CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC: A Crisis That Compels Everyone To Think For Themselves

The Covid Crisis—Thinking for Yourself May Be the Only Regimen for a Full Recovery 

Part I

“Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere,

diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies.” Groucho Marx

“Do you personally accept the “New Normal” for the hospitality industry and society as a whole—which is based on the premise that Covid-19 is a singularly dangerous threat that requires a complete change in our lives, when (as it turns out) it is actually on a par with the common flu and (as it turns out) every other incorrectly declared pandemic? Or do you want to understand what has happened and do whatever is in your power, big or small, to return to the old, fun and life-filled normal that has been snatched from us?”

While on a tour of southern Europe in the summer of ’86, my wife, who was walking behind me a couple of paces through Milan railway station, suddenly started yelling angrily. I turned around to see her gesticulating wildly and half-a-dozen young girls scattering. “What?” “They all came at me at once, and the one with the piece of cardboard was using it as cover to try to steal from my bag.” I smiled, because the girls had no doubt thought, “Tourists, easy mark (target),” but did not know my wife is aware of her environment, worldy wise, and more than willing to fight back. These girls only kept picking pockets because enough people are half asleep, easily distracted, and too trusting to suspect others of ill-intent.

Anyone with a hidden agenda who wants something that others would rather not lose, will smile in the target’s face while stabbing them in the back; a key technique being to cause a confusion that distracts and then striking from a different angle.

In the same vein, we have been given solutions to manage a pandemic-that-isn’t, (as this paper will prove in no uncertain terms), which solutions nevertheless continue to be enforced and which we would never have agreed to without an apparent pandemic necessitating them.

Do you personally accept the “New Normal” that is based on the premise that Covid-19 is a singularly dangerous threat that requires a complete change in our lives, when it is actually on a par with the common flu and every other incorrectly declared pandemic? Or do you want to understand what has happened and do whatever is in your power, big or small, to return to the old, fun and life-filled normal that has been snatched from us?

Throughout recorded history, man has very rarely demonstrated the capacity to reach rational conclusions and bring about sensible solutions that are maximally beneficial to the maximum areas of life impacted by that solution. Too often, the solutions benefit the few, or none at all, and usually involve ill-thought-through fixes and the use of force to implement them over the backs of those who are not benefitted.

Furthermore, it appears that in the absence of correct information, Man is subject to panic—whether the witch trials of Salem or the 471 times on record over the last 4,800 years that certain groups believed wholeheartedly that the world would end.

The current panic will probably stand out as the greatest of all panics simply because almost the entirety of mankind trusted the suppositions and assertions they were fed, supported by what transpired later to be specious simulations and spurious statistics.

How come our advanced civilization is making the same mistakes as our more primitive forbears?

There are at least four reasons, maybe more:

1) The disappearance from educational institutions over the last century of information-analysis and critical-thinking-skills instruction, social engineering being the preferred goal;

2) The rapid advance in so many specialized fields making it difficult for an individual to grasp all subjects, making the easy path, in our crammed-full lives, reliance upon authorities and the media for guidance—instead of taking the harder path of the amateur sleuth;

3) The majority tend to make the mistake of thinking other people are as kind and decent as they themselves are. Yet, patently, there is a minority that embraces a hidden agenda—they and their purposes are not what they seem and not to be trusted;

4) People tend to be scared of invisible things they believe can harm them: Bacteria, viruses, radiation, and even ghosts!

And so after the dust has settled on the pandemic, what is the reality we are facing?

  1. Collapse of economies around the world (in the US alone, $7.9 trillion loss in GDP (mid-May), anticipated by the Federal Reserve in Atlanta to end up at 52% loss, and taking a decade to recover from); 40 million out of work in the US alone, 50% of small businesses, the backbone of the country, many closing for good as they cannot service their debt; $7 trillion more debt in the US; in the rest of the world (29 April snapshot) half the world’s work force was predicted to be at risk, as well as more than 436 million enterprises facing serious disruption; $9 trillion US injected into economies internationally (April), thereby increasing debt and devaluing currencies;
  1. Many more are dead or predicted to die from the lack of normal medical services over the several months of lockdown, from suicides (increase by 10,000 in Europe), etc., than actually died from the pandemic.

This is a serious case of “Oops, we made a little mistake…” and one would expect some effort to rectify the mistake, not to hear “…but we are continuing with the same actions.” So maybe this is the time for citizens to be more attentive. Should a complete failure dictate a new normal? In years past, we have been lulled by a relatively stable society and generally buoyant markets into thinking that everything is for the best in the best of all possible worlds, to quote Voltaire’s Pangloss—but when everything we know has been turned upside down, one might say it is no longer possible to ignore what changes are being visited upon us, nor any window of opportunity that may present itself to take remedial action.

In plain talk, where something does not make sense, it bears closer inspection. We inevitably will be subject to a repeat unless we recognize that the disruption has been sufficiently momentous to warrant a greater-than-normal inquisitiveness regarding how we reached this point and to take an honest look for ourselves at how we can ensure such a civilization-buster never happens again.

Who wants that? If some government medical authorities are already wising up, then maybe we should, also:

“It’s all bullshit! It’s all exaggerated. It’s an acute respiratory disease with minimal mortality.… Why has the whole world been destroyed? That I don’t know.”

Dr Alexander Myasnikov, Russia’s head of coronavirus information

(said privately, believing a recorded May 26 interview to be over)

“The Danish Health Authority continues to consider that Covid-19 cannot be described as a generally dangerous disease, as it does not have either a usually serious course or a high mortality rate.”

“A global false alarm.”

Analysis of the Crisis Management, a leaked 93-page report drafted by a scientific panel appointed by the German Ministry of the Interior

If you are fed up or dispirited with the whole subject, you owe it to yourself to climb out of the confusion. Grab a coffee, mute the phone, switch off the TV and sit down for an hour to bust through the confusion and events over which you seem to have no choice.

First, we will examine what has happened over the last four months: What we were told to believe and do, and what actually transpired;

Next, we will review the censorship of the medical community that allowed the pandemic to be miscalled, its possible causes, actual dangers, and possible cures to be hidden from public view, laying bare some unpleasant truths about the vaccine industry and why this pandemic has been a political event, not a medical one, with almost every action taken by authorities being at variance with real science as opposed to science driven by vested interests;

Then we wrap up by shining a spotlight on the movers and shakers responsible for this mismanagement of the millennia, the timelines of their relevant actions, and what we can still do to bring back the fun-loving world we knew—which means we also need to make it impossible for anyone to repeat the same concatenation of errors and misguided efforts, to which end a simple two-step program is presented.

As a note, the author lives in the US, so quite a few of the statistics and actions relate to the US; do not let this lull you into feeling that this does not apply in your country: Much of what is reported is mirrored in other countries, as we are talking about an international phenomenon driven by the same international players. One other heads-up: The author cannot guarantee that every single one of the over 300 links is 100% accurate, but he can guarantee that they are a lot more accurate than the parade of official pronouncements to which we are being treated.

What We Were Told

The basic message communicated was that the threat was epically catastrophic and called for extreme measures. The statements made seemed to be supported by images of people keeling over in the streets of Wuhan, overflowing hospitals, and other dystopian (imagined state in which everything is bad) motifs—all somehow made worse by the initial suppression of information by Chinese authorities; in the absence of information, it is natural for some to fear the worst. Official statements have included variously:

  1. Covid-19 is 10x or 20x or 44x worse  than the flu; 3.2% of those infected will die (WHO); 2.2 million Americans and 510,000 British will die (the pivotal predictive Imperial College model used by the governments of both countries to institute lockdown); a predicted 15% mortality rate for those who catch the virus. Statistics were further mis-stated and miscalculated by certain experts who did not lack understanding. Of note: The flu averages 60,000 deaths out of 39-56 million cases in the US each year, hitting a peak in 1957 of 125,000 deaths; 1 billion people catch the flu worldwide and 290,000-650,000 die of it.
  2. Covid-19 is a “novel virus with no known cure or natural protection;
  3. Lockdown is just for two weeks; we need to lockdown until there are no more cases or until we have the only solution possible, a vaccine, which will take 18 months to develop;
  4. We need the lockdown to avoid hospitals being overrun; we need to set up field hospitals to cover the predicted catastrophic shortage of hospital beds;
  5. We need society to stop and to quarantine everyone, not just those who are ill;
  6. We must track and trace all Covid-19 cases;
  7. Contact tracing requires quarantining those who have come into contact with an infected person;
  8. We need to send home those who test positive;
  9. The virus lasts for weeks on plastic or metal surfaces;
  10. You must wear masks and wash your hands constantly, because the main transmission method is person-to-person via respiratory drops, hence social distancing;
  11. Covid-19 spreads through the eyes;
  12. Children spread Covid-19 so schools must be closed;
  13. People are being re-infected after being cured;
  14. People who have no symptoms can infect others;
  15. This virus came from wild animals in a Chinese market;
  16. If we end lockdown too soon, cases will skyrocket;
  17. Testing must be done to return to work or travel; there are no test kits; test kits do not work properly, creating lots of false positives/negatives or are contaminated;
  18. Herd immunity will only occur when 70% of the populace has caught the virus, meaning we can expect prolonged and repeated waves;
  19. As the weeks of lockdown continued, statistics continued to show an alarming spread—April 7: 1.36 million confirmed cases and 76,000 deaths in 184 countries; May 28, 5.82 million confirmed cases and 358,185 deaths in 213 countries and territories.

With such fearful information emanating from all quarters, it is no wonder citizens panicked, just as they did when they heard George Orwell’s October 1938 radio-broadcast adaptation of H. G. Wells’ novel, War of the Worlds, about an ongoing Martian invasion of New England. The dramatization caused utter panic amongst some of the citizenry who were so used to believing everything they heard on the radio. Reportedly, deaths may have occurred and certainly miscarriages and early births as people panicked with various remedial actions against this fictional invasion. The reaction was likewise extreme when the truth became known, including lawsuits; but to those who had been paying attention, they knew the dramatization was a work of fiction.

