The GREAT GUN GRAB of 2021 Begins!

…With the Gladio-Staged, False-Flag,
Mass Shooting in Boulder, Colorado

Supermarket shooting in Colorado leaves multiple dead


State of the Nation

It was only a matter of time before the first major false flag mass shooting took place on the watch of POTUS imposter Joe Biden. Actually, the second MCE after the Atlanta area massage parlor shootings.

How predictable that this alleged massacre would be perpetrated in Colorado just as the Columbine High School massacre was carried out by a similar OPERATION GLADIO C conspiracy in April of 1999. That was a defining moment for Democrat politicians in this era of increasing gun control; so was this other Colorado mass casualty event in 2012 as follows.

FLASHBACK: Don’t forget another obviously mind-controlled
patsy in Colorado who killed 12 people and
injured 70 others in 2012

Of course, the intention is quite similar: inflame anti-firearm sentiments in a once very conservative state where gun ownership is at an all-time high because of the brazenly stolen 2020 election.

Colorado is also a state that greatly captures the attention of both the Left Coast and the East Coast where the gun-hating, ultra-liberal ‘intelligentsia’ reside. Now wait for the chorus of “GUN CONTROL NOW!” that will soon reverberate in the MSM echo chamber. The CIA’s Mockingbird Media will most assuredly milk this purported massacre like there’s no tomorrow.

Why are these super-dramatic false flag mass shootings
always carried out in Colorado?

March Madness

It has repeatedly been established by SOTN over the years that The Powers That Be (TPTB) always take advantage of “March Madness” to execute society-altering schemes that need to transpire in order to significantly advance the New World Order globalist agenda.

There is absolutely nothing more vital to that nefarious NWO agenda that the effective nullification of the Second Amendment. Until the American people are stripped of their guns, the USA will experience an unending spate of false flag mass shootings—PERIOD.

The Democrats know that eventually, especially after being under the influence of multiple doses of the various mind-altering COVID-19 injections, a critical mass of U.S. citizens will coalesce around a draconian gun control regime in all 50 states. This is called stealthily manufactured consent by way of government-sponsored domestic terrorism…and it was made speciously ‘legal’ under Comrade Obama.

by the Department of Defense

In light of this top-priority NWO globalist goal, the communists who own and operate the Democrat Party will conspire with Deep State and the NWO cabal to implement every gun-grabbing initiative possible during March and through the end of April. (The Columbine black operation was carried out on April 2oth.)

As for Operation Gladio, the terrorist arm of NATO (aka the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization), March Madness black ops and psyops are always carried out right through to the end of April. Hence, the American people can expect to see a series of false flag mass shootings conducted specifically under the rubric of OPERATION GLADIO C.

Colorado supermarket shooter kills 10 people, including police officer, suspect in custody

KEY POINTS: It’s virtually impossible to determine if this Boulder supermarket slaughter even occurred. These Gladio psyops are so meticulously staged by all the usual suspects that it’s would be mere speculation to comment on this egregious act of domestic terrorism. The mass shooting crime scenes are now so controlled by all levels of foreign-controlled law enforcement that any meaningful facts are never released to the taxpaying public. Therefore, this mass shooting could have been completely real, totally fake or a hybrid of reality and fakery. There’s no questions that there are always crisis actors present after the heinous crime is committed who will be interviewed with great melodrama stressing the need to ‘outlaw guns’. Likewise, the reactions from the locals over the coming days will all be choreographed so that the prevailing sentiment presented by the MSM will be in favor of immediate gun control. Of course, the post-mass shooting interviews — for weeks — with select globalist-controlled politicians will be orchestrated to maximize the extremely favorable impact on draconian gun control measures that will be expeditiously rolled out. Such legislation was actually written years ago for this very moment of betrayal of the American people. See: As always, a mind-controlled patsy used a semi-automatic rifle in Boulder while draconian gun control legislation is being considered by Congress!

Mass Shootings in the United States in 2021

Who knew that there have already been 107 mass shootings in the USA during 2021 and we’re only still in March?!

