October 2016 Astrological Prognostication from Carl Boudreau

October 2016 – The Deep Astrological Context

By Carl Boudreau
September 22, 2016

Jupiter recently entered Libra in the context of a major astrological transition. A powerful astrological configuration has dominated global affairs for something approaching half a century. This slow break up this configuration was the context of Jupiter’s Libra ingress.

The thought patterns and social, political and economic structures that this configuration called into being are being tested. The bill for work undone, for challenges unmet and problems neglected and mishandled are coming due.

An immense, concentrated flow of powerful energies are being re-mixed, rechanneled and re-purposed. I believe the best way, perhaps the only way, to effectively convey the scale and complexity of this transition is to take what folks in the news media refer to as “A Closer Look,” or a “Deep Dive.”

I think it is only by going over the details that we will gain an understanding of what we are up against.

The Oligarchic Alignment

By late 1971, the three outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, had all begun lengthy transits of the six signs (Libra thru Pisces) associated with our professional and governing elites. We might refer to these signs collectively as the institutional or administrative signs.

By the end of 1980, Saturn and Jupiter had joined Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in the administrative signs. In other words, Jupiter and Saturn also became part of what, for reasons that will soon become apparent, I refer to as the oligarchic alignment.

The basic three-planet alignment remained in effect for nearly forty years. Singly or together, Jupiter and Saturn would also have been part of that alignment for much of that time.

Force Multipliers

We need to take a moment to grasp just how much power was concentrated in this alignment and for how long.

The three outer planets are especially powerful. Individually, each exercise immense influence over an entire region of collective consciousness for an extended period. Collectively, they strongly influence the totality of collective consciousness. Their influence is global.

This influence is intensified when all three bodies are concentrated in one part of the Zodiac. It’s even greater when, was the case, the signs involved include the home signs of all three planets (Uranus/Aquarius, Neptune/Pisces, Pluto/Scorpio). These planets also had a home field advantage. It’s greater when this tight concentration spans decades, as it did in this case.

We’re talking about the lion’s share energy in the Zodiac working in close coordination in their own section of the Zodiac. Combined, these three planets probably accounted for most of the creative energies at work in the Zodiac from 1971 until very recently.

Placement in the institutional signs, Libra thru Pisces (the signs of the 1%), is another major force multiplier. Combined, these six signs and their ruling planets govern the totality of global, political and economic power in the world. The institutional/administrative signs and their native planets have comprehensive, long-term effects on a global scale.

The power in this alignment would have been augmented while Jupiter and Saturn were also transiting these six institutional signs. It would have been even further augmented in those months of the year when the inner planets were transiting these same signs. All the energy in the Zodiac was concentrated in these signs for significant stretches.

Pluto Over All

One way to assess the relative strength of planets is by their place in a given planetary cycle. For example, we can gauge the overall strength of Pluto in this alignment by its place in the Uranus/Pluto and Neptune/Pluto cycles. By this measure, Pluto, dominated the entire oligarchic alignment for its entire existence.

Pluto is known for the exercise of raw power. The terms “brute force”, “absolute power”, “total domination”, “unrelenting control” and “obsessive manipulation” are typically associated with Pluto. In so many words, the power inherent in the oligarchic alignment would have been driven by the relentless power of Pluto.

The Duration

As the planets transited month by month, year by year, the astrological power concentrated in the oligarchic alignment would have fluctuated marginally. But it would have remained at high levels throughout.

At no point would the astrological power in the remaining six signs – the signs associated with the 99% (Aries thru Virgo) – come even close to the power concentrated in Libra thru Pisces at its lowest.

Given the way sign rulerships and relative planetary power works, the energies of Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars would tend to fall into line behind the more powerful, slower moving outer planets.

For decades, as a practical matter, by virtue of derivative house relationships, the Pluto/Neptune/Uranus/Saturn/Jupiter alignment would have determined how Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars energies expressed.

Theoretically, people should have been moved to resist the formation of an oppressive and exploitative global oligarchy. Perhaps some were. However, the effect of what resistance there was appears, in retrospect, to have been minimal or judging by the damage done, insufficient.

There were bound to have been some striking variations, oscillations, anomalies and seeming exceptions along the way. But these would not have changed the overall picture. Neither would minor errors in astrological calculation. The oligarchic alignment was in full force, operating under Pluto’s firm hand for the better part of 50 years.

