The Single Biggest Threat to Humanity and the Biosphere

aka the Stock Market

All that ails the planetary civilization started with predatory capitalism and the betting parlors of the City of London

wall street

State of the Nation

It can be stated with absolute certainty that the vast majority of people on planet Earth don’t even know what they don’t know … about life, about the planet itself, about the true ways of the world.

The very same thing can be said about the vast majority of the world’s investors.  Those who routinely play the stock market — also known as the Global Gambling Casino — don’t have a clue about what they’re really doing through their so-called investments.

Herein lies the central cause of the current deteriorating predicament of humankind.  The people of the world have become addicted to gambling via the markets, not just the stock market.  Quick and easy money has always been made in the stock market since its very inception. Especially for those who knew how the game was rigged were the profits very quick and easy.

Now that this game has been figured out by so many more players, it runs the risk of bankrupting the House, something that has never occurred before and can’t occur except by purposeful design.

The reach of this ever-expanding Global Gambling Casino has grown to include: stocks and bonds, currencies and commodities, real estate and insurance/annuities, derivatives and carbon trades. Because each of these markets seamlessly interpenetrates each other to varying degrees, what happens in one market inevitably affects the others in highly consequential ways.  This ever-intensifying state of affairs has inextricably linked the destiny of each market to the other.  The real estate market collapse of 2007 just prior to the stock market crash of 2008 is a glaring example of this symbiotic and mutually destructive relationship.

All fingers point to the City of London

The center and worldwide headquarters of the Global Gambling Casino has always been located in the City of London. The City of London is to be distinguished from the greater municipality known universally as London, England.  The following excerpt provides some crucial background for the uninitiated about the City of London Corporation.

The City of London Corporation, officially and legally the Mayor and Commonalty and Citizens of the City of London, is the municipal governing body of the City of London, the historic centre of London and the location of much of the UK‘s financial sector. In 2006 the name was changed from Corporation of London to avoid confusion with the wider London local government, the Greater London Authority.[3]

The Corporation is probably the world’s oldest continuously-elected local government authority. Both businesses and residents of the City, or “Square Mile”, are entitled to vote in elections, and in addition to its functions as the local authority – analogous to those undertaken by the boroughs that administer the rest of London – it takes responsibility for supporting the financial services industry and representing its interests.[4] The corporation’s structure includes the Lord Mayor, the Court of Aldermen, the Court of Common Council, and the Freemen and Livery of the City.
(Source: City of London Corporation)

English speculators were well known across the realm of the British Empire from day one. Their penchant for speculating on anything and everything has been the stuff of legend since the incorporation of the Empire’s first multinational corporation—the East India Company that was founded in 1600.  This is when the Global Gambling Casino effectively began.  The British East India Company also represents the inauguration of today’s infamous form of Anglo-American predatory capitalism which rapaciously devours so much of planet Earth.  Corporate America, which has become notorious for its unique brand of corrupt, crony capitalism, has its roots sunk deeply in the City of London Corporation.


The Perpetual War Economy

When sheer greed is the central organizing principle for any political economy, there can only be one end in sight.  Predatory capitalism has devolved to the point where the mandatory growth of corporate bottom lines is now non-negotiable.  In order to feed its insatiable appetite for more revenue, higher income and greater capital appreciation, the beast of disaster capitalism was manufactured in London and New York City.  Because the natural workings of the marketplace could no longer be counted on to produce the forever increasing growth necessary to sustain the first beast, a second one was fabricated to ensure that the perpetual war economy would never end.  For this very reason are there numerous wars of aggression and military conflicts around the globe—24/7.

All of these wars are planned and coordinated out of London and Washington with lots of financing and propagandizing coming from New York City.  This is what happens when an inherently flawed economic model marries up with the military arm of the New World Order (NWO).  Working closely together in tandem, there appears to be no stopping such an out-of-control juggernaut.  Even Russia and China have been constantly assaulted by their economic sabotage and financial terrorism.  The Ukraine and Iran, Syria and Libya, Brazil and Argentina, Venezuela and Cuba have been likewise throttled by the unprovoked wars of military and economic aggression of this unrelenting juggernaut.

