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What to Expect on the World’s Stage in 2016


Welcome back to The Secrets of 2016. I’m Amanda Poole Walsh, I am the Co-Founder of AstrologyHub.com

For our next presenter, we’re going to be talking to Joni Patry. Joni’s going to be talking to us about predictions for 2016. What we can expect, the economy, war potential and crisis, new relationship in politics, and what we can do to really change our consciousness in our own lives and then also in the world.

So, Joni, I’m very excited to hear what you have to share with us. Thank you so much for joining us.

My pleasure, thank you for having me.

All right, so I think we will just go ahead and dive in if that’s okay.

Okay. Yes, I’d love to.

Because every year we have a new opportunity to look at our lives differently. This is going to be, in my opinion, probably the biggest monumental year of our lives so far.

There are so many planetary configurations, because you see, what astrology is simply cycles. These cycles, you’re going to see have come full circle to create the world that we’re at a crisis period. Something needs to change, because there’s been so many polarizations in the world, and so much fear that this is the year that it’s almost like it’s going to come to a crescendo and explosion. But, of course, what always comes out of that is healing.

So, I like to call the year of 2016, this is the year of humanity and opening the heart. Remember, I do Vedic astrology, so the zodiac that I’m working with, it falls backwards.

A sign what westerner astrologers are familiar with, and I look at what Rahu and Ketu are the nodes of the moon. The north node of the moon is Rahu, and the south node of the moon is Ketu. As they shift signs, as they are in the sidereal chart, they represent the fate and the destiny that everyone will experience, because remember this is always, we’re all in this together. It’s a collective. It’s a collective unconscious and everything that goes on within us is happening out there in the world. So it’s like as above, so below. This is what truly astrology is about, so as you know thyself, you know everything in the world.

So, this year, as I was saying, Rahu is about to go into Leo in January and it is going to conjoin Jupiter. Jupiter is the planet that expands things, it’s great, but Jupiter is going to station at 29 degrees of Leo with Rahu. Now remember I’m talking about sidereal vedic chart, not the tropical western. But, this is very significant, it’s the very last degree of the signs, so Jupiter stations stand still the entire month with Rahu. Meaning there’s going to be an explosive event at the very beginning of the year in January. It’s in the sign of Leo.

Leo is the sign of the king, of rulers, of presidents and so this enormous event will involve a world leader. Rahu Vedic astrology I know in western it’s like it’s gains, it’s expansion, it means you get your desire. But, it’s a double-edged sword, and with Jupiter it can be very extreme. So, there’s going to be a very extreme event concerning a political leader that will change the world. This will happen, without a doubt, in 2016. A political leader that will make a major, major change in the world will either step down or be eliminated. This is something that is really going to change consciousness and how we look at the whole political scheme. But, how does that relate to us individually. Leo is ruled by Hasan, the sun is the heart, it’s the spirit, it deals with love. As these two signs come together in the sign of Leo, by the way, Rahu initiates fear. They are almost together right now as we speak. This initiates this mass fear.

So what do we have right now? We have terrorism, people all around the world are so afraid. Wherever this conjunction occurs, by the way in your individual chart, what house it’s in, this will tell you where your fears are. This is going to come up for every one, so all of us have to face our fears. But, what happens is with Leo the way to really cure or heal this is through the power of love, really coming through an open-hearted compassionate place. This is what this year is here to teach us all about.

So, getting on with my mundane predictions looking at a political leader, you see we are always projecting something out there through our thoughts, through our feelings, and through our emotions. Every thing that we think, we essentially manifest, so we have to be very, very careful what we’re thinking because as we think and what we feel … what you dwell on every day, all day long, eventually you manifest in your life.

So many people out there have been so unhappy with the governments and the ruling people. Politics, people are fed up. So, guess what we manifested? We manifested somebody that came out in the political arena. Last summer Donald Trump, somebody that didn’t abide by any of the rules still doesn’t, is like a wild card. It’s just a crazy scenario, but this is something that we all manifested, because we didn’t want anybody who really went by the rules. So now we got what we wanted. So now we’re going to see how he is changing the whole game of politics. Like him or not, he’s changing the whole political scene. I guarantee that the elections will not go as anyone planned, because of all of this craziness and what’s about to transpire through the world. But we essentially asked for it, even though now we’re looking at it going how did I ask for that?

