JUDGES: By Way of Law Evil is Destroyed

Those Appointed to Destroy

by Anna von Reitz

Most of us think of destruction as a bad thing. We naturally recoil from destroying anything, because we instinctively know that it cost people effort to build it and in many cases, there might be people depending upon it in some way.

Yes, we have it firmly set in our minds that “destruction is bad” even if we also rationally know that sometimes destruction is necessary.

There are in this world people who are literally appointed to destroy and I am one of them. They are called “judges” or “justices” or “magistrates”—- and we are all appointed to destroy.

Now here is the thing that you really have to appreciate: when we destroy something bad, it results in good.

Think of destroying the evil of slavery. Think of destroying the evil of a festering wound. Think of destroying a corrupt burdensome bureaucracy. Think of destroying a false doctrine or idea. Think of destroying a false claim.

This is the true calling of a righteous judge— to destroy evil in all its ways and forms, to see through the lies and half-lies and self-interests that motivate these lies, and get to the Truth.

When we do this job and do it right, everyone benefits except the wrong-doers and the liars and the cheats—- and that is the reason that righteous judges are needed to enforce the Spirit of the Law and not just the letter or procedure of the law.

There is a desperate need for such judges in America and throughout the world today, and an equally desperate need for people to judge their judges.

A friend of mine who is still engaged in electing”State of Alaska” corporate tribunal judges recently admitted to me that because he knows nothing about these people, who they are, how they perform on the bench or anything else—- he just automatically votes “No” on retaining them in office.

There is some logic to that. At least it enforces term limits. The problem with it, of course, is that it arbitrarily punishes men and women who are standing as a last line of defense and paints the guilty with the same brush as the innocent.

Many judges today are corrupt. Many are ignorant. Many don’t have the intellectual gifts or worldly experience or anything else they need to be competent. Most have been indoctrinated to value process and procedure above meaning and justice. Many of them are in despair because of the political pressures placed upon them at every turn. Others are just cads in it for a paycheck and bennies and could care less about justice at all. They will provide “justice” to the highest bidder every time.

Virtually all judges are grossly overburdened with case loads that would collapse a healthy mule.

It’s your responsibility to judge your judges and to choose them well. When you find a good one, it’s your job to support them in their work. When you find a bad one, it’s your job to root them out.

We stand now at a crossroads in history where conflicts between competing systems of law are meeting head on.

There is the ancient profane, immoral, venal Law of Noah, known as the international Law Merchant, which reduces living men to things called “persons” and law to “statutes”.

There is the moral, albeit draconian and arbitrary Law of Moses, which is the law of the land, which reduces living men to being “people”—members of an eternal militia living under “Public Law”.

And finally, there is the Law of Yeshuah, the Law of Love, which is the Greatest Law, for if men will follow it, there is no need for other laws at all.

The Law of Noah was overthrown when Moses marched out of Egypt and parted the Red Sea. The Law of Moses was overthrown when Yeshuah marched out of Death and parted the Veil between Life and Death.

There remains on Earth only one True Law, and it is the Law of Love.

The problem is that not everyone has realized that yet. There are still those among us living in the Stone Age, acting according to laws that date back to before the Great Flood. There are those that still want to cling to the Law of Moses, even though its limitations and injustices are well-known. And finally there are those who are ready to move on, to face facts, and do away with all the earlier systems of “law” that have ever been known in favor of three simple precepts.

Those Three Laws are: Love your Creator with all your heart, soul, and mind. Love your fellow man and woman as yourself, cherishing them and their well-being as your cherish your own self and your own well-being. Keep the peace and exercise your free will with equal respect for the free will of others.

It is beyond my comprehension why anyone would choose to live under the Law of Noah, when you can see the effects of this on our world: lying, cheating, lack of accountability, arbitrariness, bullying, condoning of deceit. It was evil then. It is evil now. Just as Yeshuah said of these Latter Days— “as it was in the days of Noah, it shall be again”.

Here we are, but is this where we want and deserve to be? The Law of Noah was overcome long ages ago. These”laws” known as “statutes” have no authority over any living man. Their authority ended nearly 6000 years ago. Let that be recognized and let the Law of Noah be consigned to the dustbin of history once and for all.

As for the Law of Moses, the Law of the Land, it is to be infinitely desired above the Law of Noah, but it too, lacks mercy and justice and continues the tradition of Kings and endless conflicts and equally endless picky “laws” that no man can ever adequately perform.

In the end, the greatest challenge before us is to rule ourselves according to the Law of Yeshuah and to make this our Law and our standard. Then we can take the endless volumes of law compounded by these obsolete systems and still preserved in the law libraries of the world and cast them into the sea. Then, we can finally live together in peace.

In the end, let it be the greatest duty of all righteous judges to destroy these old systems of law in favor of the True Law and teach others to do the same.

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