There is something quite HUGE going on in Antarctica!

Why did John Kerry really visit Antarctica on Election Day?

What was the purpose of Russia’s secret mission to Antarctica on behalf of Saudi Arabia?

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Even Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill visited Antarctica only 6 days after
an historic meeting with Pope Francis in Havana on February 12, 2016.

Key Point: This was the first time leaders of the Roman Church and the Moscow Patriarchate had [ever] met. While the meeting was also seen as a symbolic moment in the history of relations between the Catholic Church and the Orthodox churches as a community, which had split in the Great Schism of 1054, centuries before the Moscow Patriarchate was constituted
(Source: Joint Declaration of Pope Francis and Patriarch Kirill)

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Today’s Broadcast is very unusual. We’re going to be looking at Antarctica from a prophetic standpoint, something I discovered recently written in the book of Enoch. Legitimate evidence clearly seems to show that Antarctica is certainly a base of some sort.

The kinds of things going on in this region this year, or actually last year during the very day of the 2016 presidential election when John Kerry himself disappeared down to Antarctica on the Election Day, but what was really strange is that, when John Kerry went down there he goes to New Zealand, and right afterwards there was a massive earthquake inside of New Zealand.

In an article we saw, that would probably be considered satire, they wrote that the real reason why the earthquake happened was because John Kerry made a last-ditch effort and went down to Antarctica to try to meet with the Guardians, as they put it, there he was meeting with the Guardians and the Guardians had rejected his plea to put Hillary Clinton in the White House; instead Donald Trump would become the next president of the United States.

I realize it sounds so far-fetched, oh so crazy to even think of that and then of course the earthquake in New Zealand where he went immediately after the Antarctica visit was a warning to him not to come back again.  Well, that’s what they also said in the article.

Those of you that remember here is a picture here of Patriarch Kirill who also went on an unexpected trip to Antartica. Patriarch Kirill of the Eastern Orthodox Church who was also to Antarctica on a very unexpected trip after he met with Pope Francis in Cuba.  And Pope Francis gave him a secret document which never was revealed exactly what was in the document but it was the first time the two leaders of the both Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic Churches had met together to try to mend their relationship.  He goes to South America afterwards and then the unexpected trip to Antarctica.

Well the question is: Why did he go to Antarctica?  Well in one article here the “The Ark of Gabriel: Antarctica, Russia and the Apocalypse” speaks about how that the Russian government had actually moved a mysterious art that was discovered at Mecca, underneath the ground there, and was brought out — many people died in the
process — according to the article’s claim here and that Russia did a special
movement of this art down to Antarctica.
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