The End Of The World As We Know It …

Is Dictated By The Collective Consciousness Of Humanity

Cosmic Convergence Research Group

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For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear

the reality which surrounds us all is both self-evident

and ever-changing.

Everything in this material plane

of existence conforms itself to the

predominant the thought-waves

of the mind.  The more who think

about, and focus on, Armageddon,

the more likely it will manifest

exactly as it is imagined.  Such

is the power of thought, especially collective thought.

The meme of the Apocalypse was implanted into human

consciousness millennia ago.  Similarly the meme of the

Great Flood was introduced into the psyche of the pre-

flood civilizations.  Eventually there was a Great Flood

in the days of Noah, just like the continent of Atlantis sunk

into the sea 12,000 years ago.

There are very good reasons why the current planetary

civilization is moving in the very same direction as those

ancient societies.  The world community of nations chose

to take the left fork instead of the right fork at the beginning

of the Industrial Revolution.  Doing so wedded each and

every country on Earth to a variety of fundamentally flawed

paradigms.  In light of a population explosion which pushed

the planet above 7 billion human beings, the aggregate stresses

on the environment are now quite unbearable.  Likewise, the

major energy paradigms — energy and industrial, economic

and financial, political and social — are completely and totally


By way of example, the nations of the world can no longer

operate under the burden of debt that has been piled up over

many decades.  The sovereign debt, national debt, corporate

debt, credit card debt, school loans debt, etc., in the aggregate,

is now too heavy a debt load for the global village to bear.  As the

creditors show no inclination to forgive those debts, they will

now be released in a manner that will forever wipe them away.

The key point here is that the very Global Economic & Financial

System (GE&FS) is inherently defective.  It no longer serves the

people and in fact has turned a great majority of residents on

planet Earth into debt slaves.  The GE&FS is just one example

of what cannot continue as it is.

The current civilization is fraught with other paradigms which

are also at their breaking points. During the past century the world

has seen a number of points of no return exceeded throughout

the environmental realm.  These ecosystem collapses are transpiring

at an accelerating rate and occurring across the entire spectrum

of land, water and air environments.  Because of such highly

misguided global initiatives such as geoengineering and GMOs,

many of these ongoing enviro disasters are only intensifying.

As a human race, how did we get here?

            “Everything is the way it is,
                   because we are the way we are.”

Each of us, to varying degrees, put stock into the current System.

The extent to which we backed, and supported, and worked for,

and funded the various parts of the System, we gave the Beast our

energy.  Because so many bought into and materially benefitted

from the Military-Industrial Complex (MIC) part of the System, as

an illustration, that particular entity grew larger and stronger by the

year.  Now it forms a substantial part of what is known as the

Perpetual War Economy.

Do you get it yet?

Is your 401K or IRA, Pension Plan or Keogh invested in companies

which make up the MIC?

Do you support with your feelings and your thoughts American


Do you feel the American Empire is worth fighting wars for?

Do you unreservedly advocate for U.S. military intervention

wherever and whenever a conflict breaks out?

By the way, just who was it that really started all these wars?

And why?

Back to the power of our thoughts.

As the prescient quote stated, “Everything is the way it is, because

we are the way we are.”   What great wisdom!  But how so?

We are the way we are because of the knowledge that we have

embraced. Much of our knowledge is patently false.  The vast

amount of information that we receive on a daily basis is

untrue or distorted or misleading.  The post modern Information

Age would be more aptly named the “Age of Falsehood”.  Hence,

we as a culture suffer from a chronic deprivation of real wisdom.

This predicament alone has sealed the fate of the current race

of humanity.

Do you understand now?

With this critical understanding it will be easier to comprehend

why those biblical prophecies and cultural memes were inserted

into our mind at such a young and tender age.  They were simply the

mental seeds of destruction which were meant to sprout into fully

formed trees of apocalyptic events like Armageddon.  Let’s face it,

Armageddon has been taking place all around us for the better part

of a century.  World War I and II, the Great Depression, followed

by so many lesser wars and economic breakdowns.  As a matter of

historical fact, the First World War took place 100 years ago.  And

yet here we stand, as an arguably advanced civilization, upon the

threshold of a literal World War III.

As it has been stated, the collective mentality dictates the future of

the world.  Continuing to latch onto so many inferior concepts,

false notions, bad ideas, flawed philosophies, fake theologies,

fraudulent politics, substandard lifestyles, defective theories,

deficient paradigms, etc., etc., etc., really adds up to a societal

downward spiral.

How could it be any other way?

