FINAL PUSH FOR GUN CONTROL: Who’s really behind it and why?

Much Of The Alternative Media Is Now Ignoring Faked Mass Shootings—And Why This Reality Is So Dangerous To Modern History:

Take the Purple Pill

By Anonymous

[Note: this essay was written just prior to another alleged mass shooting occurred in Dayton Ohio!

There is no need to cite Internet citations for the small minority of savvy truth seekers on the latest mass shootings—there are still enough being produced to give super-strong evidence that the recent Gilroy Garlic Festival ‘event’ and the Walmart shooting in El Paso, (dubbed “mass shooting”) were both staged practice drills but reported as real events.

See these videos while they are still available (it is likely they will disappear before long):

Nevertheless, within the last couple of years major powers behind the Internet curtain, such as prominent search engines, have been censoring / disappearing quality refutations of these faked mainstream “mediated” dis-information (deliberate deception) campaigns.

Yes, mainstream internet complex (MIC) power houses with real market share, such as Google, and related video sites like YouTube, have been censoring the most revealing of truth news, meanwhile allowing for some poorer quality citizen journalism (episodes that are actually more distracting and operate as red-herring bad leads) play out to allow confused audiences to conclude the “truth movement” or as-labeled “conspiracy theory websites” seem lame (as in better to ignore as the word ‘ignore’ is the root of being ‘ignorant’).

One such distraction tactic is to allow videos that focus on the hocus-pocus of masonic ‘numerology’ (numbers like 33 and all manner of numeric and crazy coincidence conjectures) to stand in place of those perceptive and articulate citizen journalists who are actually showing the real deception red flags regarding these ‘purported’ death events as falsely reported. In other words, the extent and quality of alternative real journalism has shrunk because the once free internet is quickly becoming one more form of social control and manipulation by the powers-that-be.

Another MIC tactic is to allow some amateurish and mediocre opinion videos by everyday people, and this is meant to more or less suggest there is some balance by Silicon giants (but the truly revealing videos and opinion prose pieces simply disappear (or are ignored by websites that could share them).

Even many “alternative” news web-sights mostly ignore these mass shooting stories, or cater to the false reporting, or only have a few not-so-astute opinions about them; but they DO NOT RIGOROUSLY EVALUATE OR REFUTE THESE LIES AND ARE THUS ALLOWING FOR THE CONTINUATION OF MAJOR CHANGES IN OUR CIVIL RIGHTS FREEDOMS. The alternative right for is failing to truly fight this serious challenge (even while they pay lip service to the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Ever since Pizza-gate we, collectively as an Internet society, have been educated mostly by the Alt Right as to what is often referred to as various forms of ‘Satanism’ (and no doubt pedophilia is a truism in the political realms such as with Jeff Epstein) but the “real” super-abundance of what can be called Satanism in this culture is the enormous amount of deceit that is coming at us from the mainstream media and political parties (especially from the Democratic Party); and it is more than ironic these last shootings events happen just after two Democratic debates were showing their current roster of Democratic presidential candidates to be so poorly electable. The Democratic Party is a sinking ship that badly needs a lifeboat.

But these continuous forms of social deception projected to the American public at large, is about so much more than a corrupted Democratic Party and so much more serious. Even most astute pundits do not really understand the larger core of evil (using this word ‘evil’ as a secular term—not as a biblical reference like those who naively believe in the Book of Revelations of the New Testament).

Many Americans today have no idea how badly they have been brainwashed and lied to on so many different issues in respect to history as well as current events. They cannot fathom how vulnerable would this society be without the Second Amendment, nor can they imagine how many millions of people have systematically been starved, murdered, tortured and worked to death by government forces (such as by those atheist Jews who dominated the Bolshevik revolution in Russia) that is tortured, murdered and starved millions of traditional Russians a mere hundred years ago. And note it is ‘not’ anti-Semitic to tell the truth about real Jewish history. The fact is a huge percentage of the leaders of the Bolshevik Revolution and its Police State and the Gulag system was run by people who were from Jewish families—one of many facts that have been white-washed from history.

