FisaGate – Release the Unredacted FISA – Don’t Get Sidetracked By False Flags

By: Lexy
The Goldwater

Why was it a crime for Nixon to wiretap at Watergate but Obama wiretapping at Trump Tower isn’t? Hypocrisy?

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton made the following statement regarding today’s release of 412 pages of documents about FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) warrants targeting Carter Page, who had been a Trump campaign adviser:

These documents are heavily redacted but seem to confirm the FBI and DOJ misled the courts in withholding the material information that Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the DNC were behind the “intelligence” used to persuade the courts to approve the FISA warrants that targeted the Trump team. Given this corruption, President Trump should intervene and declassify the heavily redacted material.

Below is a must-read thread about the origin, growth and dying days of the Clinton/Obama ‘Trump-Russia’ lie, written by Rex @_ImperatorRex_


The unredacted FISA on Page will be a massive shock to those who remain deceived by the lie. Many forget the reason why it will be extremely damaging:

When it was written, the criminals behind it were CERTAIN that it would never see the light of day – and that Clinton would be POTUS (shudder).

They would have included EVERYTHING to make the lie seem legit & credible, to ensure that they’d get that Title 1 warrant.

The October 2016 FISA warrant is better understood as an attempt to legitimize EXISTING (illegal) spying.

IMO Obama, via Lynch, ordered warrantless spying on Trump & Co as far back as 2015. The FISA Act permits POTUS to do so, via 50 USC 1802, see

Now Trump entered the GOP primary on June 16, 2015. By August, he was winning primary polls. Here’s another thing that would have grabbed Obama & Clinton’s attention:

Trump was already winning presumptive polls against CLINTON. In August 2015!

Stefan Halper was engaged by DOD in September 2015 (h/t Doug Ross @directorblue ).

My working assumption is that Obama/Lynch’s first warrantless spying order came soon afterward.

REMEMBER: these 12-month warrants needed NO FISC approval or oversight. Also:

While the Act refers to ‘foreign intelligence information’, the DEFINITION of ‘foreign intelligence information’ in the Act includes domestic comms of US citizens.

That would be Team Trump (and likely other GOP candidates). Remember

The ‘Trump-Russia’ lie was a DEFENSIVE tactic, used by Obama/Clinton to legitimize the previous use of this illegal warrantless surveillance & unmasking.

And an OFFENSIVE tactic, used by Obama/Clinton to attack Trump as a candidate.

Between (say) Sept 2015 – Sept 2016, the warrantless foreign spying on @carterwpage Page and @GeorgePapa19 Papadopoulos, as well as (IMO) @GenFlynn starts in earnest.

At this point, Obama/Clinton and their crooks are certain of victory.

The corrupt # FakeNews, working with them and the FBI, start ginning up the ‘Trump-Russia’ lie, 24/7.

Clinton and Obama assume that it will finish Trump off and if it doesn’t, they can get him removed AFTER he wins (which is what we have been seeing play out since Nov 8, ’16).

One BIG problem arises:

April 12, 2016 – Admiral Rogers starts a probe into abuse of NSA databases (FISA 702 queries) by external contractors.

BTW the next day (April 13), who shows up at the WH to meet with a senior Obama intel official? Just Robert Mueller & Aaron Zebley, both on the current #witchhunt Special Counsel.

‘Nothing to see here’

The discovery by Rogers created a need to LEGITIMIZE the illegal warrantless surveillance.

AND to continue the strategy to frame and bring down Trump and his people, should he win.

April 2016 – Rogers cuts the external contractors access to ‘raw’ FISA info.

October 20, 2016 – Rogers learns of the full extent of FISA abuse. He shuts down all access.

It’s likely the crooks were made aware of what was coming. What did they do the next day?

October 21 – they get a Title I FISA probable cause order authorizing electronic surveillance on Carter Page from the FISA Court. More detail below:

Which brings us back full circle to the first tweet of this thread.

Obama/Clinton and their goons DESPERATELY needed this Title 1 warrant.

By then, the Steele Dossier was done and Team Trump has been illegally surveilled since at least mid-2015 (IMO).

They’d also been busted by Admiral Rogers.

The warrant would let them CONTINUE spying to Nov 8 and then afterward.

But it would also allow them to LEGITIMIZE former spying if required.

Confident of victory, they would have put EVERYTHING in that they had to show their case was legit.

Including AT LEAST (IMO):

– Obama/Lynch’s 2nd order (Sept 2016)

– the names of respected foreign intelligence assets (Mifsud, Halper etc)

– intel from ‘foreign allies’ & their officials (Australia, UK, others)

Oh, I forgot:

And of course, the Obama/Clinton Trump-Russia lie aka The Steele Dossier.

What FISC judge would deny such an overwhelming case?

None would. And none did.

There’s one thing these arrogant criminals never considered, though.

That Trump wouldn’t just win and survive, but that he’d outsmart them all.

They ALL knew they were lying to the court, but they NEVER thought they’d be in the position they are in now.

Their entire criminal scheme, DOCUMENTED, is about to be revealed.

Can you see why they’re TERRIFIED of POTUS Donald J Trump’s declassification order now? I can.

End Thread

The released FISA info seems to confirm the FBI + DOJ misled the FISA Court in withholding that Clinton & the DNC were behind the Dossier used in FISA applications & warrants targeting Trump. We’re glad @realDonaldTrump is declassifying more FISA material.

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