OPERATION CRAFTY BEAVER: Deep State attempts to start a race war before stealing the 2020 POTUS election


“Female Obama” Kamala Harris Poses as a Deep
Co-conspirator to Inflame Racial Tensions Before
She Tries to Steal the 2020 POTUS Election

State of the Nation

There are two main players in Operation “Crafty Beaver” as seen in the photo above — Jussie Smollett and Kamala Harris. Both of them are very “crafty beavers” in their own right.

There is a rapidly unfolding Deep State conspiracy afoot to rig and/or steal the 2020 POTUS election. But this election theft will be preceded by an attempt to start a race war.

This subversive plot to incite a race war before the 2020 election has multiple goals and purposes which will be discussed in a subsequent article.

Operation “Crafty Beaver”

Operation “Crafty Beaver” has two primary objectives; the first is to elect another dyed-in-the-wool cultural marxist as POTUS. That would be California’s Kamala Harris. Clearly she has been politically positioned to pick up the mantle of Cultural Marxism once held by Obama.

Just like Obama, Senator Kamala Harris is a half black. Her political ascension only occurred because she has been a truly “crafty beaver” throughout her career in California government. Even her previous patrons and bosses have spoken about what a crafty beaver she can be—WOW! See KAMALA HARRIS: “The poster politician for all swamp creatures.”

The second objective, which must be accomplished before Harris can be elected POTUS, is to restart the race war that Obama fomented over 8 long years. There are several reasons why the Democrats are desperate to trigger a full-blown race war. As follows:

Why The Obama Administration Was So Determined To Start A Race War

With this critical understanding it’s quite easy to see how the Democrat Party has been completely taken over by the cultural marxists and transformed into a Communist Party in disguise. The preceding link lays bare the entire treasonous scheme to collapse the American Republic that has been insidiously advanced over several decades.

Kamala Harris

In candidate Kamala Harris the Democrats have fastidiously fabricated a political persona who will aggressively promote both the fake feminist agenda as well as the rapidly evolving race war strategy.

Senator Harris has already proven that she will do and say anything that her masters demand of her — A N Y T H I N G! See: The Worst of Kamala Harris (Video)

Just as the Democrat Party got the first person of color elected POTUS, the DNC is determined to see the first woman in the Oval Office. Whereas Hillary Clinton was a total failure in this regard, Kamala Harris is their ace in the hole—literally.

Just like Manchurian Candidate Barack Obama, Harris is the product of a decades-long CIA project to create another empty suit who will faithfully carry out the highly destructive agenda of Cultural Marxism. This is why she was set up to be such a “crafty beaver” from the very beginning…just like Obama was.

How “Crafty Beaver” Kamala Harris really launched her political career

What’s quite interesting is that Harris treats her illicit trysts as a Feminazi badge of Cultural Marxism rather than the “Scarlett Letter” that it truly is. This sordid Kamala Harris MO reflects the extraordinarily twisted state of affairs that the Democrat Party has become.

It also illustrates the sheer desperation of the Left to preserve the very worst parts of the Obamanation and at all costs. That especially includes maintaining their “Sodom and Gomorrah” on both the Left Coast (LA & San Fran) and East Coast (NYC & D.C.). These extremely degenerate and indispensable sanctuary cities are the cultural marxists capitals that are used incessantly to implement the New World Order globalist agenda both nationwide and worldwide.

Jussie Smollett

Likewise, Smollett has been carefully set up by his Hollywood handlers to play the role of the hate crime hoaxer. The following excerpt explains further:

SOTN Editor’s Note: SOTN is the first to admit that we do not know the exact details of the Deep State conspiracy behind this juvenile conspiracy. However, the way that this obvious hoax was immediately rolled out by the mainstream media (MSM) as a hate crime tells it all (see this video). It’s quite unlikely that Jussie Smollett put together this childish scheme by himself. His Hollywood handlers may have first put his acting job in jeopardy as the media reports have suggested. Then, his Deep State masters threatened his job security and coerced him to perpetrate the fake hate crime. What wouldn’t Jussie do to keep his EMPIRE acting gig? By the way, Smollett’s character name on EMPIRE is “Jamal Lyon”, as in lyin’.
(Source: Operation “Crafty Beaver”: Jussie Smollett’s Juvenile Hoax to Frame the MAGA Movement Exposes a Much Deeper Conspiracy)

Really, you can’t make this stuff up…which is why Hollywood was contracted by the rogue C.I.A. to make this stuff up.

