Hard evidence proves California’s wacky weather is being manufactured and steered by the geoengineers

Geoegineering Investigator has captured the obvious geoengineering signatures that explain the catastrophic
weather events in California in 2019.

“”How to create an atmospheric river…create two high pressure
zones over millions of square miles with ionospheric heaters that
push all water vapor into a narrow band and then aim it at
California…and have a brewing reservoir of water vapor just
outside the artificially created zones that feed the river.”

— Drew @drew91172026

To view the actual gifs, please click here: @drew91172026.

The extreme weather has produced unusual blizzard conditions and snow accumulation to both California and Oregon.

Clearly the geoengineers have been given orders to transform the state of California into the land of droughts and deluges, firestorms and blizzards, mudslides and snowquakes.


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