BERNIE: Were you set up?

How can you back a known warmonger, hardened corporatist and pathological liar?

Hillary Clinton stands for everything you oppose,
and she will not follow through on a single promise
to your supporters, and you and everyone else in
America knows that … so why are you throwing
your support to her?

*Written by a Former Bernie Sanders Supporter

An Open Letter to Bernie Sanders

Dear Bernie,

Many of us watched your campaign unfold in awe over these past many months.  Your energy and enthusiasm were infectious. The various pillars of your campaign platform were quite ambitious for any lefty.  Especially at your age, the whole political enterprise was that much more impressive and exemplary.  Thank you!

Now for the bad news.

You know that Hillary Clinton is not anywhere close to representing your principles, your supporters, or your platform.  Nor is she aligned with your political philosophy or practice to any meaningful degree whatsoever.  In a phrase: she is everything that you are not.

Why, pray tell, would you even think of throwing your support to her presidential aspirations?  Why?  More importantly, how could you?!  Especially in light of the Comey testimony, she has been proven to be a prevaricator par excellence, as well as a menace to society.

Everyone now knows that it is only time before her more serious (and unreported) crimes catch up with her.  There are even those political analysts who strongly feel that she may be setting herself up for a fall much harder than Nixon’s Watergate.  Is that what you want to be associated with, Bernie?!

Your liberal supporters and progressive devotees across the country followed you as though you were the Pied Piper as we hung on to your every word.

Now that you have expressed your intentions to effectively join her, here’s how one op-ed put it.

No, Bernie, your supporters will NOT support Hillary—EVER!

Clearly, going over to the other side represents a profound violation of everything you stand for.  So why should anyone follow you? Your flipping over to the enemy camp — enemy of the American people, mind you — is quite horrific at best, nefarious at worst. Some of us are wondering if your campaign was just a sham to galvanize, and then corral, the progressives and liberals so that they could be conscripted to march right into the Clinton camp. Clinton had already lost many of them so perhaps you were just a setup to keep them all in the election game and going to the polls, yes?
(Source: No, Bernie, your supporters will NOT support Hillary—EVER!)

The preceding allegation will surely make you mad as it ought to.  However, there is no reason under the sun that you should freely walk into the enemy camp at this or any point of electoral time.

Actually, there is only one plausible reason, and that is that you were set up.  Either wittingly or unwittingly you were propped up as a magnet to draw all of the true progressives and liberals, the real Democrats and left-wingers, who have absolutely no stomach for a Clinton presidency.  These folks wouldn’t vote for Hillary if their lives depended on it, and the DNC knew that.

The DNC also knew that the vast youth vote and college kids and young adults did not identify with the thoroughly corrupt Ms. Clinton.  The youth are by nature very idealistic and politically pure and rarely support such transparent criminals.  Not only is she old (no age discrimination intended), but she is also sickly with an extremely unattractive political persona.  Young voters simply won’t go there.

The DNC Plot

Herein lies the central plot to the DNC stealth narrative: That you either knowingly or unknowingly presented the perfect campaign slogans and promises to suck ’em all in like a vacuum cleaner … which you did like a mighty Dirt Devil.  Then, you kept going, and going, all over the country even after the delegate count was unofficially tallied.  In so doing, you rallied even more Don Quixotes to your cause.

After all DEM sheep were corralled into your carefully constructed political pen, they were to be conveniently delivered to the wolf Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Now we do admit, Bernie, that such a naked deceit would be out of character for you. However, your backing of Hillary Clinton for president only provides compelling testimony to such an egregious crime as you have been charged with above.


A Former Bernie Sanders Supporter

P.S.  Boy, am I ever feelin’ the Bern!  I really wonder how many other folks are?

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Originally published by State of the Nation
July 11, 2016

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