We are necessarily painting in broad strokes. However, this much seems certain. We’re dealing with a complex, unusually potent and long-lived astrological formation with many moving parts in place and operative for something approaching a half century.

That process and the policies, practices and institutions that came into existence during its tenure are currently in the process of breaking up. We’re talking about disorder on a grand scale and the epidemic psycho-spiritual stress that comes with it.

Global Oligarchy

The outsized energetic advantage of the global elites translated into even greater economic, social and political advantage than they already enjoyed simply by virtue of their position in society. As is now quite clear, this intense concentration of planetary power in administrative signs – the signs of the governing elites – rather quickly translated into global oligarchy.

The power of national elites became even greater when, as a matter of course, local and national oligarchs grew, combined and grew into global oligarchy – global rule by a small, wealthy and powerful elite.

Why a Global Oligarchy?

There is nothing inherently or necessarily oligarchical in the astrological signs, houses, planets and aspects or in the archetypal principles and themes associated with them. In fact, too, I think we were meant to resist the temptation to oligarchy.

It seems clear why oligarchic trends prevailed if we take into account our economic and political legacy as a race. The concentration of wealth and power in the hands of a few, or even a single individual, is a historical commonplace. There are countless examples of such.

Let us just say that as a result of this history, layer upon layer of pro-oligarchic patterning was sedimented in global collective consciousness. Given this legacy, it is not difficult to understand how a massive, exclusive, generations-long concentration of planetary power in the signs of already wealthy and powerful elites would give rise to global oligarchy.

We might say that given our history and the existence of this alignment, the emergence of a global oligarchy was overdetermined, perhaps even massively overdetermined.

Oligarchs Gone Wild

With Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in houses controlled by the 1%, the 1% decided what if anything ever warranted protest or needed reform (Uranus). They were empowered to chose which ideals would guide us (Neptune). They also decided who should hold power, how it should be wielded and why (Pluto).

For much of the time, the oligarchs also decided what was logical and legal (Saturn), who would become wealthy, how wealthy they would become, who would share in that wealth and why (Jupiter).

For going on half a century, the oligarchs made virtually all the rules. They won every hand. They decided every case. By the end, they called every shot.

But that was us, drinking our own oligarchic kool aid. We followed the yellow brick road that we ourselves had paved to global oligarchy.

The Break Out Moment(s)

The planets in the alignment had no rivals. To break the power of the oligarchic alignment, and not just vary it, one or more of the three outer planets in the alignment would have to move out of the six institutional signs into Aries.

In practice, that meant Uranus, which was coming within striking distance of its Aries ingress. When Uranus entered Aries in 2010-11 the extraordinarily powerful alignment behind global oligarchic madness began breaking up.

In Aries, Uranus’s independence of the oligarchic alignment was real but not complete. It was no longer in one of the institutional signs was no longer a part of the oligarchic alignment. In Aries, the loyalties of Uranus shifted to the signs of the 99%.

However, in terms of planetary cycles, Uranus was still subordinate to both Pluto and Neptune. They still exercised significant influence over how Uranus’s energies might express. Also, Aquarius, the home sign of Uranus was itself an institutional sign.

Looking back on 2010-11, it is clear that the spirit of protest and reform did reawaken in the 99%. The 1% did find themselves on the defensive.

When it moved into Aries, Uranus formed a square with Pluto which was exact 7 times over a period of 3 years (2012-15). You will also recall the conflicts like those of the Arab Spring, triggered by the Uranus/Pluto square.

Call for Backup

Liberal and progressive candidates won high office but their hands were still tied by the oligarchic establishment. Some political leaders just exploited the rebellious spirit to set up populist dictatorships. Uranus in Aries wasn’t going to be enough.

So some of us awakened under the influence of Uranus in Aries, but most remained under the spell of oligarchy. It was going to take more to weaken the alignment’s hold on our political and economic imaginations and, by extension, its hold on our affairs.

Neptune is next in line to leave the alignment, but it won’t enter Aries until 2025-26. Realistically, to break the grip of oligarchy we’d need an assist from one of the inner planets, namely Saturn. It is the only inner planet with the heft to put a dent in the power of the alignment.