Fast forward three months, let’s see how these feared outcomes fared:

What Actually Happened

  1. The percentages of cases and mortalities were roughly the same in the different States and countries, whether or not they locked down; those countries that did not lockdown saw their economies suffer the least;
  2. Lockdown where it occurred was less than two weeks in a handful of countries like Turkey and up to 3 months in most countries; 8 countries and 5 US States did not lock down at all;
  3. Re-openings after lock down showed no surge in cases (until the US health authorities at least redefined cases in June to mean literally anyone, tested or not);
  4. 35% of those who tested positive for Covid-19 had no symptoms or idea they had it as they built up antibodies and contributed to herd immunity; of the 65% with symptoms, many were mild and very few needed hospitalization; per the CDC, the fatality rate of those infected was 0.26% and per other studies, the mortality rate of those infected varied by region from 0.02-0.4%, compared with 0.1-0.2% for seasonal flu;
  5. As it transpired, 81% of us have partial immunity genetically or from previous exposure to Sars-CoV-2 (first identified in 2002);
  6. Some died in part because the wrong treatment was administered (remedying the lack of oxygen by forcing it into their lungs with ventilators as opposed to using hyperbaric oxygen therapy which could have saved their lives); and in part because effective treatments were suppressed and banned (see below);
  7. People without symptoms or during an incubation period did not infect others. The statement in January that it did was based on an incomplete case study of just one patient that was not peer reviewed, which incorrect data the WHO declined to correct when it was made known;
  8. The virus, despite apparently being engineered to spread as broadly and effectively as possible (called “gain of function”) in order to find a vaccine for such a virus, was not in fact doing so: What it was doing was tipping the balance for those elderly with pre-existing conditions, particularly lung (COPD) conditions and heart patients taking statins to lower their blood pressure;
  9. The CDC admitted mid-May that the virus does not persist for long on surfaces but is airborne and breathed in. As with the trillions of other viruses in existence, Covid-19 blows around the world on the wind as its main form of transmission; the secondary form of transmission—droplets that have a 3-foot range from a person’s mouth—make trying to stop this vector akin to toweling oneself dry in the rain;
  10. Re-infection does not occur, because antibodies, as with all viruses, exist after a person has caught a virus; South Koreans appeared to be re-infected after testing positive, but this was because the (PCR) tests were unable to differentiate between live and dead cells—and in any case, these patients were found not to be contagious;
  11. Children were not found to spread Covid-19 to adults, meaning the closing of schools was unnecessary;
  12. The number of Covid-19 cases in the US was inflated for a number of reasons: The CDC was double counting, for instance, and hospitals were counting anyone who tested positive as a “Covid-19 case” when they arrived in the hospital without any Covid symptoms or complaints for some other reason, such as a vehicular crash; but primarily because the tests were faulty. The below are some specifics, but for a scientific explanation that is understandable to laymen, Flaws in Coronavirus Pandemic Theory undercuts the idea that one can test for Covid-19 at all by showing tests to be completely inadequate and furthermore on a symptological level, that Covid-19 is not even identifiable as a discrete disease, the symptoms (fever, cough, and difficulty breathing) being very similar to a cold or flu: 
    1. The PCR testing used to determine if a person had SARS-CoV-2 genetic material proved to be inaccurate, resulting in no great certainty on the actual numbers of Covid-19 cases;
    2. Test kits were not available for the first few crucial weeks because the CDC wanted to make its own test kit and declined to use a German one available; the test kits produced eventually by the CDC did not follow their own protocols and so were faulty—as were ones imported from China that were found mid-April to be “wildly inaccurate” (by many countries including the USA);
    3. The PCR tests created false positives as well as false negatives; this is not surprising, given that Dr. Mullis, who won the Nobel Peace prize for Chemistry in 1993 for inventing PCR, stated it should not be used for detecting viruses, as it was unable to determine how much of a virus a person has in their body and whether that would be sufficient to make them sick (“The tests can detect genetic sequences of viruses, but not viruses themselves.”);
      1. The FDA authorized 33 different PCR tests to be used for Covid–19 testing but the manufacturers used different standards for confirming positives (between 1 and 3 RNA segments needing to be detected; and the number of cycles engaged by the manufacturers to detect enough genetic material varied between 30 and 45);
      2. Some patients flipped from testing positive to negative and back again;
      3. WHO labs reported samples sent to them had tested positive, even though they were actually collected from a goat and the pawpaw fruit (the President of Tanzania had sent these fake samples when he became suspicious of the spike in Covid-19 cases);
    4. Until May 20, the CDC was combining viral test results from nose swabs or salvia samples (that determine if an individual is sick in real time) with antibody blood tests (that show whether a person has ever been exposed to SARS-CoV-2), thus making it impossible to know the actual number of infected cases in the US;
      1. The antibody tests are wrong up to 50% of the time, according to the CDC.
  1. No great certainty exists on the number of Covid-19 deaths, either:
  1. Dr. Birx of the White House Covid-19 Task Force sent hospitals a seven-page document requiring they label deaths as being presumed to be from Covid-19, without testing for it, and that Covid-19 be given as the cause of death when actually an existing morbidity was the cause—for instance:
      1. Gunshot fatalities were listed as Covid-19 deaths in Washington State;
      2. Colorado finally lowered their totals by 31% and New Jersey by 21%;
      3. The County Supervisor of San Diego stated the number of actual Covid-19 deaths by May 13 to be 6, not the reported 194 (out of the 3.3 million citizens of the county);
    1. The US government was giving hospitals $13,000 for every patient admitted with Covid-19 and $39,000 for every patient put on a ventilator, and the CARES Act added a 20% premium for COVID-19 Medicare patients, creating a potential path for administrators (who were struggling with the lack of funds following the loss of elective surgery income because of the pandemic), to make ends meet; this hunger for funds could also be why one hospital charged $18,415 for a Covid-19 test; worse, at least one hospital in New York (which had many deaths of those in their 40’s and 50’s) was putting Covid and non-Covid  patients together, even after the latter repeatedly tested negative, resulting in more Covid infections and deaths, especially as they forced the patients onto mechanical ventilators; additionally, by forbidding the use of at least one proven-but-unprofitable cure, patients who could be saved were dying, further inflating the number of deaths;
  1. $660 million of taxpayer monies was spent setting up field hospitals in various states and these were disbanded late May after 1,095 patients were treated in NYC and 82 patients in two other hospitals. The other hospitals treated zero patients;
  1. The Microsoft software used for the pivotal prediction of millions of mortalities by the Imperial College in London, funded by Mr. Gates, was not duplicatable, a basic requirement for any science; ivory tower academia without real-world experience is not the proper source for modelling when compared with insurers who employ data scientists, modelers, and managers to ensure the model is grounded in reality, and software engineers to test the software;
  2. Even though a 2003 movie included the notion of lockdowns, the idea of social distancing and lockdown was first proposed for dealing with epidemics in 2006, based on a 14-year-old girl’s high-school science experiment using agent-based modelling techniques supported by zero knowledge of life, science, viruses, medicine, or disease mitigation. Despite its unscientific provenance, the proposal was adopted as policy by DC politicians over the objections of expert epidemiologists;
  3. Lastly, the inflated total deaths from Covid-19 add up to 550,000 internationally after half a year compared with 4.67 million deaths from starvation during the same stretch of time. It is curious what agenda dictates a complete absence of media coverage of the children who die, one every ten seconds, but a non-stop barrage of Covid-19 coverage.

A Big Nothing Burger

For those doctors and experts and savvy citizens who were looking at the unfolding pandemic, it was obvious early on that the alarming predictions and fudged statistics were contradicted by the closed environments provided by ships on lock down.

Take the case of the USS Roosevelt: Out of 4,800 sailors in close quarters 1,156 tested positive, 60% of them experiencing no symptoms, 6 ended up in hospital, one in intensive care, and one died.

On the Diamond Princess, out of 3,711 passengers (all of whom were over 60 years of age) and crew, 712 became infected, 57.6% with no symptoms, 40 were put in intensive care and 12 (1.7%) died.

On the French aircraft carrier, Charles de Gaulle, and its strike group, 1,046 out of 1,760 sailors became infected, two required intensive care, and none died.

Multiple medical professionals also spoke out about the many anomalies regarding the official narrative compared with the reality on the ground. Two ER doctors revealed how their clinics in California were witnessing a large number of Covid-19 cases with no-to-few symptoms, and very few deaths. Their video went viral, 5.46-million views within a few days, and then was removed from YouTube for “violating community guidelines;” in this case, removing anything that contradicts the idea that the virus is dangerous and requires lockdown until a universal vaccination can be implemented.

Confirming these low mortality rates, the total count of Covid-19 deaths worldwide, even with the falsely inflated numbers, stood after three months at 250,000 compared to 1.5 million deaths during the influenza wave 2017/18.

Yet despite these obvious results, governments around the world kept on with their policies of shutting down their economies until a vaccine could be produced.

How does one explain such stubbornness in the face of contradictory facts?

The Need to Know

The complete nuking of commerce and social intercourse has sadly been a replay of the 1938 radio broadcast—panic created by taking trusted sources on blind faith instead of looking for the facts and thinking with them critically—if not at first, which was admittedly difficult, but certainly later, and even-more certainly as we move forward. This statement being directed at everyone from our political leaders on down—as we keep being told, “we are all in this together,” let’s climb out of it together.

If we simply try to move forward with what is left after the commotion and chaos dies down without discovering and understanding how we reached this point, we will be rearranging the china in the shop while the bull is still in it—hoping it will leave some china intact before it leaves, if indeed it ever does leave.

Unless we work out how and why the bull came into the shop, nothing will stop it from remaining in it or from coming back and wreaking the same havoc, or worse.

When a catastrophe occurs in nature, such as an earthquake, it is not caused by any cognitive agency but is the somewhat predictable result (as our science and understanding improve) of mechanical combinations of particles and forces in motion.

When some catastrophe occurs in human activity, one or more someones was behind it, deliberately or accidentally bringing about the catastrophe. Just like the family members of a murder victim rarely find any closure unless they discover who did it and why, so does humanity deserve an explanation of how this pandemic train-wreck went so thoroughly off the rails, in order to move on with any degree of confidence that we do not have to experience this agony again. It would be a mistake to forget it all, for there are those in authority still making noises about the pandemic resurfacing (expecting us to keep thinking of this pandemic as a valid medical event rather than the political one it has turned out to be).

Having spent weeks of lockdown digging through reams of spectacularly contradictory and erroneous statistics and data, any determination that the bull came into the shop because it saw an attractive cash-cow, often the motivation behind bull-like misadventures, would be too simple and neat a conclusion and as it turns out, a valid but not fundamental motivation. The truth and the science are far more exciting and enlightening and make for a great whodunnit—all the more so because we are living this drama every minute, whether or not we stand back and recognize it, and the effects on us personally and on civilization are palpable.

The Theater of the Absurd

To highlight the absurdity of the government reactions to the pandemic-that-isn’t, during May, AstraZeneca continued with human trials of its hoped-for Covid-19 vaccine AZD 1222, using 1,000 healthy volunteers  in Oxford, England (with another 10,260 adults and children to follow)—despite the complete failure of their animal trials, wherein all the vaccinated monkeys caught Covid-19. While the media was being told the trials were going well, AstraZeneca was actually finding that their human vaccine trials were also proving problematic because they could not prove their vaccine prevented those inoculated from catching Covid-19 because there were so few people with Covid-19 in the UK from whom they could be infected.

The UK government is hoping the trial will succeed so that they can buy 100 million doses by September and thus release lockdown and allow people to go back to work and revive the economy. The US has contributed and pledged a further $1.2 billion for the development and delivery of 300 million doses, and the Gates Foundation has put in $750 million—so there is plenty of financial incentive to bring the vaccine to market no matter how poor the outcome of the safety trials, and ahead of the other 100 vaccine trials in the race to the Covid-19 immunization bonanza.

A week later, the UK government announced that lockdown makes it illegal for two or more people meeting in a public place or inside a home where they do not live. Seems 1984 has finally arrived in the UK, where phones can pinpoint such a meeting and record them secretly until the knock on the door—the British Police Federation having asked for the power to enter homes forcefully where illegal meetings are suspected.

On the US side, Judge Michael McHaney summed up the inanity of the government lockdown approach in his ruling against an illegal executive lockdown-order by Illinois Governor, J.B. Pritzker:

“Since the inception of this insanity, the following regulations, rules or consequences have occurred: I won’t get COVID if I get an abortion but I will get COVID if I get a colonoscopy. Selling pot is essential but selling goods and services at a family-owned business is not. Pot wasn’t even legal and pot dispensaries didn’t even exist in this state until five months ago and, in that five months, they have become essential but a family-owned business in existence for five generations is not.

“A family of six can pile in their car and drive to Carlyle Lake without contracting COVID but, if they all get in the same boat, they will. We are told that kids rarely contract the virus and sunlight kills it, but summer youth programs, sports programs are cancelled. Four people can drive to the golf course and not get COVID but, if they play in a foursome, they will. If I go to Walmart, I won’t get COVID but, if I go to church, I will. Murderers are released from custody while small business owners are threatened with arrest if they have the audacity to attempt to feed their families.