In the same way it is a fact that the Atlantic Slave Trade was dominated by Jews, both as slave shippers and owners, and yet we Americans have been led to believe by dishonest Hollywood movies, Zionist controlled news media and education propaganda that it was mostly white Christians who were responsible for slavery in the New World. This too is verifiable truth—even Christopher Columbus and several of his colleagues were Marrano Jews (conversos) who were leaving Spain and Portugal at a time when Jews were being forced to convert to Christianity or leave those Iberian countries altogether. Christopher Columbus (Cristobal Columbo) was financed by a Jew from the Spanish King’s court (Luis Santanel) as Columbus and his Marrano buddies were on a mission to find slaves in India (and they did bring slaves back to Spain). This too is truth and this too is one reason why there is so much propaganda about White Privilege against white gentiles (especially white Christians) because it is a common trait of fake news about Jewish history—that is to accuse people of the very things the home tribe is guilty.

And yes surely we well know not all Jews, or even most Jews, are doing things that violate other peoples’ presumed rights. To point out that many cultural conflict issues are in fact being perpetuated by some Jews is not the same as alleging most Jews are involved in such conspiracies. Still there are cabals of power within Jewish populations around the planet that are in fact at cultural war with the gentile populations of this world—and lots of evidence shows these glaring realities to be true (which has not changed since Henry Ford wrote about such matters in the 1920s as 100 years ago). Moreover there are too few honest Jews who will speak out against these realities if such realities shine lights on their own tribe.

And this is exactly why both the 1st and 2nd Amendments have to go or be castrated. People are starting to find out how much they have been lied to about a myriad of topics, and this new awareness is breeding resentments including resentments about how a Jewish minority is dominating this American empire, as their Diaspora has done historically over centuries in various countries (and is continuing a record of adept skill in media deceit / ownership and control of politicians such financing campaigns as well as what amounts to as persuasion blackmail).

Understand that these are not allegations or assertions any mindful person wants to make—allegations that masses of societies have been psychologically trained to think of as “anti-Semitic” and presumably motivated by hatred and misguided thinking. And yet this is exactly the 800 pound gorilla in the room that no one wants to see or face—the fact that gentiles are accused of anti-Semitic racism simply because they are willing to tell the truth about how deceitful and criminal has been Jewish exploitation of gentiles around the world over the last centuries (for example there were many white slaves that were sold to the Muslim world by Jewish merchants before and during the time of the Ottoman Empire) and this is one of many realities we White Privilege gentiles do not know about. In fact the world ‘slave’ comes from the Slavic race as both Muslims and Jews were capturing white women and men to enslave them. But our current educational system, as politically in-correct PC, will never tell you about these realities (or the fact that slavery is condoned by the Old and New Testament as well as the Koran).

And note that it is not considered politically incorrect to suggest that certain powers within the Muslim world are evil. It is not politically incorrect to suggest certain German powers were evil. It is not politically incorrect to suggest certain white European powers were and are evil. There is no one advocating for laws that will not allow people to say bad things about these groups? Why is it so taboo to say similar things about some Jewish powers—especially when such statements happen to be true?

Why is the Christian world so naïve? Most Christians simply cannot fathom that some ethnic group organizations would actually conspire to lie and cheat, and do so throughout hundreds of years of history (and meanwhile while doing so, in conjunction with dominating the media markets, brainwashing real victims by claiming that ‘their’ ancestors were the ones who were exploiting the perpetrators ancestors!). Manipulation of guilt has been the master plan that has succeeded so well in blindsiding the victim to believe in his status is the victimizer. How Stockholm syndrome can you get. Millions and millions of white gentiles running around feeling guilty for things they never did (nor their ancestors).

