The CORONAhoax according to our favorite astrologer

So, what has the pandemic accomplished, at least in favor of the ‘Globalists’ or NWO agenda?

by Bud Barber

1 – It has helped create the ‘cashless society’ and bring us that much closer to everyone being chipped. Have you noticed how many places are now refusing to accept cash?

2 – It will help manifest mandatory immunization.

3 – It has weakened the US economy and 3 – therefore weakened Trumps chances of re-election.

4 – It has help reduce the population of the world!!! They want at least a 75% reduction and are still working on it.

5 – It has kept the population localized under control via quarantining us.

6 – It has especially depopulated the ethnic population, truth is they, the Globalists, don’t really believe Black Lives Matter.

7 – It has made us dependent on a more socialist, left, or BIG GOVT form of Government.

8 – It has helped shut down religion worldwide. You can go to a political rally/riot but cannot go to church or your yoga class.

9 – It has limited international travel for the public.

10 – It has shut down schools and colleges and thus dumbed down the population, especially the world’s youth.

11 – It has kept us at home forcing us to use virtual forms of communication.

12 – All in all, it has taken away your freedoms and civil liberties and given them more power over us!

If you’re not familiar with AGENDA 21 you should read that first if all or some of the above does not make any sense to you!  After reading AGENDA 21 If you do not think this pandemic was planned, you’re, I’m sorry, but hiding your head in the sand (or clouds, I should say).



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