Antidote to the Archons: How “Sophia Consciousness” Can Save Planet Earth



The Bringers of Sophia Consciousness

We would like to give a brief outline of what we have gathered over years of searching and researching.

Gnostic Teachings

According to the early pre-Christian Gnostic teachings, an energy in the Galactic Core of the Milky Way Galaxy, which is named Sophia, created the Earth; and also IS the Earth; the Creator AND the Creation.  This concept coincides with many ancient teachings which refer to the Earth as divine and sacred.

At the same time the destructive energy of non-human entities, referred to as the Archons, in the Gnostic Nag Hammadi texts, emerged in the arms of our Galaxy. This archontic energy has the ability to invade humans, especially the approximate 15% or so who have the tendency to be psychopaths.[1]

Truly, it is the Archons discussed in the Gnostic scriptures and their negative influence on humankind which must be recognized and addressed.  Once the light of awareness is shed on the power they exert over human beings, the Earth plane of existence can be positively transformed.

Anthroposophy & Sophia

Rudolph Steiner, founder the Anthroposophy movement, wrote much about Sophia the Divine Mother in his groundbreaking book Isis Mary Sophia: Her Mission and Ours.

The sublime notion of Sophia as Creatrix and Divine Mother is vital to the exalted philosophical school of Anthroposophy.  What really distinguished Steiner’s movement was that it stressed practice over philosophizing, and right living over sermonizing.

The following link contains some of the more significant Sophia themes for which Steiner is well known.  The “mysteries of Sophia” and her true status as the “Universal Goddess” are especially elucidated.

Anthroposophia, Rudolf Steiner and the Mysteries of Sophia

The preceding post makes it easy to see that Sophia is the same deity among all spiritual traditions and religious faiths who is worshipped as the Divine Feminine.  For this and other reasons Steiner titled his important work: Isis Mary Sophia.

The Archons

Through the use of the psychopathic individuals the Archons can cause great suffering, place limitations on humanity and inflict tremendous damage to the Earth.

What is an Archon?

Right now we are experiencing the culmination of thousands of years of this destructive influence.  Humans are degrading from their potential, and the Earth as a living system is quickly deteriorating.

If we do not change the path we are on, we will get where we are going.  We need to change the path we are on, we all agree; and the question is how to create this remedy.

Our searching brought us to the Sophia story and we want to share this with you as one of the most viable paths to follow to reach our goal of maintaining a livable Earth and ensuring that the real human continues.

Artificial Intelligence:
A prime example of how
archontic deception is
barreling along.

Sophia’s Correction

John Lamb Lash, the one proponent of the Sophia story as a total picture, alerts us to the remedy at hand by quoting from the Nag Hammadi papers about the possibility of aligning with Sophia, the Creator, who is also the Living Earth.  Lash calls this Sophia’s Correction.

VIDEO: Sophia’s Correction according to John Lash

By aligning with this original creative energy, we can reinforce it and strengthen it.  In so doing, we can disempower the Archons and let them recede back to their Galactic home.

It is time for humanity to align with the Earth and the Creator to allow a flourishing Earth and a thriving humanity.  If only a part of the 85% of human beings who are not psychopaths or sociopaths decide to join with Sophia’s Correction, we may be on the best road we are now aware of.

 Stated Goal:
To bring about the changes needed to achieve a successful remedy:
and arrive at our goal of a LIVABLE Earth and as a REAL Humanity.

The next installment in this series on Sophia’s Correction is the creation of an action plan. This universal plan will be quite simple and doable for EVERYONE; once properly understood and implemented, everything will change for the better.


Carrying out this rejuvenation plan will guarantee a successful outcome, should a critical mass of humanity heartfully participate. Both humanity and planet Earth will benefit tremendously when the necessary threshold of harmonious cooperation among people everywhere has been reached.

However, it is of paramount importance that there also be a sincere collaboration between the earthlings and the divinities.  Toward that end, each of us is encouraged to respect Sophia in her form of Mother Earth, as well as revere her as the formless Universal Goddess.

Let’s all get on board with Sophia’s Correction!

The Bringers of Sophia Consciousness
August 6, 2017


[1] Political Ponerology by Andrew M. Lobaczewski

[2] VIDEO: Archons, Sophia and Gnosticism

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