Instead of Marking the Beast Today 6-6-16, Let’s Celebrate the Return of Sophia


by Tyla Gabriel, ND

Indeed, if you have watched the satanic news all today, please take comfort in knowing that the Divine Feminine Trinity has been awakened. One of our Sisters of Sophia made the first pilgrimage back to the Abbey Church of Einsiedeln last month (May 2016) to acknowledge, in full spiritual consiousness of the Gospel of Sophia, that we have carried Her presence throughout the ages and have beckoned Her to bring comfort in these days of so much suffering and loss of hope.

Our first Sister of Sophia “pilgrim” took the new Imagination and Inspiration of Sophia back to one of Her earliest earthly manifestations.

What readers should note is that a Papal Bull was issued because the chapel honoring the Black Madonna statue had been consecrated by Christ directly, not the Vatican.

Why this is important is that the chapel was not consecrated by the all male feminine-divine-removed Jesuit-led Vatican far-from-Christ pedophilic materialistic Ahrimanic patriarchy that has put this world in the mess where it is today. This is a place that the patriarchy has not touched and this is the place of the reawakening of the Divine Feminine Trinity. Our blessings to Sister Helen.

Instead of embracing fear, hatred, and loss of hope on this day of 6-6-16, please take a moment of prayer to acknowledge the return of Sophia and the Divine Feminine. Let the patriarchy and matriarchy join together in a New World Awakening. All that is needed is your heartfilled prayer as soon as you have read this post.

Eventually, our collective prayers to the Great Mother will be heard.

And as any loving earth mother would do for her crying, suffering child, our Heavenly Mother will do no less. She will bring comfort.

(For those that do not know the history of Einsiedeln)

History of Shrine of Our Lady of Einsiedeln

In the 9th century, the monk St. Meinrad, of the family of the Counts of Hohenzollern, left one of the local monasteries to built a hermitage in the wilderness that would later become Einsiedeln. He took with him a miracle-working statue of the Virgin Mary given to him by the Abbess Hildegarde of Zürich. He soon became well-known in the local village for his kindness and holiness, and received many visitors and gifts.

On January 21, 861, two thieves murdered Meinrad for the treasure in his hermitage. According to legend, the murderers were apprehended after two ravens followed them into town and drew attention to them with loud squawking.

In 940, a small group of Benedictine monks transformed Meinrad’s little hermitage into the Lady Chapel. The chapel is said to have been consecrated by Christ himself on September 14, 948. The bishop who was to consecrate the new site had a vision in which the church was filled with a brilliant light as Christ approached the altar; the next day, when he went to perform the ceremony, he heard a voice saying the chapel had already been divinely consecrated. The miracle was confirmed by Pope Leo VIII 16 years later in a papal bull.

Tyla Gabriel is the author of The Gospel of Sophia series. She and Douglas Gabriel invite you on a spiritual journey that will awaken your Imagination, Inspiration, and Intuition of the Divine Feminine Trinity and Sophia Christos.

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