The INCUNABULA: Top Tier of the World Shadow Government?

A Remarkable Set of 1997 Interviews Accurately
Predicts Major Events in the Third Millennium

Cosmic Convergence Research Group

In late December of 1997 an extraordinary set of interviews took place between a ‘journalist’ and a ‘whistleblower’.

No one can say for sure who this ‘journalist’ and ‘whistleblower’ really were; surely the risk of exposure would have been far too great for either of them to reveal their true identities. Without question, the riveting and unparalleled dialogues they proceeded to conduct speak to the most profound and fundamental core issues which challenge Planet Earth up to this very day.

One thing can be said about some of the dialogues you are about to read. And that is this:
After reading all the predictions and prophecy which abound on the internet, this particular source of information comes as close as any other in accurately portraying our present time. Truly, many of the stunning disclosures found in the “Neruda Interviews” posted at Wingmakers will influence and help shape the future of our planet. It might even be said that these ‘interviews’ were purposefully conducted by those who really “run the world” to reveal highly classified information about the previous workings and organization of the peak of the World Shadow Government.

Because these interviews took place as long ago as December of 1997, it appears that whoever revealed this information had to have been a genuine insider within the highest levels of the Global Control Matrix. Or, that they were a privileged outsider who was given access to some of the most secret, sensitive and ultra-classified information available at the time. There is also the distinct possibility of ET involvement; perhaps even by their direct intervention to ensure that these revelations would occur during these critical times.

Clearly, hindsight has given us the perspective to observe that the individuals who conducted these interviews possessed an extremely unique and broad range of privileged knowledge, as well as unusual access to genuine “insider information”.  Some of the most consequential plots and plans to control the global political process and governmental apparatus, the worldwide economic systems and financial architecture, as well as the transnational military-industrial complex and scientific capability of the superpowers have been revealed in striking detail.  The content of each interview — and there are four in particular that make unprecedented disclosures — is as portentous as it gets for those who really want to know where the world is going. As well as how we got to where we are today as a planetary civilization.  

Here’s a foretaste of what you can expect to read in these interviews. Each of the following exchanges comes from the four Neruda Interviews posted on the website

Dr. Neruda: “There are many decay forces that can take hold of a planet and cause its decline as a supportive living environment. In our interactions with extraterrestrials, this is a common theme that is expressed because this condition frequently accompanies the rise of post-modern civilizations.”

“Human populations fragment across a planet, developing their unique cultures, language, economic systems, and state identities. Certain states have the good fortune of natural resources and some do not. As these natural resources of the planet are converted into commercial advantage, some states flourish economically and some flounder.”

“As the stronger states begin to dominate the weaker, military forces and weapons are created. Applied technology becomes the ultimate weapon. If multiple super powers are allowed to develop they can bring destruction to the human populations of the planet. If population densities reach a critical level, it can have the same devastating effects.”

“The human residents increasingly bring the planet under pressure. If left unchecked, the planet can reach a critical stage of destruction whereby human populations no longer find the planet a suitable habitat.”

The “Pinnacle of Worldly Power” is the only perch from which to predict future global events.

Without question, some of the most extraordinary disclosures revolve around a top tier, all-powerful, global ‘planning’ body of just a few select individuals known as the Incunabula. The Incunabula must not be confused with the Illuminati, 33rd degree and above Freemason leadership, the Jewish Cahilla, the P2 Lodge of Vatican and Mafia fame, the 13 Ruling Families, the Black Nobility or any other construct of NWO power. Each and every governing body or power group discussed within the Neruda Interviews is way above those mentioned across the internet where it concerns the hierarchy of global governance and control. For those who question this statement, please consult the following two essays for an accurate portrayal of this foundational and self-evident premise.

Who really runs the world?
… at the end of Kali Yuga?

