2021 Will Usher In Shocking Events

Betsey Lewis
Author, Psychic, &
Earth Mysteries Investigator



2021 will usher in shocking events, possible civil unrest, huge earth changes, volcanic eruptions and extreme weather.  Political upsets and breaking news on US leaders. This will be a year of choice that will effect the next 7 Generations–so we must choose wisely!


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  1. TRUMP’S FUTURE. Trump will rise again like the Phoenix bird that consumes itself in flames and then is reborn as a new Phoenix. I don’t foresee him being impeached. In 2024, his numerology year will be a number 1, which means new beginnings and changes. For Biden, 2021 is a number 9 for him which means endings. That could mean that he doesn’t finish his four years. On January 13, 2021 (number 13 is an Illuminati number) Congress voted to impeach Trump.  Next, it will go to the Senate after Biden is sworn into office January 20, but Trump will no longer be a President but a citizen of the United States.  Why is Congress trying to impeach Trump?–because they plan to stop him from running for President again in 2024. It’s that simple! Alien abductee Bob Luca was  told by highly evolved beings that “people on this plane as a whole are not very advanced spiritually. Technology is advancing, greed is advancing, hatred is advancing, and spirituality, unfortunately, is not.    We are constantly monitored. Nothing that you do in your life escapes being recorded.  Your life, your existence on the Earth plane, is all      recorded from the time you are born until the time you die; everything is there–good and bad on the Cosmic Computer or Akashic Records. Everything that you think, say, do, or feel is recorded.” Many civilizations throughout the Cosmos have either destroyed themselves or been destroyed instantly because of their greed, hate, and selfishness.  Our news media is controlled by big corporations on what the puppet reporters tell us, social media now censors just about anything we write on Facebook, Twitter, and post on YouTube. What happened to the Constitution of the United States and the 14th and 25th Amendments?  Big Tech companies will stop FREEDOM OF SPEECH. We will see our lives controlled more,  massive lockdown restrictions from COVID, more of our freedom of speech will be taken away by Social Media tech companies as they try to silence us, and no more  honest elections! John Titor claimed to have been a time traveler from the year 2036 who started blogging in the year 2000 blog, and provided a number of predictions about his time, directions on how to build a time machine, and about our current preent society. He stated, “Have you considered that your society would be better off if half of you were dead? While you sit by and watch your Constitution being torn away from you, you willfully eat poisoned food, buy manufactured products no one needs, and turn an uncaring eye away from millions of people suffering and dying all around  you.  Is this the ‘Univeral Law’ you subscribe to? Perhaps I should let you all in a little secret. No one likes you from the future.   This time period is looked at as being full of lazy, self-centered,  civically ignorant sheep. Perhaps you should be less concerned about me   and more concerned about that.”  John Titor sure had it right about our civilization and what we have become. Perhaps he gave us a  clue that half of us will die from a nuclear war, asteroid, or the  Coronavirus. Maybe all of us should think about changing our ways and becoming more spiritual before we leave this planet because you will have to wait a few thousand years to reincarnate again. We advance faster      in the physical than the spirit world.  We are destroying ourselves and we are the only ones who will save us  from our own destruction!

  2. Financial outlook for the United States and the World–At the beginning of the year, the U.S. stock market will rise but will fall as the COVID vaccines don’t live up to all the high expectations.  A depression, worse than the 1930s, will fall on the Nation, and who will they blame then? Unemployment will be massive.  Also, due to COVID-19, the world financial markets will nose-dive as deaths rise exponentially, small businesses close and never reopen, the Hollywood movie industry will see hard times, more movie theatres will close, unemployment worsens as people lose their homes in foreclosure, there will be a greater diversity between those who have and the have nots, and growing political unrest globally. Real estate will do well in some areas in the United States and some countries as the need for apartment rentals and cheaper housing.
  3. Weather-related disasters will dominate the news throughout the world–extreme cold, snow, torrential rains, flooding, and the summer of 2021 will continue to see extreme record-breaking heat,  drought, and horrible wildfires.
  4. More of the world’s freedom of speech and democracy  will be taken from humanity because of the censorship by social media and the news media owned by big corporations.
  5. A solar superstorm will happen in 2021 like The Carrington Event of Sept. 1-2, 1859 when a solar coronal mass ejection,   X-Class flare hit Earth’s magnetosphere and induced the largest geomagnetic storm on record. A solar storm of this magnitude  occurring today would cause widespread electrical disruptions, cell phone outages, blackouts, loss of GPS and damage due to extended outages of the  electrical grid. Satellites will go down and massive communication disruptions for several days. Incredible fire-red auroras globally.
  6. Strange sightings in the sky –fairies, UFOs, and Nibiru aka Planet X seen near the sun by millions.  Planet X will be seen in the sky as it passes through our Solar System. A shift of the Earth Axis is coming soon. Read about the dreams people are having of our cataclysmic future.
  7. Major volcanic eruption and a strong to powerful earthquakes will hit Italy, California, off the coast of Oregon, Nevada, Hawaii, Alaska, and Japan. Possible megathrust earthquake, 9.0 in the South Pacific.
  8. 11. The future is constantly forming and nothing is set in stone. The above predictions are probabilities and  can be changed by mass consciousness. We create our reality on an individual basis and through global mass consciousness.  We affect everything around us with our actions, thoughts, and words–even earthquakes and solar events. Humans have forgotten how we are connected to each other and nature, and until we understand this truth our world with continue to be chaotic and violent.  Let’s create a kinder, more compassionate, and loving world instead of hating each other for our   differences. We are all made by the same benevolent being and we should  honor everyone and everything.
  9. North Koria will attack the United States and Russia will stand with  China. It’s been planned for years to bring down America by causing the Citizen of the United States to fight each other first and then they will attack.
  10. Volcanoes will show their fury in 2021.  Volcanoes often are precusors of powerful earthquakes. Watch Mt. Pelee in the Caribbean for major eruptions which will forewarn of a major earthquake in California.
  11. HOW SOCIAL MEDIA CONTROLS US AND OUR REALITY  Watch The Social Dilemma on Netflix. The documentary is a huge wake-up call on how we are all being controlled by social media and mainstream news. In this documentary people that had worked for Google, Facebook and Twitter speak out about why they left these companies and how their technology knows everything about us—our likes and dislikes, what sites we visit daily, our friends, family, and what we buy. If that isn’t scary enough, they use this to manipulate us. Again, read that last sentence. They know your life and how people have become addicted and mind-controlled. The algorithms watch us and they push us into sites that support our beliefs—conspiracy theory, hate posts, leftist posts, etc. Social Media and the News Media use psychology against you! You are a commodity to social media! It has become so horrific that humanity no longer interacts with each other, we don’t know what the truth is—no one really knows anymore because the truth is so distorted. We distrust each other, we hate each other for their opposing beliefs, we have become more depressed, more violent, more hateful, and for what? As one of the tech people said on The Social Dilemma that social media is going to destroy our civilization.  Adults and young people’s minds and thoughts are being terraformed and they don’t even know it and that’s why suicide has jumped exponentially. Social and the news media are responsible for the hate and violence worldwide. We should all ween ourselves from social media or it will destroy us and our world.
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