Saturn’s Big Ingress – the Mutable T-Square.

This brings us to the Saturn Sagittarius ingress of 2014-15. In late 2015, Saturn transitioned from Scorpio into Sagittarius for the full transit.

In Sagittarius, Saturn is actually within the oligarchic alignment. Also, by virtue of its position in the various planetary cycles, Sagittarius already had significant leverage over the energies in the alignment.

Unlike its earlier transit of the institutional signs (in the 80s and 90s), however, Saturn was not under Pluto’s thumb. Saturn had true leverage. Common sense has, in fact, been gaining ground in public discussion.

Saturn Weighs In

Overall, though, in terms of planetary cycles, Saturn gained only marginally by moving into Sagittarius. Taken by itself, Saturn in Sagittarius account for only part of the improvement.

Far more importantly, I think, in Sagittarius, Saturn formed a mutable T-Square. This T-Square was the perfect vehicle for Saturn’s energies and it dramatically enhanced Saturn’s sobering, salutary influence on global affairs.

The mutable T-Square put the breaks on the creation and spread of oligarchic ideology. People became increasingly aware of oligarchy’s downside and critical of measures taken to support it.

The mutable T-Square is an engine of truth, reason, moral rectitude and spiritual uplift, a perfect complement to, or extension of, Saturn’s native powers. Locking The North Node, Jupiter and Saturn into an adversarial relationship with Neptune effectively checked the influence of the oligarchs.

The mutable T-Square is now acting as a serious restraint on the once reckless, feckless exercise of oligarchic power. The age old illusions that inspired oligarchy and the misconceptions that made it so appealing are increasingly coming in for scrutiny.

You will doubtless have noticed the sharp increases in investigative journalism, exposés, whistleblowing, information leaks, fact finding and fact checking generally. Protest movements are gaining ground. Leaders have begun calling our oligarchy what it is. They are also actively discussing alternative governing philosophies.

There has been increased pushback against the lies and illusions that support the oligarchy. Also, the oligarch’s exercise of power exclusively on their own behalf is meeting with increasing resistance.

Having said all that, energy combinations that include Saturn and Pluto are typically harsh. All the better, then, to know that Jupiter’s influence over the oligarchic alignment is now growing.

Even with Uranus in Aries, Saturn in Sagittarius and the mutable T-Square, considerable strength remains in the oligarchic alignment. Global momentum toward oligarchy continues.

Jupiter Re-Enters the Oligarchic Alignment

As I wrote in September’s post, when Jupiter entered Libra it moved from a position of marked impairment to one of relative empowerment.

The energies of the alignment were already being exercised under Saturn’s stern, disciplined eye. Jupiter’s Libra ingress will add the energies of spiritual uplift, human decency, compassion, generosity and optimism to the mix.

Jupiter’s movement into Libra will further moderate and mitigate the effects of the oligarchic alignment. Over time, it will loosen Pluto’s obsessive grip on our affairs and lessen the harshness of its influence.

Moving into Libra, an institutional sign, gave Jupiter full standing in the oligarchic alignment. In terms of planetary cycles, its current position in the Jupiter/Saturn, Jupiter/Neptune and Jupiter/Pluto cycles grant it leverage over all three of these bodies.

In the coming year, as Jupiter moves quickly toward Scorpio, Jupiter will also achieve definitive leverage over Uranus in Aries. In Scorpio, Jupiter will also enjoy a more harmonious relationship with Pluto and a more intimate, positive interaction with Saturn.

Jupiter is above all, a generous and compassionate influence. In Libra, with its leverage over Saturn, Pluto, and Neptune, it will inject common sense and decency into the fraught, vexed negotiations between the 99% and the 1%.

As I mentioned above, Neptune is next in line to leave the alignment, but it won’t enter Aries until 2025-26. That being so, we must depend on incremental change for continuing improvement. We will have to work hard for the next decade with the planetary resources already in place.

The Mills of the Gods Grind Slowly

September’s Jupiter Libra ingress could not immediately compensate for all the difficulties of August’s and September’s charts. Nor could it compensate for everything that had gone before, nor for the continuing unfoldment of events already in motion.

Neither could Jupiter’s Libra ingress compensate for all the difficulties inherent in the immense and complex transition now taking place.