“These are just a few examples of rules, regulations, and consequences that are arbitrary, capricious, and completely devoid of anything even remotely approaching common sense.

“State’s attorneys in this state, county sheriffs, mayors, city councils, and county boards have openly and publicly defied these orders, followed by threats to withhold funding and revocation of necessary licenses and certifications unless you obey.

“Our economy is shut down because of a flu virus with a 99.7% survival rate. Doctors and experts say different things weekly. The defendant cites models in his opposition. The only thing experts will agree on is that all models are wrong and some are useful. The Centers for Disease Control now says the virus is not easily spread on surfaces.

“The defendant in this case orders you to stay home and pronounces that, if you leave the state, you are putting people in danger, but his family members traveled to Florida and Wisconsin because he deems such travel essential. One initial rationale why the rules don’t apply to him is that his family farm had animals that needed fed. Try selling that argument to farmers who have had to slaughter their herds because of disruption in the supply chain.

“When laws do not apply to those who make them, people are not being governed, they are being ruled. Make no mistake, these executive orders are not laws. They are royal decrees. Illinois citizens are not being governed, they are being ruled. The last time I checked Illinois citizens are also Americans and Americans don’t get ruled. The last time a monarch tried to rule Americans, a shot was fired that was heard around the world. 

“That day led to the birth of a nation consensually governed based upon a document which ensures that on this day in this, any American courtroom, tyrannical despotism will always lose and liberty, freedom, and the constitution will always win.”

There will be some who find acceptable the events described above, as well as a future that includes continued shutdowns of one stripe or another, continued fear-mongering in the media, repeated waves of viruses that are blown out of proportion (whether Covid-19 or the next one to appear—nobody shuts down the world, for instance, because the annual flu kills up to 600,000 people), a loss of personal freedoms and life as we know it.

If this is their honest point of view and they are happy to sacrifice the world we used to know for reasons that absolutely do not add up, then they are thanked for reading this far and encouraged not to proceed to Part II.

For those brave and curious souls who prefer to have access to and study information on any particular subject from a variety of knowledgeable sources, then make up their own mind and take action to improve any given situation, Part II provides information they most probably have not been exposed to because the tradition of investigative journalism is sadly almost completely missing from the media in this 21st Century, and any idea of human rights regarding freedom of speech a past indulgence.

As the saying goes, “The truth shall set you free”, and that begs the question, of course, “What is the truth?”

If you feel something does not add up about this whole affair—and if you want the perfectly good and relatively worry-free lives we enjoyed before to return, then read on, because something can be done about this as long as enough understand and act together constructively.

Part II

“Withholding information is the essence of tyranny. Control of the flow of information is the tool of the dictatorship.”    Bruce Coville

Let’s review next how a draconian censorship of the medical community is being enforced not just in China, as one might expect, but also in the Western world; we examine the information that has been hidden so enthusiastically from you, and finally explain why almost every action taken by authorities has been at variance with impartial science and common sense.

Burying Facts and Studies

In viewing the stream of contradictory and ever-changing data about the Wuhan virus (where it came from, its true nature and virulence, what did or did not work to combat it, etc.), the idea that officialdom was being driven by the common good rather than some unknown special interests was laid to rest with the egregious social media/Google censorship of multiple respected medical voices raising persistent and serious doubts concerning many aspects of the virus itself and its treatment— even challenging the notion that Covid-19 was really as dangerous a threat as was being advertized by multiple outlets and parties. Twitter, for instance, is censoring information that does not follow “public health experts’ and WHO guidance.” Google and Facebook’s “third-party” FactChecker program is funded by Gates, Soros, and Clinton donors, hardly neutral politically and certainly heavily invested in vaccines.

Let’s take some treatments that have been and still are being silenced at a time when any valid treatment should be pursued if the actual purpose were to save the lives of those who were succumbing to Covid-19:

  1. Inexpensive Hydroxychloroquine combined with azithromycin and zinc apparently proves 100% successful, yet the drug is banned by multiple parties and vilified by multiple mainstream media and what turns out to be a completely fabricated “scientific” study written by a science fiction writer;
  2. Intravenous vitamin C is reported to have been very effective and used by the Shanghai government, but shut down by the government and social media in the US;
  3. The Math+ protocol that combines intravenous vitamin C, oxygen therapy, steroids, and zinc/vitamins D and B1 for patients arriving in hospitals but not yet in ICU. The protocol addresses the three ways that Covid-19 kills patients: Triggering hyperinflammation, hypercoagulation, and hypoxia (lack of oxygen reaching the tissues); 98 patients recovered and only 2 died (in their 80s with advanced chronic morbidities);
  1. The importance of building healthy immune systems through diet, exercise, and proper natural supplementation so the vast majority of individuals never catch colds, flus, and coronaviruses in the first place. Vitamins C and D3, zinc, and antiviral herbs such as astragalus, green tea extract, Andrographis, and monolaurin (from coconut) are well-known resources that are thoroughly nixed by the media and government agencies.

Looking for why these and other solutions might be rejected or outright attacked, as in the FDA’s Quack Hack program targeting colloidal silver’s effectiveness against pathogens,  it seems the common denominator behind the suppression of these potential non-pharmacological solutions for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 infections is that they are low-cost, unpatentable, and thus unprofitable protocols. It is not because they are not valid and effective protocols worth at least including in a search for possible solutions.

What is approved and pushed by the government (in the US) from the FDA to the FTC and including Dr. Fauci, who headed the White House’s coronavirus task force, are patentable and inevitably expensive vaccines that do not even exist yet.

For its part, in addition to removing all social media and Internet mentions and smearing doctors promoting these non-vaccine solutions, the media and social media also take for granted that vaccines are the solution.

“To compel a man to subsidize with his taxes the propagation of ideas which he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical.” Thomas Jefferson

When perfectly competent voices are silenced and measures continue to be taken that defy common sense (creating the worst financial depression in human history, for instance, and everything that will entail), then it would seem that a special-interest group is at work with a hidden agenda, not a general-interest group applying science and common sense openly to deal with a situation for the good of the citizenry as defined by the citizens, not by special-interest groups.

If the information and handlings being recommended by those in government were characterized by scientific accuracy, truth, and logic, then there would be no difficulty in having their citizens accept their statements and instructions despite others presenting differing and even contradictory information.

Furthermore, even though Covid-19 is actually a complete fizzle for the majority of the world, for the few who are impacted heavily, a truly scientific enquiry would look honestly at all possible elements before ruling them out in order to discover optimal treatments. Real science neither needs to hide information nor to be forced upon people—it speaks for itself when it simply works as stated.

For Whom is Covid-19 Actually a Danger and Why?

There is no question that what is called Covid-19, whether or not it is a virus, is dangerous to a very small number of easily identified people. In order to adjudicate what might be the best solution for Covid-19, and whether vaccines indeed might be the only valid solution, let’s explore the nature of SARS-CoV-2 and any other factors that might be behind the various symptoms ascribed to Covid-19.

The first point to grasp is that life-threatening infections of Covid-19 are not necessarily caused simply by SARS-CoV-2, but the combination of two other elements:

1)  The insertion by a lab technician of an element into SARS-CoV-2 that increases its infection rate as part of “gain of function” lab work to create viruses that are more virulent and dangerous;

2) XMRV, another immune suppressant, being received earlier by some individuals (estimated 30-100 million in the US) as a result of vaccines contaminated during the manufacturing process with gamma-retroviruses (which can trigger diseases such as chronic fatigue syndrome, autism, and certain cancers), or via blood transfusions. It is possible SARS-CoV-2 simply activates these gamma-retroviruses, causing Covid-19 symptoms;

Five additional factors have also been highlighted—and rapidly censored—as possible contributors to severe cases of Covid-19.

1) The unrelenting and rapid rollout of military-grade 5G (and its electro-magnetic radiation that causes the same flu-like symptoms and oxygen deficiencies as experienced by Covid-19 patients in hospitals) despite zero safety studies having been done and many complaints by scientists as to the dangers; and moratoriums or outright banning by some countries (Australia, Russia, Netherlands, Switzerland, and tens of states and hundreds of cities, such as Brussels). The first study on this correlation (English version, Spanish original) shows 5G hotspots to be Covid-19 hotspots, too. For instance, the small state of San Marino in Italy was the first European entity to install 5G technology and has a Covid-19 infection rate that is 27 times greater than that of its neighbor, Croatia, which does not have 5G. 10,000 5G base stations were being deploying in Wuhan by the end of 2019.

2) The predisposition by some individuals to viruses resulting from the toxins included in their vaccines (heavy metals, aborted human fetal tissue, animal cells, DNA from pus, carcinogens, MSG, a neurotoxin, and mercury—for which there exists no safe level for humans, and recently discovered, nanoparticles that are not listed as part of the ingredients and are not biodegradable);

Wuhan residents received flu shots in December 2019, in line with an August 2019  law mandating immunization for all citizens; Lombardy (Italy) introduced two rounds of a new vaccine in the Fall of 2019 made not with the normal chicken eggs but cultured animal cells and containing four types of viruses—H1N1, H3N2, and two types of B viruses. In December, this was followed by Hepatitis jabs. 90% of those receiving these were 65 and older, and 75% of them had existing serious heart issues—not a smart health strategy to apply to immune-compromised individuals.

3) An increase of 1 microgram of fine particulates per cubic meter of air pollution is associated with an 8% increase in COVID–19 deaths, according to a Harvard university study. This is particularly significant because Wuhan is one of the most polluted cities in the world, as is Lombardy, also a hot spot for Covid-19 in Italy.

The drop in Wuhan deaths may well have occurred not because of the social distancing and lockdown, but the pollution dropping below 40 microns per cubic meter of air as factories ceased to operate, thereby removing the cyanide and other toxins from the air.

This factor becomes all the more compelling when we consider the symptoms of those hospitalized with Covid-19: White blood cell count normal, very low oxygen at the tissue level, and looking blue—the same symptoms as cyanide poisoning, which is resolved with three injections. 88% of those put on respiratory machines died, indicating that this is not a respiratory disease.

4) The aerial spraying occurring worldwide for the last three decades, which includes barium salts (which impact the lungs and are 25,000x more toxic than lead) and aluminum, amongst many other toxins;

5) Poor diet and nutritional deficiency generally reducing immune system health — according to one study, 85% of Covid-19 patients were deficient in the crucial Vitamin D that wards off colds and flus.

As was the experience in other countries, 80% of coronavirus deaths in the US have been those who are 65 and up with pre-existing, life-threatening conditions.

We can narrow down the danger further to nursing/long-term care homes: 40.8% to 50% of Covid-19 deaths in multiple countries occurred in nursing homes; for instance, nursing home residents in Virginia represent 0.3% of the State’s population but comprise nearly 60% of Virginia’s Covid-19 deaths. Similarly, Italy saw 40% of their coronavirus deaths (26,384) occurring in nursing homes (the average age of all deaths being 79.5 years and 97% having an average of 2.7 pre-existing morbidities). The heavy toll in several US states was partly due to lack of proper equipment and procedures in these homes, and government officials requiring recovering coronavirus patients in hospitals be returned to their nursing homes.

The Head of Forensic Pathology in Hamburg stated that “Not a single person without previous illness has died of the virus in Hamburg. All had cancer, chronic lung disease, were heavy smokers, heavily obese, or had diabetes or had a cardiovascular disease.” [English translation]

A real investigation of Covid-19 would have to include determining if any of these above factors played a part: Jabbing a vaccine into someone will not resolve EMF pollution or barium salt toxicity, for instance.

