BIDENgate: The Most Explosive October Surprise of the Third Millennium

BIDENgate is by far the most damaging
October Surprise of any POTUS election
since the founding of the Republic.

The Armchair Political Analyst
SOTN Exclusive

Really, does it get any bigger than BIDENgate?

This father and son scandal of the millennium known as BIDENgate has literally turned into the wish-fulfilling cow that NEVER STOPS GIVING! ! !

What a boon for the Trump Campaign and the President’s re-election prospects.

We’re talking about the most naked, in-your-face, radioactive political scandal of any U.S. election cycle—EVER!

Now that’s quite an achievement … … … even for old “Sleepy Uncle Joe”.

Let’s face it: the apple, the really rotten apple in this case, did not fall very far at all from the totally rotten tree.

UNITED STATES CODE: Joe Biden is permanently disqualified
from holding any public office in the U.S. Federal Government

The Biden Crime Family

“There’s only one difference between the Biden Crime Family and the Clinton Crime Family. Bonnie and Clyde Hillary and Bill really did attempt to hide their multiple, multi-decade crime sprees whereas Joe and Hunter’s crushing crime waves rolled over the land for everyone to see—EVERYWHERE THEY WENT. The Biden’s outright criminality and transparent corruption took place in a Democrat-controlled environment whereby this very dynamic crime duo really thought they could rape, pillage and plunder with complete impunity. Then Donald Trump took office.”

— Intelligence Analyst & Former US Military Officer

That analysis above just about sums up the whole Biden predicament in 2020.

What did Joe and Hunter expect after doing so many bank robberies IN BROAD DAYLIGHT but a full-blown investigation into the ever-burgeoning crime scandal— BIDENgate?!

Not only that, but these two jokers left a trail of robberies, thefts and grand larcenies in nations all over the planet. You name it: Ukraine, China, Russia. Hunter went wherever he could rake in the most Hryvnias, Renminbis and Rubles, it appears. We’re talking about the original “Jerry Maguire” who demanded of everyone:

“Show me the money!”

For example, there is this well-known story that the mainstream media refuses to cover in any meaningful detail

Why did the wife of Moscow’s former mayor write Hunter Biden
a check for $3.5 million?

What we’re really talking about here is a stone-cold shakedown and/or protection racket. Both Bidens basically used the US government and U.S. Armed Forces as the political and enforcement arms, respectively, for their numerous illegal deals and felonious frauds. And, there were plenty of deals that never made it even to the Alt Media because of how shady the international cast of characters was.

That’s one thing Joe Biden was always careful to avoid…until now. Every politician is compelled to keep a safe distance from unsavory characters who are likely to come back to haunt them. This is clearly the most difficult challenge facing every politician in America today.

However, what happens when the bad actor is your own son? Truly, Hunter turned out to be Joe’s Achilles’ heel in this regard; and there was practically no way Joe could avoid the oncoming train wreck because of this catastrophic relationship. See: “Biden created 1 job in 47 years. It was for Hunter.”

It’s not like “Old Joe” was a saint, mind you; for his pedophilia behavior was often on full display as the many YouTube videos have presented over years of filmed child harassment and/or abuse. If this is how Joe acts in the hallowed halls of the White House and Capitol Building, just imagine what took place in the privacy of his own home and secret offices.

Joe Biden was accused of not just sexual assault but RAPE! (Video)

Quite stunningly, Vice President Joe Biden was so cavalier about how he carried out his various criminal plots that he was actually content to get on stage (a Council on Foreign Relations forum) and be filmed describing the actual Ukraine crime scene along with his patently criminal official misconduct. See: Here’s Vice President Joe Biden Describing His Criminal Acts vis-à-vis the Ukraine

Hunter Biden

“The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”

In the case of Hunter Biden we see that a rotting tree can only produce a rotten apple. Given the now notorious cache of telling emails, it’s clear that Biden & Sons were running an international shakedown racket. As long as the incorrigibly lawless Barack Obama was POTUS, Biden & Biden really felt they could shale down any government on Earth.

Truly, Joe Biden along with henchman Hunter give new meaning to gunboat diplomacy abroad and graft at home. Wherever these 2 con men did their business together there was sure to be a long trail of bribery and blackmail, payola and extortion.

As a chip of the old block, Hunter especially shared one thing with his perpetually plagiarizing father—he has never held a real job. As a lifelong politician, Joe Biden demonstrated he was completely incapable of doing an honest day’s work. Likewise, son Hunter followed perfectly in dad’s footsteps as he was given con job after con job to engage himself with, each being the product of sheer political influence.

