By Douglas Gabriel

An open post to the members of the Facebook Anthroposophy group site

     Dear fellow Facebook group members, I am writing this post in response to your questions that have arisen since joining your fb conversation. I hope that my life experience may prompt wisdom to ripen in others who are concerned with such issues. For the Doubting Thomases in the crowd, I don’t need anyone to believe or reject what I state here because authentic spiritual experience doesn’t need a second-hand judgment, citation, or reference to exist. Life experience is not knowledge; it is wisdom through biography and constitutes one of the only things we can really communicate to another person.  Biography is sacred and builds history, the becoming of our higher self as we all ascend our path back to the spiritual worlds.

The Society of Jesus

    The fear of Jesuits and Freemasons in Anthroposophy has plagued the society since Rudolf Steiner’s day. Many who don’t know much about Jesuits or Freemasons may believe that they are powerful black magicians and warlocks in organizations that work tirelessly to subvert and destroy the spiritual efforts of humanity and the hierarchy. 

    Even H. P. Blavatsky despised the Jesuits and writes in Isis Unveiled, “That crafty, learned, conscienceless, terrible soul of Jesuitism, within the body of Romanism, is slowly but surely possessing itself of the whole prestige and spiritual power that clings to it. The cry of an outraged public morality was raised against this Order from its very birth.” 

    She also points out that Jesuits and Freemasons work together even though from the outside it appears otherwise. Is this fear of Jesuits well founded? Were there Jesuit spies in Steiner’s time and do they still have an interest in Anthroposophy in our time?

      I can answer these questions directly: Yes, there were and still are Jesuit spies in Anthroposophy. 

      I know this, because I was a Jesuit and I worked with well-known Anthroposophists that were Jesuits as well. Some FB members on this site know that I speak this as truth as they have shared life events with me regarding that which I am about to reveal.

     I was also a Freemason and by firsthand experience know its link to the Society of Jesus (Jesuits).

     But at the time I was infiltrating anthroposophical communities around the world on behalf of my mission with the Society of Jesus, I had no idea that Blavatsky’s indications about the Jesuits would come to pass “with a passion.” Yes, Jesuits can be evil. Blavatsky says in the Secret Doctrine that not all black magicians are Jesuits, “just the good ones.” By “good ones” she means effective ones.

     Pope John Paul II was well versed in Anthroposophy, Theosophy, and regularly read Valentin Tomberg’s, Meditations on the Tarot. During his papacy he took over the Society of Jesus by firing the elected Father General of the Society and replaced the Roman Curia with all Jesuits. The new Jesuit Order was not like the old order of Jesuits who were concerned with social injustice, the hungry, poor, and homeless. This new order of Jesuits, of which I was one of many, was placed in theological, political, and economic arenas that would enhance the church’s position in these areas. 

      Is it any surprise then that the current pope is the first Jesuit pope ever?

    The Society of Jesus is a militant order that takes an extra vow to do “whatever it takes” to carry out the protection of the church against enemies. Through special dispensation from the Pope, they are forgiven any sins they may have to commit “in the line of duty.” 

    Jesuits study the enemy so well, that you can’t tell who is a Jesuit and who is not.  Jesuits often become such zealots in their particular “path of study” that they write books for their enemy (even in Anthroposophy) and the enemy doesn’t know the difference. 

    Under Pope John Paul II, the old trick of subsuming the enemy was the tactic of the church.  “Marry and conquer, educate and rule” was a dictum of the first Jesuits who effectively combated the Reformation with the Counter Reformation and subsequently drove all ancient wisdom underground into Rosicrucianism, Freemasonry, and movements for universal enlightenment.

    But if you look closely, Jesuits always leave a materialistic footprint behind.

    A perfect example of a Jesuit spy was Athanasius Kircher (1602-1680) who entered into the realms of science, magic, Egyptology, geology, and many other sciences at a time when the church was opposed to most of these ideas.  A casual reader might assume Kircher to be an occultist not associated with the church at all.  But once we look closely at Kircher’s works, we find that they are often ruses that lead the non-Catholic down a spiritual road that abruptly ends without much spiritual advancement since Jesuit “works” are generally materialistic.

