‘Everything is backwards; everything is upside down.’


WTF is really going on down here?


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“Everything is backwards; everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the major media destroy information, and religions destroy spirituality.”
~ Michael Ellner

It is impossible to understand the state of the world without the knowledge of the ancients.

Civilizations of old were privy to the ancient wisdom which was true and infallible.

Modern societies have all but banished this sacred wisdom and time-honored knowledge.

The very notion that classical thought is somehow inferior to modern thinking reflects a profound defect of the collective judgment of 21st century man.

In fact post-modern societal breakdown is a direct function of this fatal perspective which has been adopted by so many.  What follows is a deeply penetrating analysis of the plight of humankind.  This particular insight ought to be taken very seriously at this critical juncture of human history.

“Every civilization is built on a foundation of core spiritual beliefs, predominant religious traditions and accepted philosophical principles. The very blueprint of the society will reflect the integrity and soundness of those belief systems and religious faiths. The extent to which they are defective and lacking will always be manifested by the societal architecture which is constructed upon this philosophical foundation. The more profound and fundamental the flaws in the foundational understanding, the more unstable the architecture will be.

In the case of Western Civilization we see that all governmental institutions and political systems, social structures and religious organizations are inherently flawed. The entire economic and financial order exists as if it were built on quicksand. Likewise, the scientific paradigms are severely deficient and the academic body of knowledge is not based on truth. When such is the case, what kind of a world will the children inherit? Particularly in light of how technology is worshipped from such a young age throughout society, when the Divine or Highest Power (also known as GOD) ought to be revered and relied upon.

Given this state of affairs, peace and cooperation will elude the current race of humanity during this New Millennium. As general discontent continues,“the insatiable appetite for more” will further strip the earth bare of its limited natural resources. Especially when the primordial relationship with Mother Earth has been broken for so long, as it has in the West, humanity will suffer great trials and tribulations until a genuine reconciliation occurs. After all, just how much neglect and abuse can the global environment sustain before the entire civilization experiences the inevitable karmic blowback?

The planetary environment is a relatively finite system and does require a certain level of responsible stewardship to adequately support over seven billion residents. Although they do possess extraordinary powers to renew and rejuvenate, the myriad ecosystems which exist across the planet must be maintained in a proper balance. Only when humankind acknowledges and respects the basic laws of Mother Nature will such a balance prevail.

As the global population continues to spiral upward, the stresses and pressures on the biosphere have begun to reach tipping points and exceed critical thresholds which signal tremendous urgency. Every sphere of life has been suffused with signs and omens which indicate that points of no return of great consequence are surely upon us. The Armageddon which many fear is not a WWIII, rather it is the ongoing environmental apocalypse that has been taking place for many decades mostly under the radar. Such pervasive and profound global destruction can only end one day with some sort of planetary Armageddon, the likes of which has never been experienced by the current race of humanity.

The fateful day on which the Industrial Revolution began marks the beginning of the end of our current age. Therefore, we are compelled to look deeply at the many forces which conspired to create this revolution which would go onto inflict so much damage across the planet during the 20th century, and up to the present day.”
(Source: Why Is Planet Earth On Life Support?)

What many fail to realize is that the real problems of today started millennia ago, way before the beginning of the final end marked by the Industrial Revolution.  That root problem is directly related to the proverbial turning of the screw which occurs with the unfoldment of each age as the outworking of the spiral of time.

Consider for a moment what would occur on any planet that is home to a human race.  The inevitable is that the planet would only degrade from day one of human inhabitation.  How could it not?  Natural resources are only being used up and waste products are perennially produced. The Garden of Eden on every pristine planet is destined to experience a decline given the residency of human beings.  And the more humans occupying the same planet the more rapid the degradation.

Of course, this devolving state of affairs will only be exacerbated to the extent that the civilization is unenlightened … like the present generation that only knows how to soil its nest.  In this particular regard modern man has gone out of his/her way to wreck and ruin the entire planet.  Everywhere one looks, what can be seen in graphic detail, is pervasive environmental destruction and profound ecological damage.

But how did we really get here in such a desperate condition?

The good news is that we got here as a matter of destiny, both individual and collective.  In other words the various points of no return and sporadic breakpoints have been hardwired into the very age itself.  With each passing age each race of humanity finds itself mired in a space-time continuum that is a little denser and darker than the previous one.  The current 3D or 3rd Density is materially more dense than the 4th and 5th Densities of the previous ages.


