What caused the massive chemical explosion at Oroville Dam? Why the news blackout?

Chemical Explosion at Oroville Dam in California!

Hal Turner Radio Show

A massive explosion has taken place near the Oroville Dam in California. The explosion was so powerful, it registered on seismographs with the US Geological Survey as a Magnitude 2.5 Earthquake!

Readers may recall it was this particular Dam which almost collapsed during torrential rains in California several years ago, with its main spillway literally torn out of the ground by raging overflow waters.

Now, an explosion has taken place very near the dam but NO DETAILS WHATSOEVER are being released about it!

Authorities are absolutely “mum” on the topic.

Were it not for the USGS reporting it as a Magnitude 2.5 Explosion, there would be a total blackout of information about this.

To put this event in perspective for you, during the attacks of September 11, when the World Trade Center Towers collapsed, those collapses only registered as a Magnitdue 2.0 — while today’s explosion registered as 2.5

That gives you an idea about how powerful this explosion at Oroville was! Yet no one is saying a word about it.

Was this a Terrorist Attack; perhaps some attempt to collapse the Dam and kill thousands with instant flooding? No one is saying.

We are endeavoring to determine what took place and expect to update this story later Saturday.


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