But then again, coronaviruses (i.e. SARS 2002-2003, MERS 2012-2013) move through the population in two years before herd immunity builds enough for the coronavirus to disappear without any workable vaccine ever being found or administered. Summer 2021 would inevitably see the back of Covid-19 if it were managed with the normal herd-immunity approach instead of lockdowns. Contrast this reality with the one being pushed by “experts” predicting a second wave will come in the fall of 2020 and the pandemic will last two years, and calling for more lockdowns to prevent hospitals from becoming overwhelmed—the same reasoning and policies that have already collapsed our lives with nothing to show for it. Yet there is no second wave.

Viruses are Not Villains but Vital to Life

Here is a fresh look at viruses that won’t be found in the general media or in Western allopathic medicine (based on mitigating symptoms in isolation rather than holistic medicine, which finds and resolves the causes of disease). If just the following information about viruses were known, respect for and understanding of viruses and the terrain theory (versus the germ theory) would have replaced the panic and knee-jerk responses to the fear generated so that a more sensible approach could have been adopted by governments.

First of all, this may be a hard pill to swallow given that we have all been raised with the germ model of health and sickness, but it has never been proven that viruses or bacteria cause disease as they have yet to be isolated and purified sufficiently to be sure something else may not be the actual cause. If the germ model were really spot on, then why does humanity experience so much sickness and only enjoy an average lifespan of 72 years?

Additionally, humans are thoroughly reliant on a highly diverse and plentiful microbiome and virome—bacterial and viral microorganisms—in our bodies, the soil, air, and water around us. The diversity needed to support life includes viruses (50% of the human genome is made up of 380 trillion viruses such as hepatitis, influenza and herpes, with 10% being retroviruses like HIV), bacteria (30,000 species, with 1.4 quadrillion in our bodies), fungi (5 million), and parasites (300,000 species). This diversity has been under attack from the ubiquitous presence of chemicals and toxins in our bodies, food, water, soil, and air over the last 75 years and the effects are evident in our children: In 1960, 1.8% of children in the US had chronic health conditions that limited their activities; today, that number is 54% suffering from one or more of twenty chronic health-conditions.

Science cannot match the speed with which nature/these viruses adjust to stressors in order to sustain the biodiversity upon which life, including humans, depends. For instance, industrial agriculture pours 4.5 billion pounds of antibiotics into the soil each year, requiring the microbiome take extraordinary measures to avoid extinction. Seen from this perspective, Covid-19 is working in its own way to reestablish biodiversity—assuming, of course, that this virus was not engineered in a laboratory with some other purpose, making it an unnatural virus that is not the work of nature. 

Rather than dropping everything and declaring the virus to be an enemy that we cannot possibly beat in terms of a) skillsets as well as b) undermining the foundation of life in a self-defeating way that only humans are capable of, it would be smarter in the long-term to address the loss of biodiversity and to move away from polluting industries and products and instead create clean production methods.

This does not mean dropping the standard of living and switching entirely to renewable energy, for instance, that actually causes more pollution in its construction and/or operation and disposal than it saves in its energy generation, but smart solutions such as the Carbon Cowboys who eliminate the need for fertilizer and pesticides, handle soil erosion and run off, and reduce antibiotic use dramatically through entirely natural means that increase beef production and lower costs. There are solutions wherever we state the problem properly and apply human ingenuity to solving it. The barrier to moving forward is powerful industries holding onto their toxic solutions and income stream at the expense of all life, and behind that, the truth not being known and understood by every being on this planet.

Vaccines: Promising More than they Can Deliver for Patients but Delivering on the Promise Financially for Pharmaceuticals

Back to the more immediate question of Covid-19 and the push for a vaccine “before life can return to normal,” since 1976, scientists have identified 12,800 coronaviruses that have been travelling the world’s airwaves for eons, constantly mutating, infecting animals and humans and some even jumping species. SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) is the seventh known coronavirus to impact humans; others include MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) and SARS (Sudden Acute Respiratory Disease).

In all this time, nobody has ever found a vaccine for these or any other virus that works, simply because by the time they have identified a virus and created a possible vaccine, the virus has already changed. That is why flu vaccines have such poor results each year. Public health officials have to guess at least six months before the flu season starts which Type A or B influenza virus strain might be predominant so that pharmaceutical companies can manufacture the vaccines. However, even if they did score a hit, 80% of all respiratory infections are not Type A or B strains and so no flu vaccines can be effective against them.

“There is no evidence that any influenza (virus) vaccine thus far developed is effective in preventing or mitigating any attack of influenza. The producers of these vaccines know that they are worthless, but they go on selling them anyway.”

Dr. J. Anthony Morris, former Chief Vaccine Officer, FDA & the National Institute of Health

At best, flu vaccines might be said to work on 24% – 50% of those to whom they are administered, and then only in terms of reducing the severity of the flu. The insert for the flu shot itself states, “There have been no controlled trials adequately demonstrating a decrease in influenza disease after vaccination with Flulaval” and “no controlled trials” have been conducted. 

The insert also admits, “Safety and effectiveness of Flulaval have not been established in pregnant women, nursing mothers or children.” What safety studies are done are flawed. It is no wonder then that 100,000 people experience adverse reactions, hospitalizations, injuries such as autism, and even death from the various toxins in the flu and other vaccines. Autism rates have jumped 30,000% since the early 1980’s.

Not surprising, therefore, to hear that prior receipt of a flu vaccine increases the chances of catching Covid-19 by 36%.

The author’s position is not that vaccines are bad, but that they have a lot of toxins in them that are bad, they patently do not work as well as the PR and marketing claim, they cannot be considered the only permitted solution in a free society, and they cannot be forced on citizens against their will, if the Nuremburg Code is to mean anything at all, especially when the companies making them today fudge their safety testing, hide and deny adverse reactions, admit they do not work, make the taxpayers pay for inevitable injuries while the companies make huge profits, and require so much PR, marketing, and lobbying to persuade doctors to prescribe them and governments to force them on citizenry.

The drive by pharmaceutical companies to vaccinate (in the US) today is characterized by:

  1. $295 million spent lobbying congress in 2019, the highest of any sector, which was well remunerated as they made 63% of total health-care profits; for the Covid-19 legislation, they had any  government price-controls removed so they could charge whatever they like for any vaccine brought to market;
  2. Continued government subsidies: Since the 1930s, the National Institutes of Health has put $900 billion of taxpayer money into research so pharmaceuticals can patent and profit from the drug—such as Gilead earning $44 billion in 3 years from sofosbuvir, used to treat hepatitis C at $1,000 per pill. And then who pays for all those “free” vaccine shots advertized on every street corner in the US?
  1. A lot of advertising (up to 70% of mainstream media advertizing dollars) comes from pharmaceutical companies, which prevents the media from publishing anything about the dangers of vaccines;
  1. $18 billion spent on direct-to-consumer marketing and over $100 billion marketing directly to doctors;
  2. Ineffectiveness: In the recent mumps outbreak, 100% of the mumps cases were vaccinated; 90% of those who died from the 2018/2019 flu had received the flu shot; at best, when vaccines work, they might confer immunity for 10-20 years, whereas when a person catches a disease, they enjoy immunity for life;
  3. The use of highly toxic ingredients that bypass the body’s natural detox and protection systems by being injected directly into the blood; it is not surprising, therefore, that the cure might end up worse than the disease: In the past 15 years, 127 children have died from the measles vaccine while only two died as a result of naturally contracting the disease itself;
  1. Lying to the public about the safety and efficacy of vaccines: The pharmaceutical companies lost a recent US court case as it was proven there had been no quality control over vaccines for at least 32 years, since the US government agreed, with the passage of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, to pay for any vaccine-caused injuries. At that time, chronic diseases like ADHD, asthma, autoimmune diseases, and allergies impacted 12.6% of children in the US and today affect 54%; in the same time frame, pharmaceutical company profits rose from 1 billion to $44 billion on $60 billion a year in revenue, making vaccines their most profitable revenue source with the highest profit margin;
    1. Of note is that pharmaceutical companies knew they would lose $135 billion in revenue from their core prescription-drug business as a result of the expiration of patent protections between 2009 and 2014; increasing the number of mandated childhood vaccines presented the obvious solution;
  1. Vaccines are the only drugs for which pharmaceutical companies have not been held liable for injury or death since 10 August 1976 (reinforced by the 1986 NCVIA), when Congress agreed the taxpayer would cover all damage payments for those harmed or killed by any vaccine in order to encourage vaccine makers to continue production for the ongoing Swine Flu pandemic—which turned out to be a complete non-event (1 death worldwide);
  2. Since 1986, The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program in the US has paid $4.1 billion of taxpayer money to thousands of injured individuals or the survivors of those who died. Of note is that a government study concluded that fewer than 1% of vaccine injuries are reported. In the UK, the government agreed to pay $90 million to 800 children with severe brain injury from the 2009 swine flu Pandemrix vaccine; the Norwegian government has so far paid $13 million to 86 victims, including 60 of the 170 reported cases of injured children. In each case, the pharmaceutical companies did not pay damages, the taxpayers did. And in the case of Pandemrix at least, the pharmaceutical industry profited further by selling the injured children the drugs needed to deal with their injuries for as long as they live;
  1. Of relevance is that the CDC is not an independent watchdog for the pharmaceutical industry, but a vaccine company that owns 56 vaccine patents and makes $4.6 billion each year on vaccines; they also mandate children receive increasing numbers of vaccines—currently 29 doses of vaccines by 18 months (whereas in the 1950s, they received only 7 doses by 18 years of age);
  1. Of the top 34 industrialized nations in the world, the US administers the most childhood vaccines and yet has the highest infant mortality rate. If vaccines were really so good for child health, the US would be expected to have the lowest child mortality rate. While it has been difficult in the past to prove vaccines are killing infants and  children, the lockdown has ended the debate rather dramatically and inconveniently for pharmaceutical companies by registering a 30% drop in infant deaths as a result of vaccinations not being administered. When over 200 infants die from vaccines each and every week in the US alone (and we are not even considering severe adverse reactions), then there really is no question that the vaccines are too dangerous to be made  mandatory and too harmful not to call this practice the premeditated taking of life on a grand scale.
  1. CDC & FDA committee members who recommend on vaccine policy have financial conflicts of interest with vaccine pharmaceuticals;
  1. The long-term suppression by laws, censorship, and black propaganda of nutritional supplements and alternative healing protocols that have proven to work; in the case of Covid-19,  attacking any communications that “boosting the immune system with natural supplements would be a wise move,” even raiding doctor’s offices who were providing such protocols.

In fact, the history of vaccines is one long river of failed immunizations and major adverse reactions, including deaths—this link covers the years up to 1988 and tellingly, points out that 90% of the decline in mortality for scarlet fever, diphtheria, whooping cough, and measles between 1860 and 1965, for instance, occurred before the introduction of antibiotics and widespread vaccination, as a result of improved nutritional levels.

In other words, an immune system in good shape is the best defense against viruses that kill because a compromised immune system simply cannot regulate itself properly.

As can be seen, vaccines have major issues, one of which is that the ongoing push for mandatory worldwide vaccination (the European commission and WHO are working to create a passport for mandatory vaccinations, Argentina is already implementing it, with travel, education, and other rights turned into privileges granted upon immunization) can be seen to be motivated by money, as far as the pharmaceutical companies (and the government agencies and politicians they finance) are concerned, not health as claimed.

It is clear, in the final analysis, that people would not have to be forced to take a vaccine if it were known to be safe and effective.