This year is going to have, just like the 1960’s, lots of political chaos, lots of rebellion. There’s going to be corruption that’s going to come up, there’s going to be mass rebellion. You’re going to see it’s going to be very, very reminiscent of the 1960’s all over again, because the Uranus Pluto are still in a square. They’re within one degree, but throughout this whole year they’re in a square.

So, what I find that throughout this year there’s going to be incredible things occur because Mars and Saturn are going to come together. Yes, they come together about once every two years, but not with Mars being retrograde and not in the sign of Scorpio conjunct the fixed star and Antares. You see, the stars are so important when we look astrology, and Antares is in Scorpio, it’s in the claw of the scorpion, and it is the star of war. To think that Mars and Saturn come together, here’s the time frames of this.

February Mars is going to enter into Scorpio, this is sidereally on February 20, and it comes into the sign with Saturn, Scorpio. This is where things start really heating up, where it’s going to be where there is going to be more fear, more war, more of what we’ve been seeing, but constant.

In the month of March, we have a very powerful solar eclipse and eclipses are probably the most important thing for astrologers in terms of prediction. So, in March when we have this solar eclipse, in Vedec Astrology we have the 27 Nakshatras. They’re fascinating, each one of them is like a sign, but they have more description and meanings. This solar eclipse occurs Nakshatras called Porva Vadra Pada , and what Porva Vadra Pada’s symbol is a man with two faces. What that symbolizes is there is someone who is not being honest, and I think this is in the world political arena of what is happening. This is going to be the crux of what really changes the world in terms of the Saturn squaring Neptune throughout this year, that things will come to the surface and be revealed. The truth will be revealed about the corruption and the deceit that has been occurring worldwide. This also goes for the economy.

Let me just say that March is a huge turning point, and in April, Mars is going to go retrograde. This is approximately April 17. On that day, Mars will turn retrograde and so will Pluto. This is huge, and this can represent a major outbreak of some kind of event that changes consciousness, changes the world and I just have to say from that point on in April, everything will be different. In March, around that solar eclipse, Saturn will be squaring Jupiter. This always has an effect on the economy. So you’re going to start seeing the stock market start to go down, you’re going to see a big change in fear around money, and a serious somber feeling that starts to occur in March. Then April, people start fighting back. There’s strife, there’s incredible intensity.

In May, Saturn will once again be squaring Jupiter. When there’s fear in the world, this reflects into the economy. I want to say that in May, the degree of the solar eclipse, which is 24 degrees Aquarius. Ketu, which is the south note of the moon, will cross over this degree, and this could be a time of loss in the world. So be aware of this. Also, Mercury will be retrograde, so this is not the best time to travel in May.

So then, we come to June. This will be the time there will be the awakening of the truth coming out, because Saturn will begin to square Neptune. Now, Saturn is in Scorpio and Saturn rules crude oil. Neptune is in Aquarius and Saturn is squaring it and Neptune rules oil. By the way, when Mars comes together with Saturn, it will be squaring Neptune as well. This is going to be prices of oil will increase. They’re going to rise, and there’s going to be some mass chaos in the Middle East.

Realize that the last time that Jupiter, Saturn and Rahu came together in the sign of Leo, was in 1979. If you look back in the cycles, that was where we had the Iran crisis, where they had … if you’ve seen the movie Argo, then this is exactly what happens, so this was the Iran hostage crisis that happened in 1979. I was around then. There were lines out, miles long, people trying to get gasoline because we were cut off from the gasoline from the Middle East. Something about oil, something about the Middle East in war, just like in 79 will occur again.

Remember this is a year of an election, so if you go back to 2008, remember right before the election, the oil crisis went sky high in the summer and then we had this enormous fall in the economy in 2008. This is going to be very reminiscent of that year in many, many ways.