The inexorable densification of each successive era is represented in India by the yugas. In Vedic culture the cycle of human civilization always begins with a Golden Age also known as the Satya Yuga or Age of Truth.  That is followed by the Silver Age of Treta Yuga which is then followed by the Bronze Age or Dwapara Yuga.  Lastly we come to the current age known throughout various cultures and societies as the Kali Yuga or the Iron Age.

With this accurate understanding of the evolution of the cycles, it ought to be easy to apprehend that as things becomes more dense — in every way — the human experience changes right along with this development.  Previous races of humanity in fact had bodies that were lighter and more refined to touch and look at.  Their spiritual advancement was likewise more enlightened and rarefied as their physical bodies had more indwelling light and the organism was substantively less dense.

So, too, do the trades and the tools of the culture reflect this tendency toward densification.  During the present Iron Age, the use of iron saw a rapid proliferation around the globe.  With the advent of the Industrial Revolution the incorporation of steel (made from iron ore) into every aspect of society became the new norm.  Tall skyscrapers and a car in every garage provide graphic testimony to this ever-intensifying reality.  The steel armaments of modern warfare and massive spaceships also stand as evidence to this phenomenon.

If one were to conduct an objective retrospective analysis of the true history of humankind, what would be quickly perceived is that the vast majority of humans have devolved over the course of the different ages, not evolved.  However, when looking at the actual spiral nature of involution and devolution, de-involution and evolution, a very definite pattern emerges.  It often appears that the whole human race is taking two steps backward and then three steps forward.  And, at the end of the Kali Yuga, it seems as if the whole human race has is competing in a race to the bottom.  Taking many steps backward in the closing days of the era in order to take several steps forward at the start of the next Golden Age seems to be in keeping with the divine plan.

Kali Yuga Always Ends The Same Way

Clearly this cosmic blueprint is unfolding in such a manner so as to broaden and deepen the experience set and knowledge base of each and every human being.  In other words the soul growth that occurs during the Kali Yuga can only take place during the unique difficulties typical of this “Age of Conflict”, as it is also known.  Likewise, the distinguishing challenges of the Golden Age will cause the soul to stretch in ways that can only occur during the Satya Yuga.

In light of this critical understanding it is crucial to comprehend that the Kali Yuga is not all “bad” just as the Satya Yuga is not all “good”.  Well, yes they are, comparatively speaking, but only on a superficial level.  However, each age has inherent within it the power and potential to challenge the soul in ways that are necessary for the particular group of souls that incarnates.  The old souls are highly challenged during the Kali Yuga just as the very young souls might seem out of place during the Satya Yuga.

The Kali Yuga is the Age of Falsehood; Satya Yuga is the Age of Truth

Herein lies a great truth.  It is extremely important for every human being to come to grips with this simple axiom of the ages.

Whereas the Golden Age is marked by truth and justice, peace and beauty, the Iron Age is known for quite the opposite.  This is by grand design.  For in reality as every age comes and goes, it sees an appreciable degradation of civilization.  The start of the Kali Yuga began with the building of a new civilization which has only seen the relentless building up and subsequent deterioration of society.  Eventually the tearing of the social fabric will occur when the society has outlived its usefulness.  Isn’t that exactly where the current planetary civilization is in 2016?  Look at the shocking degeneracy associated with the U.S. presidential election.  Look at the dystopian, post-apocalyptic wasteland in the Middle East.  Look at the endemic corruption of governments everywhere.  Look at the crazy ads on the Internet … found at virtually every website that permits them.

All of this is symptomatic of the coarsening that inevitably takes place during this Age of Quarrel.  The whole of civilization is devolving in such a way that the coarse, the crude and the crass rule the day everywhere now.  As an illustration, Americana has been exported around the globe via TV programming and movie production, C.I.A.-coordinated color revolutions and U.S. State Department-run civil wars, Corporate America advertising and Obamanation sermonizing. This imposition of American culture and values has had the effect destroying indigenous peoples and their societies everywhere.  It has also deprived the world of its diverse and rich cultural heritage.  In so doing a new monolithic civilization is being built around compliance and conforming to a lower moral standard and inferior cultural ethos.  The emerging New World Order is being defined by both an intolerant multiculturalism and mandatory political correctness toward all matters of great consequence.  The real question here is: Just who is it that determines what is politically correct; and who decides when, where and how to foist multiculturalism on any given nation?

