SOS: A Highly Organized and Coordinated Attack on America is Happening Right Now

State of the Nation

The United States of America is currently under fierce attack—“a highly organized and coordinated attack”.

As if out of nowhere, 3 states have essentially legalized infanticide.  Not only that but the globalist perps are celebrating this act of utter barbarism. New York’s World Trade Center Lit Up to Celebrate the Killing of the Unborn up to the Moment of Birth

How does this possibly happen except by stealthy and purposeful design?

New York, Virginia and New Mexico have each passed bills which permit the murder of newborn infants.

Yes, that’s correct: a mother and her physician can now make the joint decision to kill a baby after being delivered.

Not only is this unconstitutional law a naked attack on the longstanding Christian values and cultural traditions of this nation, it represents the outright murder of the most defenseless and powerless Americans among US.

What else needs to be said?

Each and every upright American citizen ought to be aware that murder is murder is murder.

And, that the premeditated murder of an innocent and helpless newborn infant is perhaps the most egregious form of homicide there is.

And, that taken to its obvious conclusion, state-sponsored murder such as this will eventually be extended to any human being for reasons yet to be legislated.

Greenlighting Infanticide (Video)

The Hidden Agenda

There is a hidden agenda to this cult of death and murder that’s being stealthily advanced across the country.

In point of fact, systematic murder is its own form of human sacrifice.

Wars are even started in order to create giant battlegrounds of human sacrifice.

In the case of newborns, however, the furtive intentions have a radically different twist.

These sacrifices of newborn babies will be made to propitiate the deities who are worshiped by the power elite.  For they truly believe that their wealth and power have been acquired from certain deified entities who they have exalted over eons.

Hence, by sacrificing infants to them, they hope to accumulate even more power and wealth and influence in this world of men.

This practice has been conducted for close to 6000 years so it actually represents the continuation of an ancient yet quite barbaric ritual.

For the uninitiated, this particular rite of savagery does draw down the demonic powers in ways that should not be underestimated.   Which is why the Left is leading the charge in all 50 states.

KEY POINT: Killing babies upon birth is completely without justification in any circumstance except maybe the rare case of life-threatening deformities which cause the child extreme pain and suffering which cannot in any way be mitigated. See: Former Labor and Delivery Nurse Goes Ballistic on Virginia’s Infanticide Bill (Video)

The Democrats — really the Communist Party USA — has suffered a significant diminution of power during the Trump presidency.  Therefore, they truly hope to reclaim the mantle of power  — in every sphere of life — by making human offerings to their chosen pagan gods which have always demanded human sacrifice.

The Democrat Party is at a critical point of its lifespan.  Because it has conspicuously morphed into a full-blown socialist party on the way to exposing its true communist colors, the party has alienated millions of Americans.  In so doing, it has lost a LOT of people power as well as financial support.

Many of the traditional voting demographics that supported the Democrats are slowly becoming aware of it extremely nefarious agenda.  Many longtime Democrats really get that a future USSA, under liberal progressive leadership, could develop patterned after the totalitarian USSR.

In light of this considerable loss of support, the Democrats have no choice but to obtain powers from dark occult practices.  This is their only way to compensate for their significant collapse in size and resources.

In the wake of Hillary Clinton’s historic loss to Donald Trump, the whole country woke up to the truly malevolent political platform that has become the Democrats main plan for the USA.  For example, there is this treacherous conspiracy that’s been running in the background for several years under the liberal banner of Soros & Company: The Most Dangerous Plot to Bring Down America from Within

Appetite for baby parts

A newly born infant is considered very pure and untainted, both physically and spiritually.

Those demonic entities that are behind this abominable death cult are in need of fresh babies for a number of reasons.

They seek fresh blood, fresh tissues, fresh organs and/or fresh stem cells as they desperately seek their “fountain of youth”.  “Desperate” because they either don’t want to die, or they want to stop or slow down the aging process.  And, they will do just about anything to guarantee themselves such an impossible outcome.

These people creatures really believe that they can enjoy human immortality.  That’s the real problem here.  They want to play God here on Earth by imitating Him.  Hence, step one is to achieve immortality, except that the physical attainment ranks much higher than the spiritual.

