Pornography and the Deliberate Manipulation of Human Sexuality


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This is a brave and highly intelligent woman.  She is challenging this very difficult topic and facing square on the demonic forces being unleashed.  The first two minutes are electric.  Her past life shows she is no newcomer to this topic.  The cultural emphasis on the sexual and erotic is not getting us to fulfilment.  If you only watch five minutes, it’s interesting.  What was once illegal is now being promoted – Luciferian morality.  Their religion involves raping and murdering children.  We are participating by buying into Luciferian sexual culture.  ‘I will show you how’.  The details get a bit harder to listen to as the talk progresses.  It’s your choice.  It’s interesting and important stuff.  Not easy to hear.  Kinsey’s work analysed.

Luciferians want to destroy the natural order – to mock it whenever they can – especially the renewal and creation of life.  Divorce replacing marriage.  Sex without reproduction.  Abortions greater in number than births in New York.  Birth without sex – IVF and AI.  Pedophilia redefined as a sexual orientation.  They are trying to normalise it as they have done with homosexuality.  Because of all the sex, babies are being conceived haphazardly.  Abortion commonplace – genocide.

She underwent an abortion – the burning of the baby in her womb.

Most animals only indulge in sex as part of reproduction.  Humans are different as a result of mind control.

The average age boys start watching pornography is 11.  Young girls are sexting pictures of themselves, and engaging in sexual acts they are not comfortable with.  As a result of exposure to pornography, boys and girls think it’s normal.

Luciferianism is based on Sodomy.   Three year olds babies are initiated, as it helps to create multiple personalities.  The Illuminati is a brotherhood of Sodomites.  Sodomy attacks the nerves at the base of the spine.  It changes the way the mind works.  It is the ultimate rebellion against God.  She allowed these acts herself, but is now horrified by what she allowed to be done to her body.

Porn industry described.  Run by Satanists.  Many porn industry professionals are Satanists.  They cast spells into the final cuts of the films.  So that demons can enter people through watching the films.  Transgenderism is designed to separate children from their natural personalities.  Crowley said pornography was a Satanic takeover of human sexuality.  The intention of pornography is the Satanic takeover of the viewer.  Many orgy scenes are rituals, but the publicly filmed parts of the films exclude the rituals.  Watching pornography brings demonic influences into our lives…even into the children we create by including porn in our sexual activity.

Porn is more addictive than cocaine as you cannot get the images out of your mind.  Brain chemistry is changed by whacking off to an image.  It’s mind control.  Dissociative sex.  It separates us from other people and our souls and our capacity to connect in love.  That’s now the norm for eleven ear old boys.  Natural love-filled order is being thrown away.  Porn and sexualisation is being brought into schools.

Circumcision is sexual torture in infancy.  It brings about hypertrophy.  It affects the psyche.  Circumcision is now mainstream in the US due to the Jewish takeover.  Judaeism is a Luciferianism cult.  They are ritually torturing infants.

Porn makes the frontal lobe shrink.  The spiritual part of our brain.  Impulse control is reduced.

Any victims of ritual abuse needs to get back to the loving force behind creation.  Porn is overwhelmingly performed by circumcised men.  Interesting details about circumcision of babies being Satanic, blocking loving emotions in adults.  Drugs used in hospital birth are also used to change sexual orientation and assist changed sexuality.  Sex with animals is common within the Luciferian community.

Child pornography is programming people to want to do the things they see.  Sex education is another programmer of the behaviour of children.  As young as four now.  Planned Parenthood.  Gruesome details of abortion techniques.  The Luciferians who take control of the aborted babies are using Satanic human sacrifice to kill the babies.  They want a large number of abortions.

The State wants to get control of children’s minds from an early age.

Similar spiritual consciousness should be the basis of who you choose to partner with.  Not simply what they look like.

In schools children’s minds are being saturated with all aspects of sex from the age of five.  The books are written by paedophiles – the Jewish.  It’s all being done to prepare the children for the paedocriminals.

Bloodlines from Lucifer want to drive out the bloodlines from the original creator.  The white genocide programme requires that interracial breeding be promoted.  The white race is not Luciferian, and has a different bloodline.

Transgender education is child abuse – trying to tell kids that it’s normal.   The dreadful details of what they are showing children in schools get laughs from the audience.  Kids are throwing up in class when they see the things they are being asked to look at.  May the fightback against these Luciferian programmes grow in strength.  Video is hard to watch right through, but important that you do if you want to know what’s going on.  Her finale is amazing in what it reveals about her own life.  This talk really puts it all into perspective.  Brilliant.


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