Danny Sheehan Exposes Deep Secrets of the ‘Deep State’


“A New Level of ‘Deep State’ Exposure”

We all know that an elite Cabal has suppressed UFO/ET Truth for decades. It has also suppressed free energy, created global economic slavery, instituted wars for profit, created a Secret Space Program, raped the Earth’s environment and more.

Daniel Sheehan, EsqNow, our ETLetsTalk colleague and friend, Danny Sheehan, exposes this Cabal control group in an unprecedented series of detailed interviews which can be downloaded:





In his researched, detailed and thorough manner Danny provides you the deep factual details of how the Cabal was created, its structure, the names of members, methods of manipulation and control, historical false flag events, and much, much more.

In an additional interview noted below, Danny also reveals the astounding truth about the JFK and RFK assassinations.


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