     Thus it saddens me to see books flying under the false flag of Anthroposophy when they have been written by Jesuits, pseudo-Jesuits, or spiritual materialists. These books are tricks that lead the uninitiated down a road that is a spiritual dead-end, thus leading the frustrated soul back to the church for guidance and comfort. It is the intent of the Jesuit or spiritual materialistic author to use the trappings of spirituality and all the right spiritual words to lure the unwitting novice into circular thinking that amounts to Luciferic dribble. The true stream of Christ is then lost and the Catholic Church or false prophet maintains its position as an intermediary to the etheric Christ.    

     This is the intent of the Jesuit spiritual practices of St. Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits, through his thirty days of silent retreat wherein the Manresa is prayed four hours a day.  These Manresa spiritual exercises build the Jesuit into a “soldier of God” who awaits the physical return of Jesus Christ as a conquering hero. Jesus as King of the Earth! This is the lowest form of materialism and a true preparation for the physical incarnation of Ahriman as an alleged Christ. 

How I Became a Jesuit

    At age fourteen I was given extraordinary ordination as a Benedictine priest under the direct tutelage of a priest who had been in charge of the largest seminary for Catholic priests in America.   Father William, as we called him, was born fully clairvoyant and was the director of the scant few exorcists allowed to practice in America at that time. 

     Exorcism was looked down upon from the church hierarchy before 1999 and was not sanctioned outright.  Father William, who baptized me when he was a parish priest in his regency, took a great interest in me from birth because he could see that I was born clairvoyant like he was. He was convinced that I would be his replacement when the time came. He convinced my parents at my birth to “dedicate” me to the church because of my special gifts and at age fourteen he came back into my life and claimed me for the church. 

    I knew nothing of my “dedication” but was happy to become a priest and serve Father William who was by then in a wheelchair, yet the chaplain of the largest Catholic hospital in the state. 

     Indeed Father William was correct. I was born clairvoyant, but until I meet Father William as a teenager, I had been alone in my clairvoyant perception of the world. I had found out early that others did not perceive what I was perceiving. They could not speak with the beings that I talked with constantly. I learned to “read minds” and then I could see why people were so confused, bewildered, and lost.  They couldn’t perceive the spiritual world which was all around them. 

    Father William could read people and “turn into” anyone the person needed to talk with to help them spiritually evolve or to alleviate their suffering. He would whisper one prayer into the ear of a patient screaming with pain, who would then go to sleep peacefully. He could assume the likeness and personality of any priest so that a parishioner talking with Father William thought he was talking with his parish priest. He would read the person and speak to them as if he knew them all their life.  It was amazing what he could do to help others. He called it “be all things to all people,” with a chuckle. He almost always had a smile on his face and he laughed like an angel.

     Father William could not hold the chalice and host due to his “polio” condition and therefore couldn’t say mass until I was given ordination and allowed to be his “hands.” I did four years of priest formation with him and during that time assisted in many exorcisms. 

My Involvement with Exorcisms

      Anyone that Father William and I anyone considered possessed or blessed with virtue (stigmata) was given a medical examination as a preliminary step. Once a medical professional ruled out any physical causes of displayed spiritual phenomena, we were called to determine whether the person was truly possessed. We saw hundreds, if not thousands of people, in hospitals, convents and homes.  Most of our exorcisms were conducted in hospital psych wards where these cases were originally thought to be mental or psychological aberrations. 

     If I were to tell you a fraction of what I witnessed at that time, you would surely stop reading in disbelief and consider me insane or a liar. I assure you that if you are weak of heart, you could not endure ten seconds of a true exorcism. I have posted before some the things that I have experienced and, not surprising as I have heard these things my entire life, some group members called me a liar and continue to make fun of me. 

