2016: A Critical Moment for the American Republic and World Community of Nations


“CERN’s Awakening and the Dropping of the Veil:
Hillary, BLM, Brexit & Dallas”

Cosmic Convergence Research Group

Every once in a while a video surfaces that really blows open the whole Illuminati scheme to fully establish their New World Order via a One World Government (OWG).

The video that follows does just that, and much more.  It deconstructs the ongoing worldwide conspiracy being carried out to openly impose a One World Government on the entire planetary civilization.  Toward that end there is also an enduring plot to foist a One World Religion on the people of planet Earth.

VIDEO: CERN’s Awakening and the Dropping of the Veil: Hillary, BLM, Brexit & Dallas

imagesIt is crucial to understand that the key individuals who appear to be heading up these various initiatives to take control of the realm are only the face of the NWO ruling cabal. Whereas George Soros may be Sauron and Barack Obama may be Saruman, they are very low-level pawns in this game of overtly taking control of the planet.  To the uninitiated, these characters appear to possess much power and influence than they really do.  However, in truth they are powerless in the ways that truly matter.


In fact there has been a World Shadow Government firmly in place for millennia.  The more hidden governing bodies such as the Incunabula and Cahilla have only recently been disclosed.  Yet they operate at a level far above the more mundane Committee of 300, Club of Rome and Knights of Malta.  Therefore, it can be seen that the Bilderberg Group, Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission are also way down the totem pole of hierarchical power.  And, yet, it is these very organizations which dictate American foreign policy.  Just as the Rand Corporation, Brookings Institution, Heritage Foundation, Hoover Institution, and American Enterprise Institute dictate domestic policy … to the POTUS.

Now it is easy to see just how much of a subordinate the Barack Obamas and George Soroses of the world really are.  Yes, they possess a lot of perceived power, but that is only for show.  Soros, for instance, was allowed to earn his billions by gaming the system.  In this way he was allowed to accumulate much wealth which must then be put into the service of his overlords.  As for Obama, he’s just a CIA cutout who reads his orders from his masters from a teleprompter.

With this important understanding it will be much easier to understand exactly who these selected leaders and powerful think tanks really work for.  Ultimately they all work for the same off-planet entities who have controlled the destiny of humanity for eons. Nevertheless, all empires eventually fall like dust into their own footprint.  Even extraterrestrial forces are subject to such inevitable decline and collapse.

The only solution is a spiritual solution for humanity

At the end of the day it will be the current race of humanity who steps up to the plate to take back the planet from those incorrigible criminally insane psychopaths who have stolen it.  In fact it is their intractable sociopathy which is compelling each and every human being with conscience to stand up for themselves and their neighbor. When working in harmony with each other, their unity of purpose and power is indomitable. It’s about time that people of like mind understand that, and then act on it

What follows is a link containing the transcript of the video posted above.  This transcript provides an important synthesis of the many circumstances which prevail around the globe.  Currently, the challenges may seem to be many and daunting. However, the truth of the matter is that those who seek dominion over every living thing and every square inch of land and water have the much greater burden on their shoulders.

Perhaps it’s time for humanity to awaken to the spiritual power that each of us holds so that it can be channelled in the most benevolent manner for the greatest good of all. Only in this way will the stranglehold described in the preceding video be released.  It’s true that those in bondage need to emancipate themselves first; the very act of letting go will then permit those who only know how to grasp eventually let go.  Therein lies spiritual liberation for the truly ripe soul, as well as earthly freedom for those who have the courage to overcome their fears.

Remember, it was only through the shenanigans of these bad actors that the occasion for a HUGE breakthrough was created in the first place.  Now it’s time to take advantage of this once-in-an-epoch opportunity before this era closes and the next one begins.  As they used to say in ancient Rome, “Carpe diem!”

The transcript below contains vital information that everyone can benefit from both individually and collectively.  Paul Marco connects the dots in an easy and elucidating way. His penetrating analysis serves to enlighten and edify in ways that only the hard and unvarnished truths can.

Cosmic Convergence Research Group
July 15, 2016

Transcript is posted here: VIDEO & TRANSCRIPT for CERN’s Awakening and the Dropping of the Veil: Hillary, Black Lives Matter, Brexit & Dallas



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