Toward this end, the power elite are now aggressively pursuing both live babies and baby parts.  Tender infants present the best physical profile for multiple reasons which is why there is such a push to deliver them in hospitals around the country in a manner so that they can be snatched whole or immediately harvested for their valuable assets.

Infanticide Bills All About Harvesting Baby Organs, Blood & Tissues

Cultural Marxism

Of course, the real root of this social plague that has infected American society at every level began with a very real conspiratorial plot to destroy the Republic known as Cultural Marxism.

Truly, it was the clandestine advancement of the Cultural Marxism (CM) over several decades that has set up the final demise of these United States.

The implementation of the CM agenda began with the irreparable tearing of the social fabric of American society.  Feminism and abortion are just two integral strategies by which this was accomplished quite quickly.

KEY POINTS: Roe v. Wade was a defining moment for the outworking of Cultural Marxism in the USA.  No other event had so much negative impact on American society as the legalization of abortion as a contraceptive.  When any nation chooses to callously kill the unborn, the populace will eventually be persuaded to commit any atrocity or transgression against the universal order.  In fact, the Abortion Industry opened the floodgates to every other social ill and spiritual crisis that now afflicts America. ABORTION: The Most Powerful Weapon in the Arsenal of Cultural Marxism

That the cultural marxists were able to destroy the nuclear family in what used to be a conservative Christian nation is as incomprehensible as it is an impressive testament to CM’s efficacy.

In fact, the rapid and successful passing of infanticide legislation is the biggest milestone yet for Cultural Marxism.  How these lawless blosheviks were able to convince so many people that killing newborns is perfectly acceptable is a sure sign of the most effective series of social engineering programs ever!

Because of the multi-decade Feminism agenda running parallel to the various covert communist plots (e.g. those executed by closet communist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez), as well as overt socialist schemes (e.g. absurd campaign promises of Bernie Sanders), the cultural marxists have achieved many of their goals.  However, their progress during the Trump era has occurred much more slowly and at the great expense of unwanted exposure.

The fact that these traitors felt compelled to advocate for laws legalizing infanticide is an extreme indication of this stark reality. See: Greenlighting Infanticide (Video)

President Trump

Because of the sheer degree of moral depravity and social degeneracy throughout the “Sodom and Gomorrah” on the Left Coast and East Coast, it’s clear that the populace can no longer be counted on to make good ethical decisions.  Not only that, the body politic has shown an extraordinary willingness to go along to get along, no matter what the cost or the sin.

At the risk of being labelled politically incorrect, many folks would rather stay silent in the face of naked criminality and corruption.  They dare not upset the status quo for fear of putting their comfortable life at risk.  Many others have been so dumbed down that they can no longer discriminate between right and wrong.  Others have been socially engineered and then corralled into a pen of compliance that ensures they will never leave the globalist reservation.

Aside from posting a tweet criticizing Virginia Governor Ralph Northam for “making the most horrible statement on “super” late-term abortion”, President Trump has neglected to address this highly consequential matter — INFANTICIDE — in a decisive manner.

As POTUS, it’s incumbent upon him to protect the American people and safeguard the Republic above all else.  Therefore, protecting the newly born is at the very top of the list of presidential responsibilities.  Should Trump shirk this principal task of paramount importance, what else really matters?

In view of the exceedingly vulnerable state of infants in the aftermath of infanticide laws, the President must issue an Executive Order prohibiting the murder of newborns as a matter of absolute necessity.  Otherwise, the cultural marxists will continue to walk the American people right down the slippery slope to hell.  As follows:

INFANTICIDE LAWS: An Open Letter to President Trump


There can be only one conclusion: the U.S. citizenry must rise and put a stop to the madness known as INFANTICIDE.

The Demoncrats will not stop their craziness.  How can they when most are all certified crazymakers?  Therefore, the people are obligated to do whatever it takes to shut down the abortion and baby killing factories for the sake of basic righteousness and human decency.

There’s simply no place for infanticide in post-modern civilization.  And the United States ought to be leading the charge globally to outlaw it, not be the first to legitimize it.

The world community of nations often follows the USA as it did in the normalization of gay marriage.  That, too, proved to be an unmitigated disaster for societies everywhere.

However, there’s a HUGE difference between gay marriage and the systematic slaying of infants, isn’t there?

State of the Nation
February 9, 2019

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