   As an aside, I feel sorry for those of you who do not know evil in the world because evil is the shadow of the light. If you don’t know evil, you probably don’t know light and the good it creates to combat evil. A spiritual warrior is prepared to look evil in the face and have a dialogue that leads to the divine. Evil is part of the divine, just slowed down, ignorant, and misguided. Often, evil is quickly put back on track because experience of the devil is also proof of God.

     Up until 1999 there was no specific training for an exorcist. You either were clairvoyant enough to discern spirits (good and evil) or you were not. An exorcist usually chooses a partner because the rite of exorcism takes two people due to being a call and response prayer (rite). Both people must be ordained priests to conduct the old Latin rite. 

     There are many new doctrines concerning exorcism in our time and many of the rules have changed. Even a female friend of mine has been granted the right to use the new prayers of exorcism.  The new approach to exorcism in the Catholic Church is like a marketing promotion. The head exorcist in Rome now brags that he has personally conducted over 70,000 exorcisms and attended over 160,000. He recently showed a BBC reporter a bag of 16 nails “from the holy cross” that have been “spit up” during exorcisms. A new rite of exorcism is now available for all priests and there are no restrictions. The church says they had to do this because of so many reported cases of possessions throughout the world. 

    Indeed, humanity has been pulled across the threshold between the physical and the spiritual and humans have been ripped apart into their components without a cohesive consciousness. This is the challenge of our time, to cross the threshold consciously with Christ’s help and to maintain our ego consciousness without being pulled apart. This “pulling apart” is what happens to the soul of someone who is possessed. They can’t find their ego consciousness and they unwittingly invite other beings into their soul to possess their soul capacities.

     Working with Father William from 1968 to 1972 was the most difficult time of my life, yet the finest.  I was pulled into heaven and dragged into hell. On one hand I met Katherine Kuhlman and Oral Roberts and, on the other, I meet all twelve of the great demons. My soul was a battleground and I didn’t know what would happen from day to day. When I first was shown films and documentation from exorcisms that Father William had conducted, I was terrified beyond belief. Eventually my daily spiritual training counterbalanced this shock. 


    After only a few months of training, I developed the five wounds of stigmata for about six months with the worst days being Friday. Often, the bleeding would stop on Sundays. Sometimes, I would bleed so much that I had to stay isolated to quiet questions. Father William was not able to stop the bleeding but after six months or so it ended, along with nightly “wars in heaven” that often caused unexplainable phenomena.

     Father William believed that the stigmata symptoms were a stage I needed to go through to develop empathy, and indeed it proved it be so. Further training brought us to meet the few other people in the country who were doing exorcisms. In a number of cases, the other priests could not effectively relieve the situation and Father William and I would come and help.  I saw practically every phenomena associated with exorcisms: supernatural acts, levitation of objects, multiple voices, speaking in foreign languages, intuitive knowledge of things hidden, visions of Jesus and Mary spoken by the possessed, bleeding wounds, vomiting of various objects sacred and evil, displays of superhuman strength, and many other unexplainable things. The possessed person may have knowledge about the priest that is so personal he would never want it said aloud.  The sins of the exorcists come back to haunt the priest. Any impurity in the priest will be used by evil to slay the priest.

     One of the reasons that exorcisms were almost banned until 1999 is that priests would go insane when confronted with a true possession. Most priests (no surprise to us now) have many sins and these sins would become “evil incarnate” to destroy them — and thus they did. As I began to understand, even Father William was in his wheelchair because of his “sins of the flesh” that were taken out on him during exorcisms. It wasn’t “fully” true that he had polio; he had sins of the flesh connected with the lower part of his body. This was his downfall and undoing. I watched from the sidelines, being a naïve and chaste soul, as the evil he confronted rebounded on him and took its toll and eventually his life. 

     Being an exorcist is not fun and games. I suffered unimaginably on my frequent “trips to hell” to find the lost soul or spirit I was trying to help. Often, the insane and the possessed look the same.  Only by entering their being and following their soul and spirit can you find “who” is in charge and if there is anything you can do to help. If the other person refuses your help, there is little you can effect in terms of helping them free themselves from the plight they have found themselves in. 