Think about what you think you know about Jewish history in which Jews have been portrayed as eternal victims (just before they are Jews) and imagine for a minute that just maybe the opposite is more in the truth—that is some Jewish peoples have in fact been more the perpetrators of unethical offense than victims of others. Hard to believe? Yes. Why: because we have been so successfully brainwashed because Zionists dominate the mainstream media, as they dominate the TV industry, the movie industry, the banking industry, and as they dominate who becomes successful politicians (donating most of the campaign contributions on both sides the aisle), and they have a stronghold in the world of law and the courts, as well as heavy influence in schools from grade school to college, as well as control much of the publishing industry (and this is true of many Western countries as well as strong influence around the entire world). Their International Order is truly the Empire of the world. Is it just coincidence that mass killings are happening in various once white countries and that the same guilt trips are being plied all over the Western world? Hardly. Who dominates the bureaucracies of the European Union? Who dominates various agencies of the United Nations and various NGOs? Who are the people who spread millions and billions of dollars to get their way in various political arenas?

More importantly this domination has been in effect for many decades. Zionists, in fact, dominated the news industry here in America even before World War 1, as well as had dominate power of media in England, France, Russia, Germany, etc., before World War 1. They have had the media power to control how people think for many decades already—they do this by sheer repetition and skillful lies through books, novels, movies, political rhetoric, etc. What we think we know as truth is what these avenues of idea have fed us since our childhood days.

Many on the right are dumbfounded by how the mainstream media and politicians lie and create anarchic chaos and conflict today. But this is an old play book. There are plenty in power who know they can repeat lies about Donald Trump and within some decades can convince masses and masses of people that he was even more evil than was supposedly Adolph Hitler. People underestimate the longterm power of control of media and how it can in fact shape peoples’ perceptions of reality.

For example, most people see no connection in what might have happened during the time of some assassinations of Czars in Russia and cases happening in modern times—nor connection between anarchic violence and assassination in Europe around the world wars and what could be happening now, nor between anarchy from Marx and what is happening in the West today. We do not even see any connection between “Operation Gladio” after World War 2 during the cold war in Europe and what is happening here in the United States today with all these supposed mass killings. We somehow see our situation as unique as does every generation born.

Equally most Christians have too little clue as to the perceived differences in how most religious Jews think of ‘their’ so-called Messianic era versus what Christians think of Messianic times to mean according to Christian literature. Christians think of an apocalypse end-times in which souls get sorted out to go to another realm beyond life, whereas many believing Jews think of a Judaic-dominated Kingdom here on planet earth in which gentiles (all other peoples) are subordinate to the Jewish race—and which gentiles are here to ‘serve’ this supposedly superior and chosen Jewish race! See videos by Adam Greene at KnowMoreNews.Org to get an idea of how delusional this religious belief stuff truly is playing out.

These people are still into the idea of sacrificing a red heifer and other anachronistic rituals. These people still believe the stories about Moses were true and that the idea of commanding his tribes to kill off all the other Canaanite tribes is something a righteous God would have advocated or commanded! Jonathan Kirsch refuted such stories in his book: Moses: A Life. Do not the choses people, some who think they are some of the most intelligent in the world, understand how ‘yesterday’ all those mythical stories were and are?

So many Christians are blindsided by their ‘fear’ of what is essentially the terrorism of the Book of Revelations to understand the gist of how the Judaic religion is an ethnocentric and racist reality and that it does not have anything to do with a truly ‘just’ Godhead. This too is brainwash. Most Christians are too blind to understand the psychological and political ramifications of what the Old Testament, or Torah and Talmud truly represents. More than anything it is about war propaganda. It is tribal warfare and ethnocentric chauvinism. There is little that is especially ‘moral’ about the stories of the Bible.

Nevertheless many people are still living in the paranoia of fear of an afterlife hell today (especially Zionist Christians) as Catholics were buying indulgences from a corrupt Church before Martin Luther of the 16th century. Christians seemingly are the last to understand that being ‘possessed’ is a matter of being gripped by delusions they have been taught to believe as reality when in fact they never were reality.