Just as truth is the first thing to get sacrificed during times of war, justice is the second thing to be sacrificed by any society which subscribes to a perpetual war economy.  In fact the very nature of predatory capitalism is the obliteration of world peace just as the Zio-Anglo-American war machine has wreaked utter devastation throughout various regions of the Mideast.  In this way the CIA-created ISIS was created to wipe out the vestiges of ancient civilizations as they deliberately destroyed cultural heritage sites which dot the Northern Levant.  This gratuitous yet quite purposeful destruction could only happen during the Kali Yuga.

It’s true, during the Iron Age, truth experiences unrelenting attacks just as truth-seekers undergo relentless assaults.  Which brings this discussion full circle to the title: “Everything is backwards; everything is upside down.” Let’s face it, when truth has been eradicated from the civilization, what else could be expected but upside down nations and backward societies.

A nation that is really upside down is being run by thieves and murderers.  A society that is genuinely backward conforms to the quote at the very top of this article.

An in-depth elaboration of that quote can be read in the following two essays which constitute Parts I and II of a 3-part series.  Part III is titled How Modern Medicine Destroyed the Health of America.  Both of these essays linked below impart a necessary understanding, if the American people are to wake up to the enemies within.

How The Lawyers Destroyed American Society…
… And Corporate Attorneys Have Devastated The Civilization

How The Hard Science PhDs Have Wrecked The World

Each exposé clearly delineates what really went wrong with the respective broken Systems. The third reveals what happened to the healthcare industry and medical profession once it was taken over by the indomitable falsehoods of the Kali Yuga.  Whenever the corporate CEOs and business magnates, Wall Street banksters and vulture capitalists are given so much power and clout within a nation, the end is very near indeed.  That is because of the commodification of every single thing in sight.  Once everything is bought and sold as a commodity, then it’s just a matter of time before bets are taken and it becomes a part of the global gambling casino. In this fashion is the truth always distorted beyond recognition as the facts are perverted in order to achieve self-interested outcomes.



This is the prevailing predicament of the Kali Yuga.  This is the age when falsehood predominates in every sphere of life.  One has to become a super-sleuth to ferret out the truth wherever it was haphazardly left by those entrusted to carefully hide it.  This is an essential point.  This is why those who enjoy absolute power are able to maintain their power; because falsehood is actually stronger than truth during the Kali Yuga.  If this were not so, the world would not be run by criminally insane psychopaths at every turn.

The only reason why the madmen rule the day is because they have been given the power to do so.  The general populace is so addicted to deception they forever elect the same corrupt leaders by voting for the lesser of the two evils.  Only in this way will the global control matrix of the Kali Yuga be sufficiently sustained so that those “unique challenges” will forever manifest and, therefore, can be faced by the souls who require them to spiritually advance.

That’s it!   If you really understand the preceding two paragraphs, you got it.  You will understand why it’s so wild and crazy down here right now.  All of this craziness ensures that certain life experiences will take place that you need on your way back to the Godhead.  Isn’t it true?  Aren’t the crazymakers the ones that push us to our limits?  Aren’t the sociopaths the ones who really try our patience?  Aren’t the psychos those who can be counted on to really test our mettle?

There you have it.  How can each individual ever hope to transcend the mundane polarities without some very serious exposure to both extremes?  They can’t!  Only by diving head first into the Kali Yuga will every person swim through all the muck and mire of the Age of Quarrel. The invaluable experience accrued here and now — in 2016 and beyond — is unlike any other the soul has ever experienced before.

The assaults against personal sovereignty are now so many and never-ending that humanity has been forced to address them on both an individual and collective basis.  One excellent example is the violence exhibited by the U.S. Federal Government against both citizens at home and foreigners abroad.  There are currently myriad cases of where the government has committed all manner of criminal activity against the American people, just as the U.S. Military has committed countless war crimes abroad.

The following “Declaration” offers some insight into just how pervasive and profound some of these assaults against people and property have become.  It is followed by a second link which delineates some of the most serious assaults on the American Republic and its citizenry.


The MOST Dangerous Man In America

At the end of the day, what could be more important than respect for personal sovereignty?  This is why this Age of Conflict is so named—everyone is busy resolving conflicts of one kind or another which relate directly to their dignity, their integrity and their personal sovereignty.

What, then, is the single biggest lesson that the Kali Yuga has to offer?

That every human being understand the necessity of defending their own and protecting everyone else’s P E R S O N A L   S O V E R E I G N T Y.

Cosmic Convergence Research Group
May 29, 2016


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