     An exorcist doesn’t “cast out sin” like it is a “power” they have. That method will surely fail. We must always respect the free will of every person, but we can make demons go crazy when a pure priest calls on all the saints and heaven itself to be “present.” This truly makes demons angry and this is terrible. The horrible supernatural effects surrounding the possessed are created by the demon(s) inside the possessed. Once the demon begins to communicate and you can trick it into saying its name, you have the key to “reasoning” with the demon. Then you tell the demon that you are going to keep praying and making the body and area around the possessed person as “holy” as you can. This would be like setting a person on fire. Demons, depending on their nature, can’t stand true sacredness and the divine. They cannot be in the presence of the divine without their inner nature being consumed. This is why holy water, blessed crosses and rosaries, a consecrated host or wine, saint relics, and other holy things are used to surround the demon and make it communicate and say why it has “been asked” to enter a human body. 

     The only true defense an exorcist has against falling prey to evil is the morality they have built up in their heart. Courage is also necessary but since you now know that a true exorcist must also be a very accurate clairvoyant you can imagine that being able to see into heaven gives the clairvoyant complete faith in the divine, and therefore, great courage. The greater the demon, the greater the amount of divine grace and mercy has to pour into the person to fill the space held previously by the demon. Make no mistake about it, demons will try to kill you during the prayers. 

     All objects should be removed from the room because they will be used as weapons against the priests.  The possessed person is always in heavy-duty restraints that often break. Even the bed they are restrained to has been known to move around quickly to injure the priest. The room is often filled with visible manifestations of swirling substance that look as though a fire is burning you. We are instructed that once the rite begins, it must be finished or the priest’s lives will be in danger. Multi-day exorcisms are the worst and will drive priests insane from the horrible noise, smell, sights, and sensations. Truly, anything you have ever seen in movies is but a small sight of what can happen during the rite.

     I worked with Father William daily from age 14 to 18, saying mass and working with the people in the hospital and those who needed us throughout the Midwest United States. He was the most brilliant person I ever met and possessed a photographic memory which was very useful as he trained me to be a priest. His knowledge was remarkable but his “humanity” was even greater. He truly loved every person he met and he was able to change their lives with a simple remark – a remark he said “God told him to deliver.” He showed me that everyone has these “messages from God” in their aura and that it was “our duty” to read them and deliver the message to the person in a fashion they could “hear” it. 

    He also showed me in the human aura where to find the “Drops of Christ’s Blood” in the heart of people and how to tell their future by reading their past. To Father William time did not exist, but he couldn’t quite tell me in words how this worked. But, I saw him defy time repeatedly by knowing the past and the future by reading it out of the auras of people he had never met.

     I decided to leave Father William because I could see where all of this training was going and I didn’t want to go there with him. I was scheduled to do my next two years of schooling in the Vatican. I was very reluctant because I could see the evil in the church and it was awful. I couldn’t find it in me to be part of the abuse of children and adults in the church.

First a Trappist Monk, Then a Jesuit 

     When I was drafted at 18, I requested to become a chaplain in the military, but after extensive intelligence testing, the military had other plans for me and I was conscripted into the National Security Agency as a systems analyst and cryptologist where I was stationed in Alaska, and later at Fort Bragg as a trainer for the readiness groups of the 101st Airborne. 

     After leaving the service, I lived as a Trappist monk until I was guided in visions to pursue scholarly endeavors and become a Jesuit. Jesuits typically have multiple doctorates, which I did not have at the time, and are often educators, not clairvoyants or trained exorcists. After earning a few degrees, two of which were doctorates, at Jesuit universities, I was given the task of studying Anthroposophy and becoming a Steiner scholar for the Jesuits. I was to become an “expert” in Steiner and Anthroposophy. Jesuits typically work outside of the normal “boundaries” of a parish or the church. They are social activists, students of the occult and magic, Freemasons, and every other profession and scholar imaginable. 