“Biden created 1 job in 47 years. It was for Hunter.”

In view of the aftermath of damage, it appears that Hunter embraced all of these opportunities to swindle and scam in such a way that he truly shined in his father’s eyes. This is simply what highly corrupt career politicians hope for form their children: that they will take advantage of the influence-peddling and graft while the political winds are still favorable. See: Joe Biden gets a 50% cut from son Hunter and brother Jim.

Ukraine & Burisma

As far as American political dynasties go, scandals don’t get any bigger than BURISMAgate. Of course, BURISMAgate is just a small piece of a much larger scandal known as UKRAINEgate.

Remember that President Trump was unjustly impeached for the type of proven crime committed by then Vice President Biden. The very very that the democrats fabricated the case against Trump was to divert the public’s attention from the rapidly exploding Burisma scandal.

Not only that, but that purely political impeachment process was deliberately initiated just days before the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak occurred. In other words, the timing of the submission of the articles of impeachment was quite purposefully decided by the Democrats to distract Trump from the coming Covid crisis and pandemic. That well-concealed yet extremely radioactive scandal is known as the real COVIDgate.

How Trump was stealthily set up by the
Democrats, Deep State and NWO globalists
via the fabricated coronavirus pandemic with
multiple political aims, but especially to foil
his re-election and collapse the economy.

Source: This is the real COVIDgate!

Both Biden and Obama, along with the Clinton Crome Family, were key co-conspirators in this highly complex criminal conspiracy to overthrow the Trump administration.

Really, how convoluted is it when a bioweapon is launched in China by the New World Order globalists, who are closely working with the American and Chinese Deep States, in order to torpedo Trump’s economy in order to ensure his election loss?

Biden & Sons have been a critical conduit to the Chinese Deep State throughout the entirety of OPERATION COVID-19. Hunter’s dealings with China are only now coming to light and will assuredly reveal a tangled web of conspiratorial plots carried out to both implement and cover up the clandestine COVID CRIME SYNDICATE (see screenshot of New York Post at the top of this article).


Clearly, the Biden, Obama, Clinton crime families did not expect all of these treasonous scandals and seditious conspiracies to break out into the open. That’s why there have been so many unprecedented data dumps of hard evidence documenting their numerous crime sprees.

Biden & Sons were especially lax about covering their tracks at any crime scene. While Joe is overly medicated and dementia-ridden, Hunter is evidently suffering from the ravages of years of cocaine use. Otherwise how could this headline ever appear announcing yet another shocking October Surprise in 2020.

Confirmed: Trump Has Footage Of Hunter Biden Raping And Torturing
Little Girls — Set To Release (Video)

The Bidens have been and are being used — BIG TIME — to do a LOT of dirty work that no one else would do. This is exactly why Joe Biden, specifically, was selected as Obama’s VP. Obama’s masters knew he would oversee the most lawless and corrupt, unscrupulous and criminal, deceitful and crooked administration in U.S. history. And, they knew well that only a Joe Biden along with his son Hunter would be willing to do anything — no matter how criminal or corrupt — in order the advance the New World Order agenda.

Which is also why the Biden Crime Family was chosen to do their dirty deeds, especially those that triggered the devastating color revolution in Kiev which then led to the US-manufactured Ukraine Civil War in 2014. They were enlisted along with Hillary Clinton to perpetrate the crimes necessary to reprehensibly restart the Cold War with Russia. And so they did!

What’s the final point: the Bidens (Joe and Hunter), the Obamas (Barack and Big Mike) and the Clintons (Bill and Hillary), the Bushes (Poppy, W and Jeb) all represent an all-pervasive bankster-directed international crime syndicate that was originally put into power with the passing of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.

Each of these bad actors is nothing but a front man or point man or pitchman for the Central Banking Cartel and International Banking Crime Syndicate. All of them were installed into their respective positions of power via the Khazarian Mafia. Their determination to collapse the American Republic and transform it into a communist USSA via the perfidious Democrat Party and their RINO co-conspirators is now an open secret.

Which is why the “Bidens Belong in Handcuffs”

Bottom Line: Nothing changes until those who secretly rule US are prosecuted for 9/11, JFK, OK City, 5G, Chemtrails, Vaccines, COVID-19….

State of the Nation
October 19, 2020


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