2016: The Final Biblical Jubilee Marks The End Of The Era

Biblical Jubilee Meaning Explained,
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CCRG Editor’s Note:
The CCRG has deeply researched the biblical notion known as the recurring Jubilee. The current Jubilee began on September 23, 2015 and will end on October 2, 2016.  This fact is extremely significant.

The Shemitah phenomenon in fact revolves around this ancient Judaic practice of celebrating the Jubilee Year.  There were various religious and practical reasons for doing so.

It has been proven, beyond any doubt, that the Shemitah has governed the timing of cataclysmic events on Earth over the past century.  In fact, there have been several periodic economic collapses and financial crashes which have aligned perfectly with the Shemitah calendrical cycle.

Why, then, should the ancient religious cycle of the Shemitah not continue to determine the most highly consequential events of the Third Millennium?

As a matter of prophetic knowledge, the Biblical Shemitah Jubilee (also known as the Super Shemitah) is now operating at full throttle until October 2, 2016.  Major world events are now occurring at a meteoric pace which are setting up the global geopolitical chessboard for the final moves of this epoch.

2016: A Year of Super Convergence and Awesome Consequence

With epochal transformation upon us, the question on everyone’s mind is: When?  When will things start to really pop?  When (and where) will things really break out in the open whereby it’s clear to every human being on the planet that the long-prophesied End-time is now … … … as in right now?

The Earth-Shaking Year of the Red Fire Monkey Begins On February 8, 2016

For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, it is quite clear that the time of the Lord is very, very near.  When we say that the end is nigh, we mean “THE END IS NIGH!”, as never before.  Vedic calendrics and cosmogony validate that the current race of humanity is now experiencing the twilight of the Kali Yuga.  Actually, the ever-increasing number of signs and intensifying omens indicate that we are now in the last days of the Age of Quarrel as it is also known.

Kali Yuga Always Ends The Same Way 

Because the MOEDIM (see this video for definition) itself always dictates the exact timing of the most critical happenings of the End-times, they are immovable.  The predicted worldwide events have been established by the Almighty as divine signposts in the highest Heaven and on Earth and cannot be moved by anyone. Hence, all that’s required to apprehend their true import and timing is a humble heart and truth-seeking mind.


Special Note:
The year 2016 A.D. of the Gregorian Calendar (Pope Francis has also declared 2016 as the Jubilee Of Mercy) is analogous to the year 5776 of the Hebrew Calendar.  There is a common misunderstanding that the Jubilee year is always a year of great celebration and divine grace.  Yes, the shower of grace always takes place, but the nature of its manifestation is both myriad and multifarious.  In other words, if the community — global and/or local — has lived in accordance with the highest laws which were laid down by the lawgivers at the beginning of the age, the jubilee will be celebratory. If not, each individual and/or collective will experience the fruits of their actions to the extent that they departed from divine proscriptions and natural law.  For example, neither the letter nor the spirit of the recent Shemitah was properly observed. Because the whole world is now suffering under the inordinate burden of unsustainable debt (debts which were not properly released during the 2015 Shemitah), there is a great likelihood that the aggregate indebtedness of both individuals and nations alike will soon be relieved in a rather dramatic way.  The bottom line here is that God is totally in charge of this unstoppable process of divine intervention and earthly rectification; not some crazy cabal of criminally insane psychopaths in London or New York City, Tel Aviv or Washington.  


No matter what is coming down the pike in 2016 and beyond in 2017, it’s best to do your level best to either get out of the way or really go with the flow.  The leveling that is about to transpire is a once-in-an-era house cleaning which will leave no room untouched, no closet unopened and no carpet uncleaned.

Cosmic Convergence Research Group
May 22, 2016



The Super Shemitah, Mayan Calendar and Kali Yuga Converge in 2015/2016

Super Shemitah Begins on September 23, 2015: Timing Explained

Editor’s Note

The following post is a transcription of one of the most important videos on the Internet today.  It requires no particular religious orientation to understand it; only a willingness to review some pivotal historical events and their dates of occurrence.  The referenced video can be viewed here: 2015, Daniel 9, and the Lord’s Jubilee.

What is critical to understand while reading the post below is that wherever 2015 is referred to, it is actually the yearlong Biblical Shemitah Jubilee that is being referred to. As previously stated above, the crucial time period (or Jubilee) runs from September 23, 2015 through October 2, 2016.  Hence, between now and the U.S. presidential election, there ought to be some truly earth-shaking events.


September, 2015 thru October, 2016
Daniel 9
and the Lord’s Jubilee


What does the Bible say?

“Before the Lord does anything, He tells His plans to His servants the prophets’.  — Amos 3:7

What does this mean? It means that God reveals in Scripture what He is going to do … before He does them. Sometimes He even reveals the timing of events beforehand. For instance, the year of Jesus’ birth and crucifixion were recorded in Daniel 9, more than 5 centuries before they occurred.