No just God would need a hell of eternal torture.

No just God would blame his creation creatures for sins that are in fact an outcome of God’s own creation.

Furthermore no just God would crucify anyone and then claim it is mercy.

Only a brainwashed soul would believe such a tyranny is justice—based on fear of a terrorism of believing in hell after life.

No just parent would demand to be loved and respected by his or her child and neither would a truly loving Creator God. The God of the Old Testament is tyrant and a fraud—deal with it! Realize you have the right to think for yourself without being subject to punishment. The Adam and Eve story is really a story of censorship as in being punished for learning of the tree of knowledge. What kind of so-called creator, who is supposedly all-knowing play mind-games with his so-called creatures that are vulnerable and naive—by staging theatre in which one is told not to eat of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil—while allowing some tempter to persuade otherwise? Does this really sound like a mature relationship of respect? You are to believe you have been given paradise and the little price for it is to not eat of knowledge (as tempted to think you might be aware like this so-called creator god)? And people cannot see this is a fairy tale?

The Western or European world only became Christianized because of the Roman Empire—northern Europeans were not originally Christian—which is a religion of the Middle East. Emperor Constantine chose to convert to Christianity based on winning a war—because he thought Jesus was a better War God. The same with several European tribes being forced to convert based on war calculations. None of the northern Europeans read or spoke Latin—they did not sit down then and actually examine all the convolutions of the Bible.

And the reason this is argumentation about religion is intertwined in this statement about false flag shooting events is because the fault lines are both cultural and religious. Many things are happening while people are demanding an end to the right to bear arms. This is not happening in a vacuum. For example many veterans who have served this country (assumedly thought so) are not on the list of get their guns because some are alienated as they now know they have been lied into unnecessary wars.

Meanwhile there has been an unannounced war on the white gentile cultures for a long time and most white people have been too blind to see it in the big picture. See articles at The Occidental Observer coming out this summer and fall (two example citations):

These cultural wars against the gentile white races has been going on for a long time. For example if you really study the French Revolution thee was a lot more than just a war against the idea of Monarchy—it was also a war against Christianity—and it was a war in which many, many Catholics were murdered. The Notre Dame was turned into a stage for ceremonies to honor pagan Gods.

The French Revolution was a war many so-called conspiracy theorists claim was planned by an elaborate Masonic conspiracy (and financed by big money and supposedly had plenty of Jewish influence). Whether this is true or not this writer is not sure but the violence and leftist politics was horrendous in which tens of thousands of people were slaughtered (something that should not be lost on Americans—that happened a mere 230 years ago is something that can happen again). But even within all that bloodshed and killing by guillotine there was still a lot less painful dying than the kinds of death inflicted in other forms of torture and starvation and murder that also happened during modernity.

Much of the Alternative Right knows most of these mass shooting events, as presented to us by way of mainstream media, are being faked and yet the alternative right does little to nothing to counter the lies (especially since Alex Jones of InfoWars was accused of saying the Sandy Hook shooting was a faked event). Later Jones backed down and denied what he more or less implied.

After Jones’ denial other Zionist-influenced Alt Right websites too ignored the truth about these many mass shootings as faked (much of the alt-right has been more or less quiet even though they claim to fight fiercely for the 1st and 2nd Amendments). In fact several prominent Alt-Right websites are nothing more than media arms of Zionist-Israeli propaganda; as it is right-wing Likudites of Israel as well as leftist Jewish domination of the Democratic party, that are in cahoots with these media lies about innocent victims being killed in public spaces of schools and shopping malls and thus demanding more gun rights restrictions (and more scrutiny of peoples’ right to privacy such as on the Internet—and ones right to associate in private).


What’s the deal with Jews and gun control?

