“Civil War Is Imminent” if Trump does not act decisively — CIA Veteran

30 Year CIA Veteran’s Message To Trump, Otherwise “Civil War Is Imminent”: Capt. Dave Bertrand, Ret. +Video

By Capt. Dave Bertrand, Ret.

Friends and Associates:

It looks bad…very bad as Trump has now lifted the curtain on Ukraine, as the Democrats focus their full attention of falsified wrong-doings in a recent phone conversation between Trump and Levensky.

The soft ’Coup’ has now gone ‘Hot’ and the next couple weeks will set the stage for the “impeachment Inquiry” to be voted by (only) Democrats in the House as the precursor to destroying Trump’s chances for a 2020 re-election. (in their minds).

From now through October 15th, the plan by the Dems is for their constituents to hear over and over again, by a well planned media blitz, to foster support for Trump’s impeachment. News networks, including FoxNews are “under advisement ” [CIA] to NOT allow Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani to appear during the media blitz.

YouTube has already begun censoring most Hannity and Judge Jeanine videos within hours after the LIVE shows, but more disturbing is the turmoil within FoxNews where contributors and even Hosts are going at each other over the Ukraine fiasco. A once prominent and well liked Conservative, Judge Andrew Napolitano, once fired from FoxNews for discussing wiretapping Trump and associates, evidently has sold his soul to Satan and has become an anti-Trumper…and of course, welcomed back to FoxNews.

Yes…it’s looking bad, the cover-up of real collusion and crimes during the Obama Administration continues while turning the tables on Trump. It is becoming apparent in the polls, most Americans want to see Trump impeached, which is also an indication the fake news media are working overtime to project anti-Trump sentiment in every corner of the country and abroad.

Plans for impeachment began before Trump took office and have since been re-structured on the basis that no Republicans would participate in an impeachment, thus…the rules were changed.

The new ruling keeps the minority Republicans in the House from deposing witnesses.

“Back in December 2018 CTH noted the significant House rule changes constructed by Nancy Pelosi for the 116th congress seemed specifically geared toward impeachment. {Go Deep} With the House going into a scheduled calendar recess, those rules are now being used to subvert historic processes and construct the articles of impeachment.

Once the articles are drawn up, Schiff and Nadler will vote to approve them out of committee.  Democrats control the majority so the articles will easily pass out of committee.  Then the articles must come before a full house vote.  The current two-week recess is the period where Pelosi has instructed her team to return to their districts and sell the reasoning and purpose for the upcoming vote.  Speaker Pelosi will hold that vote.”


The focus on Hillary Clinton and her sensitive and classified emails [on a server in Ukraine], including China’s access to her emails, was during the same period when former V.P. Joe Biden was selling his office to both China and Ukraine via his son Hunter, the family’s financial recipient for “pay-for-play.”

“While State Department investigators began contacting former officials around 18 months ago, the probe actually began under President Obama. In recent weeks, the State Department has contacted approximately 130 officials whose emails which went through Clinton’s special server have been retroactively classified and may now pose potential security violations, according to the Washington Post. “

Then of course, we have the Uranium One sell-off of over 20% of America’s uranium to Russia via Canada and the big one….Benghazi stand-down that killed Americans unnecessarily, and the smuggling of shoulder launch missiles to al Qaida / ISIS in Syria via Turkey from Libya….brokered by treasonous John McCain of whom met secretly with al Qaida leaders in Syria, and the $5 million dollars he delivered accordingly……and of course, Obama had very little to do with anything that happened during his presidency, no impeachment inquiries, no spying in his White House, no anti-Obama fake news, just a pleasant young and charismatic Black dude with a twinkle in his eye.


All hell broke loose and the wiretapping and spying took shape rapidly on Trump and his family before and after his election.

Trump began to change America for the better and vowed to “clean the swamp,” a process that continues to this day with many spies and leakers still in his orbit. His job as president has made him very callous to the hatred he is faced with and as we speak, the Trump supporters are having their doubts and wonder if he can prevail under the extreme pressure…..or will THEY just assassinate him before 2020 if it appears that HE has taken off the gloves and begins going after the communist thugs that officially reared their ugly heads when SHE LOST.

Does he have any choice? Will he allow the communist demo_rats to overrun his control of the government? Will the fakestream media, including the once conservative FoxNews succeed by pushing fake narratives and opinions that continue to cover-up the real crimes committed during the Obama Administration?

The storm is here NOW….and like any storm, houses, cars, and other infrastructure are destroyed before the sun shines again. People get weary and depression sets-in. The hopes for cleaning the swamp seems farther away each day as the most dangerous communist demo_rats are allowed to run free in our country.

However…..is it just a handful of individuals with an agenda to overthrow America (they admittedly hate) or is the ‘Coup’ part of a globalist effort to bring America to her knees as a Third World country that must rely on a central [financial] power such as China? Hasn’t China been the downfall of America for decades?

