ISIS: The Greatest Goddess Returns With A Fury

ISIS Reigns Supreme in the Firmament of
Deities of all the World’s Great Religions

Cosmic Convergence Research Group

Any objective comparative analysis of the major faith traditions through world history will quickly reveal that the ancient Egyptian deity — ISIS — is the greatest of all the goddesses. And, that She is the primordial Divine Mother to the current race of humanity.

Of all the various feminine deities, ISIS is clearly She who is most closely associated with the healing.  She is the original Goddess of Healing.  Cleopatra, the last reigning Pharaoh of Egypt, was recognized by her empire as a living incarnation of ISIS.  Cleopatra VII Philopator was also considered the greatest healer of ancient Egyptian history…after ISIS herself.

ISIS is also known to be the deity who is responsible for overseeing many other human spheres of life.  When they are considered in the aggregate, clearly ISIS is the greatest Goddess in human history.

How did the venerated name “ISIS” get misappropriated by a terrorist organization?

Not only has the extremely sacred name of ISIS gotten stolen by the most barbaric terror group of the modern age, it has been disseminated so pervasively that ISIS the Goddess has effectively been replaced in the minds of most.

Now this was no accident of fate.

Just as God does, the Goddess, too, often writes straight with very crooked lines.

In this instance, She permitted the Isis terrorists to pilfer Her name so as to spread the sacred matrika (aka inherent power) far and wide…which they have done.  The sublime vibration that is intimately associated with the phonetics and script of the divine name “ISIS” can never be replaced by a bunch of terrorists or their MSM publicists or their Zio-Anglo-American creators.

But how, then, did such a gross desecration ever occur in the first place?

By divine ordination!

You see, a Goddess as truly GREAT as ISIS can perform any lila (aka cosmic drama) she wants to in the world of men.  As a galactic deity, ISIS is so multi-faceted and powerful and versatile and regal and influential, that She can turn from being an unrivaled healer to a terrifying destroyer in the blink of an eye.

ISIS and the Milky Way

As the deific embodiment of the primordial Divine Mother who issues forth from the Galactic Center of the Milky Galaxy, ISIS is everything and nothing at the very same time. She holds all power in Her breast, both creative and destructive.

While it was the raw power of ISIS that saw Her consort Osiris cut up into 8 pieces and scattered across the Earth, it was also Her same power that saw him knit back together and completely healed. It was also the very same healing power that saw Her seriously afflicted son — Horus — healed of his fatal afflictions.

So, this is how ISIS is working in the world today.

She permitted the gun-toting terrorists (as well as the real terrorists in London, Washington and Tel Aviv) to steal Her name.  They did not know that they were allowed to commit such a sacrilegious act.  After all, what worse offense is there in Heaven and on Earth than to profoundly pervert such a sacred name?

But here’s the rub… for the terrorists, that is.

By committing such terrible deeds against so many religious peoples and spiritual communities throughout the Northern Levant, they have drawn upon themselves the wrath of God, and especially His mighty warriors.  Russia’s zealous commitment to wiping out the Daesh terrorists (as they are also known) will not be deterred.  Not even by their once-powerful Zio-Anglo-American sponsors.  They would do well to remember Chechnya.

Herein lies the mystery of ISIS.  For, at once, She is the deification of Mother Mary, Queen of Heaven and Durga, the Invincible One.  She is Ma’at of Egyptian lore and Shekinah of Jewish Kabbalsim.   She is Innana of ancient Sumeria and Ishtar of Babylonia.  She is Sophia, the Greek Goddess of Wisdom and Athena, their Goddess of war.  She is Quan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion as well as Amaterasu, the Sun Goddess of Japan. She is also the Tridevi of India—Mahakali, Mahalaksmi, and  Mahasaraswati.

Tridevi — Hindu Goddesses: Saraswati, Lakshmi and Parvati/ Durga

What’s the point?

Before there was, there existed the Great Goddess ISIS.

ISIS is the divine template — the divine principle, if you will — from which all the other Goddesses are created.

The bottom line here is that you never mess with the Goddess.

If she comes sweeping through your area, you had better get out of the way.
Just as many have been ushered out of the way throughout the Middle East,
She totally transforms the same regions as only Durga the destroyer can do.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are Her agents of destruction.
Armageddon is Her final battleground.  She is represented by the forces
of righteousness wherever there is war.

What has been done in Her name by the Daesh will be avenged according to the mysterious laws of karma. Divine justice will ultimately prevail across the land, especially the Mideast. In the true name of ISIS will divine dispensations be issued to those who created peace, as well as to those who destroyed through war.

With ISIS now on everyone’s radar screen, there can be no doubt that She’s back.

And boy is She pissed! ! !

If you do not stand with Her, you stand against Her.

If you cannot decide where to stand, you had better quickly get the heck out of the way.

ISIS has come back and terrorists have unwittingly heralded Her return

ISIS, the Great Goddess has come back with a vengeance so that the venerable Vajrayogini can once again take Her seat in human civilization.

The return of the divine feminine has been inexorably taking place for many years.  She has been slowly emerging on every continent with great purpose and power.

Every nation on Earth is now experiencing the birth pangs of “a new heaven and new earth”.   The old is giving way to the new.  The obsolete is being replaced by what works, here and now.

ISIS, the original Creatrix, is weaving Her tapestries of new creations wherever She is active.  But first, there must be room for the new.  She is making room through the many events of destruction which now seem to dominate societies everywhere.

For the uninitiated, ISIS as the Goddess Kali is the one who destroys evil forces everywhere.  She is also responsible for their liberation, as well as the final liberation of the righteous.

Who, but the Goddess Kali, could see to it that the Empire State Building in New York City would be illuminated with Her picture?

Yes, the Goddess is certainly back.   And Her first meal will be those who stole Her holy name, particularly those who originated such utter blasphemy.

Not to worry, because ISIS as the heavenly healer can always be invoked by those who have been chewed up and spit out.  From this point forward however, the goal is to stay out of Her stew pot.

Each of us here on Earth during this very special time can do [MUCH] more good by aligning with ISIS the Goddess, than with Isis–the terrorists.

Like we’ve said, She’s baaaaaaaaaack!

Cosmic Convergence Research Group
December 29, 2016


Will Isis be observed as the venerated Egyptian Goddess or the barbaric terrorist organization?










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