DEMONIC LOCUSTS, with FACES LIKE MEN, AND SCORPION TAILS actually found in Mexico! (Photos)


Is Darpa fooling around?

Highly plausible: Flying human hybrid found in Mexico

From Jim Stone:

There have been a few reports going around about Darpa developing extinction genes to put in the wild to kill off insect species. People are worried. But if people avoid shots, there is probably little to worry about. However, that is not what this report is about.

I have spent considerable time going over this, and determined it is real. The back story: A 13 year old Mexican boy found this thing on the side of the road, it ended up in a lab and underwent extensive analysis. It had a broken leg that healed and is probably road kill.

Lab tests confirmed that the DNA in this thing is 98.5 percent human. That’s closer to human than any primate species.

MY CONCLUSION: Someone with a lab crossed a bat with a human and possibly a scorpion and released the results into the wild. It is my opinion that this creature is probably real and probably came out of a bioweapons lab. The tail can sting but since it was dead when found they don’t know how badly.

Make of it what you will, there are plenty of fairy stories based on fabricated items, but x-rays revealed this is purely biological and not a fancy doll or taxidermy job. I don’t think this one is a hoax.

Mysterious winged creature found in Mexico:

Image result for picture of revelation 8 demonic scorpions


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