Therefore….can a handful of demo_rats empower China as the super-power of the world by executing various trade agreements that suit China and “the world?” While at the same time design a plan for securing and policing numbers of dissidents, patriots and conservatives in-order to allow unfettered control under communist rule by disarming all Americans and destroying free speech and finally a new constitution that suits a radically out-of-control element of society?

The man behind the curtain enforcing the whims of a power elite around the world a.k.a. the Illuminati (Satan’s Luminous Worshipers) under the guise of Communism as the means of controlling populations, along with the world bankers that use debt as the basis for seizing resources, and/or countries entirely….the man behind the curtain is the CIA and their “5 eyes” intelligence apparatus worldwide.

ALL….will be exposed under the [DECLAS] declassification of the FISA warrants and all those involved, including the “5 Eyes” both the U.K. and Australian Intelligence fear !

If the Rothschild’s et al determine a country must be changed “for the better” it is NOT likely going to happen by calling a particular country to do their bidding and wars to achieve change in the target country, therefore, top secret meetings with CIA leaders and other intelligence agencies coordinate a “coup,’ a well coordinated plan to disrupt the target country’s social and economic infrastructure via media and complicit puppets of opportunity.

If a war is needed, fabricated intelligence is created to implicate the target country as the culprit, while at the same time…a media blitz to encourage patriotic support for a war is often the tactic. ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ in Iraq was a classic example…..throw-in a crisis actor (nurse) to say Iraqi Republican Guards “took babies out-of-incubators and threw them on the floor” the overall picture for why Americans should support a Bush war was very effective….but all a very dangerous lie.

So….an “outsider” gets elected in 2016 and vows to clean-out the swamp, the push by the CIA and all their secret operatives, both in the administration and in congress are moving full speed ahead to destroy this president, much the same way when JFK was assassinated for threatening the CIA and the take-down of the Federal Reserve.

BAD business for the Illuminati, world bankers, and China if JFK had succeeded.

President Trump knows what’s at stake for himself and for America. He is protected by an overabundance of military and Secret Service details, and mostly protected by a Divine force.

Along with the Patriot movement with access to most everything happening and before it happens, the watchful eyes are upon the CIA and/or any rogue players that attempt to undermine the goal of keeping America free from Communism. If We fail……Civil War is imminent.

“President Trump on Sunday tweeted a quote from a Baptist pastor who said that his removal from office would ‘cause a Civil War like fracture… from which our country will never heal.’ “

President Trump is America’s last hope and timing is everything. At the moment and through October 15th, the enemy is self destructing and we cannot interfere now. Maintaining hope during this storm is very trying on ourselves, our family and friends…..relationships will continue to deteriorate, but if we don’t stay steadfast in this storm, we will become what the Chinese have done to their own population, evident of the fight Hong Kong is having now en-light of what China wants for those living in the once British territory [tyranny].

The CIA is NOT America’s friend by any means and operates inclusively for a globalist agenda. They are extremely dangerous to our Republic and one only has to look at the CIA’s history and read about Dulles and who he actually was.

Don’t listen to me…but listen to a 30 year CIA veteran and his message he has for President Trump…..

—Dave Bertrand

OPUS 175 CIA attempted Coup – Video

10 Reasons Democrats’ Impeachment Argument Is Falling Apart

By Tyler Durden / ZeroHedge

Schiff’s painting a picture — using invented dialogue, a trick he tried again in a subsequent congressional hearing — of a president manipulating U.S. foreign policy to wrest personal favors from foreign leaders. But as more evidence comes to surface, that picture is quickly fading.

Here are 10 ways Democrats’ original impeachment argument is coming apart:

1. No quid pro quo. Despite Democrats’ initial claim, there was no quid pro quo. The call transcript shows the topic of aid only came up in reference to how well the U.S. treats Ukraine, particularly as compared to Euro nations, most specifically Germany. At no point does Trump threaten to withhold anything, as even some of Trump’s media critics conceded.

2. Ukrainians weren’t pressured. Democrats and the media have repeatedly insisted President Trump “acted like a mob boss” in applying pressure on President Volodymyr Zelensky. He, however, defended Trump, saying he felt no pressure. “ I think you read everything,” he told reporters in New York this week. “So I think you read text. I’m … I am sorry but I don’t want to be involved to democratic open, uh, hum… вибориe… elections of U.S.A. You’ve heard we had, um, I think good phone call. It was normal. We spoke about many things and I thought so. And I think and you read it that nobody push it, pushed me.”

3. Timeline. Politico’s Ken Vogel reported that the Ukrainian delegation hadn’t even been made aware aid was held up until a month after the Trump call. It’s hard to see they could feel they’re being “extorted,” as Democrats keep saying, if they weren’t even aware of the pressure supposedly being applied.

4. No Illicit Favors. When the White House released the call transcript, readers noticed that after some initial mutual flattery, Zeleznsky brings up buying more Javelin missiles; President Trump then asks for a favor and requests additional information into 2016 election meddling. Rep. Adam Schiff suggested Trump’s request for a “favor” actually referenced wanting dirt on Joe Biden, but Biden only comes up later in the conversation, and in a separate context. Nonetheless, the major media almost uniformly reported the “favor” line from Trump’s call in the same inaccurate fashion.

