How Nibiru’s Return Accelerates the Schumann Wave

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Nibiru Return Accelerates Schumann Wave 

Conversations with Master Christian St. Germain

By Tyla Gabriel, ND

In my most recent conversation with ascended master St. Germain, I had the opportunity to ask him questions about Nibiru, the Schumann Wave, and other related phenomena that are trending on social media and independent news.

As always, he was most helpful in his answers and appreciates helping us navigate the higher dimensional landscape that many of us are experiencing. Sometimes we still hold on to 3D/4D language and concepts to understand our new 5D reality, so he is happy to guide us in our conscious understanding of these matters. As an initiate of Sophia Christos, I share this update with my spiritual brothers and sisters.

After pleasantries and catch up were exchanged, we engaged in our conversation. The transcript follows:


Tyla:  I seemed to have lost my train of thought now that you are sitting in front of me, Master St. Germain.

Christian:  That is perfectly normal and, please, call me Christian as I have instructed you. Being in the presence of the wise causes fear to leave and only love to enter. The concerns people have today are based upon the fear of the future and unknown factors that they believe will arise. Fear freezes the heart. Belief in the overall good of life and nature’s abundance should help create faith in the divine, but often it is only fear that surrounds us. The problem with science is that it is a “belief” in a continuously changing set of theories parading as comprehensive truth. Science is a myth. It requires your belief, yet it doesn’t answer important questions.  

Now, what shall we discuss today? What words are trending this week on social media?

Tyla:  Many. And most of them seem driven by fear, hatred, and loss of faith.

Christian, is it true that the end times as predicted in the Apocalypse of St. John the Divine are here? Or that Nibiru’s return will flip the earth’s poles, or that climate change will dramatically raise all the oceans, or that the Schumann Wave is increasing, or that aliens will descend to Earth, one claiming to be the new messiah? There is so much to discuss and share with our spiritual brothers and sisters.

Christian: Then, let’s begin.

Tyla:  Before you do, as a master being, you must know what is going to happen…Don’t you? Aren’t you part of a circle of twelve ascended beings who guide humanity towards a positive outcome in spiritual evolution? Are there more people, or beings, like you? Do you meet with the others? Are there other masters like you who are working to stop the dark brotherhoods and cabals from ruling the world?  

Christian:  Now that’s the spirit. Guess we should start with the first question of Nibiru and our apocalyptic times that instill so many fears.  

As I indicated, science does not have any theories that are “perfectly true” and can pass the test of time. Nibiru is a great example. Nibiru is a comet that makes a periodic return into our solar system from an adjacent elliptical orbit that also touches the star cluster of the Pleiades. Usually comets incorporate and discorporate on the outer edge of their orbit. Comets actually pass between physical and non-physical in a rhythmic cycle.  

Nibiru defies that general tendency and incorporates at both ends of its orbit in our solar system and the Pleiades cluster, especially the star Alcyone. Generally, comets come into a solar system from outside physical matter. Science calls these realms that enwrap our moving solar system the Oort cloud.  

Other comets, they say, come from realms closer to the earth called the Kuiper Belt and other phantasies. Comets are, in fact, not of this physical realm and are left-overs from the previous form of our solar system. Comets are sent into this physical realm to clean solar systems of their accumulated toxic elements.

Comets also bring galactose, a sugar like substance that is a sister to human DNA. This DNA is kept preserved by ethanol until it finds suitable living atmospheres to seed. Science has found DNA and ethanol on comets and also found great clouds of stable galactose in the swirling arms of our spiral nebulae.

What you really want to know is whether Nibiru will bring destruction. Nibiru’s return is timed to the 6,480 year half-cycle of the solar system crossing the galactic equator, which happened on December 21, 2012, what people called 12/21/12.  At that time, as we conjoined with the galactic equator, Nibiru entered our solar system as a comet. These two events happen every 12,960 years as the solar system again crosses the equator going in the opposite direction. The terminal limits of the solar system rising above and below the equator also coincides with the passing of the Platonic Year, the period of 25,920 years that it takes the Spring Equinox point of sunrise to move backwards (precession of the equinox) through the twelve signs of the Zodiac.

