‘mind manipulation’.

We now have to consider just exactly what has occurred in this event. Once we realize that the people who ran the operation to assassinate President John F. Kennedy, and that one of their major players, ‘the decoy’ Lee Harvey Oswald had been arrested, then they would require him to be ‘eliminated’.

The next consideration is would these people rely on an ‘act of God’ in that a person not in their control would do the task of ‘eliminating’ the threat of Lee Harvey Oswald? Of course not! Then just exactly how did they manipulate Jack Ruby to assassinate Oswald? By ‘brain manipulation’ of course.

We have heard about the Manchurian Candidate from the 1962 film with Frank Sinatra. Ian Fleming wrote a ‘James Bond’ novel called ‘The man with the golden gun’ in 1964 about the same topic, and now we have the former MI5/6 assassin, Joe Vialls or Ari Ben Menashe as he is called in America telling us that such techniques were used in the assassinations of Robert F Kennedy and Martin Luther King.

We also have ‘Joe Vialls’ telling us that he murdered Policewoman Constable Yvonne Fletcher outside the Libyan Embassy in 1984 whilst under ‘mind control’ by the CIA. Then we have Ari ben Menashe’s partner in crime, Alexander Henri Legault make the claim that his mother-in-law was also a victim of CIA mind control so as to foil any Canadian attempt to ‘deport’ Legault to America. And finally we have Joe Vialls very last article; “Danger! Mind Controllers at work” which was reprinted on the ‘Jim Stone’ site in 2013.

Australia certainly had a host of ‘Lone nut gunman’ massacres from 1987, the first being Julian Knight at the Hoddle Street Massacre in August 1987 who actually survived and explained his actions as shooting invading Martians. The American ‘Lone nut gunman’ style massacres started with Charles Joseph Whitman at the Texas University massacre in 1966, and have continued ever since.


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