5. Whistleblower Complaint Lacks Credibility. This complaint, which Democrats for some reason insisted was more important than the call transcript itself, was basically a version of that original call that had been run through a game of telephone. The report had the basic story reasonably accurate, but then supplemented that synopsis with additional accumulated gossip. At least three key details in the complaint have since been shown to be false. As the document is itself a product of hearsay — the self-described whistleblower admits at the beginning of his report that he never witnessed anything — and the fact it contains demonstrable inaccuracies, its importance should certainly be subjugated to the call transcript itself.

6. Fake News, Bad Polls. The media outlets driving the story have thrown into question their credibility after a series of major mistakes. The Washington Post reported the director of National Intelligence, Joseph Maguire, threatened to resign if he weren’t allowed to speak publicly about the whistleblower report. Maguire responded and emphatically called the Post’s report untrue, repeating that insistence while under oath during subsequent congressional testimony. ABC News and Axios both reported that an adviser to the Ukraine president said their delegation was aware in advance that aid money was being used as leverage; unfortunately for these media outlets, their source wasn’t actually an adviser to the president and the outlets had to issue updates.

Democrats are pointing to a growing number of Americans supporting impeachment to buttress their argument, but it’s a safe bet these numbers will shift after the dust on this story starts to settle.

7. Adam Schiff. Two weeks before Congress was notified of an intelligence community whistleblower report, Adam Schiff was already tweeting out the thrust of the accusation:

How was Schiff made aware of this report before Congress? Who in the intelligence community was Schiff in contact with? Did he have any role in helping engineer the report’s entry into Congress? These are questions Americans deserve having answered before they can fairly consider the merits of impeaching President Trump.

8. Origins. The Federalist reported late Friday that the intelligence community adjusted rules related to whistleblower complaints so that hearsay evidence could now be accepted. Whereas historically a whistleblower actually has to witness the conduct to file a report about it, a month before this report was sent to Congress, the intelligence community dropped this long-standing requirement and the “whistleblower” was subsequently able to file his report. A spokesman for the DNI refused comment to the Federalist for why the change was made.

This awfully convenient timing surely requires further investigation before lawmakers can be expected to fairly adjudicate the accusations against Trump.

9. Rudy. It’s widely reported Rudy Giuliani was Trump’s go-to guy for actually carrying out this conspiracy. On his call, Trump told the Ukraine president to speak with Rudy (as well as AG Barr), about the investigation into an oil company on whose board sat Hunter Biden, the former vice president’s son. But Giuliani first communicated with his Ukrainian counterparts more than a year before Biden entered the race. Yes, it’s possible they anticipated Biden eventually entering the race; but it’s also possible Trump actually thought there might be legitimate corruption worthy of investigating. Giuliani tries to prove this point by noting the State Dept. was helping coordinate his communications. This may be unseemly, and perhaps even unethical, but it’s not entirely different from the role (as some have pointed out) Sidney Blumenthal played when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State. At the least, a lot more information is needed before establishing Trump’s use of Rudy clearly demonstrates any kind of impeachable conduct.

10. Coverup? Democrats say the White House has engaged in a pattern of obstruction and coverup to hide their wrongdoing. But is this true? DNI’s Maguire only opted against releasing the report to Congress after the Department of Justice’s Office of Legal Counsel said the report did not concern conduct within the intelligence community and was thus “statutorily deficient.” Maguire was following the law, but Democrats rebelled, and ultimately the report was released anyway. The White House also released a transcript of the call itself. It’s hard to see how the White House is guilty of a coverup when they’ve already released the primary documents.

Other media speculators pointed toward the whistleblower report alleging the (now public) transcript having apparently been transferred to a “more secure” server. On Friday night, former National Security Adviser to President Obama, Susan Rice, said that the Obama Administration likewise moved occasionally transcripts to this server (though she said, somewhat unsurprisingly, that when they did it there was a compelling reason). CNN additionally reports that the Trump Administration has been placing all of these foreign call transcripts on this server for more than a year in an effort to contain leaks.

Democrats say they want to move as expeditiously as possible through this impeachment inquiry. And it’s no wonder why. As the more information comes out, the less credible the core of their original claim becomes.

From the Desk of Capt. Dave Bertrand (Ret.) Your Comments Are Welcomed and Can Be Published Unless You Specify Otherwise.

Retired Int’l Freight Captain (DC-8 & B-727), Former (State) Law Enforcement, U.S. Customs (UC) Miami Sector, US Army Military Police Veteran, Former Int’l Aircraft Repo Insurance Contractor, Former DHS/HWW Counter-Terrorism Instructor for Commercial Truckers, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University & University of Alaska (Undergraduate), Interests include Border Security, 9/11 Truth, Government Corruption, New World Order, Freedom vs Communism, Secret Space Programs & UFO Encounters, Aviation, and Enjoy Living Off-The-Grid.


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