When virtually everyone is moving in the wrong direction, as they

are today, what is to keep the place from crashing and burning?

Only by the grace of God has the world held together this long.

Truly, it’s an inexplicable wonder that things are still holding

together as they are as we approach 2016.  Isn’t it?!?

Final Point:  Nothing is going wrong.  Everything is exactly as it

should be.  Every human race has a birth, an adolescence, an

adulthood, and an old age.  Our race of humanity is now in hospice,

yet many are so determined to usher it back to a bygone era.  They

do not see that:

IT IS WHAT IT IS,   …    …    …


Someone just wrote as a comment on a website that posted an article

about the political plight of the USA.  They said that even if we wanted

to change our ways at this late date, it wouldn’t make any difference.

The entire society — the whole of civilization — is already far too

committed to so much that doesn’t work.  Not only doesn’t it work,

but much of what we have based our lives on is innately destructive

to life and damaging to the indispensable biosphere.

When a civilization has cut itself off from Gaia, Mother Earth, how

can it even hope to survive a day, much less centuries.  The Western

half of the planetary civilization is primarily responsible for removing

the Divine Mother from the culture.  In so doing they justified the

incessant plundering, pillaging and raping of the planet.  This sole

dysfunctional dynamic, and lack of right relationship, is responsible

for so much of what ails humanity.

Therefore, henceforth, there will be only one way to proceed into

“a new heaven and new earth”.

There must be respect, no, there must be deep reverence for the

Divine Feminine.  For the Goddess. For the Divine Mother. For Gaia.

Here is the secret plan and primary strategy which was
stealthily employed to destroy Western 

It is said that the backbone of all civilizations are the women, just as

the Mother is the matriarch of her clan.  Without the matriarch, the

tribe quickly devolves into disarray and fades into obscurity.

The Mother was known as the child’s first guru (teacher).  They were

recognized as the guru because of how profoundly important their

role really was in the proper development  and education and

training of the children.  Only when the child was sufficiently raised

and trained were they sent off to apprentice for a master, to a teacher

at a school, or to a spiritual Guru.

In this way the nuclear family, which revolved around the Mother,

could weather any storm and ensured that the community would

remain strong and cohesive, healthy and harmonious.  Through a

vast series of social engineering initiatives, the role of the mother

and woman in society was altered.  This planned endeavor has taken

place over many decades and only now has borne its catastrophic fruits.

American society, in particular, is now in shambles because of those

many ‘experiments’ gone awry.  Consequently, the social fabric has

been irreparably torn.  When such a state exists, there can only be one


Hence, every person is advised to get their own house in order like

never before.  By house, we mean internal house, as in the eternal

Kingdom of God within.  This is all that matters from this point

forward.  2016 is the temporal and long-awaited “eye of the needle”

that everyone has ben waiting for.  Passing through it will be no easy

feat, and is certainly not for the faint-hearted.

Because the coming year represents a convergence of so much

prophecy and prediction, karma and destiny, fate and fortune,

cause and effect, comeuppance and consequence, anything can

happen, anywhere and at any time.  It’s important for everyone

to really understand this.  The cosmological dynamics of the

Mayan Calendar exquisitely illustrate this ever-accelerating

phenomena of [downward] spiraling flux.  In fact as planet Earth

moves through the current Galactic Creation Cycle, on the way

to the Universal Creation Cycle, the movement of time will only

quicken as the space-time continuum rearranges itself.  Only in

this fashion can “a new heaven and new earth” be appropriately


Always remember, that the unfolding planetary destiny is the

product of our predominant collective thoughts.  As a result,

there are infinite lessons baked into every drama and event for

each individual alive today.  No one is exempt from experiencing

the unparalleled Play of Consciousness which is about to break

out into the open as never before.

Truly, “Everything is the way it is, because we are the way we are.”

If you still don’t believe this truthful statement, perhaps the

following video may help you apprehend this essential knowledge

of life on Earth.  That knowledge, incidentally, when sufficiently

baked in the oven of life experience and then consciously eaten and

properly digested becomes wisdom — real wisdom (sometimes known

as Sophia*).  Yes, there is also a Goddess of Wisdom known as Sophia

who was banished long ago from the earth realm.  Now you really

know why we’re all in such a stew pot.

*Sophia (σοφία, Greek for “wisdom”) is the etymological root
for every English word that ends in “sophy”. Every Ph.D. that
is awarded in university is actually a Doctor of Philosophy.

Bruce Lipton nicely breaks down the present “Destruction Story”
for the sidewalk scientists and armchair philosophers among us in
the following video.

[youtube_sc url=]

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