DAVID HOGG: Just who is this kid?!

A new CIA MKUltra star is born, but like every supernova,
Deep State pawn David Hogg will flame out as quickly as
he appeared.

State of the Nation

You talk about an op!

Black op and psyop.


Gladio op and NDAA op.

No! We’re not really talking about an operation here.

We’re talking about an operative*.

*op is also short for operative

DAVID HOGG, the operative

The Parkland shooting is perhaps the most successful false flag mass shooting in U.S. history where it concerns gun-grabbing operations. See: Florida’s Unconstitutional Gun Control Legislation Only The Beginning


Because of a super-slick MKUltra mind-controlled con man named of David Hogg.

If you want to see such a CIA creation in action, then view this proverbial piece of work on the set: David Hogg Goes Hogg Wild During Prime Time! (video)

People really don’t get it quite yet.  But everyone need to get this, and get it fast!

Even the most seasoned journalists and savvy analysts have failed to see the stark reality of this MAGGIORE OPERAZIONE !

Here’s another jaw-dropper and awfully revealing video of Hogg: DAVID HOGG Raw and Uncensored.

This kid was specifically conceived as their secret weapon.  Actually, their ULTRA top-secret weapon.

To understand just how meticulously engineered this product of the CIA’s MKUltra mind-control program really is, please view the following video.  Be sure to WATCH and LISTEN carefully to this kid…especially his facial expressions and gaze, his gesticulations and other body movements, his language and delivery.

VIDEO: Watch closely and listen carefully to this Mockingbird Media Star—David Hogg

Hogg’s first scripted screed during the previous MSNBC-broadcasted interview began with this foul and utterly despicable statement:

“When you ask a politician a
question, even if it’s a yes or
no question like: “Will you
take money from these child
murderers at the NRA?”

Mind you, these are the first words out of the kid’s mouth during one of his earliest mainstream media (MSM) appearances.

Do you see how they’re using him to galvanize the liberals and demonize the conservatives?  To trash talk about the single most radioactive issue in America today.

KEY POINT: Not even the most ardent pro gun control adult could ever get away with uttering such inflammatory and misleading distortions. Pawn of Deep State David Hogg was specifically chosen as their media darling because of his willingness to be used and his craving for stardom.  His proven connections to the Southern California high school were simply to close to the CIA’s intensive Hollywood operations.  Hogg’s strong teenage desire to become an investigative journalist predisposed him to becoming a consummate Mockingbird Media agent.  The MSM permits and encourages him to make highly provocative and false statements about firearms that no professional commentator could ever make (e.g. See preceding quote).  Hogg’s reckless and gross misrepresentations of the Second Amendment further confuse this extremely grave issue.  The best way to describe David Hogg’s role in this ongoing gun grab is that he is a two-bit traitor being used by the NWO globalist traitors.

All of his appearances have been fastidiously sculpted puff pieces that gave him major MSM platforms to mouth off in favor of total gun control, everywhere, 24/7.

Image result for david hogg wearing ear piece

David Hogg, the Mockingbird Media agent

Even after all these weeks, the hidden facts about Mockingbird Media agent David Hogg remain elusive to most Alt Media researchers and investigators.

Everything about this highly trained and controlled agent is choreographed and rehearsed.

Some of the earliest videos even showed US that Hogg was practicing his lines before he went prime time.  For example: Deep State pawn David Hogg forgets his lines, coached by handlers before he goes prime time (Video)

The best way to understand just how such a young, yet somehow experienced, crisis actor is created in the first place, the real back story must be seriously considered.  As follows: OPERATION EAGLE EYE: Code Name for the 2018 Valentine’s Day Massacre

There’s a much deeper and broader plan at work here which very few journalists have pursued.  The single most important perspective on the Parkland false flag mass casualty event MCE) is conveyed in this exposé: OPERATION GLADIO C: Government-Sponsored Domestic Terrorism Targets American Public Schools

In order to understand the overarching blueprint to repeal the 2nd Amendment funded by globalist George Soros, the following article spells it all out: Soros-funded ‘National Gun Control Movement’ is all about starting an American civil war


The USA has never quite seen anything like OPERATION HOGG WASH.  A quick scan of the truth-seeking forums and chat rooms, Facebook pages and Twitter accounts, YouTube channels and Subreddits clearly indicates that people are hip to this Hogg Wash.  They know that: OPERATION HOGG WASH: Phase I of Deep State’s Psyop to Impose Strict Gun Control Measures Nationwide

Not only that, many sentiments on the Right reflect a strong intention to boycott every MSM platform and corporate sponsor of the David Hogg show (read: psyop).

People are really getting fed up with his nonsense.  Most are simply super-saturated with Hogg’s nonstop anti-gun propaganda.  Others see right through the op himself, as they do the entire NDAA operation.

Some journalists have even made the analogy to the Hitler Youth and how they were used to disarm and then control Nazi Germany.  Hogg himself has become the subject of a video satire that was inappropriately censored by YouTube. Hogg Hitler! The little dictator in the making. (Video)

The upside to this Gladio black op and CIA psyop is that many folks are waking up to the obvious. The entire false flag operation has unfolded in a way that has exposed every aspect of how these mass casualty events are used to deceive We the People.


That the perps hijacked both Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday — both fell on February 14, 2018 —  certainly demonstrates their contempt for religious holidays. VALENTINE’S DAY MASSACRE: Here’s why the Florida high school mass shooting was a false flag black operation

When a universally recognized holy day is cynically used by the cultural marxists (aka globalists) to further undermine American society, there will be serious blowback indeed.  Divine justice is often meted out when least expected.  It’s just a matter of time before “what goes around comes around”.