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Nibiru is a large comet that produces tremendous magnetic effects on the earth. It helps the earth keep in sync with the magnetic happenings on the sun. Nibiru only takes on its huge cometary auroral glow when it gets near the earth and reacts to the current magnetic dynamic between the earth and the sun which are part of its cometary family. This is why Nibiru in the past has had such dramatic effects upon the earth. Nibiru seeded DNA into the earth in the distant past and its return is the harbinger of dramatic shifts in consciousness throughout evolution.  

The beings who live on Nibiru are more advanced than humans and can move between the physical and spiritual world as their cycle demands. The inhabitants of Nibiru, called by some the Annunaki or Nephilim, live in an etheric world that defies what most people “believe” through natural science. The last time the Annunaki were near the Earth, great changes took place in geology, and gold was finally solidified in veins through the Earth. Gold is the substance of sunlight having become material. The Annunaki basically find nourishment in Earth gold and Sun light. One could even say that they are aliens who periodically come near the earth to cleanse the atmosphere, align Earth magnetism with Sun magnetism and imbibe in the refined elements of the earth and sun.

So Tyla, you can see why so many of the stories about comet planets, whether they are called Planet X, Nibiru, the Red Planet, the Twelfth Planet or any of the other names, are in fact somewhat true.  But no matter what you called it, the “missing planet” that has been reported in many stories is in fact a cosmic convergence of multiple cycles that together spell dramatic change for Earth.

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So let’s look at the one thing science has little understanding of– the sun.  Right now, the sun’s north and south poles are united at the south pole and have been for over a year. This is unusual and has never been seen before. There have been huge coronal mass ejections in the x-ray spectrum coming off of the south pole of the Sun that are also unprecedented. The sun’s south-pole is resisting moving to the north, as it does every 11 to 22 years in a normal cycle. Both poles being “stuck” at the south-pole was preceded by the lowest solar maximum in history and then followed by a few of the largest solar flares in history.

Essentially, the sun is breaking a number of its general cycles and this is effecting the earth. The sun is changing its magnetic cycles. The earth too goes through cycles of magnetic pole shifts that align with the sun’s. Sometimes these shifts cause dramatic changes and sometimes less. Ice ages are created by these changes as well as cataclysms of fire and flood.

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What is most unusual and hard to believe about these cycles is that they are directly related to human consciousness and what is happening on the earth. The sun is basically becoming a planet as Earth is becoming a star. The two are linked. The three outer planets of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn and the asteroid belt, which is the remains of the planet Marduk, are a record of the three stages of development the earth went through to become the earth we know now. The inner planets, including Vulcan, a planet scientists know is there but can’t find, are an indication of the future stages of Earth evolution. Vulcan, like Nibiru exists in a non-material form most of the time. It is fair to say that Vulcan, which is in an orbit inside of Mercury, can be called a “missing planet.”  

The past is found in the outer planets and the future is indicated by the inner planets. Both groups have a “missing” planet, or planets that we cannot detect with physical eyes and instruments whose effects have been noted in history and felt through the effects of gravity and magnetism.

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Comets clean astral energy from a solar system and seed etheric life where it finds suitable environments. Nibiru is the perfect example of a comet doing its job in two very distant solar systems. The speed Nibiru would need to travel across the 400 million light years between these two star systems is impossible according to the juvenile theories of “modern” science. Even though science has recently become aware that light in a continuum can travel many times faster than the known speed of light, the imagination to see realty as it is is difficult for a materialistic scientist.  

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Nibiru travels in a sort of tube or tunnel that connects the Pleiades and our solar system. This is why the Pleiadians are so interested in humans. They are a type of being that humans will become in the future. When Nibiru comes near the earth, a connection is made between the earth and our “older brothers and sisters” in the Pleiades. Nibiru and the Annunaki are Pleiadians angelic teachers who instruct the Wise Ones on Earth, the beings often referred to as Masters of Wisdom.  