What is critical to understand about the entire Global Economic and Financial System is that it was set up as a control matrix.  The NWO agenda required such a powerful and pervasive, monolithic yet amorphous entity by which to execute its implementation plan. Establishing the Almighty Dollar as the world’s reserve currency guaranteed that every nation on Earth would remain on the reservation.  Any that attempted to leave like Iraq, Libya, or Iran did would be dealt with quite sternly.   And so they have been … in order to set a dramatic example to the world community of nations.

So this control matrix is integral to the unfolding NWO scheme to foist a One World Government (OMG) upon every resident on the planet.  However, such an ambitious enterprise requires some serious funding.  How else to create new standing armies conscripted to enforce the dictates of the OMG?  Toward that end the markets were fastidiously engineered in such a way so as to generate money out of thin air.  This is the essential function of the stock market, as well as the $2 quadrillion derivative market.

Gambling is at the heart of today’s ongoing economic collapse and financial breakdown

Both the stock and derivative markets, as well as the rapidly developing carbon market remain at the very core of the Global Gambling Casino.  Each of them plays a crucial role in maintaining the mirage of eternal economic growth and financial prosperity.  Were it not for these 3 fraudulent betting parlors, the world would have experienced an economic Armageddon and financial Apocalypse many years ago.  However, they have been able to stave off the unavoidable collapse by cultivating a culture of greed that has been gratified through the socially acceptable gambling promoted by the stock market.


Let’s face it, the average retiree cares not where his retirement income comes from as long as it increases and does not go down.  Many are even willing to gamble their precious life savings in the hope that their fixed income streams can be augmented.  The double whammy of inexorable asset deflation coupled with price inflation of living essentials has pushed the pensioner to take risks that they ordinarily would not take.  This compelled speculation invariably takes them to the stock market, especially in light of the institution of ZIRP (Zero Interest Rate Policy) in America and NIRP (Negative Interest Rate Policy) in Europe.

ZIRP: The Most Destructive Weapon Of Financial Mass Destruction In Existence

So the Global Gambling Casino is to a great degree being sustained by the very people who have the most to lose and who would be the most appalled by its true purpose(s).  Were they to understand the actual strategies and tactics utilized behind the scenes, they would exit the game in a New York minute.  Even so, many investors are now so hopelessly addicted to this ongoing deception that they might never take their chips and leave the game for good.

Unspoken and unwritten strategies and tactics of the Global Gambling Casino

Not only was Napoleon’s stunning defeat at Waterloo the most bet on war of that era, every war since then has had its massive cadre of bookies taking bets on the outcome of each and every conflict dotting the worldwide landscape and seascape.  This practice has always been quite fashionable with the moneyed intelligentsia of London and NYC, as it has been in all the financial capitals of the world.  The wealthy are always looking for new ways to generate wealth, and war has always proven to be quite profitable.  Wall Street was actually built around this notion.


Then there is the world of professional sports, perhaps the most bet on of all enterprises. This is the very reason why so many professional athletes run afoul with the law. Whenever they take money to throw a match or fix the outcome of a game, they sometimes do not perform according to their contract.  In which case a contract is put out on them. So many false charges are lodged against pro athletes which are nothing but the outworking of these kinds of bets gone bad.  This is how professional sports have been essentially ruined by the bookies in London and NYC.  This very same gambling phenomenon has also infested collegiate athletics to the point that there are very few big games that are not manipulated by the Global Gambling Casino.

