A Vedic Astrologer Makes Predictions for February 2021

February 2021 Spiritual Insights

by Joni Patry

Let me begin with the good news for 2021. The most important and positive event in 2021 is the elimination of the coronavirus. As Rahu and Ketu transit in Taurus and Scorpio, this brings healing. By March of 2022, COVID as we know it will be gone. The transit of the nodes in these signs pertains to healing. Rahu was in Taurus and Ketu was in Scorpio when there was the discovery of the smallpox vaccine and the discovery of penicillin. Furthermore, this year will present amazing new healing modalities since Rahu and Ketu in these signs promote healing.

At the same time, there will be many changes that I foresee happening to our amazing planet we call home and as an astrologer it is my sacred duty to be objective and help prepare you for the future so we can all benefit. Throughout the rest of 2021 I will be providing you many tools and perspectives to not just cope, but THRIVE during this period of change I foretell ahead. Change can be uncomfortable and we may not understand it’s divine purpose in the moment, but like a caterpillar who needs the cocoon to transform into a butterfly these changes will be necessary for the next positive evolution of humanity and our world. I truly believe this.

So as you follow my predictions for February and for the ensuing months please keep comfort in your heart that a greater purpose is guiding these astrological trends and I will be here right next to you to help guide as well.

This month of February, there will be a stellium of planets in Capricorn. On February 11, the day of the New Moon, there will be seven planets in Capricorn. While all these planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto) are in Capricorn, Mars is in Aries with Uranus forming a square (90 degrees) aspect to all seven planets. The square is a hard aspect that causes difficult events that bring about change and positive shifts in awareness through difficulties.

The signs involved Capricorn and Aries are cardinal signs representing change. This is a time of big changes around the world, but they will not come easily. Cardinal signs are the most event-oriented and represent action towards an adjustment. Things are at a breaking point and things must change for the better.

Everything happens for a Divine reason; the events occurring this year will reveal the truth. Many will not want to believe the truth because it will destroy the old paradigms of what they believed about the world.

At the beginning of the month, on the surface it appears there is a new hope that the world can come together with a new sense of unity, but the talk of peace and unity will soon break apart as transiting Mars enters Taurus February 22- April 13th. Mars is nearing Rahu and this denotes a revolution leading to war.

Where are we going with half of the United States divided? The new regime thankfully is promoting unity while there has never been a more severe divide. The more those opposing parties refuse to listen, the more divided the U.S. and the world becomes. Interestingly, I have noted many countries are going through the same issues. This is a world phenomenon.

Whenever there is a building of extreme anger and division the law of nature usually brings balance. If people cannot come to a place to heal, the Universe will cause an event to bring us together. The coronavirus affected the entire planet and should have brought people together to heal, but it didn’t. So now there has to be an event that will finally wake people up and that will heal the world and force unity. This will most likely be some kind of war. We are about to see unimaginable things.

When people are restricted and limited to choice and movement, it is human nature that they rebel. No one likes their freedom taken away. Another dilemma is many feel injustice. This is a very dangerous situation because people become irate when they feel they have not been heard. The resentment creates anger and hostility.

There is a different and more extreme tension brewing now because people feel their voices have been ignored and suppressed. When people are suppressed they find other ways to get revenge. Anger does not go away until it is expressed, and when it is suppressed it builds to a breaking point and explodes like a volcano.

What can we do to find our own peace and comfort in a changing world full of hate and anger? First of all, the outside world is a reflection of the masses and what you are feeling contributes to the mass consciousness. As teachers of spiritual progress and growth, we cannot be absorbed in the hate and anger that is brewing. So we must take the planetary energy and use it for its higher level of energy instead of the lower vibrations.

It is time to listen and hear what others are saying. At the time of the New Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, and Mercury are all in the nakshatra Shravana, which symbol is an ear and represents listening. It is a very intelligent nakshatra that pertains to learning. At this time, people are enraged because they feel their voices have not been heard. This concerns the political news. Politics is about beliefs, and those with a certain political belief have a very strong opinion about their sense of right or wrong. It involves righteousness that deals with fairness and justice. It invokes powerful emotions concerning these beliefs. When people feel they have been treated unfairly and unjustly and nothing is being done to bring justice, they become angry. The more the anger is denied and not addressed the more it grows. The entire Trump phenomenon has revealed many people’s sense of injustice and feelings of not being heard. Others will say Trump created all of the turmoil with his outrageous false claims or conspiracies, and the only thing he cares about is his ego. Others feel he will save us from the corruption of the elite that has controlled the world.