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The assumed limits of time and space are defied by comets, continuums, and magnetic ropes or tubes.  Magnetic ropes connect the planets of our solar system to the sun while the sun is moving over 600,000 miles an hour towards a position in the sky where the star Vega appears in the constellation of Heracles. This galactic and super-galactic movement is like a tube or tunnel that the sun is clearing out for the planets behind the sun to follow through.  Thus, there is no Oort Cloud or Kuiper Belt, there is a tube-like continuum that holds the dynamic movement of the sun and planets that replicates the shape and dynamics of DNA.  The large and the small are the same for the sake of cosmic economics.

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This background is needed to picture the answer to your questions, Tyla. Yes, dramatic events are happening and the entire cosmic plan for the earth and sun could be disrupted and the events of the future could pour into the present, subsequently overwhelming humanity. That is why every wise person who can incarnate in a body has done so at this time in history. Truly, it is a question of the survival of humanity and yes, the apocalypse is upon us. Nibiru has arrived and its gravitational and magnetic forces are being felt and will help strengthen the earth to have a mild magnetic pole change aligned with that of the sun. It is the seeding gifts of the Pleiadians that will mitigate the evil that human machines have done to our magnetic environment.

In the past, the Pleiadians helped the Lemurians and Atlanteans tame the forces of the etheric and astral. During Lemurian times, it was the raging forces of the fiery volcanic earth that needed taming.  Nibiru’s return caused the volcanic activity to calm down and the metals and minerals to take on their solid forms. At the point of Nibiru’s closest encounter with Earth during Lemuria, Nibiru’s gravity and magnetism drew the moon from the earth and placed it in a perfect balance-point for transforming cosmic energy into Earth/Moon energy. As a result of another Nibiru encounter with Earth, the continent of Atlantis sunk and the oceans swelled and covered the land. When Nibiru passed by, the waters receded.  

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During our age, Nibiru should ease the earth into a mini ice age and help balance the magnetic pole shift on Earth and Sun. Nibiru will also change human consciousness dramatically. When Nibiru gets closer and starts to grow into a huge comet that is brighter than the sun, all of science will become mythology. Those with spiritual sight will be listened to again. The teachers of Nibiru, the Pleiadians, will have a direct connection to those who ‘have eyes to see and ears to hear.’ Clairvoyance will become common and the beings above and below us will become perceptible throughout the Nibiru transit of Earth and Sun. Evil will wilt and die, and good will blossom.

Cataclysmic times can create quantum leaps in consciousness. Entire civilizations have disappeared when the galactic equator manifests in one of its cycles and Nibiru’s magnetic tides change Earth. Evil believes the end is here, while good knows that a Golden Age is beginning. Those in harmony rise and ascend, those in disharmony are consumed by the power of the seven deadly sins that they are actively participating with.  

Evil will eventually destroy a large part of Earth, but those who know the New Gospel and can sing the new song will rise up into the atmosphere to live in the purified light of the sun that can bring the future elements of creative sound (vibration) and vibrant life. To the initiated and the pure, spiritual advancement will accelerate as time speeds up and all living things become luminous. For the evil (for good and evil will clearly spilt), it will appear that the end times have arisen and that the apocalyptic beasts and punishments have come.

The good can reimagine the world into a living cosmology of spiritual and elemental beings, whereas evil becomes more and more bound to the earth and lower desires. The good grow spiritual wings and ascend, while evil ones become snakes slithering in the mud. The good become aware of the invisible worlds that interpenetrate the physical realm, whereas evil will know no other realm than the physical and its limitations. But all is redeemed in the end as another cycle begins with new opportunities.  

For now, humanity will split over the issue of spirit versus matter. Both sides will believe they have won, not unlike scientists believe they know the truth. Those “truths” have created war, famine, poverty, and misery for humanity instead of the freedom science promises. The new Science of the Spirit will blossom from the awakening that science cannot explain what everyone has witnessed as Earth shattering phenomena.

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For instance, science repudiated those who said “vibrations” could affect health positively. Now they know that certain frequencies cause DNA to heal itself. Love is a vibration with many harmonics that resonate in the heart. The Schumann wave of 7.83 vibrations per second is the resonant vibration of Earth’s atmosphere as it dynamically rotates and produces more than ten thousand lightning strikes near the equator every day. The “drag” of the atmosphere against the earth causes this vibration. The Greeks envisioned it as Uranus the sky making love to his wife Rhea the earth.  From their union, Chronos the being of time was born.