A River of Irrationalities

Looking at the above, it is obvious that

  1. Many people catch Covid-19, often without knowing it;
  2. Some have mild symptoms and a very small number need hospitalization;
  3. Very few of these serious cases die of Covid-19, these being in their senior years and/or having other conditions, or not being treated properly;
  4. The full range of factors that might cause the symptoms are not being considered when searching for appropriate treatment(s);
  5. Existing successful (and inexpensive) treatments are being ignored and suppressed, including the need to build immune systems via diet, nutritional support, and reduction of toxic loads from chemical pollution in the food, water, and air;
  6. Officialdom has provided contradictory and incorrect information from Day 1—”Wear masks, don’t wear masks,” for instance. Dr. Fauci on May 12: Serious consequences if the country reopens too soon; on May 22: Irreparable damage if the lockdown lasts too long, etc.;
  7. There is a determined drive to enforce ineffective and even dangerous vaccinations on the entire world’s population as the solution to a pandemic that isn’t. 

Evidence keeps popping up day after day that exposes the current government responses to be illogical:

1.Masks and respirators have limited effectiveness and no study has ever found them to be effective in protecting against viruses in part because viral aerosol particles are too fine to be blocked by existing masks. Viruses travel everywhere in the wind and create high-density pockets when they bind with particles of air pollution. Reducing air pollution or moving at-risk people to areas without air pollution or being in a humid environment would be more productive for saving lives. Additionally, the use of masks cuts oxygen for the wearer to well below the safe limit recommended by OSHA (Occupational Health & Safety Administration), which states that anything below 19.5% is oxygen-deficient and immediately dangerous to life or health.

2. Lockdown is an aberrant concept. While herd immunity, the normal way of dealing with viruses, has been set aside as a policy by most governments, it occurs much quicker than previously thought: After only 7% – 24% of the population catch the virus, the virus essentially is rebuffed in too many bodies to be able to sustain a pandemic. Sweden achieved herd immunity at 14% at which time Covid-19 petered out.

Additionally, immunity does exist once a person has caught Covid-19 and has the antibodies in their system: Sweden’s chief epidemiologist, Anders Tegnell, stated on May 11, “It is quite certain that immunity does exist…. For all the cases we have had in Sweden, there has not been one single person who had this disease twice.”

If there were no lockdown of everyone and instead the elderly and immune-compromised were protected/quarantined, the virus would run itself out after enough people developed antibodies and then those at risk would be free to interact again

According to the New York Times, South Dakota, as of mid-May, had 20,573 cases (1 per 233 of the population) and just 1 Covid-19 death. They have not enforced any lockdown, as is true of Sweden: Much like the rest of the world that is in lockdown, it has seen lots of people catching the virus but very few seriously ill and even fewer dying.

Even if healthy people staying at home could be justified in some way as a valid new theory for preventing the spread of a virus, it is not borne out in the real world: i.e. 66% of new Covid-19 patients in New York were sheltering at home. Another study from China found that 79.9% of new outbreaks of three or more people were from indoor transmission in private homes.

While staying at home does not appear to reduce infections and deaths in society in the short term, in the long term it invites the continuation of the virus as it prevents antibodies from being developed for herd immunity and so the virus never runs its course; it keeps revisiting society in new waves (as ironically, the authorities keep warning us will happen if we do not stay at home) when it finds enough new bodies to invade that have no defenses.

As predicted by the experts, stay-at-home lockdowns have had dire consequences beyond the Covid-19 mortalities, a few of which so far have proven to be:

  1. The May 2020 report from the Imperial College London and Johns Hopkins University predicts that 6.3 million additional people will develop TB between now and 2025, with 1.4 million of them being expected to die because they were not diagnosed and treated during this lockdown;
  2. Another study taken at random by a data analyst consortium in South Africa determined the economic consequences of the country’s lockdown will lead to 29x more people dying  from a variety of causes than from the coronavirus itself;
  3. Many people are going hungry (54 million in the US are reliant on food aid as prices rise), and hundreds of millions face hunger or starvation in other parts of the world as a result of economic collapse combined with numerous droughts and floods reducing crop yields; locust invasions in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia; tens of millions of pigs and chickens culled in Asia to combat Asian Swine flu and Avian HPAI/H5N1 bird flu; and in the US, because of Covid-19 outbreaks closing meat-processing plants.

Does all this add up to Covid-19 being a very dangerous virus?

It seems the bigger danger is media generating fear and the resulting unscientific and irrational solutions being enforced by governments resulting in collapsed economies; the disappearance of cultural norms (i.e. socializing, going to sports events or religious services, having shops and restaurants to enjoy, or of interest to the hospitality industry, traveling on vacation or business); quite in addition to avoidable deaths, deaths increasing only after the lockdowns are initiated, increased suicides, and upset/confused/hungry citizens, silenced voices, and lost civil liberties (including the desired-by-some enforced vaccinations).

So we come to the end of Part II and hopefully you are better prepared to make up your own mind and help steer things in the right direction next time someone panics over something they do not understand or tries to force something harmful on you and society.

Part III

“Most tyrannies have been possible because men moved too late. It is often essential to resist a tyranny before it exists.” 

G.K. Chesterton, Eugenics and Other Evils:

An Argument Against the Scientifically Organized State

We have just compared the demands made by governments (to protect us from a vicious and omnipresent viral scourge) to the harmful results (economic, health, individual freedoms) brought about by acquiescing to those demands while no pandemic materialized. We examined the censorship of all information departing from the official narrative and the harmful nature of the enforced vaccinations that lack efficacy and consistently demonstrate harm. This week, we shine a spotlight on those individuals and organizations who have brought about this complete upending of life for the whole planet; we offer solutions to help put an end to the monkey business so we can regain the joys of living.

Special Interest Groups with Undisclosed Agendas

There is no doubt that there are as many agendas, both hidden and open, regarding this pandemic as there are companies, associations, and individuals who would benefit in some way—such as from a vaccine being enforced on the worldwide population; or governments of certain countries or even political parties, etc. positioning themselves in pursuit of their own interests (certain Democratic party leaders, for instance, are on record as saying they should take advantage of the pandemic to pass laws favorable to their political goals or to oust a sitting president. Even the WHO has an agenda, including trying to levy a 10% tax on all countries to “fight the virus.”

Vaccines are the cornerstone upon which governments are relying for their Covid-19 strategy, yet as covered earlier in this series, vaccinations for viruses have limited efficacy and plenty of downsides.

One might be curious as to what is driving this fixation for mandatory vaccines as the solution, especially considering the normally lengthy time-to-market for such vaccines and the concomitant financial collapse being visited upon the entire planet.

Curiously enough, key players seem to be the richest individuals in the world and their foundations: Mr. Rockefeller and his foundations and the same Mr. Gates who brought us buggy software programs (disclaimer—the author is a decades-long Macophile).

The stage was set “in the early 1900s, [when] America’s first Billionaire, John D. Rockefeller bought a German pharmaceutical company that would later assist Hitler to implement his eugenics-based vision by manufacturing chemicals and poisons for war. Rockefeller wanted to eliminate the competitors of Western medicine, so he submitted a report to Congress declaring that there were too many doctors and medical schools in America, and that all natural-healing modalities were unscientific quackery. Rockefeller called for the standardization of medical education, whereby only his organization be allowed to grant medical school licenses in the US. And so began the practice of immune suppressive, synthetic, and toxic drugs. Once people had become dependent on this new system and the addictive drugs it provided, the system switched to a paid program, creating lifelong customers for the Rockefellers. Currently, medical error is the third leading cause of death in the US. Rockefeller’s weapon to success was the strategy known as, “problem-reaction-solution.” Create a problem, escalate fear, then offer a pre-planned solution. Sound familiar?”  Plandemic movie literature

“Those who are capable of tyranny are capable

of perjury to sustain it.”   Lysander Spooner

Using this preferred medicine paradigm, the fledgling pharmaceutical industry, took advantage of the millions of American Army recruits called up for war in 1917 to test up to 25 vaccines designed to cause a mild case of the disease they were supposed to prevent—the problem being that it was impossible to predict whether the case would be mild, severe, or fatal—as some prove to be instantly. Many of the vaccines brought about unrelated diseases, such as the smallpox vaccine causing syphilis, paralysis, leprosy, and cancer. The yellow fever vaccine alone resulted in 63 deaths and 28,585 cases of hepatitis in half a year. The Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research in New York oversaw the Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination Experiment at Fort Riley Kansas in 1918, wherein thousands of US Army recruits were vaccinated with a horse-cultured vaccine. These soldiers exported the Spanish Flu as it came to be known to the world, killing up to 100 million people with bacterial pneumonia (not a flu or virus)—the largest death-event in recorded history.

Mr. John D. Rockefeller’s debut in the field of medicine left something to be desired. Was he a doctor? No, a rapacious oil tycoon and a businessman interested in accumulating even more money and power. If Mr. Rockefeller really wanted to protect his fellow citizens, he would not have engaged in the strategy outlined above, focusing on the use of chemicals as outlets for his oil empire that are only capable of alleviating symptoms, rather than the preferred (for citizens) focus on preventing or curing diseases. To downplay this contrast, the medical community has lobbied for it to be illegal in the US, at least, to cure, or to state that one can cure anything and has conditioned patient expectations to managing symptoms, not enjoying a cure. Any doctors who cure patients find themselves on a fast track to being shut down, often at gunpoint or simply murdered.

Note: This is not an attack on western medicine, which definitely has its place, as do traditional, alternative, and integrative medicines. A true medical science focused on prevention, alleviating, and curing would be good for patients, but not the pocketbooks of pharmaceutical and other vested interests that profit from managing sickness rather than building health and curing ailments.

Mr. Gates Switches from Software to Vaccines

In March 2017, Mr. Gates told the US President, who was concerned about vaccine safety, not to establish a Vaccine Safety Commission headed by Robert Kennedy, Jr. so it was not set up. Just to be clear, Mr. Gates is not a public health expert, a doctor, an epidemiologist nor an infectious disease expert. He is simply one of the richest men in the world, which does not give him expertise in medical matters, but does in making money (and computer programs, specifically, although stealing software and control and “brain rape” of competitor breakthroughs may not reflect software genius so much as a deficient business ethics).

Looking at how Mr. Gates (the Rockefeller Foundation and others) has been steering this whole pandemic response, let’s examine a partial timeline of Covid-19 activities involving Mr. Gates or his Foundation over the last nine months:

  1. October 18, 2019, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation co-hosted Event 201 in New York, a high-level simulation of a coronavirus pandemic that predicted 65 million deaths within 18 months;
  1. February 4, 2020 with eleven active cases in the USA, Dr. Fauci (Director of the US National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases [NIAID] of the National Institute of Health [NIH] and also on the Board of Directors of the Gates Foundation) quietly pushed through regulations giving coronavirus vaccine makers full immunity from liability, in order to accommodate Mr. Gates, who had been funding multiple vaccine development efforts and owns major stakes in the leading vaccine makers; he had refused to distribute any vaccines until the government agreed to indemnify vaccine producers against lawsuits—he was worried about the dangers of adverse reactions to vaccines, a real concern as reported by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

“Scientists first attempted to develop a coronavirus vaccine after China’s 2002 SARS-CoV outbreak. Teams of US & foreign scientists vaccinated animals with the four most promising vaccines. At first, the experiment seemed successful as all the animals developed a robust antibody response to coronavirus. However, when the scientists exposed the vaccinated animals to the wild virus, the results were horrifying. Vaccinated animals suffered hyper-immune responses including inflammation throughout their bodies terminating with fatal lung infections. Researchers had seen this same ‘enhanced immune response’ during human testing of the failed RSV [a respiratory virus]  vaccine tests in the 1960s.”