Except that the whole operation — Operation “Crafty Beaver” — inconveniently got exposed—BIG TIME ! ! ! See CONFIRMED HOAX: Jussie Smollett Paid $7K to Stage Fake Hate Crime Attack to Demonize MAGA Movement

Clearly, Smollett and Harris are joined at the hip as this exposé reveals. The funny thing is that these two juvenile co-conspirators may not even know it. Isn’t that exactly how CIA black ops are run—both on a strictly need-to-know basis and in a highly compartmentalized fashion?

The Jussie Smolletts–Kamala Harris Connection Exposed

The Jussie Smollett piece of this psyop, however, is much more complex and convoluted than meets the eye. See: The Jussie Smollett Hate Crime Hoax Explained in One Video (Must View)

Crafty Beaver Home Center is where the paid assailants bought the ‘noose’ rope that Jussie Smollett had around his neck when he arrived home after staging the hoax attack.

It’s entirely true: Jussie Smollett is nothing but a paid crisis actor in the employ of a Democrat Party taken over by hardcore communists, socialists and bolsheviks. Except that he screwed up so much so that he was forced to hire a crisis management team. If you really want to see how these traitors to the Republic operate just watch the Democrat lawyers liars lie their way out of this unmitigated PR disaster, especially to salvage the absurd candidacies of Kamala Harris and Cory ‘Spartacus’ Booker.

The much bigger story here is that this is only one false flag hoax perpetrated by these agents provocateur. There are literally hundreds of similar staged psyops happening all over the country for years. For this reason, it’s crucial to watch every major media event between now and November 3, 2020. Here’s why: Jussie Smollett’s Hate Crime Hoax is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Operation “Crafty Beaver” Conspiracy

Where’s the conspiracy?

Well, that the CIA’s treacherous Mockingbird Media ran with the Smollett fake ‘hate crime’ story with a vengeance was the first sure sign of a massive conspiracy. Every MSM organ of propaganda and disinfo was clued into this scheme to blame a fake hate crime on the MAGA Movement. How BIG is that, especially in the lead-up to the 2020 election cycle?!

The Mainstream Media Promoted Jussie Smollett Hoax Without a Moment of Investigation (Video)

The size and complexity of this Deep State conspiracy between the Democrat Party, the Mainstream Media, Hollywood and Big Social Media is truly staggering. Were one to analyze the timeline of media reports and how they were perfectly synchronized with social media posts by all the usual suspects within America’s celebrity society, it becomes evident that this was a highly coordinated scheme TO START A RACE WAR. See: Speaker Pelosi was one of the first to pile on after Smolletts initially pulled off his harebrained hoax.

As always, Trump’s MAGA Movement was quickly and unjustly blamed for a crime that the Left meticulously planned out and shamelessly committed. Even today Smollett is hiring a team of fixers to get him out of his perfidious mess.

Smollett Shuffles Attorneys, Hires Crisis Management Firm As Scandal Deepens

The seditious Harris-Smollett conspiracy has likely been on the drawing board for months but only carried out after Harris declared her candidacy for POTUS. The precise timing of this hate crime hoax within the 2020 election cycle couldn’t have been better executed, particularly after the all-engrossing Super Bowl which was also deliberately used to stoke the flames of racial tensions across the USA.

It’s crucial to comprehend that this was to be Harris’s ticket to the White House. Only with the help of a race war could she win given so much ugly baggage both personal and political . Harris is such a flawed candidate and repugnant personality that the DNC knew it had to “shock and awe” her way to the presidency. And so they will try!

KEY POINT: The Right should be careful not to underestimate the Democrat determination to start a race war. They have absolutely no one to run against Trump. What they do have is an exceedingly repulsive freak show the likes of which features the very scary Kamala Harris. For this reason, the DEMs need to pull off something quite HUGE to sufficiently distract the electorate in order to steal the 2020 election. Only a brewing race war would provide the necessary context for their chosen “Oreo” Kamala Harris to swoop in and deceptively ‘save the day’.