Jewish Gun Control

Think about it. In the last two hundred years—look at how many wars have been about white Christians killing white Christians in Europe, and in the American Civil War (supposedly blamed on slavery and not about the cotton industry as related to England and the South and not about banking and money made on war). Both World Wars 1 and World Wars 2 pitted white Christians against white Christians and in all these wars bankers were making money on munitions manufacturing and on lending money to governments needing it to engage such wars.

21 million Germans died in World War 2 and you never hear about any German suffering (because after all they all deserved it). The propaganda powers in England, France, United States, Russia etc., were all heavily influenced by Zionist control of the propaganda efforts in which it called for the murder of the German race. Civilians were deliberately targeted by phosphorus bombing with fire temperatures over 1200 degrees—whole cities and towns burnt by aerial bombing raids.

Such war propaganda was full of lies about the German people and the German military. To this day Hollywood has literally made over one hundred movies portraying the Nazis and the ultimate evil of all evils (and yet there are dozens and dozens of very intelligent and courageous “history revisionists” who have shown the many fudged false-realities about World War 1 and WW2 (as this war was “not” about a final-solution to kill all Jews—when in fact Zionists were deliberately trying to scare European Jews to move to Palestine before, during and after the war), etc., etc..

Most people have no idea how much they have been mass mediated by propaganda about history. Another disinformation campaign had to do with the so-called Russian pogroms too but they too were highly exaggerated (in order to get Western countries like the United States to feel sympathy and to accept massive Jewish immigration from Eastern Europe and Russian).

This is not to argue Jews have not suffered by host countries and populations. They claim with their own historical accounts to have been run out of over 100 geographical locations over the last two millennium.

Many peoples have suffered evils at the hands of other tribes and races. This is not unique to one group who claim the Lion’s share of pity and special privileges (being simply the victim over and over and over again). There is something inherently antagonistic in how this kind of story plays out dozens and dozens of times with various groups that have historically interacted with the gentile world throughout history. How could there be such an anomaly?

Equally how can so many stand by and watch a powerful military like what the Israelis have constantly kill and torture the Palestinians (all the while naive Christians are so worried about the so-called second coming)? Even if there were such a just god Messiah coming why would he or she or it want to bother to give eternal life to so many mediocre souls who care more about saving their own hides than about the real suffering and oppression happening day in and day out, year after year, as delusion white or Caucasian Jews take over the miniaturist state of Israel? Israel as a land is no more sacred than any other place on the planet.

One can come to understand, as far as modernity is concerned, major stories about Jewish persecution has been highly exaggerated in order to exempt Jews from the same scrutiny and standards expected of other peoples. This is a reality that has to be directly dealt with or there will always be anti-Semitism. Yet the problem is not that people feel hostility and much as what are the real reasons for such alienation and why are such arguments not allowed to be aired?

Still people are starting to catch on because the internet has allowed for people to learn through channels that are not, or were not, entirely controlled.

The Internet is how we know that Israel was behind 9/11. The Internet is how we know that many of the wars in the Middle East are for benefitting Israel and countries like Saudi Arabia and not for the benefit of the American people. Yet is our bankrupt government that is feeding the military industrial complex and the surveillance complex (and now they want to stop the voices that want some say and some justice).

This is why it is primarily Zionists (those who put Israel’s welfare above our own—you know those ‘nationalists”) who have been behind destroying the 1st and 2nd Amendments in the United States. You are not allowed to make arguments. They must be suppressed. Free speech is only for non-controversial arguments. Free speech only if it does not rock the boat.

As harsh as these allegations sound, and or as shocking as they may have sounded, they are true.

There is a war, a cultural war against white gentile America—primarily instigated by Caucasian Jews (who have the real sliver of White Privilege) and whose ancestors were the racists by dominating both the slave trade and slave ownership in the new world; and yet they are the ones trying to use the Democratic Party to play divide and conquer by pitting all minorities and women and whatever diversity of genders against white gentiles and especially white Christians and white men.

Everything we white gentiles and Europeans are being accused of there is some Jewish ancestry guilty of actually doing these things.