  1. Mid-February, Microsoft software used by Neil Ferguson, the British epidemiologist at Gates-funded Imperial College in London, predicted the Wuhan virus, in the absence of an extended lockdown, would result in 2.2 million American and 500,000 British deaths. Thus were lockdowns initiated in both countries and elsewhere—whereas the evidence given earlier in this article shows that with or without lockdowns, mortality rates are low and occurring in the old and ill, not the entire population—which would really call for a quarantine of at-risk individuals, not all of society;
  1. March 13, 2020, Mr. Gates resigned from Microsoft, saying he wanted to focus on his “philanthropy;”
  1. March 18, 2020, Mr. Gates says “Eventually we will have some digital certificates to show who has recovered or been tested recently or when we have a vaccine who has received it.” Such a system is being introduced into Bangladesh as part of project ID2020 to create a global digital ID, beginning with immunizations, and ultimately, supporting access to rights and services throughout one’s life-course.—all backed by the UN, the Rockefeller and Gates Foundations. Mr. Gates funded an invisible Quantum Dot to be tattooed onto the skin of children to identify those who have been vaccinated (December 2019, MIT).
  1. March 27, 2020, Dr. Fauci, as head of the White House’s coronavirus task force, fast-tracked his own vaccine (partially funded by Mr. Gates) and seven of Mr. Gates’ vaccines, setting aside the vital animal trials normally conducted that would provide early warning of runaway and fatal immune responses (as happened with SARS vaccine trials in 2002). Full testing protocols are especially important for these Covid-19 vaccines as the new technology being introduced includes risky genetically engineered vaccines—mRNA vaccines, for instance, use nanotechnology to transport the RNA of the virus inside liquid droplets into every cell of the body and reprogram them to produce the virus’ spike protein and so confer immunity. April 4, 2020, Mr. Gates announced the investment of billions of dollars to build seven factories to start making various Covid-19 vaccines;
  1. April 5, 2020, Mr. Gates announced on Fox Business News “It is fair to say things won’t go back to truly normal until we have a vaccine that we’ve gotten out to basically the entire world.” This position, and implementing a digital proof of vaccination, was echoed by Dr. Fauci;
  1. Mr. Gates is the #1 funder of the World Health Organization, which withheld information given to them by Taiwan on December 31 about human-to-human transmission of the Wuhan virus, ignored statements from Wuhan doctors to the same effect, and stated on January 22 that the coronavirus did not pose a public health emergency of international concern, thereby justifying continued international travel from Wuhan and China. All the while, the WHO praised China’s response despite their continued obfuscation of the real situation. Then the WHO created an international panic and global depression by overstating the mortality rate of COVID-19. As a side note, the Director-General of the WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyeus, who mismanaged the Covid-19 crisis, is not a doctor but is a member of two Ethiopian communist parties linked to terrorism. He covered up three cholera outbreaks in the country while Minister of Health and he made it to Director-General of the WHO after a stint as Chair of the Gates-funded Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria and as a Board member of the Gates-funded Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI);
  1. May, 4, 2020, the Gates Foundation is exposed greasing the wheels with $10 million in bribes to lawmakers for the smooth passage of a mandatory vaccine law in Nigeria, even though The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control had no input and opposed the bill;
  1. May, 2020, Bill Gates suggests on CNBC that 700,000 could suffer side effects from any new vaccine (0.001%);
  1. May, 23/24, two of the fast-tracked Gates vaccines prove to be a failure, when all the inoculated monkeys fell ill, yet they forged right ahead with the human trials; the second vaccine trial with Moderna was too brief and small to be significant, but resulted in 20% of the high-dose recipients becoming severely ill, which fact was withheld from the public. With such rushed and perfunctory trials, it is hard to see how only 0.001% recipients would suffer side effects, as claimed by Mr. Gates, whereas the trials showed 20%-100%. The media painted the trials as great successes, but when these facts were made known by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., they were removed immediately by Facebook.

Following the Money is Usually Good Therapy for Cases of Fraud

Mr. Gates is not the only player working the vaccine angle behind the scenes—there is also Dr. Fauci.

1984 to present, Dr. Fauci has been serving as the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and as such, led the charge in dealing with viral diseases like HIV (to disastrous results), SARS, the 2009 swine flu, MERSEbola and COVID-19. He oversaw labs working on research that mutates and genetically modifies viruses that are already harmful in order to make them even more harmful (gain of function);

2012, Dr. Fauci is appointed to the Leadership Council of the Gates Foundation-created Global Vaccine Action Plan;

October 2014, the US government passed a moratorium on  gain of function research;

2015, under Dr. Fauci’s direction, the North Carolina University lab ignored this moratorium, taking the SHC014 strain of the coronavirus, adding the “backbone” of the SARS virus, and inserting HIV and MERS orthologs (genes shared by different species) to create SARS-CoV-2; another scientific analysis explains why the virus is genetically engineered and not natural;

2019, Dr. Fauci transferred $7.4 million of taxpayer money to the Wuhan Institute of Virology via the National Institute of Health to create a more virulent virus;

November 17, the first case of Covid-19 is recorded in Wuhan;

19 January, The first Covid-19 patient to be treated in the US was administered  Remsdesivir—even though no trials had been conducted and were only started in the US at the end of February—it being curious why the doctors would have selected Remsdesivir;

Remsdesivir is made by just one company: Gilead Sciences at a reported cost of $1-29 to manufacture while selling it for $3,120 for a 5 vial treatment. Their Covid-19 trial had no control group so no way of demonstrating that Remdesivir works better than other treatments. The government trial included a randomized control group, but mid-trial, the doctors gave the control group Remsdesivir, too, nullifying any possibility of knowing the effectiveness of the drug. The results? 8% of Remdesivir patients died vs. 11.6% in the control group, and recovery times were reportedly reduced from 15 days on the placebo to 11 days. In other words, miniscule gains, even assuming that the unprofessionally executed tests were valid. A smaller Chinese trial at the same time showed no benefit from Remsdesivir.

Despite these lackluster results, and the fact that Remsdesivir already failed to achieve results with another viral outbreak, Ebola (being too expensive and resulting in a 33% death rate compared with another drug with a 6% death rate) and with significant known side effects, Dr. Fauci asserted Remdesivir would “be the standard of care” for Covid-19 and one million vials of the drug were shipped to US hospitals at the beginning of May. By July, trials proved disastrous, with 80% adverse side effects, including 40% renal failure requiring transplants. This did not prevent Gilead from proclaiming their tests to be very encouraging. Furthermore, 8 out of 53 experts on the NIH COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines Panel were receiving funding from Gilead.

Dr. Fauci has a long and fraudulent history of medical malpractice with Gilead Sciences, as well as other companies: He developed a false-positive-prone test for AIDS and gained FDA fast-track approval for Burroughs Wellcome’s chemotherapy drug, AZT as a “preventive drug” for HIV-diagnosed patients. According to Roberto A. Giraldo, MD and Etienne de Harven, MD, the scientist who produced the first electron micrograph of a retrovirus, “None of these tests detect the HIV virus itself, nor do they detect HIV particles…more than 70 different documented conditions [including influenza, the common cold, and pregnancy] can cause the antibody tests to react positive without an HIV infection…. The fact that after 25 years of intense research HIV has been neither isolated nor purified in terms of classical virology indicates to us that the infectious view of AIDS as a contagious viral disease is based on an apparently non-existent microbe!”

Dr. Fauci financed clinical trials of the AZT drugs for people who did not have HIV —using toxic HIV drugs on healthy people as a preventative measure to “reduce risk” so they did not get AIDs. Gilead supplied the chemotherapy drug, Truvada for Phase III of these human trials on four groups of 2,000-5,000 test subjects. The CDC then recommended this use of Truvada in 2014 despite two of the four trials being abandoned as unworkable.

Of note is that the same tests are used today to determine SARS-CoV-2-positive.

Concurrently, Dr. Fauci contradicts the April 28 endorsement by the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons of hydroxychloroquine (with zinc) for the treatment of COVID-19 patients, which in several countries had demonstrated a 90%+ success rate and very low cost. He also invalidated any other potential cures; it is being made very hard and even illegal for doctors to source and use hydroxychloroquine with zinc for Covid-19 patients; fake studies were conducted without the use of zinc to prove that hydroxychloroquine is ineffective against Covid-19;

China holds the patent on Remsdesivir through an agreement with Gilead’s drug-patent-sharing subsidiary, UNITAID, which has an office near Wuhan;

The main financial investors in UNITAID are George Soros, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and the WHO—the latter being funded by the Gates Foundation to the tune of $2.4 billion over the last two decades.

Mr. Gates’ track record is not better than Dr. Fauci’s when it comes to viruses and vaccines. More from Robert F. Kennedy:

“Promising to eradicate Polio with $1.2 billion, Mr. Gates took control of India ‘s National Advisory Board (NAB) and mandated 50 polio vaccines (up from 5) for every child before age 5. Indian doctors blame, and are suing, the Gates campaign for a devastating vaccine-strain polio epidemic that paralyzed 496,000 children between 2000 and 2017 [at which point] the Indian Government dialed back Gates’ vaccine regimen and evicted Gates agents from the NAB, after which polio paralysis rates dropped precipitously. The World Health Organization reluctantly admitted that the global polio explosion is predominantly vaccine strain, meaning it is coming from Gates’ Vaccine Program. The most frightening epidemics in Congo, the Philippines, and Afghanistan are all linked to Gates’ vaccines. By 2018, ¾ of global polio cases were from Gates’ vaccines.”

“In 2010, the Gates Foundation funded a trial of a GSK’s experimental malaria vaccine, killing 151 African infants and causing serious adverse effects including paralysis, seizure, and febrile [fever] convulsions for 1,048 of the 5,049 children.”

“In 2014, the Gates Foundation funded tests of experimental HPV vaccines, developed by GSK and Merck, on 23,000 young girls in remote Indian provinces. Approximately 1,200 suffered severe side effects, including autoimmune and fertility disorders. Seven died. Indian government investigations charged that Gates-funded researchers committed pervasive ethical violations: Pressuring vulnerable village girls into the trial, bullying parents, forging consent forms, and refusing medical care to the injured girls. The case is now in the country’s Supreme Court.”

“In 2014, a new 5-shot anti-tetanus campaign was launched in Kenya but administered only to 2.3 million girls and women of childbearing age—laboratory analysis showed it had been laced with the pregnancy hormone, HCG, developed by the Rockefeller Foundation and the WHO in 1992, which causes miscarriages three years later. This fertility regulating vaccine requires 5 shots, not the usual 3 for tetanus. Similar programs were discovered in Mexico, the Philippines, and Nicaragua at least, prior to 1995.”

Today, we have genetically engineered nanotech vaccines (that reprogram our cells) being fast-tracked through testing, adverse reactions swept under the table in the rush to claim the mandatory-vaccine bonanza for a virus that has already peaked and never amounted to more in severity than the seasonal flu. The labs, corporations, and their backers must believe they are better than nature at programming cells and improving the human genome, and that this is all worth doing to protect us from viruses when we have a perfectly workable immune system that, unfortunately, does not offer substantial profits to boost compared with the profits proven possible over the last century from a health paradigm based on managing disease with chemicals rather than creating health.

Need one go on, or does one see a pattern when “Dr. Gates” attends to the world’s health?

