Deep State and the FED Conspire to Crash the Markets and Collapse the Economy


FED Chairman Jerome Powell is a
Deep State Operative
Whose Assigned Mission is to
Sabotage Trump’s MAGA Agenda

State of the Nation

For anyone who doubts the title of this post, or the subtitle, please consider the articles below posted under “Google Results“.

As for the FED’s role in this ongoing and wholly engineered train wreck — the Market Crash of 2018 — please read the following article: Is The Federal Reserve Actually TRYING To Cause A Stock Market Crash?

When you’re done with that informative piece, here’s another short take on the FED’s role in deliberately triggering a stock market collapse. The FED is engineering a stock market collapse in real time.

In other words, the once hallowed Federal Reserve Bank is conspiring with key agents of Deep State to bring about the tanking the entire U.S. economy.

MARKET CRASH 2018: Worst Week Since 2008

Now why would they do this?  Especially after almost every economic guru and financial crackerjack has warned that FED interest rate moves upward will have catastrophic consequences.

And so they are…in real time…and just in time for Christmas.

State of the Nation
December 21, 2018

N.B. How here’s the recent articles posted at Zero Hedge about Jerome Powell.  Talk about the grinch whole stole Christmas!  We just saw another article posted today that expresses the very same sentiment: The Grinch Who Stole Christmas—2018

Google Results for “Jerome Powell” &

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1 day ago – Was Jay Powell really ‘the Ebenezer Scrooge’ to the market’s ‘Oliver Twist’ yesterday? The market had asked for ‘moaaarr’ and priced in an …

Powell: “Strong, Healthy”; Market: AYFKM?! | Zero Hedge

1 day ago – “Congrats Chairman Powell, you are officially a market joke. This will actually be healthy in the long run. Only then can we really talk about …

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2 days ago – “Everything was awesome” and then Jay Powell said… Some years ago, we took away the lesson that the markets were very sensitive to news …

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1 day ago – With S&P nearing bear market territory (and Nasdaq already there), The Dow is accelerating its losses, down 600 points today amid shutdown …

Was The “Powell Put” Just Born? A Confused Wall Street … – Zero Hedge…/was-powell-put-just-born-confused-wall-street-respond…

Nov 28, 2018 – With Jerome Powell appearing to make a “full blown” walk back to his October 3 remarks, when in the span of 2 months the Fed Chair said we …

What Caused Chairman Powell To Flinch | Zero Hedge

Dec 12, 2018 – Clues from the Fed II, an RIA Pro article from November 28, 2018, provided important insight into one of Jerome Powell’s most important …

Weekend Reading: The Powell Put | Zero Hedge

Nov 30, 2018 – On Wednesday, Powell took to the microphone to give the markets what they have been longing for – the “Powell Put.” During his speech …

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Dec 11, 2018 – Despite the verbal bravado of Federal Reserve Chairman, Jerome Powell, over how strong the U.S. economy is, he doesn’t live in a vacuum.

Powell Is Trapped: One Chart “Explains” The Dilemma … – Zero Hedge…/powell-trapped-one-chart-explains-dilemma-facing-fed

Dec 3, 2018 – Fast forward to last week when – pressured by president Trump who called for the Fed to halt rate hikes while hinting he may “replace” Powell …

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