Is the hand of God involved in exposing PIZZAGATE?


Sound the Shofar for the Ancient of Days!

Friday –
December the 23rd, 2016
Yesterday I sent a prayer request to intercessors in twelve states generated by information I received exposing a politically connected sophisticated child prostitution sex network.  There are forces of evil at war over our Land attempting to keep hidden what the Lord intends to expose.   The exposing of this terribly hidden and most powerful enterprise is but one aspect of many the Lord intends to blow apart, reveal and expose.   In one measure this was the purpose of Donald Trump’s victory in the national election; similar to Cyrus in Isiah 45, Trump shall be employed by the Lord to bring a wrecking ball to forces both inside and outside of our country that intend to utterly destroy the United States.  Further…a tornado commanded by God’s Hands shall show man that while man may hide his acts deep under layers of rocks, even the rocks shall not prove sufficient in keeping hidden God’s righteousness from being restored through His Remnant Church. 
Approximately a year ago, I distributed an article I wrote explaining that Adonai (God alone is the head over all – Deuteronomy 6:4) had released a spiritual tornado sent from Heaven across America to bring deliberate destruction against political powers and fortresses (strong holdings of those who oppose Him), and expose the ways of the occult that has all but taken America’s government captive and placed in strong bondage far removed from the principles set forth by our Forefathers before God at the inception of the United States of America.   Our Nation was dedicated to Elohim (God – He is the only supreme and true God, Genesis 1:1; Psalm 19:1), and the forces of darkness and pure evil working through human agents have worked tirelessly to collapse America and remove our Nation from the Judeo-Christian Principles which our Founding Documents were strongly predicated. 
I wrote the following article more recently for The Olive Branch Report, a national Christian online publication I have written for the past three years.  The Lord moved upon me as I read the words of a prophetic intercessor I have had the great joy of recently coming to know.  Stephania resides in southern California and is Messianic.  Her words fly straight like an arrow right to the point…”the Ancient of Days will prevail!”
Sound the Shofar for the Ancient of Days!
Baruch Hashem Adonai!
          Lyle –


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