A Miracle That Could Only Have Happened in the Heart of Trump Country


Red Neck Riviera Plays Host to a Bible Belt Miracle

State of the Nation

80 Person Human Chain Saves Whole Family From Riptide At Panama City Beach (Original Report: NORTH FLORIDA BEACH MIRACLE!)

Panama City Beach (PCB) is not only located in the Deep South, it’s also situated deep in heart of Trump country.

Many of the people who visit the beach, as well several other beaches that dot the North Florida coastline, are truly the “salt of the earth”.*  They are the hard-working American patriots who bust their butts every day to feed their families, pay their fair share of taxes and defend the nation against enemies both foreign and domestic.

*”Salt of the earth” definition: Basic, fundamental goodness; the phrase can be used to describe any simple, good person [1]

Yeah, some of the Southern commoners chew tobacco, hunt ‘coon and only drive pickups with gun racks, but that’s because many live in tough situations where survival has become the new norm. These God-fearing folks have hard lives with huge challenges coming at them every day of every year without letup.  Yet they never falter in their faith in God, in their commitment to their families, and in their allegiance to their country.

The only questionable thing about these proud residents of the Deep South is their deviation from “Mom, Baseball, and Apple Pie”.  You see, here in Seminole, Crimson Tide, Gator, Tiger & Rebel country, it’s better known as “Mom, Football, and Apple Pie”.  These ever-loyal fans do nothing but drink and breathe feats of gridiron prowess 24/7, 12 month a year.

What they are not

These very same folks were labelled the “deplorables”, the “irredeemables” and “bucket of losers” by Candidate Hillary Clinton during the 2016 campaign.  That’s only because places like Panama City and Pensacola, Apalachicola and Wewahitchka in Florida are home to the highest concentration of Trump voters in the nation.  Even the press noted that Trump made 3 visits to Pensacola alone during that frenzied campaign season.

So, let’s be clear that these real working families of this great republic are anything but what Ms. Clinton so disrespectfully (and quite rudely) called them.  Many of them are as honest as the day is long, generous to a fault and always ready to help a friend in need.

In the case of the very lucky family caught in a life-threatening riptide, the PCB good Samaritans have proven they are even willing to risk life and limb for their fellow man. The following video gives a short report on the aftermath for the concerned family.

What’s the crucial point here, Trumpsters?

The POTUS is literally in the middle of a CIA-comandeered firefight.  As they say in North Florida, Trump is up to his eyeballs in alligators.  That’s because really draining the swamp is a LOT harder to do than anyone could ever imagine.  The gators are literally everywhere. When they unexpectedly emerge from the dark depths of Deep State as they are now doing, they swarm around their prey.  Hence, it’s very easy to find oneself surrounded by these swamp monsters as Trump and his team have repeatedly found out.

The gators inside the Beltway, however, are particularly hostile and vicious.  They will tear a victim from limb to limb and leave not a whit of flesh left on the bone.  Just watch the cold-blooded mainstream media conduct themselves everyday with such savagery and callousness.  No one has ever seen anything like the unrelenting swamp kill going on in Washington, D.C.—a former tract of swampland that was drained to make room for the nation’s capital.

Given that President Trump still faces the challenge of the millennium trying to drain this fetid swamp, it’s now clear that he’s going to need a lot of help.  Just like the family saved from the riptide by 80 courageous souls, it appears that the Trump family will need urgent assistance to get free from the D.C. swamp.  Any family like the Trumps, who have all been up to their eyes in alligators for months now, knows that help cannot come soon enough.


This awesome episode in the Gulf of Mexico happened for very good reason.  Such an extraordinary display of selfless teamwork is rarely seen, or documented, anywhere in the 50 states.  Nor is such group valor hardly ever witnessed on the planet.

Surely this miracle occurred for the obvious benefit of the 7 members of the Ursrey family saved from drowning.  Likewise, the many brave participants in the human chain have also been transformed by such an ennobling experience.  However, it’s also apparent that this inspirational event took place as a message to the Trump family; for they, too, are under grave threat.  Donald Trump and his immediate family are slowly getting swallowed up by the swamp of Deep State.

Perhaps, then, this miracle really was a sign that it will take a good number of the 63 million Americans who voted for Trump to come to his aid.  How else can he successfully drain this seemingly bottomless swamp?!

Regardless of the take-away, it’s very hard to imagine this kind of spontaneous initiative at PCB being taken in New York City, or Los Angeles, or Detroit, or Chicago, or Atlanta, or Miami.  Somehow those urban meccas for liberal Democrats and left-wing Progressives are rarely if ever the stage for such altruistic behavior.  On the contrary, the most violent thugs on the Left have taken to destructive riots and disruptive protests in cities across the country only because they’re mad that Donald Trump won the election.

Maybe they’ll receive a much needed lesson from the good folks who visited PCB this past week. How this?

State of the Nation
July 12, 2017


Amazing human chain formed to rescue drowning family in PCB


[1] “Salt of the earth”


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