     Jesuits keep track of the “competition” as well as their enemies. Any useful thing in Anthroposophy or Waldorf education became the focus of my studies. I traveled to Dornach and throughout Europe and America until I settled next to another Jesuit (we often work in pairs) who was living in an anthroposophical community on the east coast.  This other Jesuit was not known as a Jesuit or even as a Catholic. He was so anthroposophical in all his daily tasks that you would have mistaken him for the most devote anthroposophist. He was the gatekeeper for the community and if you wanted to live there, you had to have his blessing. He wore the right planetary color underwear for each day and only ate the “grain of the day” that Steiner had assigned. He was a member of the First Class, a section member, a member of the youth circle and every other part of anthroposophy he could infiltrate. He was also moderately clairvoyant but had enhanced his clairvoyance with the practices of Steiner. He taught me the “methods” of Steiner.

   I lived in that community three different times and I never told anyone I was an active Jesuit studying Anthroposophy and Waldorf for the Catholic Church. My mentor at that time was also a secret Jesuit who wrote a well-known book on Steiner. My friend’s mentor also wrote a book on Steiner’s life and is still not known as a Jesuit. Both books read like Anthroposophy but are twisted forms of Steiner’s teachings that lead to a materialistic view of the spiritual. 

     Another Jesuit friend eventually became so anthroposophic that he left the church and tried to become a Christian Community priest. He left no writings except his “report” to the church which essentially said, “Steiner is the way.” 

     My Jesuit path lead me to become a certified Waldorf teacher with a degree in Anthroposophical Studies from a Catholic college in Detroit. And all along the way I was traveling around the world meeting Anthroposophists, attending conferences and lectures, and studying Steiner lecture by lecture as a Jesuit. 

What the Jesuits Didn’t Know About Me

    What the Jesuits didn’t know about me is that long before I joined the Society of Jesus, I was a scholar of Rudolf Steiner and loyal member of the Anthroposophical Society. 

    While I was stationed in Fort Bragg, prior to becoming a Trappist monk, I happened into a local bookstore. As I was looking down one of the isle, a book dropped to the floor with its pages opened face down upon the floor. I went to pick it up and reshelf it, glancing at the interior pages. The subject was on the akashic records from a book by Rudolf Steiner entitled Cosmic Memory. I was ecstatic reading the pages as I had looked extensively for someone who understood what I had clairvoyantly seen since birth. 

    I looked up to see where the book had been shelved and found about twenty books by Rudolf Steiner. I gathered them all and took them to the proprietor of the store for payment. 

    He seemed greatly relieved and said, “I was wondering when you would come in to get the books you ordered.”

    I told him that I had not ordered these books to which he responded that a young man like me had ordered the books but never came in to get them so he put them on the general shelf the day prior. He was glad that I wanted to purchase all of them as they were not books that would typically be stocked in his store.

    I devoured all twenty books in every spare moment I had. As soon as I was able to take time off my job, I traveled to the Anthroposophic Press in Spring Valley. I wanted to buy a copy of each Steiner book and lecture they had in print. I studied each book and lecture and became a general member of the Anthroposophical Society.

     I then made it a personal mission whenever I had time off to travel across the United States to meet anyone who had known Steiner personally and to visit Waldorf schools, Camphill communities, Christian Community churches, bio-dynamic farms, conferences, and workshops. I traveled to Emerson College in the U.K. and to Dornach as part of my self-directed anthroposophical studies. 

     After I was dismissed from the military, I became a Trappist monk as I describe above. This is when I began having the visions that lead me to becoming a Jesuit.

     I knew before I entered the Jesuits that they would capitalize on my clairvoyant capacities and place me in sensitive positions because there are few clairvoyants in the Catholic Church and fewer still trained in the rigors of Jesuitism. I passed through my Jesuit training with the help of a Christian Community priest who guided me using Steiner’s lectures, From Jesus to Christ, the antidote to the Manresa. 