Under present astrological circumstances, no single planetary ingress could do that. We are just in the midst of a lengthy, complicated and difficult transition.

If the pace of change were slower, it would be agonizing. If it were faster, change would be even more dangerously disruptive than it already is.

Having said all that, October’s vibes will be easier and less treacherous with Jupiter’s Libra ingress than without it.

October 2016

The full implications of the above are difficult to quite grasp. However, the events of October offer an opportunity for a closer, illuminating look at what we can expect in the immediate future.

Too Many Memories

We’ve just endured three eclipses in two months. Eclipses tend to bring life changing events and epochal, irreversible social, economic and political changes. Corners tend to be turned. There tend to be consequences. Chickens come home to roost.

There will be no eclipses in October. That will have to be an improvement. However, the lack of eclipses, will not necessarily bring calm or afford peace of mind.

The memory of recent events will keep people alert and on edge. We will be dealing with the aftershocks, the follow on effects, of these three eclipses. If only because of what we have been through, tension and anxiety will likely remain high. But October will have its own, additional sources of disquiet.

Too Many Moons for Comfort

In October, there will be an ‘excess of lunar energy’ to contend with. Essentially, we have a two month period (September and October) with three New Moons worth of energy to process.

This will bring higher than normal levels of mental and emotional volatility, especially after a series of three eclipses. The extra New Moon will make the psychospiritual pot boil more vigorously generally.

New Moon in Libra, Sept 30/Oct. 1, 2016 UT

Full Moon in Aries, October 16, 2016 UT

New Moon in Scorpio, October 30, 2016 UT

The Big One

We’ll also need to contend with a Mars/Pluto conjunction.

Mars Conjunct Pluto at 15º 4’ Capricorn, October 19 UT

The conjunction will be a powerfully disruptive event in and of itself. Both Pluto and Mars will be in forward motion. The conjunction is taking place in cardinal signs. Also, this is the first (and only) time the conjunction will be exact. These factors suggest a powerful detonation.

The Mars/Pluto conjunction will build on the aftershocks of the eclipses. The general excess of lunar energy will further multiply its psychosocial side effects.

The Mars/Pluto conjunction on October 19, then, looks like a high impact Mars/Pluto encounter. It will doubtless generate some very upsetting headlines in the runup, during, and in the aftermath of the blast.

The natural and man made disasters, the violent confrontations, the bitter public controversies it inflames will be impressive, I think. But the potentially catastrophic effects will be the least of it. They are likely to be limited in number and localized.

The conjunction’s effects on our politics, however, will be intense and pervasive and, in all likelihood, will affect most of us quite personally.

New Fire in the Embers

Countless bitterly contested issues remain unresolved from the Uranus/Pluto square of 2012-15. These innumerable, often vexed issues – many sharply contested – still simmer, ready to flare anew.

The issues still simmering from the Uranus/Pluto square grew out of tensions that built up between the 1% and the 99% over several decades. These issues, in their turn, have roots very deep in our collective history. The Mars/Pluto conjunction will be strong enough to expose these roots.

The restorative energies of Jupiter/Venus and Saturn will then be applied to healing and resolving these issues.

Mixing Painful and Healing Emotions

I think the best way to understand this complex, delicate and volatile prices is by looking at the dispositor chart for the conjunction. In this chart, the scary bits are clearly represented.

Uranus is in Aries, the home sign of Mars. Mars and Pluto are in Capricorn, the natural sign of Saturn. Sober Saturn has the last word in this potentially explosive quartet.

But from Saturn the baton passes to Jupiter in mutual reception with Venus. Benevolent energies of Jupiter and the sweet energies of Venus, between them, get the final word.

We see a dual process. The Mars/Pluto blast will open fault lines. Sealed passages will split open. Dormant issues will flow out amid pain and outrage.

Then, in quick succession, the sobering energies of Saturn, the soothing and healing energies of Venus and Jupiter will be applied.

The real positives of October will come from the impetus and the unusual opportunity to resolve deep and vital issues with a rare combination of healing and restorative energies.

October will not bring instant and total relief. It will bring an extraordinary opportunity to revisit and work toward a resolution of difficult issues, effectively laying the groundwork for a new world, free of much that hobbled the old world. __________________________

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