Now we come to pork bellies and wheat futures.  These are just two examples of commodities which are heavily gambled on every day of the business week.  It is extremely important to realize that everything is now a commodity.  Soy and oats, gold and silver, oranges and apples, oil and gas, mahogany and cypress, platinum and palladium.  So, too, are the Apple iPhones and Google Androids, Amazon Kindles and YouTube videos, Facebook ads and Twitter tweets.  In fact there is nothing under the sun that the bookies in London do not perform their bookmaking for.

This is where the real problem really begins.

You see, Mr. and Mrs. Investor, whenever a bet is placed on anything it provides incentive to someone, somewhere to manipulate a preferred outcome.  By way of illustration, if a rich and powerful investment group has placed a bet on corn futures then they can conveniently engineer a blight to devastate this year’s corn crop.  No, they don’t even have to do that.  They can just plant an article in the mainstream media echo chamber that the current corn crop is being destroyed by the Western corn rootworm or Super beetle.

Do you see how this game really works?!

There are many instances throughout the planetary plantation today whereby the biggest investors are routinely engineering outcomes to meet their expectations.  In this way is much of the plantation under various types of assault.  In fact nothing in this plane of existence is ever really free from the possibility of these kinds of attacks.  The more valuable the commodity and the scarcer it has become, the greater the likelihood there will be intense speculation and manipulation.  This is a very well-known fact of life in the upper echelons of high finance and boardroom economics discussions.

Special Note:
Just in case the reader has not fully comprehended the profundity and enormity of how everything is now a commodity which can be bet on within the various markets, the following reality is offered for serious consideration.  There are now secret corporations which actually take out insurance policies on individuals who they consider at ‘high risk’.  When the highly insured individual does not die as anticipated, accidents are made to happen.  There are many other examples throughout the realm of commerce wherein events are quite deliberately orchestrated so that a particular result will occur which preserves the investment bet.  In the case of the false flag terror attacks on 9/11, anonymous investors had previously bet their money that the Airline Industry would take a big hit, which it did.  There are literally hundreds of examples that fit this pattern in the domain of disaster capitalism.  Insiders trade all day long on privileged information that is leaked from the Military-Industrial Complex.  This massive amount of insider trading represents the lion’s share of illegal profits which are systematically generated by meticulously planned disasters.  Whatever TPTB set their sights on basically becomes a gambling target.  That’s why it is now extremely dangerous to be living near any unprotected resources of value as the folks in Africa, Central and South America, Asia know full well.  The Middle East is a perfect example of disaster capitalism at its absolute worst.  


Make no mistake about it: virtually every war today is a resource war.  Oil and gas, gold and silver, uranium and timber, land and water; these are the true objects of so much warmongering across the planet.  Wherever there is gold or other valuable resources, there will always be those who covet them.  The history books are full of stories which recount the many wars which have been fought over land, gold and the like.

It appears that nothing is sacred in the Earth realm.  Everything is up for grabs.  No longer is there a sacred cow that is immune to such market manipulation.  Even gold, the most universally accepted commodity of inherent value has been ravaged by the bookies in London.  As a matter of fact, the price of GOLD is now well known to be the most artificially suppressed of all the precious metal commodities in the marketplace.  Some even believe that when the authentic gold breakout finally does occur, the Global Gambling Casino will close its doors, once and for all.

Truly, if any single commodity has the potential to bring the house down, it is GOLD. Once believed to be the congealed blood of the gods by the ancients because it was found in veins on many of the battlefields of antiquity.  After all, if you remove the “L” from GOLD, what you have is the one power which can close down the Global Gambling Casino once and for all.  As long as it continues to operate at full tilt, there will never — there can never — be peace on Earth,

State of the Nation
May 17, 2016

Author’s Note

There is a telltale sign of the final end of the Global Gambling Casino.  The tables will see their last bets when “The BIGGEST Sucker’s Rally of the Millennium” has concluded.  The stock market has been priming this pump for one last time “Pump and Dump” since the Crash of 2008.  The following article provides some penetrating insight into this inevitable denouement.

The FIX is in for the Biggest Sucker’s Rally of all Time

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