Moving on to July, we kind of get a break, because Mars will leave Scorpio into Libra most of June, and then it will enter early July, July 12. This is going to be a time where things start to return back to the way they were, the hostility. We kind of had a break in June, but one really good thing that’s going to be happening this year is, look for major cures for disease. I believe that the transits of these outer planets are so powerful with Uranus and Mars and Pluto. This is going to be major cures that come about for disease, plus travel. We are going to see some discoveries where we can travel fast. They are talking about travel like a vacuum, with trains that go 700 miles an hour. You’re going to see this coming about. So, even though there is hostility and anger, this is still going to be a year of major transformations in a positive light for cures for disease and air travel and travel in and of itself new discoveries. But, one thing I want to point out that is so significant about this year astrologically is the degrees that the planets are occurring.

In September, September 1st we have a solar eclipse that’s going to occur at 15 degrees of Leo. Prior to that in August, August 24, this is probably what I would determine as one of worst days of the year. August 24, Saturn will conjunct Mars, and Saturn will station retrograde on that day, 15 degrees of Scorpio. Remember, this is the fixed start in Antares that is around 15, 16 degrees of Scorpio in the Sidereal Zodiac. At that time, August 25, the very next day Mars will square Neptune. This is all this oil crisis that’s going to come about, and the economy, it’s all about to change. August 11 Jupiter is going to enter into Virgo, and Jupiter in Virgo is not going to be good for the economy, because it separates from Rahu and Rahu is behind Jupiter. Every time there was a major crash, we had Jupiter in the sign before or after Rahu. This is on it’s way, so be prepared, but it’s not the end of the world. It’s a time and an opportunity for us to open our hearts and to learn about ourselves, because what better way, but in crisis than to bring people closer together.

October will be a littler better than August. But, be rest assured Uranus is still squaring Pluto. Pluto is nuclear energy, so let me just warn you of that. This is a possibility that I could see happening, because in October, Mars will conjunct Pluto October 19.

November 17, Neptune will conjunct Ketu, and Neptune will be at 15 degrees of Aquarius. So, you see we’ve got these fixed signs, the middle of the fixed signs, 15 degrees that are so potent being activated. One where we have the solar eclipse that happens in September at 15 degrees Leo, then at 15 degrees Scorpio we have Mars and Saturn conjunct exactly where Saturn stations very powerful point, and then at 15 degrees Aquarius we have Neptune. So what Neptune’s about, is bringing things to the surface; the deception, the deceit, the illusion that we had. This can be one of the most spiritualizing aspects that I think I’ve seen in a chart for a long, long time. Because, Neptune is spirituality and it is with Ketu, the karaka the significator of Moksha or spirituality in Vedic astrology.

So this is a major time where people come together. They open their hearts and they go beyond religion into the realm of coming from a place of spirituality, true compassion for one another.

This year is pivotal in this direction, and I think it’s going to be wonderful, because of this. People are starting to truly wake up. This is the year of the new awakening, and I’m really excited about it, even though it sounds dire because people are angry. They’re acting out their aggressions, their fears, and most of all their resentments. That’s one thing I tell all of my clients, “You know, if you will learn to let go of those resentments, every thing in your life, that you feel that your blocks will open up.”

Because Mars, Saturn and Scorpio, this is anger, this is resentments, it’s going to come to a big explosive head where your going to have to look in your individual life. What it is that I am resentful about throughout my life. And you will, that that’s what’s holding you back, because there is nothing we can do to change the past, there’s nothing we can do to change other people, but we have the power within ourselves to change, to change ourselves. By looking within and taking responsibility instead of casting blame outside of ourselves, like the victim that’s where we take charge of our life and that’s where you will manifest your goals.

Opening your heart will bring happiness, will bring everything that you aspire to and you want in your life. So, remember, the only thing you have control over is yourself. This is the year to recognize and work and we have a great opportunity.

November is the time of the spiritual awakening. This could actually be something around the elections. I don’t even know if the elections will go as planned, because of all these events concerning politics, leaders and world war in the Middle East. So, something huge is about to come down that’s going to change our world. Another thing that I see, Neptune conjunct Ketu is very healing and very spiritual. I think there can be some cures for mental disease and addictions, because really the crux of a lot of things that have been going on in our world and our society is because of mental disease. The shootings, the violence, that’s mental disease at its core.

