September 2016: A Month of Revelations and Unveilings

Spiritual Insights

September 2016

By Joni Patry
Vedic Astrologer
Galactic Center

Around the time of a solar eclipse many shadows are revealed. Realize that the Sun and Moon are reflective of duality. When Rahu and Ketu come together with the lights there is a darkening that can give us insight into our shadow side.

During eclipses the light of the Sun and Moon are briefly darkened so we can peer into the darkness which is very revealing. The darkness is simply what we do not know, so great wisdom can come out of this.

Since Rahu and Ketu take eighteen and one-half years to make a complete revolution through all the 12 signs it is important to think back to the time periods when they were in the same signs as now. Remember the sign Rahu and Ketu are in will be where the eclipses are occurring.

I am referencing eighteen and one-half years ago when Rahu and Ketu were in Leo/Aquarius as they are right now. This indicates that events occurring now are related to events in some way to eighteen and one-half years ago, both in world affairs and our personal lives.

Rahu is in Leo and Ketu is in Aquarius, which indicates the polarity of kings or leaders (Leo) versus humanity (Aquarius). There are secrets or scandals to be revealed concerning leadership around the world. This is further accentuated by Neptune (15 degrees Aquarius) opposed the solar eclipse degree 15 degrees of Leo.  This means things are not as they appear and that there are deep-seated secrets.

Obviously this solar eclipse can be seen as the opposing U.S. Presidential candidates Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump. Clinton is represented by the Moon in Aquarius and Trump the Sun in Leo. As the Moon transits in Aquarius watch how many secrets surface around September 14-16.

This has been brewing since the last partial eclipse last month (August). The Moon was conjunct Neptune and Ketu, which are indicators of deep secrets possibly concerning women to be revealed, Princess Diana and the Queen of England. Princess Diana was killed 1997 when Rahu was in Leo and Princess Diana’s natal Rahu was in Leo.

Referring back to 1997-1998 when Rahu was in Leo and Ketu in Aquarius, I discovered the Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton scandal. Clinton admitted in taped grand jury testimony on August 17, 1998, that he had had an “improper physical relationship” with Lewinsky. That evening he gave a nationally televised statement admitting his relationship with Lewinsky which was “not appropriate”. The point I am going to make here is that something again involving a scandal may involve the Clintons.

Neither Bill nor Hillary Clinton have Rahu or Ketu in Leo and Aquarius but their daughter Chelsea Clinton has Rahu in Leo and Ketu in Aquarius. I believe there is something that will definitely change the elections. We may be looking at a totally different outcome than we can possibly see right now.

Personal Insights

As to the insights, we are here to see for our own lives during this time to realize that what you are being led to believe right now is not the truth. What if most everything you believe about your life is not true. This is a time of crisis and realization that can lead you to a transformation in consciousness, and real awakening! This is the opening we are here to see right now. We have disconnected from our true reality and this is why the planet feels so out of balance and disconnected.

Find ways to remind yourself of the divinity and spiritual essence that sparks your inner knowing and make a conscious effort to reconnect. Take the time to gather symbols in the form of objects, pictures or statues that give you a sense of your own spiritual essence. Surround yourself with these things that remind you of your connection to your inner spirit.

As you reconnect to the inner spirit, remember you are not really ever alone and that this Divine spiritual force within you is a part of everything that is, ever was, and will be.

Realize that everything as you know it is actually an illusion. For example, it feels like we are on a flat surface standing still while in reality we are on a circular sphere spinning through space.

As to our lives, we believe what we are seeing is reality but in essence our lives are merely an illusion and are actually a dream. We are all here to awaken to the truth. As all these illusions are being projected, we must realize our own life is here to teach us what is real and that there is no separation between ourselves with anyone or thing in the universe. We believe we are separate beings but in reality we are never really separate. The belief that we are separate makes us feel disconnected which creates fear.

I believe all the chaos in the world is a true message for us to reconnect to the place where we are all united in the Divine spirit. It is now that we are to awaken to this illusion and the planets are giving us ample messages and callings to find our soul and spirit.

Realizing the truth of our oneness and reflecting within to our inner spirit gives the feeling of returning home. Remembering our true essence and directing our focus from the illusion and fear to the eternal spirit within is the truth we must remember now.


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