List of Mass Shootings in the United States in 2021

Now, what’s especially suspicious about the extraordinary number of mass shootings is how evenly distributed they are across the entire country (see map below). It’s as though these CIA-coordinated, FBI-covered up, DoJ-squashed massacres have each been sited in cities and communities to exert maximum impact on the local audience. In this way, the true globalist perpetrators at the top of these criminal conspiracies are ginning up the necessary groundswell of popular demand to forever abolish the Second Amendment.

The most recent mass casualty event prior to Boulder was the series of mass shootings that occurred at massage parlors in Atlanta and its suburb Acworth, about 30 miles away. Eight people were killed in the incidents and one person was wounded.

Not only was this a highly emotionally charged slaughter of innocents, it was also used as a racial wedge issue driven deeply into the heart of the American body politic.

PSYOP ALERT! False Flag Mass Shootings in Atlanta: Gladio Black Ops
Targeting Asians to Further Inflame Racial Tensions

Clearly this rapid succession of mass casualty incidents, via various types of weapons particularly assault weapons, across America is being carried out with highly purposeful NWO design. First and foremost, these deliberate barbaric attacks on innocents with high-powered weaponry were meant to provide political justification to ban the possession of all assault weapons

REMEMBER: As long as the US citizenry possesses military grade firearms, they are able to resist the totalitarian communist tyranny being shoehorned into place by Comrades Biden and Harris. Until the American people are unlawfully stripped of their guns, the NWO cabal knows that their planned One World Government is unattainable. For only when the American Republic has been subjugated to its enemies such as China will the final completion of the New World Order agenda begin in earnest.

The following five articles clearly spell out a long-term Democrat plan to remove guns from the hands of every American citizen.

Biden Gun Control Plan Would “Criminalize” Up To 105 Million People

Most Draconian Gun Control Bill In History Will Make Millions of Felons Overnight

Here comes the Congressional gun control legislation to stealthily curtail the 2nd Amendment!

GUN CONTROL ALERT! This is how Biden and the Democrats are gutting the 2nd Amendments

First they took our FREE SPEECH, next the Democrats will enact total GUN CONTROL.


If there is one reason that reigns supreme why naked election thief Joe Biden was installed by his globalist masters, it was to finally strip Americans of their guns. A highly compromised career political criminal like Biden can be quite easily bribed and/or blackmailed, especially in view of how cognitively debilitated, transparently demented and overly medicated on psychoactive pharmaceutical drugs he is at this very moment.

Manchurian Candidate Barack Hussein Obama was similarly installed into the Oval Office with the explicit purpose of removing the constitutional right to bear arms, which he failed to do. Even a cursory examination of the countless false flag mass shootings that were purposefully conducted on Obama’s watch indicates just how desperate they were to cancel the 2nd Amendment. Biden was intentionally positioned as Obama’s VP because his handlers knew he could be coerced into doing anything in service to his globalist masters, just as he will today—ANYTHING! ! !

Well, that “anything” translates to nothing less than “The GREAT GUN GRAB of 2021″.

Look it, people, TPTB have already pulled off THE GREAT SCAMDEMIC, THE GREAT STEALECTION and the ongoing GREAT RESET. What, pray tell will stop them from attempting the GREAT GUN GRAB of 2021?

It’s clearly time to arm up, ammo up and protect the sacred constitutional right to bear arms in order to protect our families and communities, YES?!?!?!?!

State of the Nation
March 23, 2021

Update 1

It is surely no coincidence that the shooter has been identified as 21-year-old Syrian-born gunman Ahmad Alissa. In light of the unprovoked war of naked aggression being waged by the Biden administration against Syria in order that the US, Israel and Turkey can brazenly steal their oil, it appears that the Syrian fall guy is aalso a pawn on the Middle Eastern geopolitical chessboard. See: Here’s the ‘Mentally Ill’ and Mind-Controlled Fall Guy Who Was Set Up by Law Enforcement for the Boulder Mass Shooting


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