CIRCUMSTANTIAL PROOF: DEWs Used to Start California Wildfires

Directed Energy Weapons Torched Sonoma County & Napa Valley

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to rip out all foundations of homes burned in Santa Rosa

Supremely weird and extremely damning

by Jim Stone

Every last doubt about directed energy weapons being used to torch California just vanished.

Residents who lost their homes have no choice — they must wait for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to rip out the foundations of their burned-out homes before they can rebuild. Why would the Army Corps of Engineers have to be involved at all. especially if someone did not want them to be? Why is it not as easy as getting a sledge hammer and shovel to start over, or calling a contractor, if that is how you wanted to do it?

People are not going to be allowed to do it. Instead, the Corps of Engineers is going to go through, rip everything out.  People are worried about them ripping out perfectly good foundations, rather than asking the real question: Why are they showing up at every burned home, even if people want it done differently?

Here’s the key question: If the Corps of Engineers are showing up to help, why are they only ripping things out, and not rebuilding anything? Why are they there at all?

There would be no reason for them to (i) show up, (ii) force their way in, even if you can pay to have someone else do it all, and (iii) only destroy what is left and then leave.  There’s  no good reason at all, unless their real objective is to destroy all evidence that it was directed energy weapons that destroyed many of the homes, as many people online have speculated.

They are there to perform destruction of evidence. And in doing so, they are stopping people from rebuilding, people who want to start TODAY, not after the government is all done seizing their property and doing with it what they will. Since when is a wildfire a reason for the government to take control of your residential property inside city limits, and slow you in your recovery?  Particularly when you have a contractor right there, ready to go, to rebuild it all?  That is a new one, I never heard of that!

The LA Times did not ask the same questions I did, but they at least make it clear what is going on, if you read between the lines. SEE THIS.

Let me be PERFECTLY CLEAR HERE: The Corps of Engineers is not wanted to be there by homeowners. The Corps of Engineers is ONLY, AND I MEAN ONLY there to rip out what was left after the catastrophic fires, many of which were extraordinarily suspicious.


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