I predicted at the first of the year that Trump would most likely be the Republican candidate. I am now predicting that Donald J. Trump will become our next 45th President November that’s if he can calm his bombastic rhetoric and we don’t have a rigged election which is quite possible according to many articles on the web. The numbers and his astrological chart have confirmed it! I look at both Trump and Hillary as President and used those number to see who would be the best choice. President Donald Trump is a number “9,” which represents, the ending of a cycle, compassion, charitable ways, brotherhood of mankind, leader in philanthropic endeavor, who has a big opportunity in life, a capacity for living by divine standards, and who attracts money. He takes no blame! Donald doesn’t listen to his advisers which could be his huge downfall. By using the numbers in just his name without the President title his number in 2 for 2016 which says secret energies working against him.

President Hillary Clinton number is “7.” Seven is a spiritual number for those who have pure intentions. If not, everything will come back to them like a boomerang—aka Cosmic Karma. Hillary’s negatives as President are: shrewdness, hidden motives, too much pride, suspicion, deceptive and cynicism. Hillary is intelligent but she’s thinks she’s immune to controversy. Her karma is going to catch up with her as more information comes to light about her and her Democratic staff. Without the Presidential title in front of her name, 2016 is Hillary’s number “9” year which is the ending of a cycle. It’s a time of people becoming over-emotional. They refuse to listen to reason or even try to understand. Hillary has a lot of Scorpio going in her astrological chart and there could be much anger and resentment and that translate to health problems, especially for the heart!

Astrological signs:

Trump was born on June 14, 1946 in Jamaica, NY. His Sun sign is Gemini, with Leo rising and his moon in Sagittarius (he speaks his mind). He has 3 Cancer signs, which gives him compassion for humanity, he has 3 Leo signs, which give him strength and an ability to attract people to him, and he has 3 Gemini signs. He is an excellent speaker and business man. His primary star is Capella which grants him an energetic nature, and a love of learning. It also imparts honor and prominent positions of trust. Funny, but his star indicates a tendency to be verbose–too talkative! Note: He will become the 45th President which totals “9” his number. He is destined for the White House. I also accurately predicted that Mike Pence would be Trump’s decision for Vice President days before he was selected. Trump will be a good president for the nation. I see him making many positive changes as promised.

Hillary was born Oct. 26, 1947 in Chicago, Illinois. Her sun sign is Scorpio. Scorpio is also on her Rising sign, in the planet Mercury and in the planet Venus. Scorpio is the scorpion known for its sting. Hillary is short-tempered, and her anger lasts. She makes hasty decisions. Hillary has Uranus in Gemini, Jupiter in Sagittarius, Mars in Leo, and her moon is in Pisces (this is the sign of the fish going in two different directions)–indecisive. Hillary’s star is Princeps which gives her prominence in education, science and government affairs. She has a competitive nature. The truth is Hillary and Bill Clinton are part of an elite cabal group and they are involved in dark occult practices. Their involvement in the dark side of life will eventually be their undoing!


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