An Astrologers View of the 2020 POTUS Election

I’ve been asked recently by a number of people, “What do the election results look like on Nov. 3 astrologically?” Instead of trying to answer each one of you individually, I’ll just give one interpretation here and then refer each of you to my facebook page.

So besides the fact that I’ve been feeling very apolitical lately due to the fact that when I have focused on all this very patrician conflict too much, – not only in the US but as well at the Coved ‘shut down’ in Victoria Australia – I become uncomfortable and agitated. So I’ve decided to indulge you just this once and hopefully remain in my blissful nonpolitical silence and peaceful meditations. I’d also advise anyone who wants to get through this period with their sanity intact to remain as detached as I have recently from any one particular election outcome, because whatever the result not everyone will be happy.

The Uranus opposition the Sun indicates a lot of chaos and confusion on that day (3 Nov.). And no matter who wins and I do have my opinion but I’m not saying who that is as of yet as I do not want to upset the other side and invite criticism & conflict. For my own sake I prefer to keep right out of it.

In the US at least no matter who wins, afterwards there will be all the so called ‘peaceful protests’ along with a lot of rioting, violence and civil unrest in the cities. There will also be fear of a civil war but I’d be surprised if the conflict goes that far, even though it is somewhat of a possibility. The stock market will not crash but still decline measurably. Most of the violence will be between the two extreme factions such as ANTIFA and US patriots. If you want to be safe I’d advise not take any side during this time and not to advertise that choice. There’s a lot of haters out there and you never know when or where their psychotic episodes will explode. It could be anytime anywhere on you and your loved ones.

Again there will be a lot of fake news adding to the confusion and like last time the person expected to win by many, may actually loose adding to he social unrest.

I should also say that governments will use Coed as an excuse to politicalize issues, thus spewing misinformation about the virus one way or another & to further their agenda. This has already been happening of course but you’re not going to be able to trust much more than your own intuition from now on to the end of the year. Coved and all the restrictions related should start to improve a lot next year once some space between Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter occurs – at present they’re all conjunct in Capricorn within 5 degrees of each other which is not good.

There is a lesson to be learned from all this which shows up with the retrograde Mercury in 12th house/Libra and ruler of the North Node in Gemini! Because there’s lots of confusion, deception and unconscious negative projection during this time the lesson is clear: not to jump on the band wagon & become apart of this tendency for the majority of people and to reflect on what all this means to you PERSONALLY as well as what it can all reveal to you about your own unconscious self. Also its a lesson to not accuse others of what you yourself are guilty of. In other words walk your talk!

PS I will put in a dated envelope who I feel will be the winner of the election and then open it whether right or wrong on 3 Nov. 2020, in order to circumvent debates prior to the election, as for right now I’m quite happy and at peace not getting sucked into this sort of conflict.


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