As for the deep conspiracy here, every day brings new revelations about the true relationship between Kamala Harris and Jussie Smolletts. The Kamala Harris-Cory Booker lynching legislation is particularly suspicious in light of the timing of both race-baiting events.

Up until now, it appeared that politicians such as Harris (and Booker) couldn’t have known much about the phony plot and probably just glommed onto the controversy for political advantage the way a lot of politicians do. But Nasheed has pictures of them campaigning together, and even more important, notes that Harris and Booker brought out an anti-lynching bill just coincidentally timed ahead of the attack, as if to ensure passage as the momentum built from public outrage (until the attack was exposed as phony). With Smollett a black and gay supposed victim and everyone slathing sympathy on him, who could refuse to vote for the anti-lynching bill, which just happens to have had some gay language inserted at the last minute? Trump lynchers were simply everywhere, according to the narrative, even in zero degree Chicago cold weather, lurking and looking for someone black and gay to assault and of course it was a national problem just waiting for Harris to pass a law as the person who “fixes problems” which is how she is repeatedly identified herself to voters.
(Source: The Kamala Harris–Jussie Smollett Connection Behind the Hate Crime Hoax)

Not only did this new lynching legislation come out of nowhere (wasn’t that a 20th century issue), it was perfectly timed with the hate crime hoax. However, even Harris herself knows that the cat is out of the bag. LYNCHING LEGISLATION: Why now? Conspiracy falls apart!

Truly, Operation “Crafty Beaver” has become a great gift that just keeps on giving. Even the Democrat machine of Chicago is reeling from the fallout. It’s quite rare to have a State’s Attorney recuse herself from a case without providing a legitimate reason. Well that’s what just happened in Cook County.

Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx recused herself from the investigation into the alleged attack into “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett.

First Assistant State’s Attorney Joseph Magats will be the acting state’s attorney for the matter, a spokesperson said in an emailed statement Tuesday. No further explanation was given as to why Foxx recused herself.

“Out of an abundance of caution, the decision to recuse herself was made to address potential questions of impartiality based upon familiarity with potential witnesses in the case,” the spokesperson said in an email.
(Source: HUGE Democrat Conspiracy Behind Jussie Smollett Hate Crime Hoax Exposed)


Were it not for the investigative reporting of the Alt Media and Fifth Estate, Operation “Crafty Beaver” would never have come to light. In point of fact, the communist plot to take over America has been transpiring at breakneck speed for many years but mostly under the radar.

Nowadays, as soon as a major manufactured event jumps off, it’s investigated and scrutinized until the dots are properly connected which invariably present a picture that looks like this:

Some folks have wondered why SOTN have given so much site space to the “Jussie Smollett Hate Crime Hoax”. Here’s why:

This Deep State black operation was the central pillar of the Democrat 2020 secret platform which is why it had to be blown wide open. After all, it represents a key component of their dimwitted strategy to both start a full-scale race war as well as elect Manchurian Candidate 2.0—Kamala Harris.

CAVEAT: In the event that the Democrats are compelled to abort a Kamala Harris candidacy, there’s a very serious Plan B which fits perfectly into their race war agenda. See: The Democrat’s 2020 Stealth Candidate

State of the Nation
February 19, 2019

Author’s Note

SOTN posted more articles than any other Alt Media site on the Internet about how the Democrats would steal every election in sight during the 2018 midterms. Which they did! And which they got away with scot-free, except here in Florida. Now here we go again: almost two years before Election Day 2020 and we have already issued warning after warning about a stolen POTUS election. This particular piece actually lays bare the general details of just one Deep State scheme that’s was in the works. Please, people, get this exposé out there so that the Right is aware of the dangers that lurk right around the corner. THINK: What will happen to this country if the Democrats steal the POTUS election in 2020?!?! It’s all over. The Democrats will lock the whole place down. So, please, help us disseminate this radioactive report. We just caught them—TWICE—before they conducted their nefarious machinations.

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