A core mission for the Gates Foundation when founded in 2000 was reducing population numbers, with the accurate premise that improved health would result in reduced population numbers when parents did not feel they needed lots of children in order to ensure at least one survived to look after them in their dotage. The fact that this correct assessment was followed up not with wholesome food (the UN estimates that a mere $30 billion would solve world hunger), clean water, proper nutrition, hygiene, and sustainable farming initiatives to reduce the need for multiple children, but vaccinating every child on the planet with profitable toxins including, without consent of the patients or parents, covert birth-control elements, betrays some other purpose than honest and unselfish philanthropy.

In 2012, Mr. Gates granted $20 million to MicroCHIPS Biotechnology to create an implantable birth-control device that could be turned on or off remotely, which was produced by 2014.

By 2017, the goal had morphed into providing every child with a digital biometric identity—indicating that population control no longer referred to controlling the numbers of people, but the people themselves. GAVI joined the ID2020 Alliance to spearhead a global digital-biometric-identity standard.

And so we come to 2020, when Mr. Gates answered the question: “What changes are we going to have to make to how businesses operate to maintain our economy while providing social distancing?” with “Eventually we will have some digital certificates to show who has recovered or been tested recently or when we have a vaccine who has received it.” He did not let on that he had been spearheading the whole idea and invested in it, including enrolling the entire Indian population in a biometric identification database.

The digital ID for health was paralleled by the Better Than Cash Alliance founded by the Gates Foundation in 2012 “to accelerate the transition from cash to digital payments globally” and sold as an opportunity for “financial inclusion” of the world’s poorest in the banking system—not that the Indians felt empowered when 87% of their cash was made illegal in 2016 and most of them operated only with cash. It is equally a system for exclusion of any person or transaction not approved by the authorities—much along the lines of the ongoing censorship of all information by social media and tech giants that does not align with the official narrative for Covid-19 or vaccines.

Most of the players behind the vaccination drive are funded by the Gates Foundation: the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations, to which the NIH/NIAID has outsourced oversight of the vaccination program, GAVI and  the WHO.

One has to wonder how many billions the Rockefeller and Gates families and interests have made and will make with their philanthropy. Over the past two decades, the Gates Foundation has given $250 million in charitable grants to companies in which the foundation holds corporate stocks and bonds, while receiving tax breaks for these charitable donations. Another example: Mr. Gates’ GAVI hired a company to lobby the Canadian Prime Minister 19 times over the last two years for mass vaccination of Canadian citizens. Canada is now sending nearly $800 million to GAVI to push vaccines globally, and the Global Polio Eradication Initiative, to advance sexual and reproductive health programs, and introduce new Covid-19 vaccines when available.

It is both illegal and disingenuous to take tax deductions for philanthropic efforts that then funnel far more funds into a corporate entity benefitting the philanthropist‘s pocket book as well as improving their image, thereby opening even more doors and further fattening their pocketbooks. After a decade of philanthropic efforts, Mr. Gate’s fortune has doubled to $100 billion and he admitted that vaccines have provided a 20:1 return, “better than anything else,” which means he has made a nice package on the $10 billion+ he has already invested in vaccines.

The population control grid/DigitalID that Mr. Gates is funding can be understood better knowing the eugenics background of Bill Gates and his father. The roll out of contact tracing with endless and enforced quarantines for a virus that has disappeared already and which never presented as a pandemic, is merely one more node being put into place in the population control grid—immunity passports being another. 1 2 3 4 5

We could go on and on with the things that do not add up about the virus and the various actions being taken with regard to it, and some of the movers and shakers behind it, but let’s examine one last piece of the puzzle that is vital to implementing the programs.

Continuous False Alarms from the Chicken-Little WHO

And so we come to the repeating effort by the WHO to bring about worldwide vaccinations through the machinery set up in 2004 for pandemic declarations:

  1. A precursor existed in the 1976 Swine Flu: Believing 60 million Americans out of 221 million would be infected and a million would die, (the U.S. Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare had announced “We will see a return of the 1918 flu virus that is the most virulent”), the CDC  proclaimed 80% of the population would need to be vaccinated—money for which Congress provided immediately, anticipating good press for saving their constituents from a plague. 100-million flu vaccine shots were manufactured and administered to 49-million people, of whom 4,000 claimed damages for injury, including 532 partially paralyzed with Guillain-Barre syndrome, a rare neurological condition, and 32 dying before the government shut down the program after 10 weeks. In the end, despite the panic, only one person died of the Swine Flu while the drug companies made out nicely financially;
  1. 2002-3, the SARS epidemic saw 8,098 sickened from what may have been SARS and potentially 774 dying (in the US, only 8 out of 29 possible cases were confirmed to have died of SARS). The WHO issued a global alert and worked to identify SARS and so find a vaccine. Since then, nobody has caught SARS. Of note is that the symptoms for SARS are similar to flu, which kills 290,000-650,000 each year and never has resulted in a WHO global alert;
  1. 2004, WHO organized a board of experts to create pandemic guidelines; these obliged governments to purchase billions of dollars of hastily manufactured vaccines whenever the WHO declaring a pandemic. Some of these board members had received consulting fees from drug manufacturers Roche and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK);
  1. 2005, the avian flu H5N1 fails to materialize as a pandemic despite the flu czar asserting 150 million deaths would result worldwide and world governments dutifully forking over billions on vaccines that were not used;
  1. 2009, The H1N1 Swine Flu was declared a global pandemic by the WHO: Two billion were expected to catch it and “several hundred thousand could die [in the US] if a vaccine campaign and other measures aren’t successful.” (Official Statement of Obama Administration—guided by Dr. Fauci at the NIAID—API, 24 July 2009). This WHO announcement triggered contracts with half-a-dozen major pharmaceutical companies to manufacture a vaccine for which they were paid about $40 billion by the taxpayers.

Most of these vaccines were destroyed because the H1N1 pandemic also failed to materialize (144 deaths worldwide after 11 weeks, way less than the annual flu mortalities), although 60 million (mostly children) received GlaxoSmithKline’s Pandemrix and hundreds of them ended up brain damaged.

Wolfgang Wodarg, chairman of the health committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe declared it a false pandemicand “one of the greatest medicine scandals of the century.” The British  Medical Journal stated that “The WHO’s credibility has been badly damaged”  in its handling of the swine flu pandemic, marred by secrecy and conflict of interest with drug companies—referring to the WHO’s 2004 guidelines and at least one expert on the secret “emergency committee” advising the WHO on declaring the 2009 pandemic having received payment from GSK that year.

After the pandemic failed to appear, the WHO redefined (and then denied having done so) a pandemic could be declared even if no deaths occurred;

  1. 2020, Covid-19: More of the same, as covered earlier.

The 2012 MERS epidemic (2,494 people confirmed infected and 858 dead in 27 countries) and 2014-2016 Ebola epidemic (28,600 cases and 11,325 deaths in West Africa) did not follow the same pattern, as they did not spark a pandemic declaration.

In each pandemic, the Chicken-Little WHO spearheaded efforts to force vaccinations on fearful governments and populations and pharmaceutical companies repeatedly obliged while fattening their pocketbooks.

WHO pronounced those blowing the whistle on the dishonesties, conflicts of interest, and dangers of vaccines to be a top global threat in January 2019.

In September, the WHO held the Global Vaccination Summit that established a plan, 10 Actions towards Vaccination for All, to manipulate citizens into vaccine compliance. In October, Event 201 was held and in November of 2019 their call to action was issued at the same time that first Covid-19 case appeared in Wuhan.

WHO has tried a PR and grassroots campaign to overcome the misgivings citizens now hold toward vaccines, which is replete with false information—which makes YouTube’s policy of removing any information that contradicts WHO particularly illogical and unjust, but certainly coordinated.

Qui bono (who benefits) from this drive to universal mandatory vaccinations? At the very least, pharmaceutical companies. But as the #1 donor to the WHO, Mr. Gates is not without influence over the organization and certainly benefits.

The pharmaceutical companies take us back to the Rockefeller dynasty, as mentioned above. This whole pandemic was predicted in the 2010 report by the Rockefeller Foundation, Scenarios for the Future, of a virulent pandemic closing down the world economies and citizens gladly agreeing to lockdowns, face masks, temperature checks, lauding the authoritarian Chinese approach, with loss of sovereignty, privacy, and rights in exchange for their own “safety.”

Except, of course, after the initial shock, the citizens were not quite as sheepish in 2020 as expected, especially as after a while, Covid-19 failed to materialize as a pandemic, with reports of it mutating within a month into something much less dangerous, and the number of deaths tanking (daily deaths on the 21st of: April, 2,214; May, 1,296; June, 627).

The amount of effort and finances being expended to bring about mandatory vaccinations shows it to be central to the greater agenda; the level of destruction considered acceptable to forward the agenda shows a deadly serious intent that can only be countered by individuals and organizations thinking for themselves, valuing their liberties and lifestyles, and being brave enough to fight back. If we are to preempt the next onslaught, we need to disempower these special-interest groups and individuals, as they represent only about 7% of the world—and that will take a large number of citizens becoming active.

If we do not take some action, however small, to improve the management of this civilization, we will return soon to a Dark Age simply because high-tech, materialistic, social-control societies cannot do otherwise than implode for lack of any humanity or spiritual guiding force. The result of such a techno-society is unwilling participants in a slave culture and nobody left who cares. It is doomed to fail ultimately for one and all.

It is only another decade roughly before we will have human cyborgs (humans with some robotic elements) and artificial intelligence robots that do much of the work. Humans becoming increasingly redundant in such a world.

In actual fact, the goal of artificial general intelligence is not achievable, even though billions are being spent on it, because the software architecture that software companies are addicted to, is too complex to create really intelligent robots—only robotic robots. This is a story for another article, but this barrier to a true techno-society does not detract from the tsunami of robotism and the convergence of humans with robots that is coming, and the need for us in hospitality to reassert the humanities in this increasingly materialistic world.

Whatever the who and why behind all this may be, while we may appreciate the constant refrain that our safety is of great importance, socially inclined  individuals do object to having the truth hidden in order to push an agenda which claims to, but does not on further research, actually include the short- and long-term health and well-being of the peoples of Earth.

“I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.”  Thomas Jefferson

If one were to screw up one’s courage and go deeper down the rabbit hole, one would find that Gates and Rockefeller (Foundation) among quite a few others consider the world to be overpopulated and in need of drastic reduction in numbers. Their actions in the health sphere can be seen to contribute to achieving this goal, as well as their actions to “chemicalize” and alter agriculture through GMO crops and seeds that are having negative health and environmental effects the world over, and even the ongoing aerial spraying of toxins around the world for 3-4 decades.

You don’t need to go down this unpleasant rabbit hole in order to roll back this latest attack upon our rights and liberties and so regain the life we used to know. But it would certainly broaden your understanding of the game being played by these influential individuals and groups.

“No one is an unjust villain in his own mind. Even—perhaps even especially—those who are the worst of us. Some of the cruelest tyrants in history were motivated by noble ideals or made choices that they would call ‘hard but necessary steps’

for the good of their nation.”

Jim Butcher, Turn Coat

We do not have to accept their solutions of greater control and harmful programs for the simple reason that they are not optimal solutions. If they were the first to say, “We are overpopulated, and I offer myself up for voluntary death,” or if they said, “I am happy for my baby to have these 29 vaccinations with multiple toxins injected into their tiny bodies within 18 months, despite the lack of safety trials and known injuries,” then we might mistake their actions for altruism, at least, even if misguided, but this is not their view.

It is important to maintain our own sense of dignity, even for those who have fallen as far off the track as the Rockefellers and Gates of this world. There is room for them in the world, too, but not their badly-thought-through solutions.

