Alyssa Milano’s Tweet Reveals a Serious Case of Trump Derangement Syndrome, Brits Expose Her as a Fake Social Justice Warrior


Piers Morgan ‘identifies as hippo’ in response to Alyssa Milano’s ‘trans, immigrant, gay’ tweet

TV Presenter Piers Morgan and Actress Alyssa Milano © Reuters / Henry Nicholls / Danny Moloshok

Good Morning Britain presenter Piers Morgan has jokingly said he identifies as a hippopotamus while dissecting actress Alyssa Milano’s recent tweet, in which she identified as trans, gay, immigrant and disabled.

The 53-year-old host and controversial tweeter mocked the ‘Charmed’ actress – who he described as a rich, white, hetrosexual female born in New York – by reading her tweet in a fake American accent.

In fact, Morgan argued that Milano is simply suffering from “TDS: Trump Derangement Syndrome,” which, he claims, has sent many “liberal actors completely barking mad.

When Morgan’s co-host Susanna Reid pointed out that he once identified as a hippopotamus on the show, he clarified: “I called their bluff, if we can self-identify as she just did then we can all be anything.

So I therefore identified as a hippopotamus. Does that make me a hippopotamus? No, it doesn’t. I’m not a hippopotamus.”

Milano sparked a fierce backlash with her tweet on Saturday, evoking a response from many people who actually are from one of her mentioned minority groups. They pointed out that empathizing with people does not allow someone to identify as one of them.


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