The Multi-Media MOTHERSHIP Platform: Beta Version

Dear Friend of Mother Earth:

We very much appreciate everyone’s sincere participation in this great endeavor to effectuate needed changes on planet Earth.  The following agenda, and many highlights, are designed to catalyze an understanding that, unless the worldwide media starts performing the public service it was conceived to perform, the job of transforming the world will remain elusive.

Simply put, whoever controls the flow of information that the masses are exposed to daily controls their response.  Without current and accurate information, informed decisions are really not possible.  Therefore, the social imperative before us is to create something that cannot be ignored, or marginalized, or disappeared.

If a Mothership appeared overhead in the sky, who could pretend it wasn’t there.  That is what we propose through the co-creation of an off-the-grid, fully independent and self-contained information technology platform, which can interface with all existing networks throughout the world.  Due to advanced and encrypted technologies, both incoming and outgoing portals would be so secure that firewalls would be unnecessary.  We’re talking other worldly here, and, “YES!”, the technical know-how and right stuff are now available to those who have been gifted to work with them.

The Agenda:

I.   To discuss the feasibility of the creation of an internet-based, free energy-driven Multi-Media MOTHERSHIP platform.

II.  To assess the potential for success of a 2013 introduction of  a multi-media beta platform into the current marketplace of information dissemination.

III. To evaluate the potential efficacy of this multi-media platform (with gatekeepers) in shaping the outlook and understanding of the younger generations for the sake of co-creating a better world in which to live.

The Context:

The BP Gulf oil spill and Fukushima nuclear disaster have laid bare the workings of the corporate/government/media juggernaut regarding the suppression of critical information in the wake of both natural disasters and manmade environmental catastrophes.

Given the uptick in both of these categories, there has never been a greater urgency for people everywhere to have access to accurate, timely and factual information.

This state of affairs will only hasten and intensify as we move through the final phase of the Galactic Creation Cycle of the Mayan Calendar.  Hence, the need to be aware and informed in order to better respond to any predicaments that we may face, especially those that threaten person or property.


The Working Group:

Everyone has something quite vital to offer in these extremely challenging times.  The working group philosophy is defined by each individual doing what they do best, doing what they like to do, and doing what they have time to do.

The digital format of this entire enterprise allows everyone to work from their current locations either without, or with minimal, financial costs.  It also allows all of us, both individually and collectively, to leverage our time, energy and expertise to the maximum degree.

Anyone wishing to offer any form of contribution to this endeavor can attend our future working group sessions.  Please understand that this initiative is still very much in a feasibility study mode.  Therefore the organizational entity itself is still very much under consideration.

The Gatekeepers:

There is no way around the need for a Board of Trustees who will protect the purity of the message, as well as a Board of Directors who will guard the portals going in both directions.  The structure and workings of these two bodies require philosophical and physical firewalls that are as impenetrable as they are resilient.

The Charter, Mission Statement and Primary Intention will provide the governing principles and documents to which the Board of Trustees will adhere.  Likewise, the Board of Directors will have a set of regulatory guidelines which will provide the necessary tools to maintain operational integrity and efficiency of this global portal.

These Gatekeepers are essential to the integrity and longevity of this entire undertaking.  How to properly constitute these two bodies is of paramount importance, and must be performed with the greatest care and circumspection.


The Foundational Impetus:

In spite of the realities all around us, the human impulse has always been to leave a world in a better condition than the one which we were fortunate to receive.

This global initiative has precipitated from the desire give the children something to hope for.  They will be the direct beneficiaries of our labors in that they will be the focus (and practical destination) of each and every vector of information dissemination.  The world wide web will guarantee this eventuality.

Teenagers, college kids, young adults and young children will then be in a much better position to make informed decisions for themselves, as well as with their parents/caretakers.  It has been foreordained that they will lead the way into the future.

The Planetary Themes:


The Global Initiatives:

A Global Woodstock-type event would galvanize the youth to take back their planet.  Featuring a USA-located Woodstock-type event simultaneous with similar events taking place around the world.  This could be a planetary catalyst and defining moment for the NEW MILLENNIUM focus on healing Mother Earth in order to save the planet from destruction.

Any and all initiatives would directly point to the MEDIA MOTHERSHIP.   It has always been about the message that predominates, which has been dictated by the MSM.  This old paradigm way of thinking will not go away unless it is replaced by a new paradigm.  Hence, we have a new messenger (i.e. MEDIA MOTHERSHIP) and a new message which can be delivered by countless starships (anyone with a digital camera, laptop or smartphone).

Every resident on Planet Earth can therefore be empowered to become a potential news writer or investigative reporter or photo-journalist or videographer or AV technician when it’s most needed.  In this way we all think globally, but act locally.  We acknowledge that this is already happening in a HUGE way.  However, we propose a way of organizing this global phenomenon as an exponentially more potent force in the realm of media, so that it poses a serious, countervailing alternative to the steady diet of disinformation fed to the world by the MSM.

l Perhaps it’s time we all got in and took a ride to a new realm of our joint creation.

The Current Focus:

As Truth only exists in the NOW, we do propose that the primary concern of such an enterprise be the present moment.  This is where life is truly lived, and lived to the fullest.

Therefore, history will be left to the historians, archaeologists and paleontologists.  And the future to the prophets, futurists and oracles.   Our times are full of unpredictable events which often require our undivided attention.  The demands of each moment beg for focused energy, yogic detachment and deliberate response.

Since the greatest challenges are those which occur in the present moment, we feel that all inhabitants of planet Earth will be sufficiently engaged by the many dramas which are about to unfold.  Remember, 2012 is NOW! Therefore, we may always step into the present moment, if only we choose to.

The Real World Applications:

As each part of the world faces the challenges that Mother Earth brings, we will all be encouraged to “Think Globally, Act Locally” more than ever.  As a new state of affairs begins to emerge in every village, city, state and region of the USA, as well as within each nation in the global village, many will be compelled to function as the “local town gazette”.

The responsibility of efficient dissemination of information will shift back to the people where it rightfully belongs, free of the jaded corporate filter.  As each resident of planet earth takes back their power and stands in their own truth, naturally truth will be spoken to power.  Then, the shift which has already begun, will accelerate the manifestation of all that has been waiting to break out into the open.

The real beauty of this paradigm shift is that each and every person becomes a vital link in a new cultural chain of  people power wrapping around the globe.  How we are individually called upon will be dictated by what is going on in our very own back yard.  As long as we all respond with love, compassion and generosity of spirit, we will be guided to those solutions that are for the highest good of the community.  The voice of reason will return to the public discourse, and society can begin the process of rebuilding itself with integrity and wholeness.


May the Media Mothership launch with grace and power and beauty!

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