Nobody likes to see family, friends, colleagues, students, clients, and neighbors being forced into situations that do not benefit them. And certainly not when the entire world population is suffering as a result. Just because it is that way right now does not mean that we have to sit back and allow it to continue so: We can do something about it, and just knowing there is a way out of the mess is half the battle won.

What to Do

For those who believe this virus to be a lethal calamity and the end of the world is at hand, remember President Roosevelt’s inaugural address in 1933: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

“Silent acquiescence in the face of tyranny is no better than outright agreement.”        C.J. Redwine, Defiance

It is evil people who make life seem hostile. Left to their own devices, the vast majority of us get along just fine, seek the truth that will improve conditions, act with a good dose of common sense—all while enjoying life.

This short video makes a very good point: With all the talk of minorities being unfairly treated, we forget to look at the majority, and most importantly, to define what the majority is. Saying that a minority is based on color, religion, gender, country, sexual orientation or whatever is simply to agree to false divisions created to divide the majority. What is the real majority? People who care about others and want them to do as well as we would like to do ourselves. They respect others and their views; they do not try to tear them down in one way or another or label them as bad or worthless. The majority are the 93% who are straight with you, do not say one thing and mean or act otherwise; they try to be constructive, not destructive or particularly, pretend to help while actually harming.

So how do we end the prospect of continued lockdowns, loss of livelihood, and forced vaccines, as the media and some government bodies keep threatening? As a majority, by launching a tsunami of public indignation and demanding sensible and effective management from our elected officials regarding this pandemic that seems primarily to have been designed to bring about forced vaccinations worldwide and to build on the 9/11 security measures to gain greater control over citizenry.

“No one rules if no one obeys.”  David Icke

Which is to say, the only real resource any manager has is the willingness of the employees. As soon as they become unwilling because the manager mistreats them, takes them for fools, the manager has nobody to manage.

Four basic steps:

1. Boost your immune system with such as Vitamin D3, etc. as covered earlier, while taking simple hygiene actions like rinsing with mouthwash to neutralize coronaviruses in the mouth and throat.

2. Neutralize the next wave of fear mongering

Tick the boxes below that apply any time the media blasts fear over the airwaves about Covid-19:

The current message is and will continue to be that the number of “cases” is

going through the roof requiring another lockdown —

while neglecting to mention:

a) More testing is being done, so of course more people test positive;

b) The PCR test is being used even though it is completely unreliable

for testing viruses, giving many false positives because it cannot

differentiate between Covid-19 or other viruses and germs;

c) Sometimes the positive diagnosis is based only on observation of

symptoms (flu-like symptoms, shortness of breath); that could be the result

of multiple causes;

d) The vast majority of those “cases” have no symptoms;

e)  The vast majority of those “cases” are not contagious.

The media is simply trying to alarm everyone by 1) calling those who test positive, even when based on an incorrect diagnosis, as “infected,” even if they have no symptoms and are not infectious, and 2) calling them “cases,” a word that means a person  becomes ill with what is confirmed to be Covid-19. Thus they make it seem a second wave is coming when it is not and so panic State authorities, desperate to open their economies, into another deleterious shutdown.

For instance, the CDC saying antibody information collected shows the number of “confirmed cases” (meaning testing positive) is probably 10x earlier published figures, demonstrates that the media and related government agencies are twisting good news into bad news. Why? Because the more people who test positive, the lower the ultimate death rate and danger presented by Covid-19. In fact, the death rate never went exponential, indicating, as one study shows, that people have a resistance to Covid-19; another study showed that the T-cells of 40-60% of people who had not been exposed to Covid-19 are able to deal with it based on their ability to deal with the common cold.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the number of Covid-19 deaths was 75% lower in states that did not lock down, but the media ignores deaths and focuses on the only number that can be made to appear bad: The number of positive tests that they pretend are accurate and are increasing as more people are tested, which they then escalate into “infections” and “cases.”

The WSJ article began with a statement that betrays the true nature of the media: “GOP governors have faced enormous media pressure to lock down their states in solidarity with Democrats…” The media are meant to report news, so what is this “pressure” other than propaganda—applying relentless pressure to make people think a certain way for political or other ends? A good reason to disconnect from them and seek responsible reporting that unearths facts because it respects the right and ability of individuals to think for themselves.

More examples of the early-to-open States being targeted by the media for panic generation: 71% of South Carolina hospital beds were reported to be in use already as COVID cases keep increasing, yet normal occupancy is 69%-70%.

Comparing Covid cases/deaths in the Bronx (3,346/234) with Houston (567/7) makes it obvious that Houston’s population of 7.1 million is doing a lot better than the Bronx’s 1.5 million, yet the media is baying for a return to a lockdown in Texas.

The new definition of cases includes anyone who has had some contact with anyone who later tests positive. No tests on them even, just quarantine and counted as a case. On May 11, a new definition for “cases” was released that required no testing, just having two or more symptoms that could be caused by any number of conditions. All of which explains the surge in cases at the end of June that is being used to push for a shutdown until a vaccine can be brought to market.

And just in case anyone is in doubt about the virulence of Covid-19’s second wave, the Florida Department of Health decided to create a tsunami of new cases by reporting 100% of those tested by dozens of labs as cases that were positive for Covid-19, when  the labs were actually reporting 6-9% as positive to the FDH.

Likewise, don’t close your eyes to the illogical contact tracing and enforcement of self-quarantining for 14 days just because a person has been exposed to someone who has tested positive for Covid-19. Apart from the personal injustice and unnecessary imprisonment—as a positive test means little-to-nothing—it will make it impossible for businesses to stay open if every time one person tests positive (usually without symptoms), the entire business has to quarantine for two weeks. Two weeks later, another round of testing shows one person testing positive and the business closes again.

Do not be fooled, either, by the notion of voluntary vaccinations, as life will be made impossible without the freedom to travel even for shopping because one has refused a vaccine. Before this irrational program is implemented is the time to be alert to the irrationalities and to point them out to those who can reverse them and adopt a sensible strategy: Taking precautions for those individuals at risk; and at work, if someone is actually ill, they simply call in sick and stay home until they are better while everyone else is free to continue working. Managing this normal-level outbreak, as with the annual flu, does not require governmental intervention nor enforced medical lockdowns and treatments.

The infection fatality rate has dropped for ten weeks in a row (mid-July, with those below 45 almost 0% and those 45-70, between 0.05 and 0.3%) and is almost at the point where it does not qualify as an epidemic per CDC definition. this could explain the fear-driven full-court press “skyrocketing cases resulting in a second wave and large volumes of deaths” narrative we are witnessing, because once the virus disappears, it will be much harder to force vaccinations on all of Earth’s inhabitants.

No doubt the threat of wars, riots, destruction, political shouting matches, and Covid-19 alarm will jockey for the lead position on the airwaves until a vaccine finally appears; if and when it does, and it is still being forced on everyone, don’t be so knocked about that you forget to dig through independent voices reporting on the vaccine trials to see what they really proved, because the media will only publish the glowing PR and gloss over the inevitable adverse reactions.

3. Become further educated if you feel the need

Knowledge is power, so educate yourself more if you feel you need more understanding than these three articles (and their over-300 links) provide in order to act.

Use the search engine, as unlike Google, it does not censor search results nor does it covertly track your searches. I wish I could refer you to mainstream media sources that might engender confidence in their information, but they have almost all long since been bought out by advertizers and intelligence agencies and now present propaganda and corporate lines as opposed to honest journalism. Obviously, try to separate opinions and agendas from the facts as you surf traditional and non-traditional sources, as they are not all accurate, by any means.

For relevant videos banned by YouTube and Vimeo and from other social media, and not findable on Google or most search engines:

  • General: 1, 2
  • The pandemic: 1, 2
  • Vaccines: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
  • Dr. Dolores Cahill: 1
  • Dr. Judy Mikovits: 1, 2
  • Dr. Buttar: 1
  • Aerial spraying: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

“A single person who stops lying can bring down a tyranny”    Alexandr Solzhenitsyn, Soviet dissident and writer

4. Communicate and organize to nudge governments into acting sensibly

Strength comes in numbers, so communicate and organize to build a huge volume of insistent demand for a) solutions based on common sense and b) science based on reality, not some hidden agenda that requires facts be twisted and hidden.

  1. Relay this paper or any specific links to people you know and discuss the issues with them;
  1. Ask them to communicate to their friends, family, government employees, owners and managers of your hotel property, other businesses, anyone with influence over the situation, the media, and organize them to do the following: 
  1. End the lockdown in your area if it still exists and do whatever you can to give your local council and State officials the certainty and courage to put aside the media propaganda barrage and restart your area. Bear in mind that the WHO stated those without symptoms rarely transmit the virus, so it makes no sense to close businesses when one person tests positive but has no symptoms or for anyone other than a person with symptoms to wear a mask, stand six-feet apart, and not congregate in larger numbers or risk being fined or even arrested;
  1. In the US, use the protection afforded by the Constitution and related legal judgements to protect yourself by printing and signing the various documents listed on this page, and present to anyone trying to force you illegally in some way;
  1. Research and join grass roots efforts to derail the planned mandatory vaccinations and any further lockdowns. This is a good example of how one lady addressed the issue of the lockdown and masks in particular.
  • Engage in non-confrontational civil disobedience following these guidelines;
  • Join such as the Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Children’s Health Defense, a leading voice exposing the dangers of vaccinations;
  • Support;
  • In the USA, this organization stays on top of vaccination legislation so you can reach out to express your views and help influence the outcome;
  • Join the US movement to decline mandatory vaccines without informed consent;
  • Join the Health Freedom Advocacy Center
  • This document parallels much of this paper, with some additional data as well as a good action suggestions offered at the end;
  • In the UK, support such as this group of lawyers who have determined the UK’s Coronavirus Act 2020 to be null and void;
  • For Mr. Gates, the Italian member of parliament’s call during a session recently for Mr. Gates be referred to the International Criminal Court for Crimes against Humanity would be a good first step. Write to your politician and build the groundswell for more countries to bring his suspect philanthropic actions to an end and put an end to the rule of earth by billionaires with a dim view of mankind and ideas that everyone (except them) should die for the greater good;
  • The WHO seems to be too corrupt to continue in its current form: Steps to dismantle it are given at the end of this article;
  • By refusing to be railroaded into a non-optimal solution, you can succeed in making governments serve the people, rather than vested interests—as the Serbians did—the first people who forced their government to end mandated lockdowns.

In the final analysis, hundreds of irrationalities have been detailed in this report by many brave souls who stated the truth in the face of a whirlwind of attacks on them professionally and personally from many corners orchestrated by those in authority and power whose hidden economic, social, and political agendas are put at risk by citizens finding out the truth. In the US alone, this has led to the completely insane response of locking down 340 million people and shutting down our $21 trillion economy because…. Why? Because 1 in every 1,000 mostly old and already sick people who actually catch Covid-19 will die of it rather than of something else. The special-interest groups engineering this catastrophe are counting on the citizenry to continue for just a little bit longer, past the point of no return, where they will be cornered in terms of available freedoms and freedom to choose their own destiny.

If we think for ourselves, help spread the word, educate politicians who will listen and are not too corrupted, and insist that we move away from this abyss of a police-state mentality protecting us from a supposedly hostile world, we can look forward to a relatively rapid return to the lives we have all worked for years to build, founded upon the earnest efforts and values of our ancestors.

Written during May and June, 2020, with regular updates added.

Please feel free to share.

Permission to republish in another outlet is granted by the author with the agreement of the editor, as long as no changes are made to the text and notice is given that the paper is adapted from three articles first published by Hotel Business Review in late June and early July, 2020.

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