This may seem like a storm of a thousand allegations but these truths have been systematically suppressed and they have been lurking in the hidden world of the rabbit holes. But now the truths have to start coming out to save our American Bill of Rights before it is too late.

It is unfair that so much has to be brought out all at once since few have dared show the massive cultural fraud that has been perpetrated on the naive for a very long time. It seems overwhelming because it is overwhelming.

Over decades of time there has been a deliberate intent on destroying white gentile cultures in all countries in which white people have built up such a culture (and Christian influence that is somewhat understandable). So it is not just a cultural war here in the United States—it is also in England, Scandinavia, Italy, France, Europe as a whole, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, etc. Certain Jewish powers with plenty of wealth especially are trying to demonize and destroy anything called white European or white gentile culture—and if white gentiles feel disadvantaged well soon there is nothing they can do about it because they will lose their right to own weapons against tyrannical government. Already white gentiles do not control the monetary systems, nor the politics, nor the media, nor various forms of intellectual influence, and now the Right is willing to give up on fighting for the right to bear arms?

This is not a theory. This is a fact and it has been coming for a long time. Our own government and our media has been infiltrated by Zionist power: The FBI, DHS, CIA, NSA, State Department, White House, etc., etc. is infiltrated. For example the State Department is behind the changes in immigration quotas and which immigrants are allowed. These immigration laws were changed big time in 1965 and this is now coming to fruition.

Cultural war has also been declared on law enforcement and ICE. Still police departments go to Israel for training via ADL Kabbalahism. Do Christians really think they will never be treated as if they were third world Palestinians? Now the national guards and the police departments are coming under the control of a centralized Police State.

This is how the Bolshevik Cheka police state evolved to spy on counter-revolutionaries. Then to capture, torture and kill, or work to death in gulag. Listen to what the politicians and the media are saying—they want to monitor more and more social media and have more and more psychiatric evaluation and more and more monitoring of young people (especially those deemed loners and alienated). And yet the last thing they truly want to do is to discover and educate the real reasons why people are alienated—because they are being deprived of their individuality and identity, such as to be white is not OK but rather considered anathema.

Anthropologists and sociologists have been giving lip service to the so-called “structural violence” against minorities for a long time. This would include institutionalized forms of oppression such as the argument that blacks go to prison far more than do whites. But if you look as college employment, white men have not been hired to be college professors (in any numbers) for a long time except for Jewish college professors (and enrollments in Ivy League). This is just one example of how white gentile men have been discriminated against already for a long time.

Another example is that there are 20 to 30 times as many blonde women who are hired as actresses, models, and news anchors versus blonde men (whereas black men are very heavily represented). This has been the case for a very long time and no one notices or seems to care—after all it was those Scandinavian Nordics who supposedly killed the Jews?

In truth people were interned as radical Marxists in Germany between WW1 And WW2, many who happened to have been Jewish, and yes they were sprayed with gas to kill the lice that was spreading typhus throughout the camps, etc. Read Benton Bradberry’s “The Myth of German Villainy” (if you truly are a truth seeker).

Discriminating against white men is exactly the same mentality of the Old Testament that allowed for God’s Chosen people to “mass” kill the other Canaan tribes and save some of the children and woman (like Hollywood to have hundreds of white, gentile female actresses at their Hollywood parties and rub it in the face of the white Trump supporter such as at their Oscar Awards). These Jews have no intention of treating gentile white men as equals—they own the “white” narrative just like they have owned the White House and the Neo-Con-Artist domain in foreign policy.

You Internet websites that allow these faked shootings as false flags to continue are going to lose every freedom you ever imagined you ever had. And pray tell how much Israel’s domination of our foreign policy has caused so many foreign countries to hate and despise the American people (people who are essential blind cowards). World War 3 will likely come to this land this time and Americans will finally understand what war is really all about—as we too are dispensable —even in our blind naiveté.


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