Global Control Matrix Revealed
Who really runs the world? Part II

What follows are different responses Dr. Neruda gave to his interviewer, Sarah, regarding the Incunabula. The Cosmic Convergence Research Group (CCRG) does not subscribe to the motivational characterizations that are ascribed by Dr. Neruda to this highly mysterious and secret cabal. It seems that anyone chosen to operate at the level that Dr. Neruda once did would have to believe in the ‘rectitude’ of the intentions of those who reside at the peak of the global decision-making process. In other words people in his position are either screened out or filtered in based on their genuine sentiments, which cannot be hidden from the interviewers. The operative screening technology was simply far too advanced and accurate to hide from or slip through.  Hence, it appears that he was also chosen for his idealism and naiveté.

While Dr. Neruda’s perceptions on the face of it may represent an authentic portrayal of the Incunabula, his personal commentary must be reconsidered in light of his blind loyalty, which was obviously and assiduously cultivated by those who demanded it. Even though Dr. Neruda eventually chose to “leave the reservation”, and doing so required tremendous courage, he continued to express a belief in the goals and intentions of his former masters. It is very easy to criticize him for this; however, he ought to be commended for giving his life in the service of humankind through the disclosure of this highly consequential information. For many observers he will forever remain a true hero of humanity for his selfless contribution to the current generations.

Dr. Neruda: “The Incunabula leadership is not comprised of greedy executives. It is made up of anonymous individuals. They are not sitting on corporate boards. They are not the Bill Gates of corporate America, nor are they the Bluebloods of European royalty. They are anonymous, and through their anonymity they wield great power. They are the strategists of the triad of power who plot and plan at such a level as to make corporate executives and politicians seem like preschoolers fumbling to hold a pencil.”


Sarah: “As you’re talking I can’t help but think that these planners sound a lot like the Hollywood portrayal of the antichrist. I mean don’t they wield a god-like power? And yet I haven’t heard you say anything about a religious connection.”

Dr. Neruda: “I think the power they wield is directed at the survival of humanity. They’re not evil in the sense that they’re intent on destroying earth or humanity. They’re trying to guide humanity to new systems before the old systems decay and create the conditions that could bring annihilation to a substantial percentage of the species.

“The choices of a fragmented state leadership or anarchy are not suitable systems for modern, civilized man. They invariably lead to imbalance and an inability to move from the old system to the new system. Before the advent of long-range missile technology, nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, this migration of the human race from one system to another was not as critical. But the chasm that exists between systems as complex as economies and energy, and in light of modern weapon’s technology, the Incunabula serve a vital role.”


Dr. Neruda: “It exists, but the Incunabula, like any undisclosed organization is composed of multiple levels. Operatives at the lower levels function within a set of rules and norms that do not apply to the higher levels. In other words, planners operate in a completely different organizational culture. There is a sophistication and penetrating insight at the highest levels that are not existent at the operations level.

“Planners within the Incunabula are of a special character and they feel a genuine responsibility to manage the global affairs of humanity. They are most certainly better equipped than heads of state to perform this function, and so they compose and orchestrate world events instead of merely participating in their unfolding.

“Over time, this role has made them very responsible and even paternalistic to humanity as a whole. They’re not motivated by greed, as are many others within the Incunabula and the broader Triad of Power, but they earnestly desire to save the planet. They are like captains of a ship that know where the dangers lie in the waters below and steer quietly away because they do not want to go down with the ship.”


Sarah: “Okay, when you say these planners are anonymous, they must have names and identities, right?”

Dr. Neruda: “No. They operate outside of our system. They cannot be tracked or identified. If they were to be hit by a car and sent to a hospital, they would have diplomatic papers and immunity. They would not have any record of existence outside of this. And even if their identity were researched, it would lead to a fabricated identity.”

Sarah: “What about family and relatives? I assume they were born into families weren’t they?”

Dr. Neruda: “Yes, they are human if that’s what you’re implying. In most cases they’re groomed for their positions from an early age. When they reach their early twenties they’re typically brought into a direct mentorship with one of the Incunabula planners and a very specific succession process is begun, which usually lasts for about ten years. When the person is in his mid-twenties his loyalty is tested in every conceivable manner over the next five years. If he passes these tests, he is allowed to preview the inner workings of the Incunabula. For most, this is near their thirty-third birthday.