With David Hogg presenting the face of this shocking irreverence and profound disrespect only means that he will receive his comeuppance sooner than later.  He (and his family) has allowed himself to be used to curtail necessary constitutional rights and fundamental freedoms.  And the patriots will not forget it.

Truly religious folks rarely get enraged; the deeply faithful are usually quick to forgive.  However, when traitors to the American Republic are continuously trotted across the MSM stage like David Hogg is, the patriotic will eventually react with righteous indignation.

David Hogg, the unintended consequences

David Hogg has unintentionally awakened many truth-seekers and patriots.  How so?

While David Hogg’s public presentation are both repulsive and repugnant, he’s unwittingly exposing the sophisticated psyop.

The more people he infuriates the better.  Each one is then compelled to take a red pill to get relief.  And that’s a good thing!

Hogg’s transparent role in the Parkland psyop is so offensive to gun owners that each of his outrageous MSM gigs only serves to strengthen the Patriot Movement.

In other other words, David Hogg’s extraordinarily strident approach to gun control has made him the arch enemy of every defender of the right to bear arms.

And he doesn’t even seem to know how he’s been so used to do their (read: globalist) dirty work.

OPERATION HOGG WASH may very well go down in U.S. history as the false flag MCE that changed the way these government-sponsored attacks are viewed and responded to.  Millions have now woken up to the these egregious scams.

KEY POINT: Let’s not forget that David Hogg supposedly filmed himself while making an anti-gun video DURING THE PARKLAND SHOOTING.  Just to clarify, this kid was more concerned about producing a real-time video, as an active shooter stalked the halls of Stoneman Douglas High School.  There’s only one problem with Hogg’s account: the video was actually recorded “4 hours ahead of actual shooting”.  Here’s an investigative report that breaks it all down: Hollywood-trained & CIA Cutout David Hogg Allegedly Interviews Fellow Gun Control Advocates While Mass Shooting Was Taking Place

David Hogg & Emma Gonzalez, the crisis actors

No other crisis actor in the history of American false flag mass shootings has done more to bring needed attention to this criminal NDAA-sanctioned phenomenon than David Hogg.  His powerful crisis acting performances have literally brought down the house—right on top of their big heads.  “Their” heads because his partner-in-crime — Emma Gonzalez — has played a crucial supporting role.

Because the major MSM networks have provided Hogg and Gonzalez such a high platform, there is virtually no one who doesn’t know his obnoxious face and her treasonous tirades.  Even many Democrats and borderline liberals are coming to find their Hogg Wash difficult to swallow.

What has really exposed David Hogg — the crisis actor — was his close CIA-coordinated partnership with crisis acting co-star Emma Gonzalez.  The cultural marxist synergy generated between them was a dead giveaway about the intent of this evolving psyop.  Their fabricated images were obviously manicured to appeal to their ultra-liberal audience.  Emma the lesbian and David the closeted gay were the perfect couple to deliver the anti-gun diatribes in blue states and sanctuary cities.

Perhaps the most conspicuous aspect of the Hogg-Gonzalez crisis acting duo is that they are simply too rehearsed.  It’s like they are listening to their CIA handlers through the ear pieces that they have been caught with.  Really, these two well-trained crisis actors are just too programmed to be taken seriously.  Being related by blood has only contributed to their canned performances and lack of authenticity. See: First we find out that David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez Are Cousins


The perpetrators of OPERATION HOGG WASH have made so many errors in execution it boggles the mind.  Likewise, the conspiracy cover-up is full of more holes than a piece of Swiss cheese.

Just like the 9/11 false flag terrorist attacks, the perps seems not to care how well the official narrative holds up to serious scrutiny.   Clearly their faulty implementation of the Parkland MCE, psyop and coverup was by design.  Nothing distracts more than an obvious and bold attack on school children…by a SWAT team.

“FULL METAL GARB”: Teacher Demolishes Official Story, Florida School Shooting Carried Out by Commando(s) in Full Body Gear

As for David Hogg, the premier Parkland agent provocateur, they couldn’t even get his concealed earpiece right (see photo below).  Nor could the Hoggster himself get his own stories straight. David Hogg wasn’t even at the school during the shooting…according to his own personal testimony!

$64,000 Question: What else was going on in Florida during the second week of February 2018?

How about the concealed carry legislation that was being considered by the Florida Legislature the very week of the Valentine’s Day Massacre?


The CIA-directed student gun control movement is a LOT more serious than anyone knows.

This is how the globalists intend to take away our guns—city by city, state by state. DEERFIELD ILLINOIS BANS ASSAULT WEAPONS

They will use the brainwashed students just as they did in Tallahassee, Florida. SOS: Hogg’s student gun control movement grabbing guns city by city

They will start with the sanctuary cities and deep blue state, and then go after the conservative metro areas and red states.  If they can take over a conservative city like Denver and a red state like Florida, they have already made extraordinary progress. Florida Gun Control Law Signed by GOP Governor After Passage by Republican-Dominated Legislature

Hence, it’s incumbent upon the Patriot Movement to muster up a countervailing political force before the Left effectively removes guns from American society.  They are on a mission, and they will not stop until the Second Amendment is nullified.

The Right must organize in every state and county, city and town before unconstitutional laws are passed which take away the right to bear arms.  The liberals are simply copying the successfully conservative strategy of outlawing and/or curtailing abortion red state by red state.

Let’s get busy! 

State of the Nation
April 5, 2018

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