Tom DeLonge: His “Academy To The Stars” and Partial Disclosure


Rohnert Park, CA
October 13, 2017

by Rich Scheck

Rock Star musician Tom DeLonge has come forward with a bold plan to design a
space faring craft based on new energy technologies that can take mankind “to the

Combining the scientific acumen of Elan Musk and the showmanship skills of Walt
Disney, DeLonge and his team of former high level government insiders have put
together an extremely ambitious plan that relies on technological breakthroughs
formatted in entertainment packages.

It appears that this is an officially sanctioned form of partial disclosure designed to
educate the public about the Secret Space Program that researchers have been
discussing for decades.

Folks like Richard Dolan, Michael Salla, Stephen Greer, Steve Bassett, Paola
Harris, Joseph P. Farrell and others have been chronicling these developments.
Dolan’s notion of a Breakaway Civilization and Greer’s efforts to develop alternative
energy systems highlight these efforts.

Bassett has labored long and hard to achieve the end of the Truth Embargo
regarding ET visitation. He visited Moscow in May where he spent time
networking with his Russian colleagues and hoping to get President Putin
on board for Disclosure.

Yesterday, I received one of his Paradigm Research Group e-mail updates that
had a brief statement of DeLonge’s big announcement of 10/10.

DeLonge has leveraged his success as a musician and his passion for the ET
mystery to fashion a team of top-level former spooks and top aerospace
scientists into a potentially world-transforming enterprise. His group will rely
heavily on entertainment to tell the “Story” of these amazing advancements in
space travel and new energy sources,

Some like Sather are concerned this constitutes only partial, officially sanctioned
Disclosure and wonder what advancements will be withheld from the public. Those
familiar with the CIA’s In-Q-Tel program that funds special projects recognize a
similar pattern here where some of the secrecy usually associated with the spy
agency has been removed to achieve partial transparency.

With so much other news dominating the media regarding natural disasters, the
massacre in Vegas, the latest sex scandal, the NFL kneeling controversy or war
with Iran and/or North Korea, it looks like this attempt to restart the public’s love
affair with the space program that we saw in the 1960’s is off to a tepid start.

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