This vibration is also the natural vibration of the heart and is also found moving throughout the cosmos as a standing wave. When the human being comes into alignment with the cosmos through rhythmic breathing and heart-beats induced by sleep, the perfect vibration of 7.83 is attained. This vibration can penetrate any material substance and is the source of the human heart beat. The heart is proof that humans are a holographic mirror of the cosmos.

Though science may scoff at such ideas, with each passing day new discoveries reveal that the ancient wisdom of sages has always been correct. Modern science has led to darkness and death and now is a tool of evil. A new Science of the Spirit is being born, and your works and writings, dear Tyla, are a beautiful example of presenting a spiritual cosmology that can antidote modern science and its passing theories. The morality training in The Gospel of Sophia is a key.  

It matters little what happens to the world outside, the future is being built with each moral deed of love that happens on Earth. The future atmosphere of the earth will have two moons and the good will live in between the solid ground below and the two moons. The moon we know now will break apart and reunite with Earth causing the earth to fracture and nearly die. But the good will live beautiful lives together in communities inside of bio-spheres that extract all that is needed for life from sunlight, air, and moisture. These good people will continue trying to help those on the ground below to ascend.

Without the big perspective, life on Earth is confusing; fear and terror approach us while guilt and shame hound us.  We must extract from the earth the eternal elements that arise and build a future atmosphere that cannot be touched by human hands. Our love builds a home in the garden of Wisdom where love, mercy and grace come to abide.

Tyla:  Then Nibiru is coming, but will it affect the Schumann wave?

Christian:  Yes, the Schumann Wave started changing December 21, 2012 and will change more dramatically the closer Nibiru gets. The entire magnetic field of the earth will change and there will be thousands of places on the surface of the earth where magnetism and gravity will cease and auroras will appear over those spots. This acceleration is happening in the human heart, as well, and the cosmos, also. The human heart has four known “chambers” now, but three more will develop in the future. As the Schuman Wave increases, the human heart wave increases also.  Eventually, consciousness increases, and time accelerates as human spiritual development “breaches” the threshold between the physical and spiritual worlds.

Science has discovered that major changes have already happened to our solar system. Our system has increased its own luminosity and developed atmospheres where there were none before, and even made visible the ion tubes between planets and their moons.  In the past few years, the invisible has become visible.  

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Yes, Tyla, huge changes will come, but you, and others who are becoming spiritually conscious, will not be harmed. You will be protected and guided as you have been your entire life. You will find the changes refreshing and wondrous, while many others will find them to be a living hell. This is the choice of the individual.  Heaven and hell are in the eye of the beholder and those who already have sensed the coming of the ascension and the revealing of the spiritual beings all around us will find this to be a new Golden Age.

Tyla:  Where will awakened people go and is there an ark to board during these dramatic times?

Christian:  Remember that time and space only exist in your 3D/4D dimension. Build your ark here and now in the fifth dimension, and the future will come to you. Do the right moral thing each time, and you will ascend. You don’t need to go anywhere; the future is a place of consciousness.  Transform where you are into a garden of paradise and reimagine the creation in the here and now.

Plant a garden, tend nature and plan for the days when you are on your own without science to do the work through mechanical devices. Understand seeds and things that grow. Learn to work with those around you and glean nature’s abundance. Learn to use food to heal, not harm. Seek out the living and develop it. It is a myth that human’s lack anything; they just need to reimagine the world and then act morally. That is why the Wise Ones have prepared for this time and are ready.

Tyla:  Do you mean the economic crisis that has been predicted, the collapse of currency and the globalists plan to take over the world?

Christian:  In South America, in the Arica Chambers and the surrounding lava tunnels is more gold than all of the gold that has been taken out of the earth. The Wise Ones have been using cold fusion to transform ocean water into gold for millennia. Other caves throughout the world also hold gold, palladium, white gold, diamonds and many rare metals and substances. The resources of each area of the earth have been stockpiled since the dawn of history. With the help of the Pleiadians, resources were mined and preserved for the day when the Wise Ones would need the wealth to bolster world economies.  