One way or another these extreme oppositions are tearing us apart and will destroy the world. What if you could see both sides, and both sides are right? You may say this is impossible, but in reality, this is the place we have to come from to heal. There are aspects of both sides that are right. Never is one side always right.

Such as in a relationship, if you look at one person as the culprit of all the problems, then you do not see the picture correctly. One person is never solely to blame for a dysfunctional relationship. It takes two to create the problems in a relationship. Maybe there appears to be a victimizer and a victim, but don’t forget the victim may do something to provoke the victimizer, in certain situations. It takes an evolved and aware person to see how they contributed to the problem and how they can begin to heal the relationship. If someone is not willing to heal their issues of one relationship, they soon become involved in another relationship with the same issues, always blaming the other person for all the problems; different faces, the same issues. Because they did not heal what it is within themselves, there is no healing in any relationship.

So this is exactly what needs to be done to heal our nation and the world. It starts with listening and seeing where the blame and problems originated. But unfortunately, most are not willing to see anything from the opposing viewpoint, so destruction will keep occurring until this changes. This entire difficult situation is playing out for us all to learn something valuable. Some people are so vested in their anger that they are enraged at this prospect to think another way.

If you are on a spiritual path and want to grow and find peace, then you have to come to a place of knowing that you have to see both sides of this situation, how it all developed, and what we can learn from understanding that both sides are right and have their points. If you can do this you will grow by leaps and bounds spiritually, and you will have a sense of peace in your life that will vibrate to the world and promote understanding and awareness that can and will ultimately change the world. I ask that you try this as a concerned soul that wants the best for this world.

The world is a place where we can grow and learn emotionally and spiritually. Every situation appears from a need and inspires growth. Presidential leaders come into play to teach us about where we are and what we need to learn. Regardless of what you believe or think, the President is always a reflection of what is occurring in the masses and will teach what we need to learn about ourselves.

The Inauguration Chart for President of the United States 2021

Many have been asking about the inauguration chart that predicted sudden unexpected violence. Uranus was exactly conjunct Mars. Uranus indicates unexpected and sudden events and Mars can indicate weapons and violence. Some say the violence didn’t happen! I want everyone to remember that we have free will, and this is exactly why we want to know astrology so that we can advert and prevent things when the planetary energies predict something difficult. Obviously, this day was challenging, and the precautions taken probably averted something tragic from happening. However, many riots began on that day and are still continuing in major cities in the USA which is indicative of this harsh aspect. In my 40+ years of doing astrology and predicting events I have learned it is important to understand that events do not always happen on the same day as the conjunction happens. But they can create a “trigger point” that will be activated by another aspect or transit down the road. I will be watching these early degrees of Aries in the near future.
Furthermore, this is the chart for the birth of this Presidency. So this is the muhurta of this Presidency. I believe with Mars conjunct Uranus, this Presidency will have violence during this four-year term. Many Vedic astrologers do not use the outer planets, but I know that they work.
Another defining point is that there is a Kala Sarpa Yoga, meaning all the planets are on one side of Rahu and Ketu. This means this is a very karmic chart. There are many events that are karmically due to happen that will have huge consequences. This is a chart of extremes.

Saturn and Jupiter are combust with the Sun weakening them, but Saturn is strong being in Capricorn in the 10th house (Sasa yoga) indicating there will be new rules and regulations that promise organization and healing for the government.

Rahu and Ketu indicate many changes in the financial markets due to their placements in the 2nd and 8th houses. But Neptune is exactly at the midpoint of the nodes and indicates an unraveling of secrets, deception, and scandals.
Mars, Uranus, and the Moon are all in the nakshatra Ashwini, and the dispositor is Ketu in the 8th house – another indication of scandals.
Checking the navamsha chart to better understand where this is all evolving, I saw the same indications as Mars and Uranus are in the 10th house of government and career, and Mars is debilitated in Cancer with the Moon as the dispositor, is in the 8th house with Neptune. Neptune and the 8th house rules deceit, denials, deception, and scandals.
So we will see where this all goes! I did a reading on this chart before on YouTube before I knew who was to be the next President and said all the same things. I said whoever becomes the next President based on this Inauguration chart will not finish their term.


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