“At this point, a new identity is transferred to the person and they die – quite literally – so far as their family and friends are concerned. These deaths are arranged as covers for their new identities and usually involve drowning or a fire accident, where physical evidence is minimal. Prior to their arranged death, insurance policies, if they exist, are cancelled to ensure minimal investigation, and usually the death is staged during a trip to a specific third-world country where police investigators are more easily controlled.”


Some have suggested that the previous dialogues are an attempt by the Icunabula itself to present itself in a favorable light, and even to falsely create a benevolent image. Inasmuch as they knew the internet would come of age back in the mid 1990’s, they were also acutely aware that their decades-long lockdown on information would disappear in a day and a night. And so it did.

With this inevitable eventuality looming on the horizon, did they create this set of interviews to give the rest of humanity a glimpse into what the world would really be facing?

Are they disclosing what their own role would be to address the most formidable problems and overwhelming planetary circumstances in history.

Is this their attempt to provide context and perspective so that the billions of Earth inhabitants would come to understand just how difficult it is for anyone trying to manage the affairs of the planet from the pinnacle of worldly power?

The CCRG’s primary reason for posting these revelations is to disseminate what is undoubtedly a set of uncannily accurate predictions which have come true throughout the 3rd Millennium. In the interest of better preparing those who want to respond in a meaningful and constructive manner to what is truly around the corner for Planet Earth, we offer these dialogues which seem to reflect the true state of affairs in 2015.

Regardless of whether there is an Incunabula still operating with the same power and  influence, the predicament we face as a global community remains the same. In any case, there is always a top tier in every pyramid leadership structure like the World Shadow Government. No matter who they are, they do have an inordinate amount of power and influence to shape world events. Therefore, the decisions they have made in the past will decide the fate of the planet in the present, especially during this critical junction point. Likewise, if they are still functioning in the same capacity, their decisions will be more consequential than ever for every human being, having far-reaching ramifications for the entire planetary civilization.

When The Incunabula Speaks and Acts, stuff  happens:

Dr. Neruda: “Yes, they have influence, as do the Masons, and Skull and Bones, and twenty-seven other organizations that make up this loose-knit network of the elite, but the people who control the master plan are not directly affiliated with any one of these thirty organizations.

“The reality is that these organizations really operate in one of three forces that do have alignment under the controlling hand of the Incunabula.”

Sarah: “So you’re saying that within these three forces the world’s political stage is organized, and the group with the most money also has the best knowledge and basically controls the other two groups?”

Dr. Neruda: “The Incunabula doesn’t dictate to the other two forces. It strategically releases information that lures the two forces in the direction it wants them to go.

“You can look at these three forces as part of an equilateral triangle, with the Incunabula at the apex, and the Global Military Force at one base and the Isolationist Force at the other. This is the real structure of global power.”

Sarah: “I’m not clear about the different objectives of these three forces.”

Dr. Neruda: “The Incunabula is concerned with the globalization of monetary channels and vital supplies like petroleum and natural gas; the Military Force is concerned with spreading and preserving democratization throughout the globe, and in so doing, protecting the self-interests of the dominant superpowers of America and Western Europe; and the Isolationist Force is focused on industry and wealth building for its citizens at the state level.”

The distillation of the fourth and final interview between Sarah and Dr. Neruda can be seen throughout current events happening around the entire globe today. The second decade of this century has proven true many of their plans and plots for world transformation, which are unfolding all around us. In this regard, the outworking of the Hydrocarbon Fuel Paradigm has had a particularly dramatic impact on nations and societies everywhere, as predicted.

The Deepwater Horizon explodes and burns on top of the Macondo Prospect in the Gulf of Mexico

Part II of this series on the “Top Tier of the World Shadow Government” will more deeply explore the very dynamic and fluid geo-political chessboard currently being played out by the Incunabula. Because the civilization was committed so strongly to an oil and gas energy platform in the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, it suffers the consequences in so many ways, both seen and unseen.

