2017 Omens of the Millennium Loom Large in the Firmament

September 23rd, 2017:
A Cosmic Convergence Of
Heavenly Proportions

Preceded by a Total Solar Eclipse that Traverses the USA on August 21, 2017

Cosmic Convergence Research Group

Has the September 23rd, 2017 celestial event,
preceded by the American solar eclipse,
been foreordained by the
Highest Power
as the trigger point for an
epochal global transformation?

There is a once in 7000-year event taking place on Saturday, September 23rd, of this year. It behooves every resident on planet Earth to take notice, especially those folks living in the United States.  The USA will experience its first total solar eclipse in 100 years on Monday, August 21 which will pass over the lower 48 states from the West Coast to the Atlantic Seaboard.*

*Key Point: The 9/23/17 sacred astrology occurs remarkably soon after the
total solar eclipse crosses over America from coast to coast on August 21st.
This unique pair of events will greatly accentuate the power and influence of
each of them individually as well as together as an astrological ‘supernova’.

It’s important to understand that, contrary to the common understanding of Western civilization, eclipses — both solar and lunar — are not considered to be favorable events. Throughout the East, a solar eclipse is never viewed because it is understood to be a fundamentally inauspicious celestial event.  The same goes for a lunar eclipse.  The following article from The Health Coach clearly explains why this is so:
Solar & Lunar Eclipses: Why it’s important NEVER to watch them!

From a purely common sense perspective, why would the cloaking of the Sun or Moon ever be perceived as a positive occurrence for the affairs of humankind?  During both a total and partial eclipse, the luminary is being darkened when it ought to be emitting its life-supporting light throughout the solar system and beyond.

The critical point here is that any eclipse of any luminary was always recognized by the ancients as an omen or portent.  Occurring so high in the firmament meant that an urgent message was being delivered to all of humanity directly from the Most High.   Regardless of whether the mundane effects were seen or remained unseen, any type of eclipse was viewed as an inauspicious happening.

That’s not to say that good things — sometimes very good things — do not manifest as a result of such regular obscurations of Sun and Moon.  The darkest clouds often have the brightest silver lining.  Hence, when the residents of planet Earth have properly aligned with the eclipse energy in the past, positive change has resulted.   For it all comes down to correct understanding; not just ignorantly reveling in a light and shadow sky spectacle.

Special Note:
Several astrologers across various traditions have pointed directly to some extremely challenging transits for Donald Trump coming this September.  The consensus is that this Fall is going to be very difficult for the POTUS on several fronts.  Some astrology analysts who have looked closely at Trump’s natal chart even fear for his life.  His personal predicament quite profoundly influences the future of the USA for obvious reasons. Therefore, it behooves every American citizen to direct their prayers toward his protection and well-being.  What follows is a compelling astrological analysis in this regard: Trump and The Great American Eclipse (Video)

Omen for Reset of Planetary Civilization

There is only one way that world peace will ever manifest on planet Earth.

The current Global Economic & Financial System (GE&FS) must be replaced.

It is now obvious to people everywhere that the GE&FS is so fatally flawed that it is quite likely to collapse on its own.  However, it just may well be that its fate does lie in the stars. Just as its star rose in the firmament with the ascension of the once Almighty Dollar, the sudden demise of the U.S. currency can cause it to fall from the sky in a day and a night.

As a matter of fact, the only reason why the US dollar is still the world’s reserve currency is because it is still being imposed on the community of nations.  Nevertheless, whatever goes up must come down and the higher it rises the bigger the fall.  Such is the destiny of the Anglo-American financial architecture that defines much of the global economic landscape.

What, pray tell, does the GE&FS have to do with September 23, 2017?  As follows:

“The controllers of the Global Economic & Financial System are setting up the USA for another real estate collapse and stock market crash like those that occurred in 2007 and 2008, respectively, as well as a massive pension meltdown. Real estate will show signs of serious fracture by September 23, 2017, which will then be followed by a precipitous downturn in stock values. The extent to which equities are leveraged by real estate will determine just how severe the stock market crash will be.  However, it’s the ongoing breakdown of pensions that will greatly accelerate during this perilous trek into unknown territory throughout 2018.  Everything points to various triggers — financial and economic, political and governmental — being pulled during the Fall of 2017.”

— Longtime Market Technical Analyst

Emerging American realities align with the stars

It’s impossible to artificially prop up what is on a sustained downward trajectory to fall down.  The more measures that are taken to support an inherently defective structure, such as the GE&FS, the bigger the collapse will be.

Because the stock market has already been topped out via a series of sucker’s rallies, it will soon reach a point when it can only decline–BIG time!  Since the U.S. real estate market has already shown signs of inordinate stress, it will again likely serve as the trigger for the coming stock market crash.  As public pensions nationwide continue to melt down, the private sector will quickly follow suit.

As for what unfolds after these eventualities take place, God only knows.  September 23rd marks only the very beginning of a long and challenging reset period.  If the financial Masters of the Universe attempt to further forestall what must soon come to pass, then the additional grace period ought to be used to prepare for the unknown future.

Irrespective of the many potential outcomes, the American people have the most to lose. Of course, their predicament has been painstakingly set up by their overlords, but also with a LOT of assistance from the body politic.  For decades the US citizenry has given their consent, and their vote, to elected officials who raided the treasury.

Whenever the social fabric of any country has been irreparably torn, the opportunity arises to weave a new national tapestry with threads of righteousness.  The warp and woof of any social fabric must be made of justice and truth, respectively, if it is to endure with any degree of integrity.  The post August 21st eclipse period will surely test the red, white and blue American tapestry like never before.

August 21, 2017: A Day of Epochal Demarcation on September 23rd follows a Total Solar Eclipse over the United States Landmass


The late summer and early fall of 2017 will see a convergence of 3 highly consequential major events.  Each of them, individually, is enough to have considerable impact on the USA and world-at-large.

The “Great American Eclipse” will have its unpredictable impact as a total eclipse always does.  The September 23rd sacred astrology will likewise be felt across the planet.  The challenging astrological chart of President Trump will also have its heavy influence on the United States, as well as on those nations holding a significant amount of dollar- denominated investments and/or debt instruments.

The bottom line here is that the world will quite likely begin to see the collapse of the Global Economic & Financial System (GE&FS) in real time.  It’s only fitting that the deep cracks in the GE&FS structure will appear first throughout Wall Street.  For it is the investment banking and brokerage industries which have worked triple time to artificially prop up the whole GE&FS house of cards for so many years.

Unfortunately, the American people are mostly unaware of the true state of affairs and will be left holding the bag.  Having played the system for decades, the Baby Boomers especially became enriched at the expense of future generations.  Now their retirement years will be put in great jeopardy; for it’s time to pay the piper. (See Author’s Note below)

Cosmic Convergence Research Group
June 26, 2017

Author’s Note

What else can be said about such an uncertain present?  It is what it is.  And we all do our level best to deal with life’s challenges.

What can be done to prepare for the impending changes looming just over the horizon?

First, we must get right with God and our Higher Self.  Then, we must get right with each other, yes?

The Highest Power is always right there, next to us in every moment.  With this abiding knowledge, we can all move forward with courage, with faith, and in accord with our own unique destinies.  Only then are we really doing the “Will of God”.  What else is there to do at this late date with divine destiny?

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