December is going to wrap up a lot of things. I still see it as being a dangerous month, and I might add, the county that I do see being at risk the most for terrorist attacks is the USA. If I had to say a month where it is the most prominent, I would say probably August and December. Because the last day of December and January 1, 2017 Ketu will conjunct Mars around in Aquarius, close to Neptune. I am seeing the US is going to have a lot of issues and upheavals, probably because of the politics. There’s anger, there’s frustration, and people are just lashing out. And, yes there is going to be terrorism here.

Russia, I see there can be attacks on airlines and military force. Putin will come into power during the time of the eclipse, things are going to start moving more his direction. Then, Iran, because of the 1979 event, of course their natal chart, their country’s chart this is going to be a huge year. There’s going to be violence there, there’s going to be financial crisis, and I think it’s all around oil.

Iraq will have financial problems. Israel is not under pressure as bad as it was two years ago things will improve. Germany, I see the most problems for Germany during this coming year. I see a lot of loss, I see loss of life and problems for their leader. North Korea, big problems. North Korea, like usual, they will be making their presence well known. Libya, there’s a shift in reversal in the government. Afghanistan, secret enemies come out of nowhere and there’s major loss.

Turkey is at the core of what this year is going to be about. This is the year there is major events. There is huge corruption going on there, their political leaders are going to have to take note of this and I believe that some huge, monumental change will happen for the leadership in Turkey.

Continuing on, India’s growing, their economy’s growing, but because of the world economy, it’s a little bit of a set back. But, they are really coming forward with improvement in education and growth. Brazil, oh my God, has the Olympics this year. I noticed that in their chart, they have great problems and it’s very dangerous. They must be on guard for attacks during the Olympics. Because there are planets that exactly hit and this affects their country, and their government and their president.

England, I didn’t see a whole lot going on there. Greece, there’s no attacks there.

Japan will change guard, different presidents, different leadership. There could be more earthquakes there, which leads me to the final thing I wanted to talk about.

The Hawaiian Islands are under extreme pressure, because what we look at in terms of prediction are the eclipse paths. Where the eclipses are able to be seen fully are called their paths and those are the areas of the world that are affected the greatest. So, I’m looking at this large eclipse to create more problems with like earthquakes, tsunamis, and the Hawaiian Islands are right in the path. So, be aware of that.

Singapore, and of course Tahiti, those are all within the eclipse path, so they could have earthquakes and more severe weather in storms. September will have extreme weather in storms, particularly with hurricanes and tsunamis. All of these heavy, heavy weather will be affecting the world this year, but particularly August and September. September, the eclipse will cross over Indonesia as well as the South Pacific, but also center of Africa, Kenya and Madagascar.

So, these are other places to look out for when we have these extremes with the eclipses. During the times of the eclipses, March and August, September, be aware it will be extraordinarily intense around these times globally.

This is all I wanted to say. My message is please remember that the heart energy is what Leo was all about. When we remember to come from the heart, the most important thing in our life is to remember to be kind, to be loving. And if we can do that in our individual lives, express kindness to people, be loving to those even though we may get into arguments. Always try to see what you did to contribute to it, and don’t blame others. See how you can look at yourself, to change yourself for the betterment, because this year has enormous, enormous possibilities for our spiritual growth and this will turn out on the other side of this as being the most monumental year for change and transition so that we can change our lives and be what we came here to be. And, transcend all of the fear, all of the violence, because what we put out there will be reflected back.

So, that is how we can change the world through our every day lives. What we do within our hearts will be reflected to put a stop to all the fear, the violence, the anger, the disruption. Because this is the year that we can change it.

So, with all that, do you have any questions?

Wow! Well, I live on Maui, so the earthquake information is a little concerning, but I think that probably everyone listening, there are things that might sort of peak a little twinge of fear or concern. I think that’s my question for you. When you’re working with clients, and when you’re working with people, just being privy to the energies that are coming for the next year. How do you really, and you’ve touches on this for sure, if there’s anything more specific, how do you really coach people through the fear that kind of naturally arises with this type of information?