“From the time the word goes out to restore and rebuild Jerusalem until the Anointed One … there will be … sixty-two ‘sevens” [434 years]  — Daniel 9:25

“Seventy ‘sevens’ [490 years] are decreed for your people and your holy city … to put an end to sin, to atone for wickedness, to bring in everlasting righteousness.”  — Daniel 9:24

Because of its stunningly accurate prediction of Jesus’ first coming, Daniel 9 has been the focus of much analysis and debate. Part of the debate centers on the meaning of the ‘seven sevens’ or forty-nine years, in verse 25.

“From the time the word goes out to [return to] restore and rebuild Jerusalem until the Anointed One, the ruler, comes, there will be ‘seven sevens’ [49 years]…”

The popular interpretation is that the forty-nine years refer to the time it took to rebuild Jerusalem in Nehemiah’s day:

“The best explanation [for the ‘seven sevens’] seems to be that … it took a whole generation to clear out all the debris in Jerusalem … This very well might be the fulfillment of the forty-nine years”  — John Walvoord

The problem with this interpretation is that Verse 25 is not about the time it would take to rebuild Jerusalem. It is about the time – relative to the Jews return to Jerusalem – that Messiah would come. Let’s read verse 25 again, carefully.

“From the time the word goes out to [return to] restore and rebuild Jerusalem until the Anointed One, the ruler, comes, there will be seven ‘sevens’ … [v. 25]

Isaac Newton, one of history’s most brilliant scientists, and an astute Bible scholar, understood this. He understood that the ‘seven sevens’ pointed to the time of Messiah’s coming. Yet, these forty-nine years – unless added to the ‘sixty-two sevens’ [434 years] as some interpreters do – did not fit the timeline of His first coming. Newton thus reasoned that the ‘seven sevens’ must refer to the Lord’s second coming.

“The former part of the prophecy is related to the first coming of Christ … this part [the seven sevens] seems to relate to His second coming”   — Sir Isaac Newton

Newton also recognized that the ‘seven sevens’ denote a jubilee period: a repeating, forty-nine year cycle embedded in the Hebrew Calendar.

“The seven sevens are the compass of the jubilee and begin and end with actions proper for a jubilee and for the highest nature a jubilee can be kept”.   — Sir Isaac Newton

While many Christians today have never heart of the jubilee, its prophetic significance is of utmost importance.

In the Book of Isaiah the year of jubilee is linked to the ‘coming day of vengeance’. [Isa. 61:1,2] It is therefore believed that God’s judgment will commence in a jubilee year. Assuming this is correct – and also that Newton’s interpretation of Daniel 9:25 is correct – the Day of the Lord will begin exactly ‘seven sevens’, or one jubilee cycle, after the Jews final return to Jerusalem.

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 5.33.04 AM

How is this important to you and me, you ask?

The prophesied return of the Jews to Jerusalem occurred about forty-eight years ago, on June 7, 1967. That this return occurred in 1967 is significant. While the original jubilee cycle is thought to be lost to antiquity, it is widely believed that 1967 was a jubilee year. If this is correct – and there is good reason to believe that it is – the next jubilee will commence in the fall season of 2015 [49 years].

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 5.35.57 AM

And so the question, in view of Daniel’s prophecy that Messiah will come ‘seven sevens’ after the Jews return to Jerusalem becomes …

What might happen in 2015/2016?

Could this be the jubilee – the one Isaac Newton believed would coincide with the appearance of the Messiah?

Before we leave you to ponder this on your own ….

As you may know, the biblical standard for establishing the truth of a matter is the testimony of ‘two or three witnesses’ [2 Cor 13:1].

With this in mind, we’d like to call a second witness: the two ‘great lights’ that God created on the fourth day.

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 5.39.15 AM

The Bible says the Lord created these lights ‘as signs to mark sacred times’. [Gen. 1:14 NIV]

With this in mind, please note that the beginning and end of our proposed jubilee span are punctuated by a unique series of solar and lunar eclipses.

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 5.41.17 AM

These eclipses are especially interesting in view of the Bible’s many declarations that, “The sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord” [Joel 2:31]

… and even more so when we consider that no similar series of eclipses will be seen for many generations to come.

Our third and final witness is an odds-defying mathematical alignment.

Please note that ‘seven sevens’, or forty-nine Hebrew Calendar years, is equivalent to exactly 17,640 days. If one counts 17,640 days from the day Jerusalem was recaptured on June 07, 1967, we arrive at September 23, 2015 – the Day of Atonement.

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 5.43.04 AM

The Day of Atonement is the most holy day of the year on the Hebrew Calendar. It is also, according to Leviticus, the one and only day of the year on which a jubilee can be declared.

“On the Day of Atonement sound the trumpet … it shall be a jubilee year for you….” [Lev. 25:9,10]


As the Jewish rabbis like to say, “coincidence is not a kosher word”.

The TRUTH is coming soon.

Are you ready?

For more information visit http://theseasonofreturn.com

Transcription taken from the following video: 2015, Daniel 9, and the Lord’s Jubilee

Originally posted at: https://cosmicconvergence.org/?p=14660

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