     During this time, I was introduced to other Jesuits studying Anthroposophy, Theosophy, and other occult sciences. We all worked together to try and fully understand the missions we had been given.

     Some Jesuits start out stealing from the enemy and using their own tactics against them, but in the end become “better” Anthroposophists than their peers. This has been the case with half the Jesuits I have known who studied Steiner. 

    In case you are wondering about my own reports back to the Catholic Church they indicated that Steiner’s Christology was the most developed available and that Waldorf methods should be adopted by all parochial schools. 

My Report to You

     When my wife Tyla and I joined First Class, separately and in different circumstances, we took our membership seriously and both vowed personally to preserve and protect the works of Rudolf Steiner as best as we could in our limited capacities. 

     Now for the first time since I began my mission over forty years ago as an Anthroposophist working within the Society of Jesus, I am here to give my fellow Anthroposophists a report on what I found.  I hope that each of you that reads this article, will feel free to send the Url address of this posting to other Anthroposophists you know. 

Pseudo-Jesuits and Spiritual Materialists Abound

     Jesuits are not the only spiritual group keeping us off the path of seeing the etheric Christ in His true spiritual countenance. Pseudo-Jesuits and spiritual materialists can be found all around us, and we must be vigilant to recognize how they keep us imprisoned in their materialistic thinking which can never lead us to the authentic experience of Christ in the etheric realm.

   For example, any lay person can do the spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola, called the Manresa. Many people have undergone this “retreat” and prayed the Manresa as they committed themselves to be soldiers of God. That is why there are so many pseudo-Jesuits in the world. Also, Jesuits build schools and universities so they can “educate” future students with their materialistic ideas and methods of thought concerning the spiritual realms. In this way the Society of Jesus enlists the support of the laity in proselytizing its spiritual materialism.

    For those who may not be familiar with the bureaucracy of the Vatican, of which I have firsthand knowledge, the administrative apparatus that supports the Pontiff is called the Curia of Rome, or Roman Curia. The Pope conducts the affairs of the universal Catholic Church through this central body, also known as a theological college.

    There has also been a Jesuit curia separate from the Roman Curia. Historically these two groups have fought openly about issues of doctrine and dogma with the result that Jesuits have been banned by the Pope numerous times in history. 

    In 1981, Pope John Paul II fired the elected Father General of the Jesuits, called the Black Pope, and replaced him with his own Jesuit appointee. The Pontiff then fired the members of the Roman Curia and replaced them with Jesuits loyal to him. The Roman Curia was now comprised of Jesuits with the head of the curia a Jesuit. This was the first time in history that Jesuits were in control of the Curia of Rome and as the heart of the papacy this meant that the Pope was now directed by a body of Jesuits. 

    And now, we have a Jesuit Pope. The Vatican has fallen to the Jesuits! There is no more Catholic Church as a living Christian entity. The Jesuits have made the Vatican a bureaucratic machine that is controlling large parts of world economy, politics, and power. Jesuits now rule all aspects of the economic, theological, legal, political, and bureaucratic realms of the Catholic Church. Indeed, it takes “soldiers of God” to defend the crimes of the Catholic Church in our day. All prior traditions, beliefs, dogmas, and leadership have disappeared from the Vatican and only spiritual materialism remains. Dead rituals performed by an exclusively backward club of men who dominate the world through the oldest institution in the world are not spiritual, but a gross form of spiritual materialism in the name of Christianity. 

     There are still Jesuit spies in Anthroposophy and their names and books are well known – as it has always been with these look-alikes. Does this affect anything? Yes, every person who reads and believes Jesuitical spiritual materialism.     

    What can you do about it? Look for the signs in what you read that the author: 

Speaks and writes from the head and not the heart (emphasis on intellectualism over imagination, inspiration, and intuition)

Teaches improper knowledge of the etheric Christ (second coming),

Removes the reader from a sound cosmology,

Solicits authority through “claims”; quotes authorities and then adds on or comes to false conclusions; preaches that Jesus Christ will incarnate in the physical again,

Does not comprehend the living nature of AnthropoSophia,

Does not teach karma and reincarnation,

Asks for followers and believers, not thinkers and spiritual researchers. 