Well sure it does. We all have fear on some level, and especially if you put on the news, you’re going to be … or listen to what I have to say, but here’s the thing. It doesn’t have to be like that in your own individual life. And, the thing is, is that whatever you … whatever comes up, and you feel strongly afraid of and fearful, that’s the time you really have to really look within and get reconnected with your spiritual life. That’s what this is.

You see, what’s interesting is, Ketu is the indicator of loss and fear in Vedic Astrology, but it’s also the indicator of spirituality. And, so what it represents is when we come face to face with such fear, the only place we can look is within. Into our soul, into our spirit and connect with the divine within ourselves. I know that sounds airy fairy, but it’s exactly what we’ve all come here to do with this life.

This year, when you get so fearful, … when I get fearful, I go within, I pray, I connect. That always brings me peace. My way of connecting is I always pray to Divine Mother and I always feel protected, I always feel secure when I have my meditations where I truly connect with that essence and energy that is within all of us. And so, when we do this, this will help world consciousness, because you see everybody’s so projected outward, nobody’s taking the time to look inward.

So these fears are forcing us to look in, so this is the opportunity, this is where the growth really will transcend that this is going to be a year of radical transformational changes. This is a gift. So, you see we have to have this outside and outside world to force us to look within to our inside world. When we do this, it’s always reflected outwardly. And, you will start to see it’s almost like a big explosion, then comes peace, then comes love, then comes an appreciation for who you are and everyone around you instead of being in anger and hostility and non-acceptance. When we learn to come together and accept, and one thing, if I’ve learned anything in my life recently, it’s that you can’t have expectations for other people. Or, you will be disappointed. You have to do that within your heart that you feel good about, for yourself. This is all about spiritual growth, and I have to say that this is the year that Jupiter, Rahu, Ketu, Neptune, this is all about spiritual growth and massive. It’s going to be the whole world will be different and it will be a better place, but we have to be confronted with our fears to get there.

There’s an old myth that Hercules was sent out to kill the Hydra, and as he cut off the heads of the Hydra, ten more would grow back. But, it wasn’t until he got on his knees and surrendered that the Hydra just disappeared and dissolved, much like the wicked witch in the Wizard of Oz. When we recognize our fears and surrender to them, and not hide them, then they just disappear.

And, that’s how we eliminate fear in our lives. We recognize it, we attest to it, and we don’t hide from it, and we open our hearts and come from a place of love. Because, let me tell you, this year you’re going to have a lot of issues of anger arise. Mars and Saturn coming together will be in everyone’s chart, somewhere. When people make you so angry, the first response is to lash back, to say, no it’s your fault. But, every time that happens, quiet yourself and look within and say “what did I do, where am I responsible?”, because there’s always two sides to every situation. You had a part in something that you think you are the victim, so in some way we have to always look within and see how we attracted that.

Remember going back to my original thought was, what we think and what we dwell on every day, all day, we attract. So, we have a choice, we have free will. We can choose not to dwell on that, and that will reflect in the outer world. So, we have to be conscious, we have to be aware and we have to do the work to be totally unconscious and let everything play out. Yes, we’re going to be consumed with fear, it’s going to be a miserable year. But, when we take this power back, and this is an opportunity. The spiritual growth will be beyond our wildest dreams. This is the year.

Nice. Awesome. Joni, thank you so much for your time. That was really amazing. It’s going to be super interesting to just continue to live through the year and see how this all plays out. How it actually plays out on the world stage. So, thank you so much.

Joni is offering us, there are lots of ways that you can continue to learn from Joni. You can check out her YouTube page, it’s Joni Patry, and she’s also offering us some other free gifts. You can access those below this recording on this page.

This is also just a reminder that the recordings from our Forecasting Summit, plus the transcripts and all the bonus offers are available for download. They’re available at our Early Bird pricing, after next Saturday at midnight, the price will rise and then a week after that we’re completely closing the doors on this offer. So, if you want to be able to refer back to this information, to listen to it at your convenience, you can download it right now by accessing the upgrade package.

So, thank you for everything Joni. This was super, super amazing, educational, and at the end I think definitely hopeful. We have an opportunity this year to make this transformation a very positive thing.

Thank you Amanda.

All right, and thanks to all of you for tuning in to The Secrets of 2016 and for making astrology a part of your life. I’ll catch you on the next presentation.


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