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You must remember, Tyla, that the Wise have outwitted the greedy warlords whose motives are all too easily understood and manipulated. As dismal as the world’s geo-political stage looks, evil is being used by the ultimate good. Evil exists to help make the good better, to give the good resistance so that they might grow strong. Evil is easy to influence. The Wise Ones have always whispered the future into the ears of all who would listen. They have transformed history without ever being known. In this way, they can travel faster and further and effect more individuals. History is simply the sum of human biographies. Each person has the opportunity to transform all of humanity for good or evil. It just depends on who one listens to as counsel.

Your magazine and website readers might ask themselves this very question: Who are they listening to as counsel? Are these counselors driven by fear and hatred, or love and hope?

Don’t be alarmed about the future, but also don’t be naïve to think that everything is OK. Evil is more rampant now than ever – but so is good. Remember that every time you hear of evil seeming to win the day, good is doing something not reported somewhere else. For every evil billionaire grasping to greedily hang on to their material possessions, there is a Wise One who will outlive them and counteract the evil they have done.  

The important thing to remember is that you are not alone. The beings of the sun honor you as precious creations. Why would they let you falter and end evolution? Why would there be such Earth changes that would wipe out their children? After Lemuria and Atlantis, the good were saved. This is obvious because humanity has survived and continued on, and is evolving at a rate that is many times greater than before.  

Consciousness has no limits once time and space restrictions are removed. Nibiru’s return, Vulcan’s appearance, the Moon’s return to Earth, and many other wondrous cosmic events lie ahead of us. Each of those events is already inscribed into the human body. Modern science would say that it is already written into the DNA code we have yet to tap into.  

As Nibiru and other comets come into our solar system they bring new vibrations that add to and subtract from the already existing harmony of the spheres created by the planets and the sun. The military has already weaponized vibrations through EMF pulse weapons, HARP, accelerated particle beams, and many other evil toys of warmongering. But those same vibrations are also being used to create new methods of healing.

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Vibrations can be used for good or evil. The Schuman Wave can appear as 7.83, 14, 20, 26, 33, 39 and 45 Hertz, with a daily variation of about +/- 0 .5 Hertz. The Schuman Wave also changes whether you are at the equator or the poles. HARP attempts to stimulate these and many other frequencies in the atmosphere. These weaponized vibrations have caused part of the acceleration in the Schuman Wave and have destroyed parts of the atmosphere.

All life on Earth comes from the sun. The frequency of the Sun ranges from 126 to 132 Hertz depending on a few factors. The frequency that heals broken DNA is 528 Hz, the fourth harmonic of the vibration of the sun. The cosmos and human beings work in this type of resonance and harmony. Everything found in the cosmos can be found in the human being, except comets because they are beyond space and time. Otherwise, any state of being or consciousness in the cosmos can be found in the human being as a resonant vibration.

These are the true laws of cosmic music that play through what we call vibration.  

Fear and terror also have a vibration, but they bring harm and illness. If the vibration of love, which is also 528 Hertz, is present in a person, then fear cannot exist in the same space. It is as simple as feeling the sun and replicating that vibration in our soul. Then the seed of spirit bursts forth and blossoms into the archetypal spiritual being that is written into our higher DNA – the path from animal to human to angel.

I hope that answers some of your questions, my dear one.  Life is simple and complex at the same time. The trick is to remember to study the complex so that the simple becomes self-evident.  Please call upon me anytime that you and your spiritual sisters and brothers need clarification of these matters.  


Tyla Gabriel is the author of The Gospel of Sophia series. She and Douglas Gabriel invite you to join them on a journey that will take you beyond time and space and will begin to open your organs of supersensible perception at For initiates who are ready to begin the ascension process, a spiritual alchemical process of the etherization of the blood, the Ascension Sacraments for the Cosmic and Earthly Nutrition Diet  is offered as a gift of love to all spiritual seekers.

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