The insurmountable challenges faced by the mysterious Incunabula have now come to a head. Watching world events like the following has become a quite telling exercise in connecting the dots on an Incunabula-designed radar screen.
• war of naked aggression against Iraq
• NATO war of aggression against Libya
• NATO threats of war against Syria
• an engineered Arab Springs of 2011
• fake nuclear weapon controversies with Iran
• false flag operations throughout many of the former Soviet republics
• ongoing wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria
• the deliberate destabilization of numerous African countries
• the silent coup d’etats throughout South and Central America
• overt and covert intervention in the affairs of Russia
• the demonizing of Chinese monetary policy
• the outright destruction of the Japanese economy
• the controlled implosion of the European Union

What’s the bottom line? Before we look more closely at the many revealing interview answers about the management of the world’s Hydrocarbon Fuel Paradigm, it is clear that the Icunabula is completely incapable of steering the planet through the current “eye of the needle”.  The global population is for now, and in the future, too many. The nations of the world, too numerous … with too many competing demands and conflicting agendas. The planetary civilization is simply too complex and too complicated to effectively manage through a group who are:
• Chosen by WHO?
• Living WHERE?
• Working for WHAT?
• Accountable to WHOM?
• Serving until WHEN?

What must be said about the actual workings of the Icunabula is that they appear to operate without a normal conscience and devoid of any sense of ethical considerations. The results of their planning have produced an alarming degree of consequence for a vast number of residents throughout the entire planet. Not only does the Incunabula appear to operate outside of any spiritual context or religious framework, it also seems to be bereft of moral guidelines. Hence, we often see Sarah justifiably questioning Dr. Neruda about the morality of the tactics and strategy routinely employed by this ultra-secret cabal.

Likewise, given the view across the global landscape, it seems that this group of ‘planners’ has demonstrated a lack of competence to the extreme, as well as an inability to control events in a digitally connected world. Clearly, the Incunabula — if it still exists — is now completely out of its depth. Perhaps this is a primary reason for its unveiling.


The Icunabula may or may not be the existing ruling organ at the pinnacle of the World Shadow Government. However, even if it was the very high level planning body described in the Neruda interviews, it still ranks well below the true powers which oversee the Global Control Matrix. We know that from our study of the MO of those who truly “run the world”, that the very peak of worldly power never exposes itself and always works in secret. It always obeys these two laws as follows:

Law #1:
True worldly power never, ever reveals itself. It always stays hidden from view. If you think you see it, hear it, feel it, then it is not real power. This abiding modus operandi is what allows true worldly power to stay in the ascendant position, as well as to continue to accrue even more power unto itself.

Law #2:
Secrecy is the very essence of its grip on mundane power; therefore, it will always act with the utmost secrecy. With exposure comes vulnerability, and true worldly power will never risk such potential disclosure. Its superior position is forever maintained and solidified because it is a secret that none knows except the power itself. Even those who reside close to the peak of world power never know from whom the orders and dictates originate.

With these two “laws of the land” in mind, we know that while the Incunabula may make the ‘lofty’ decisions which have been attributed to them, the individuals who constitute it are nevertheless far form the real source of mundane power. This does not necessarily diminish in any way the gravity or impact of their work. As we have explained, what has been predicted to occur has taken place with remarkable accuracy. Whoever speaks on their behalf knows many things about our future, which ought to be seriously considered by every human being.

Cosmic Convergence Research Group

BST refers Blank Slate Technology at Wingmakers

Author’s Note:
The CCRG has been following the various pieces of the Wingmakers website for the past many years. With each passing year, it has become apparent that these folks are really onto something much BIGGER than what has been discussed in this first installment.
Neither are we talking about LERM (Light-Encoded Reality Matrix), nor BST (Blank Slate Technology), nor extremely advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence). Nor are we talking about the workings of the Cortex, The Labyrinth Group, the ACIO or Fifteen, or any of the other highly controversial and super-secret revelations discussed at Wingmakers.

We are referring to the highly coded nature of the actual website itself, and especially what has been found at the Ancient Arrow site in the Chaco Canyon area of New Mexico. Clearly, the various artifacts that were found in the WingMakers’ time capsule in northern New Mexico constitute perhaps the greatest cache of information ever found regarding the past, present and future of humanity.

We truly believe that to ignore this time capsule is to do so at our peril … especially at this critical point of planetary transformation and dire necessity for the current race of humanity.

© Cosmic Convergence: 2012 and Beyond
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