These signs will help guide you, but Jesuits and their ilk are cunning and they often write and preach doctrine that leads the spiritual aspirant to the dead end of spiritual materialism. 

    Pope John Paul II’s writings were aided by a Jesuit Roman Curia who gave the theological advice for his writings and numerous encyclicals. These writings, which are letters addressed by the pope to all the bishops of the church, became Catholic doctrine. The Pontiff’s books and audio tapes became bestsellers around the world. His encyclicals were researched, organized and written by an extensive team of Jesuits, and transformed every aspect of the Catholic Church, making it so liberal and all-inclusive that Christ and Christianity have been removed as primary foundations of faith. 

    Indeed as the Pope stated, he wanted to, “place his Church at the heart of a new religious alliance that would bring together Jews, Muslims, and Christians in a great religious armada.” 

    This is not Christianity, but a blurry mix of “anything goes” intended to put all humanity under the Catholic Church’s big tent.    

    This is pure spiritual materialism. Jesus Christ is not mentioned in this obvious Jesuit reference to a religious armada that places the Pope as the head of all religions. This could only be done if all religions actually believed “nothing” so that disputes and differences would no longer exist. John Paul II tried to bring reincarnation and karma into the church and beatify both Steiner and Tomberg—two very different philosophers! He asked the English churches to reunite and he would simply throw away the doctrinal differences that split them to begin with. He openly admitted to some of the crimes of the church because the Jesuits know how to “spin” this into the benefit of the church’s appearance.

     John Paul II was made a saint faster than any in history. His dismantling of church doctrine drove many priests from the church because they saw the militant destruction of the Catholic Church from within. 

    Now we have Pope Benedict XVI, the first ever Jesuit pontiff, who is completing the dismantling of the foundations of the church. Recently he invited anyone and everyone, Catholic or not, to “take communion”, which is an unforgivable cardinal sin in traditional Catholicism, especially if the partaker is in a “state of sin.” The Holy Eucharist has been defiled at the highest level and most Catholics are unaware of how their religion has been usurped by the Society of Jesus. There is no longer the body and blood of Christ in the Catholic Holy Eucharist – the Jesuits surgically removed it.  Just read Pope John Paul II’s books.

The Take-Over of Dornach

     The take-over of the Roman Curia and papacy by the Jesuits is quite similar to the take-over of Dornach by anti-Steiner forces. This is to be expected in our time, and because I have extensive experience in both systems, I can call them out as I have in these several FB postings. There are no more churches or societies that can help the aspirant find genuine spiritual initiation, the wisdom of Sophia, and the love of Christ. 

    As I have written in earlier posts on the false prophets and anti-christs in Anthroposophy, we see Ahrimanic forces of spiritual materialism taking over the Anthroposophical Society. Just as a church lead by Jesuits, you will not find Christ, in an Anthroposophical Society run by spiritual materialists, you will not find AnthropoSophia.

    Hopefully these words paint a picture of hope and that you will see how important personal discernment is in finding true Christology. We are presented everywhere new paths to the spirit and the aspirant is called on to discern truth from error. These choices are quite real and have tremendous impact on the progress of one’s spiritual self-development. 

     I have found that though I have had many profound teachers, only the voice of wisdom through my own angel leads me in the direction of the divine. With assurance of immortality comes responsibility and the demand for courage to stand and fight the good fight against the adversarial forces within our soul and in the world. May we all find refuge in the good works of people like Steiner, Novalis, A. E., Emerson, and the many others who try to share with us the path of ascent to Christ in the etheric. 

For more essays, lectures, videos, and books from Douglas Gabriel, please visit www.ourspirit.com.  This article may be reprinted or reposted as long as this acknowledgement is included and the article appears in totality. 


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